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great stuff as always. thanks.

i find that this really resonates with me.

"Many will see how the wisdom forms they've pursued have gestated into a power of understanding. This is the end of the end of a long cycle, and the beginning of the seeds of power and authority that will persist for some time."

but then again personally speaking i've got venus and saturn on my natal pluto, and the sun on my natal Uranus (with the moon and mercury in between the two). interesting times indeed!

a little off topic, but i wanted to ask you something. i wanted to ask your opinion about the relationship in natal charts amongst family members? (Ie father to son, mother to father, brother to sister etc.)

just today i happened to check out my immediate family's chart's, relative to mine, and noticed some striking correlations. thus i thought that i'd inquire with you to ask about the phenomenon.

seeing the "stuff" that is currently going on in my personal chart, relative to the skies overall, it's probably no coincidence that i inquire about this with you at this time, nor that i investigated the phenomenon at this time too!

thanks again.


Good question, JP! My family's charts all have similarities as well. My 3 sisters and I even share a certain aspect. But more interesting than that are the revealing planetary conjunctions and nodal contacts between generations, and just the general elemental makeup of our charts having certain similarities. It's fascinating and illuminating. Looking at the connections helps me understand certain stories about us, why we make each other feel the way we do, consciously or unconsciously...


10:36 p.m.- no disernable wisdom other then to thank God for another day.


The new moon is exactly conjunct my natal Pluto. Does that mean something changes in the next four weeks?

Shehzaad Maroof Khan

yes def its also conjunct my natal Pluto :)


Great article! Thanks a lot


Um, Saturn in Virgo was a great big annoyance for the most part, but it helped me to strengthen my self-worth and boundaries a great deal. I can't complain much, but I am still quite happy to thank it and send it on its way, this month!

The energies of this new moon have brought me back to my old self again. Probably because Mars is entering Leo and Jupiter turned direct recently. I dunno. But I love it. There's a party happening in my core :).


Great article Robert, full of stuff to chew on. I usually pay attention to new moons as a rule (I was born during one) but I really felt a jolt this time. It was cool, it was on my natal Neptune in the 8th, and I was really psyched up (inspired) for painting this weekend. It feels like the start of something (with Mars in Leo too).

To JP: It's very common for family members to share chart aspects and so forth, because of karma, synchronicity and magnetic attraction. For example, lots of birthdays in one sign, etc. My son has a very similar chart to my dad (his grandfather)- Sag sun, lots of Sag planets, all square Moon in Pisces.

My Cancer Sun and planets conjunct my dad's Pluto. I was scared of him as a child but have learned a lot from him. My Capricorn sister whom I used to fight and compete with has her Sun conjunct my Mars. And so on... this is what makes astrology so fascinating! :)


Warriorlady! I admire how you negotiate these passings and always have such a positive stance on what is happening. It seems like acceptance of sorts. I am trying to accept that there is much that i cannot ever understand and yes, as you say allow it to strengthen me and be grateful for it all!

Alia Curtis

Commendable. It is such a blessing to have access to information like the above. If more of us realized our relationship to the universe and its change and fluctuations, we would have more control during times of emotion and confusion. Thank you for doing what I know to be a tedious and dedicated task. You ability to make a difficult concept easy to understand is outstanding.


I second that Robert, thank you.
Valerie, it's on my natal Neptune too in 11, so enjoying that with you. I gave birth to my daughter as the Moon reached my ascendant at 28 Scorp. Also her Venus is on my Sun. Many other connections with family and friends.


Dear Morvah- that is very cool! Wonderful aspects for a mother and daughter to have. :)

Libra twins

This new moon was conjunct my natal sun 4/5th house cusp and opposite my True Node, it's also conjunct my Husband's Uranus in 7th house. (Yes our relationship is mildly "revolutionary" I'm 7 years older).
Given this it would appear that this new moon is going to be significant for us, but How?


Hi JP - Family dynamics are one of the more interesting applications of interactive astrology. I have found it holds the key to why certain traits bypass some in the family while displaying prominently in others. That's why we have greater or lesser affinity to certain people. It's also why some in a family are more affected at certain times by certain things.

Hi reefaroundme - Yes, I've been looking at such things for 34 years and it never ceases to fascinate me. For ex, everyone in my family of origin has something conjunct Uranus except me! And of my 6 original family members, One parent and 2 children (first and third) have Leo rising and one parent and 2 children (second and fourth) have Virgo rising. I've looked at the connects with the grandparents, and they also reveal harmonics. You're right about the stories, since each family has them as part of the "family ghost."

Hi ahrcanum - While I know "God loves gratitude" (as a function of karmic law), I find love-wisdom to be everywhere we seek it. Even when we do not discern it, Spirit and Divine Mother energy is omnipresent.

Hi Jared and Shehzaad - It puts the focus on your Pluto. While the lunation shows many things ending so deeper elements of wisdom can come forth, whatever it aspects shows our relationship to that in terms of what planets are stimulated. Because it conjuncts your Pluto, some quality of that inside you or in your world will be the focus. Perhaps purification, Spiritual transformation, or just realizing something new about who you are in relationships.

