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thank´s very interesting ..
grettings from mexico

Karen M

Hey, Robert... I'm thinking about things astrological again, after something like a hiatus.

I especially appreciated this phrase in your post: "we find ways to express our Saturn through our Jupiter, and our Jupiter through our Saturn," as I have a tendency to remember only the square between my Sa/Ne and Su/Ma/Ur. Saturn is also trining my Jupiter.

Things have definitely been shifting for me, especially health-wise, and in a good way. I'm finally ready to do some interpreting for other people.


Ah... I have Saturn and Pholus in Aquarius, both 8th house. With Jupiter's expansiveness here, I'm thinking this has interesting implications related to my occult studies. I hope to be a shamanic healer, though I have a lot of personal work to do along the way. Good to know Jupiter's there helping out.

Shell rock!

Aquarius 40

As an Aquarius with 4 planets in Aq. the 6th house (Mer., Jup., Sat. & Ven.), I have found that have my Jupiter return was pretty useless. My life is still in a really bad state (unemployed for over a year now!) and I haven't been in a relationship for well over 4 years. Not much spiritual growth has been going on...

Is it possible to not receive any benefits from having Jupiter in your sign?


Hi Robert, Yes, indeed, you do rock. No Jupiter hasn't been much use to me either, gave me a boon but then took it away, but these next few months, I am sure to come in 1st! The early bird gets the worm! Thanks for all your devotion to us. Cheers, Susan


R- your eloquence of late is wonderful, truly creates subtle vibrations in anahata, comforting as the purring of a cat... many thanks.


how long does your progressed moon stay in a sign?

Shehzaad Maroof

Amazing article
thanks dear Robert

GOD Bless :)


Hi Silvia - You're welcome. Blessings to Mexico as well!

Hi Karen - If you're the activist Salon blogger Karen from many moons ago, welcome back! (Been looking for you!) And if you're another Karen M, blessings to you as well for resuming your studies of the craft. Squares from Cancer to Libra (I'm assuming that's the case) show great power when organized and timidity is overcome. Saturn trine Jupiter helps us to a stable understanding of larger possibilities of growth.

Hi Siri - Jupiter is merely expanding what you learned as Chiron and Neptune conjuncted your Saturn. Work for all, and for all time, for the greatest good for the greatest number, and your healing abilities will grow accordingly. "We dedicate the merits of our spiritual practice to the enlightenment and healing of all sentient Beings...."

Hi Shell - "Just let me hear some of that rock and roll music, any old way you choose it, It's got a backbeat you can't lose it, Any old time you use it, It's gotta be rock - roll music, If you wanna dance with me..."

Hi Aquarius 40 - You were opened to many things as a promise or expanded view. It offered opportunities to open to new understanding of your life quest, as well as new skills, values, relationships, and responsibilities. BUT! Planets do not "make anything happen." WE are the determiners of what comes forth in our lives by how we act and react to situations. I'm sure you can find a skill your world needs, and learn it so well that you could make a nice living doing that skill. And I'm equally sure that if you cultivate your cooperative, friendly side and put yourself out there, you'll attract people who could be your friends. Usually over time you find at least one of them could be someone you could live with.

Hi Dale/Susan - And roll.... Jupiter is also "easy come, easy go," as it takes our Saturn function to anchor things in form. Jupiter may open views and opportunities, but sometimes it's just to show us what's possible. The trick is to find the view that "if not this, then something else like it even better..." If it's true for us, then something must show up if we hold the magnetic attraction strong and focused.

Hi Deva - What a lovely image. Purring cats are truly a blessing from Spirit (and Great Cat Bastet, of course!) The manifestations of Heart Chakra are always good things to cultivate, and only grow stronger through practice.

Hi Elizabeth - It depends on many factors. It is safe to say rarely less than 2 years, never longer than 2 1/2.

Hi Shehzaad Maroof - Blessings to you as well. I trust your prayers and thought forms are lighting all in your field of activity, and protecting what is good, true, and beautiful. Given the news, trust your heart and be alert. Strange days indeed.....


