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This is pure genius Robert!
I just wonder when the end IS exactly!:)))

Sue Moon

Jai Robert! I don't think you can write about this too much. Every piece you have written so far opens understanding at a deeper level. For me, I feel frozen with Saturn in the 8th and Uranus in the 2nd. Experienced 7 deaths in 6 months and money is flowing or none at all. Looking forward to the promise of being very, very clear...........Namaste


I'm finding this all very interesting, with Saturn about to enter my 7th, and Pluto on my MH. The centrifuge is a good metaphor for my current experience. Thank you!


Robert, thank you so much for being "relentless" in lighting the way! You help me distill my destiny.
In Love & Peace


The past month and a half have definitely been some of the most strenuous that i've encountered.

Donna L. Faber

Oh yes, I'm feelin' it ... I'm definitely feelin' it! D~


Yea, robert its here.

Tuesday i had to put my most favorite 5 year old cat to sleep. Too young. Very sad.

Definitely heavy.


Inspired! Thank you.


Whooo hooo... the rabbit hole continues to be a place of adventure. --Yes, I'm being sarcastic, but, even in sarcasm, I am blessed by this heavily "encouraged" transformation. Namaste, Robert.


Right On! Had my own attempted execution last week. Someone from my past (career) led me down a path for a new opportunity...I passed all the approval from the highest level exec and the guy BLEW UP ON ME...resurrecting things from our past dealings from nearly 10 years ago...CLEARLY he has not dealt with these issues...he can run but he can't hide! Jupiter just went direct in my 8th house....death and rebirth BABY. I am ready to move on to bigger and better things!!! :) Namaste.

PS: This guy didn’t hire me because he was afraid I would let his skeletons out of his closet. Today in 1917 Mata Hari was executed…might be a past life thing there for me.

Check out this link for more info:


Thank you Robert for your masterly clarity. Yes, it is affecting us all. Your words remind me of Hexagram 59- 'Dispersion' , which beautifully counsels on the "Dispersing and dissolving of divisive egotism. Dispersion shows the way.. that leads to gathering together." Bless you for your uniting influence.



I'm know you will write much more about this, but will the dynamics shift when Jupiter enters the mix?

Mid-September through the full moon in Aries period was unusually tense... I'm definitely seeing 6th House activation occuring, and trying to balance the discipline to keep up the quality of my work without being distracted by prospective gifts Saturn will leave upon exiting this sector of my chart soon.

Warmest blessings -


Is smiling allowed yet? Just once in awhile? I'm really not up to anything and I'm not harboring any secrets that I'm aware of. Just ocassionally smiling again.

I was kinduv concerned about Saturn moving to a place where it is exalted, but I'm okay with that now. There's really alot of levels to this stuff.


I read and reread this post, Robert. Not only did I find myself nodding at every period, but wondered what was the quickest way to get this info out to everyone who I know because we're ALL experiencing it. Loved the centrifuge metaphor, but some of us are not really sure what's in the clear, good stuff on top and what's in the muck at the bottom and whether or not there really ought to be this weird goo in the middle the way there seems to be right now.

But thank you for the always, appreciated and can't wait to listen to you tomorrow!


Dear Robert,
As usual, your wisdom lights the path. In the midst of these strange and challenging times of increasing development and human evolution, it is good to have the way illuminated.
Thank you.


Thank you, thank you as always, Rob!

By the way, I really dig our icons :). So happy and neato.

Sue Moon

Yes, lovely icons! How did you do that?


Thank you for your insights. The distillation/purification is incredible!

kathryn davison

oh man, robert, you are so on..... target. my sis had a grand mal seizure yesterday at the ABQ airport, blowing out her chances to go on retreat to japan.

her care needs just trumped my plans to head to CA; and so on. i suppose we learn about life through our choices?



Robert said above: "We can now "pour off" the purified mind, feelings, and actions into new life containers and see ourselves apart from the impurities of our past."