Hi Tomer - You're most welcome.

Hi Warriorlady - Having my Saturn return right now, I can't much complain about what is, as much as I can figure out the details of what it will take to move forward at the right time next year. Had to make Saturn in Virgo my friend a long time ago! ;-) Am also already feeling the promise of Jupiter direct and the possible expressions of Mars in Leo. I suppose generating an element of festivity as a counter-tone to the collective dread is a good use of Mars in Leo, given the larger uncertainty.

Hi Valerie - On your Neptune, your art should show you something deep within you that connects to others through all time. Perhaps universal themes and images? Your family contacts are striking, and yes, the study of cross-generational contacts yields a LOT of food for thought (and compassion!)

Hi Marie - Sounds like you're in the groove.....

Hi Alia - Thanks for your kind words. Much of transmuting karmas is simply a matter of awareness and a little self-control. The task, while dedicated, is not really tedious, since I couldn't do it if it were. I'd be concentrating on other things. I've been teaching in a variety of mediums for over 35 years, and this seems good for instant global communication where a bunch of great like-minded Truth-seeking Souls can come together. And it helps that I once ran a pizzaria, since this is a cantina of sorts.

Hi Morvah - Here's another connect: my father had his Saturn return just as my sister was born, and my mother had her Saturn return when my youngest brother was born. (As an aside, I suspect that all who come and hang here have something in common with my chart, and those who connect with others on this site have connects with them as well!)

Hi Valerie - Yes, well, better than Saturn I suppose....;-)

Hi Libra twins - In the proverbial 10,000 ways. In just one probability, parts of your old light/life will end so wisdom can come forth. Conjunct SN, you get to find the line of least resistance as you demonstrate something of what you've learned about self-reliance and self-initiative. It will stimulate your husband's Uranus, which means all kinds of things, depending on his response to the Divine Individualizer.


Thanks Robert, I do have an inspired spiritual theme running through my latest painting series. I tend to get into a contemplative mood this time of year, also, with the Sun about to enter my 9th house. Also I really like the new icons appearing on your site! Looks cool. :)


Hi Robert,
In so many ways I am able to relate to this article. Last New Moon I set something in motion that has with this New Moon, given me a great joy to celebrate and cherish. I am truly grateful.

Midway through the article, you write “That brings us to the last unexamined major aspect, Mars quincunx Pluto. This absolutely brings hard adjustments! This sets up sacrifices and expansions in early Leo and early Capricorn areas of our charts. There will be many discoveries of subconscious matters and things in the next few weeks, as well as opportunities to negotiate and bargain at the end of an old cycle of activity in some Pisces arena of life activity.” Would you help me understand a situation that is confusing me? In my bouncing here and there reading half a dozen or so sources, I read in effect, that a quincunx does not necessarily affect the native unless the native is putting their uninvited nose in another’s goings on and thereby taking the other party’s ‘lesson’ on as their own. Would you share your perspective, please?
Thank you,


Hi Valerie - Yes, this New Moon should be opening up new Neptunian expressions for those born between 1951-1957. As spiritual ruler of my 8th in the 3rd conjunct IC, I suspect a foundational regeneration is afoot for me. The icons suddenly appeared via Typepad, I suspect connected with twitter or facebook or something, since every once in a while a picture of someone appears rather than an icon.

Hi K - Glad this New Moon brings joy, gratitude, and celebration. Those are very good things. Regarding the quincunx, most of what people have written about the quincunx seems speculative and fabricated out of whole cloth with no sense of how that aspect relates to others in the series. It is a powerful aspect that affects all of us on a regular basis.

While I cannot go into all possible meanings, it primarily deals with a symbolic 6th or 8th house element of adjustment. It is always found in health issues, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, as well as loss/regeneration issues. Due to its nature it is interactive in some way.

"Uninvited" has nothing to do with how it works. As an aside, sometimes we MUST enter into something without invitation due to Dharma. Whether another has invited us to something is often irrelevant to those who are striving to live their Higher Self. And of course, invitations may bring great works or the crash of illusions, which is its own interactive dynamic. Quincunxes may or may not be active in such circumstances.

Taking on inappropriate lessons is a dysfunctional Saturn. It is an inner error of assessment (planet), not a phase shift in a larger cycle (aspect). I don't want to sound like Andy Rooney, but what you're citing seems to be another example of "authorities" in the internet world who know some astrology not understanding the different types of influences of the planets, signs, houses, aspects and how these relate to each other.


Hi Robert,
That makes perfect sense to me!
Now with MY chart...we shall see!
Thank you,

Bev OConnell

My husaband, a Virgo (8/26/42) passed away on Sept 3rd. I am a pisces (2/27/52) and am wondering if the planets and new moon will help me to deal with this better.


Hi Bev - Already answered you in the Full Moon stream.

The comments to this entry are closed.


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