Here's hoping that Jupiter in Aquarius can help launch me in a forward direction. It hits my MC at 19 Aquarius for the last time at the end of this month.


Hi Damien - That should bring opportunities for a higher profile socially and professionally. I've noted that many already feel a "sea change," which is a good way to describe planets going RX or direct.


Great article... I wanted to share my Jupiter experience in light of your article. Jupiter went direct on my ascendant. I don't know what will come of it, but a person who is in a position to help me has emerged to mentor me and offered to be a champion of my creative work. This still means years of work for me, given my field, but it's the kind of encouragement one needs to keep at it. Anyway, I know that I am on the right path and that's a treasure of magnitude.


Hello...first time posting (Cancer)

I will be having a jupiter return in my 11th house, with Uranus there Saturn will be entering my sixth house. I have been more spiritual as of late, I would really like to know about career changes (if any) I may have in store.


Julie Barr

Hello Robert, thank you for your explanation of what's going on up there. I've followed astrology for years, and I must say that this year has been iconic for me. I am an Aquarian with Scorpio rising and Cancer moon (30/1/69). Omg, the planetry line up has messed with my reality and whole persona this year. Having said that, they have also helped me to break free of the lifelong facade, allowing me to actually be free of myself. This in itself has been a huge tranformation, not only emotionally, but spiritually and physically as well. Nothing short of rebirth for sure, and most painful at that, but also clarifying and cleansing.

With that in mind, my failing relationship of 12 years (4 years married), has been put through the wringer as well, with 3.. YES 3, potential suitors propping themselves literally on my doorstep throughout the year. The 3rd and final (presenting himself mid October), as an unforgotten ex from 12 years ago, who ran from the scene over a miscommunication and misunderstanding that broke both our hearts, and left us both alone and wanting 2 years after. Through chance correspondence only, we have rediscovered our buried love for each other and we feel that we have been given a 2nd chance. However the irony is, we are both married, and I have 3 kids. Argh!! Why Jupiter, why now?? Why not 10 or even 8 years ago? Huh? The 2nd irony, is that our split occurred during last Jupiter transit in my sign, Aquarius 12 years ago, where I also met my current husband, and now my ex and I have rediscovered each other in the 2nd Jupiter transit of Aquarius, 12 years later. Why is that? It's spooky!!!

Life is very messy and complicated at the moment, but I do see a light, albeit a small one, at the end of a very deep, dark tunnel. I do know that Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune have a story to tell, and for me it's a story of lessons learned, facing the music, chickens coming home to roost, and ultimately healing. A most painful, yet amazingly eye opening and heartfelt year for me personally.


Hi Julie - So you've definitely begun a new 12 year adventure, and preparing for a greater flow beginning late January. I'm sure you're confronting a life that is pretty different from the one you've lived before now. 40 turns a being inward to seek a new type of understanding and/or compassion, preparing for 41 when many things are brought to a conclusion, for good or whatever. Sorry your old 12 year cycle seems like a failure, but no doubt you've learned much about values and self expression. The 3 suitors may be good symbols of where your inner "other" is at. Perhaps you are being given "a second chance," though we can never go back, only forward. It sounds like unfinished Jupiter business if it's showing up again at the same point as it ended last time. Just remember that it's always better to get closure on old things before opening doors to new ones. In any case, blessings on your new adventure!

Julie Barr

Thank you again for your insight Robert. Your view on what may be occurring in my personal life during the Jupiter / Aquarius transit, highlights some very interesting factors that I both look forward to, and partly dread the outcome. I'll be sure to post the conclusion to the very messy dilemma that is currently my life, in the not too distant future! Like a shiny, plastic wrapped collectors' card found at the bottom of a cornflake pack, so have I found the following quotation to be true in my love and life, "to thine own self be true".. happiness can only come from within.

Julie Barr

And thank you for your blessings :)

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