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NICE. Libra, 21 degrees, here :). You are right on target, Master Robert. Some things are finally beginning to materialize for me through doing all that comes naturally, and I'm only happier with each day that passes. That happiness is a gift that just can't be topped...

Wishing you and your loved ones and everyone else the same. Smoochie-boochies!


Robert offered: "edgy, agitated, or breaking "on through to the other side, yeah,".

:) Absolutely all of the above!

Natal 8Leo/Venus square 8Taurus/Saturn. Chiron:5Aries, Asc:7Cancer, Uranus/Jup/Merc at 3-9 Libra.

My understanding, of your interpretation of these functioning of these energies, is of the releasing of the energies with my Venus/Saturn square to be utilized and grounded within my Aries/Cancer/Libra area's(?) I hope that is so..then where this week has taken me means I am on path.

Since Friday past, a bittersweetness has filled each day..letting it all flow through and focusing much of it into my 5th Scorpio as creative expression for self/others.

Thank you Robert, your wisdom offered most definitely expands my perceptions.


Given the points you cite, I ought to be exhilirated (the only natal point that is hit by the square harmonic is my Jupiter, which is an "afflication" I'll take any day!)... yet, I have felt (and several people have mentioned to me) a general heaviness the past few days that is only beginning to be released today: this seems to point toward Saturn finally crossing over the threshold into exaltation.


You're spot on, Robert.

During the Dec '08 Sun/Mars conjunction, my partner was let go from his last job. And now, during the Mars-Sun waxing square, he finds himself with something new! Not yet signed, sealed or delivered, but that should come on Tuesday.

Of course it helps that his Sun is at 7 Libra -- receiving those "favorable energies" -- and he has 20 Leo Rising (interestingly, I have 21 Leo Rising), also putting him (and me!) in line for those "special gifts, qualities and circumstances".

As always, greatly enjoy reading your thoughts.

Christine K

Robert - I don't know you - but I luv you! Thank you for being so spot on about things. Personally, I 'enjoy' feeling the flow of the waves for awhile and then coming in here to check out what you're saying. You always elevate and inform when I do.

With things having been in such disarray for so long, I have a fear of confronting that feeling of 'dreadful' reality when I try to address them. I appreciate you saying that real things can be accomplished while getting our "enthusiasm under leash" - great sentence... it may be my mantra for awhile.

I have Venus and Neptune in Scorpio, and Leo in Mars, North Node and my Ascendent, which, of course, puts Leo in my first house, and Scorpio in my fourth. It's nice to know that there may be design behind a home life that I haven't been feeling very creative or passionate about lately... though I'm now certainly working on it.


My home range is about a 30 mile radius. Yesterday I was all over the place. And you may not believe this, but I heard the same word three times. The word is "brainstorming." And this is not some team concept exercise for a change, it is being employed out of necessity and is working. The funniest reaction is the mother who half laughingly half unbelieving asked me "is this my family or is this some kind of Halloween thing?"

I always try to connect the dots on kind of thing. And I think in the situations I am seeing, it comes from overload and a reaching out for help. I am not good at asking for help, but last week I took a short cut over a tree birm and a fallen branch caught me threw me onto the parking lot pavement. Pulled a tendon in my left arm. Help!!!!!!!!!!! I don't like it, but it is sharpening my bartering skills. Like when I hear wanna do lunch? It's now, why don't you stop over and move some heavy objects for me and I'll make you lunch.

Have been doing some good trades too. My favorite is trading off an old quilt of mine for two pickup loads of mulch. Then I traded 2 pair of old dance heels for labor to put the mulch down. Saturn moving to my solar 2nd?


15 Sagittarius, a degree of life purposes revealed, larger cycles glimpsed revealing the "universal patterning of life-relationship,
My natal Moon is at 15 Sagg
nice Robert thanks :)



Sue Moon

While not exact, my natal Moon is at 19 Sag.....I feel your fire Robert and Morvah, as it is mine too.


Hi WarriorLady - Mars is assisting those with strong Libra to focus the new Saturn energies visiting that sign. Glad you feel happier with each day, since that's a good sign you're riding one of your true Rays. And yes, I've gotten feedback from quite a few noting the different feeling in the air now that Saturn is in Libra and Mars in Leo.

Hi kachina - Your Venus is highly activated the next few months, showing emergent new purposes and more serious disciplines that will yield major opportunities in 2011. Be a good student, train the mind and speech in optimistic inner equipoise unique to you, and you'll be in a great place not long down the road. Yes, this is testing "right action" re Venus and Saturn function in your chart, while giving momentum to positive Aries and Libra focus throwing power into early Aquarius. I believe the "bittersweet" quality is also due to the current Sun in Scorpio forcing many to say goodbye to whatever and whoever. Sometimes goodbyes are sad, even if they are necessary.

Hi Matt - Again, I believe Mars in Leo and Saturn in Libra are lightening things up a bit in the greater atmosphere. The "holiday season" is a mix of festivity and sense of endings, but I believe the Leo and Libra energies should bring some sense of balance, perspective, and promise to many.

Hi duse - Glad to hit the spot. Your partner should do quite well with more power or responsibility with Saturn where it is, even if there are some small things to tidy up in the Spring. So yes, the threshold of December will finally move forward strongly next May.

Hi Christine K - Thanks for the vote of confidence! Much of our existence is really just learning how to view what seems to be, and do our best toward that which could be. Self discipline and the right point of view can work wonders. This is the beginning of a new way of expressing yourself and your line of greatest development, so finish what you need to, get ready to do yourself differently in some ways, and keep figuring out the right means to the ends without getting distracted by passing things.

Hi caliban - Yes, we are all finding our alliances, internally and externally, so that we can become the best "team" we can. I also have been doing trade-offs to spare my body heavy lifting it should not do right now. Saturn in the 2nd is making it clear what you value and don't, what to hold on to or not.

Hi AceStar, Morvah, and Sue - So the last conjunction really stimulated your Moon these past months. That should have affected your feelings, the women in your life, and what habits feed your sense of adventure and freedom. Clearly you'll feel differently with a greater understanding this December. Just ride the agitation of mid-Feb through late March with style.


Thank you Robert.
Your clarity is appreciated.

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