I'm going through this right now, in a big way. Being distilled into something very unlike the person I used to be. And it's a good thing. :-}

My life has always been very Saturn-sensitive, and I'm trying to change my thinking about the Old Devil. Saturn isn't only about restriction and difficulty, but it's also about building structures (material, emotional, spiritual) that support your life and using self-discipline effectively.

With my natal Saturn in the 8th, and with transiting Saturn about to enter my birth sign on 10/29 (where it's exalted), I'm doing a LOT of chakra/ energy/ meditation work right now. Building and securing my structures both here and in the Otherworld.

With Saturn, being proactive and disciplined about changes you need to make is sure to bring rewards. If you are turning away from necessary change, or being casual or lazy about it, that's when the scheisse tends to hit the fan.

Where Saturn is concerned, it's far worse to be in denial or turn away from needed action, than it is to just push through and git 'r done.

Reach down deep and find your courage and your Will... push through the drama or the chaos... and Saturn will reward your hard work.


Hi Marie - The end is this time next year, with a "last blast" between April-August 2011.

Hi Sue Moon - Saturn is in my 2nd on my Saturn and Uranus in my 8th on my Jupiter, so I empathize! Definitely as many deaths in as many months for me as well. While I don't like saying goodbye to old friends and toxic ex-friends, sometimes we must separate from the lies, poisons, and illusions of the past lest we bring them into our future while Spirit begins our attraction to others more appropriate to future well-being.

Hi Alice - You're welcome. It seemed an apt description for what I and many others are experiencing.

Hi Cheryl - You also are welcome. I believe that with Pluto rising in my chart, I often symbolize the relentless quality of my Pluto in Leo Spirit for others. Of course, it's cut me no slack at all this lifetime.....

Hi Damien - Great to speak with you on the interview the other day! Given your transits, no wonder it's been a bit "strenuous." But you'll come out of this clearer and stronger about who you are and who you're not, which is always a good thing.

Hi Donna - Well, it's hard to ignore being flung round and round at 10,000 rpms! ;-)

Hi Robyn - My sincere condolences on losing a loved one at way too young an age. I also had to do that once upon a dream to a sweet kitten with numerous problems, including heart, skeletal, and paw defects. Thanks for keeping your heart open. You'll never regret it, even though it occasionally hurts.

Hi Mike - You're welcome.

Hi Sundeeva - I believe the Grand Irrationality makes this whole place very much "Through the Looking Glass." Adventure isn't bad as long as we come out the other side with our sense of humor and Spirit intact!

Hi Sherry - When we're dealing with other people's baggage sometimes the best we can do is step back, not take anything personally, and remember it's all about them, not us. Sounds like he's been carrying a heavy load for a while. Probably in bad health. Better things are always better. (And I wouldn't affirm I had been executed in any way, since we wouldn't want the pattern to continue....)

Hi Morvah - Thanks for your kind words. This opposition is indeed dispersing all within and without that should not be together, while flinging us toward people and life to come. Sometimes we must disentangle and separate as a prelude to recombining with more appropriate whatever.

Hi Matt - Of course when Jupiter moves into conjunction with Uranus then the oppositional energies will be boosted substantially. The trick will be to use Saturn in Libra to stay balanced at the point of equipoise.

Hi caliban - Perhaps the smiling is knowing you've made it through the testing period and some great things are on the way? Jupiter conjunct Chiron and Neptune has certainly healed many of us into our higher Aquarian Self. Now that it's direct, the adventure renews! The sign a planet is exalted in shows its grounds for greatest growth, not a bad thing.

Hi BritLitChik - Well, I'm disseminating the info as fast as I can. Mentioned it in the recent Awakenings interview (as you know!), so more found out that may not have read about it here. But since the centrifuge continues for many months, I'm sure eventually those who need to understand will be drawn to one of my posts or interviews. And of course, spread the word however it's appropriate!

