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Shedding a little tear for you and all of us,


I am so sorry for this Robert and feel somewhat selfish for my comments demanding attention to my own matters...may the love you have shared always stay with you both on your separate journeys now...


I have read that our prayers of Love and Peace for a soul that passes into the next realm join with Divine Love/Creation--the power of both gives strength to the soul to pass and find peace. How important that your love continued in some form throughout the years. I hope you find Divine and human comfort now as well.

Blessings and light...


Your articles these past few days have been very powerful, Robert. Thank you for sharing with us the intimacy of your experiences; I know it cannot be easy, but you do it anyway. Thank you.


PS- it also seems very fitting that your article on love is followed by your article on death; they seem to complement each other well (two of the most important pinnacles of experience we will ever have to go through.)


Blessings of love and light for you and your loved ones, Robert


Sorry to hear this news, Robert. Please accept my condelences for the loss of your ex. Peace in abundance to you.


My heart goes out to you, your loved ones, and the loved ones of your ex. I am quite familiarized with letting go... and wish you all the strength you'll need to get through this loss.


My sympathy for your loss (or losses, as this loss brings others back into your heart). Light and love to you and your loved one.


Josie: re: your p.s. - it's absolutely right! Robert is in the zone now more than ever. Forever keenly connected.

Robert: My condolences to you and your ex's loved ones. Thank you for your continued openness.

Much love,


Wow, a powerful article Robert. And I can certainly relate. My ex isn't dead but you describe the relationship experience very well. We became two different people and are now total strangers to each other, but I wish him only happiness and fulfillment. My sympathies to you on your loss. The times they are a-changing. Peace and blessings to you. :)


Blessings Robert during this time of loss and re-membering.


What a moving and powerful post Thank you, Robert.


Hi all - While I no longer have the same strong feelings as I did when we did our Spiritual Work in the 70s, I still have strong memories of the woman I shared remarkable experiences with, as a husband and parent of a child and coworker and friend. We had some very extraordinary years together in Austin, sharing everything from holistic health to Willie Nelson. By the time our journey went in different directions, I had experienced my Saturn return and within weeks wound up at the intersection of Hell's Kitchen and 42nd Street. Interesting journey, but pretty weird....

I got over whatever many years ago. Life goes on and all that. I have enormous compassion for our daughter, my adopted step-daughter, who is reeling with the reality. No one should have to endure the meltdown of their parent. Still, having experienced some small degree of the same (without the drama of someone checking out), I am glad I'm here to tell the tale. We get over it, as a result of our determination to live with purpose and some degree of well-being. We live on as a tribute to the love we share with all others. So blessings be to her and all the others who have preceded us, and blessings on all who will outlive us and live to celebrate who we were in their lives. "And we all shine on, like the Moon and the Stars and the Sun, and we all shine on, and on and on and on....."


My hearthfelt sympathies Robert, to you, your daughter and stepdaughter. She will bring you even closer now.

earth dreamer

may all of you affected, including your ex, feel unconditional love and peacefulness around you and within you. may light surround you especially now during this time. thank you for all the wisdom you share with us! :)

Diane Scholten

Robert -

Deepest condolences to you. I have always felt that once I truly opened my heart to love that that love is eternal, though it's earthly manifestation may change. This touched me deeply at a time of crux and change in matters of the heart on my path. May your path and that of your ex be blessed forevermore. You make a difference, Robert. I'm sure you must've made quite a difference for her, knowing how you effect all of us. Aum.



This was a beautiful piece of writing,so deep and heartfelt. My prayers for you and ex. Blessings.


I found your piece deeply moving, straight from the heart and profound in wisdom.

My heartfelt prayers for you and your loved ones.



Your writing goes straight to the heart, Robert. I wish you and your step-daughter strength, love and wisdom.


Robert, I am very sorry for your loss and that of your stepdaughter, too. I do wish that some people would realize that life is very fragile and sometimes very short. I am glad you had the opportunity to have this love in your life. More importantly, the two of you remained amicable and caring despite the different paths you chose and that is a wonderful gift. It doesn't happen nearly often enough in this world, it seems.


Roebrt, I am very sorry for your loss and grateful that you share this in such a real, powerful moving are a blessing each and every day......

Sue Moon

Hardly have better words to say than all of the above, I reiterate them


dearest robert,
my heartfelt condolences to you nd your step daughter. your beautiful wisdom shines in this post and i am grateful for this piece and your generous heart. i hope you are reveling in this beautiful
Autumn, as you explore the depths of your heart's story.


You truly write from the heart with a mind that's full of wisdom, my condolences and blessings to you and your family. - Morlokk


Very human -in the positive sense- reflection, it revels your wisdom that comes from true human condition at heart -not everybody can tell he's truly "human"-. Still having faith in what being human really means for good and not for ill as the trends show a clear imbalance.



Robert, blessings and peace to you and yours as you integrate this loss.


Your Highness,

I've been surrounded by death and illnesses in the last 4 years...that Jupiter in Pisces has taken us for one hell of a swim, hasn't it, my friend?

I will light a candle.



Dear, dear Robert!

I can very easily relate to what you tell. Sharing our Love, Life and Children (whether our own, or simply step Children) is a Blessing and a definite tie that binds us to once Companions! How would it be possible not to feel this sense of immense loss? These people have so often been "the better half of ourselves"!

Dear Robert, Daughter and Step Daughter, my Love and prayers are with you and your Ex. May she find ever more Light!

Love wins all - Amor vincit omnia.



Grace and love be with you and those whom walked this journey with your beloved friend.

Charles Rogers


Hey just read the note about your ex passing away. I feel for you, I know how it feels when a loved one passes away. As I am sure you are aware, my little brother Jeff committed suicied a few years back. It is hard and I miss him. Granted we use to fight like cats and dogs in our younger years, but as we got older we were really becoming closer and closer. You know I would really like to get back in touch with you.

Michael Tyler

Robert, I just read this and wanted to offer my condolences. Beautiful times will always be golden in our heavenly garden, and good works still provide. Love and Blessings to you - Michael


I am sorry Robert. We are with you. Blessings from Budapest. Kati and Andras


Hi All - Thanks once again. Some reflections since I last posted: When life chapters end, new ones begin. Doors close, with new ones that will open at the right time. We remember old friends (two I hadn't heard from in a while checked in on this thread!) and embrace new ones. If "planets are people," then as some people in our lives check out, new ones are waiting for the right time to check in. By our stories we recognize our Brothers and Sisters on the Path. Breathe in, breathe out, again and again, life after life, until we learn to know pure compassion and the bright light of clear consciousness where we are individually unique and all one together.

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