The dense stuff should be obvious. Any goopy residual middle stuff may have to be separated at a different time. Right now we just have to get clear about what's being poured off that cannot stay mixed with old impurities now being separated from our lives.

Hi Laura - Thanks for your kind words. I figure if we're aware of what's happening, then we can steer our ship of personality toward our Higher Self and Spirit whenever we're tested.

Hi Warriorlady and Sue Moon - As always, you're welcome. The icons appeared one day. I suspect it has to do with the Typepad blogware being connected to Facebook, Twitter, etc. I've noted some pictures occasionally show up, so it's probably that. (And I'm not sure how to change mine...)

Hi PSW - Yes, we're all being distilled and purified, and from experience and scientific principles I know we're all going to be doing, feeling, and thinking with greater clarity than in quite a while. It's just getting through the spinning and separations that's the trick!

Hi kathryn - Sorry to hear about your sister. But it does sound like a greater Karma "pre-empted the playing field" for both of you. Now she gets to do her retreat here, and you get to choose what to do. "Life is what happens to you while you're making other plans...."

Hi Siri - Saturn shows our ability to achieve dominion over our life and affairs once we break through old limitations, fears, and rules. Your list of Saturn's virtues is accurate. Saturn's patience and self-discipline ensures our long term purposes are fulfilled to the degree Karma allows. We just have to remember it takes time to build "the Great Work." Saturn is particularly harsh for those who are lazy or try to avoid taking responsibility. And yes, Saturn does bring rewards over the long haul for those who do the work of cutting through illusions and half truths that enslave us. We must learn to lift the chains from off our shoulders, and look to Eternity for signs from Spirit that can help our self-consciousness get clear about the signals our subconsciousness is receiving from Superconsciousness.

carol gibson

Thank you. You make a very confusing topic easier to understand. With Mars in Libra conjunct Neptune, I have been gravitating toward a specifically spiritual intention. However, many roadblocks make for slow going. I am determined, though.


Hi Carol - Well, it's somewhat wide right now, but with Uranus going direct and Saturn about to retrograde, you can bet we'll be back in the thick of it within just a few weeks! Mars conjunct Neptune in Libra needs to understand the subtle rhythms to make incremental progress. And now that Saturn is in Libra, maturity, structure, patience and persistence are just about the only things that will work to bring about your intention.


Dear Robert,

You've once posted an article that explains the dynamics in operation in a Yod configuration, but I can't find it anywhere. I'd be really great if you could post that link again. The present Saturn/Uranus opposition has Saturn doing a quincunx to my Venus at 25 Aries, which is sextile Neptune... as a matter of fact, my Solar Return Venus is at 24 Aries and was then doing a sextile with the triple conjunction in Aqua we had in May... Now Saturn and Mercury is showing as the nozzle of the Yod, with Uranus as the opposite midpoint... I'd be really grateful for some help in clarifying how this will be manifesting in my life.

Many blessings,


Hi Alix - I trust by now you've absorbed the recent Yod articles. You were the inspiration for them, so take a bow! By now of course the Saturn-as-nozzle Yod is past, showing that September you were doing needed adjustments in the productive process of Chiron and Neptune dancing with your Venus (which continues!) The on-going processes represented by transiting Saturn quincunx your Venus at that time were helping you make adjustments to your Venus function. Solar return Venus return will help you update your Venusian self-awareness appropriate to this chapter of life. Saturn-Mercury contacts helps us organize our coordinating function and our ability to be led to forms of "Soul" appropriate to who we really ARE.

Richard Duda

Thank you for this Robert. (Better me being late then never seeing it.)

Your close is another beautiful image:
"...expect to be flung into some things and people and away from others! And keep pouring off the purified Being into more appropriate containers. At the end of this you'll be very, very clear in many ways."

I feel that. Thanks again.



Hi Richard - While they are fairly wide right now, because Uranus is now direct and Saturn is slowing to RX, we'll begin to feel this effect in new ways as 2010 develops. We just experienced the first spin of the chamber. More to come!!!

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