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Welcome to the Cosmic Cantina. Aum and blessings!

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Really cool Robert, thanks for sharing. A friend and fan in Arizona, USA. :)


Well, you and your writings deserve it!!! :) Hats off to you.


Heyyyyyyyyyyyy, hello from Mexico!!!!!!!!! Love your work!


Your site is my favorite! I'll check it everyday....

Thanks again and greetings from the Netherlands



There are still countries on this Planet, this Century where internet access is forbidden.Telepathy might be the only way to get there. My Heart can, should, does fly. (Indeed).A.


Awesome to know! Thanx from Australia, Mate lol


How wonderful that our little community here is not so little! This really illustrates how people from all walks, all cultures and backgrounds, all economic groups and all societies can live and discuss and commune in peace and love when the atmosphere is right and mutual respect prevails. Thank you so much, Robert, for giving us this slice of nirvana.

PS Isn't Kansas the doorway to "Somewhere...over the rainbow"?


Dear Robert,

I am not surprised you have a global following. Your site is the right mix of astrology, philosophy, spiritualism, hope and wisdom. It converges both Western and Eastern philosophies. And most importantly,it manages to convey spirituality that touches the rational mind.

In my mind that is the secret behind the universal appeal. So keep up the good work and look forward to more good reading.

Maneesha(from India)


Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Sue Moon

Happy to be part of such an auspicious site and connected to my brothers and sisters all over the planet......Aummmm.....shanti......shanti....shanti


Robert - I can just picture it:

The Laughing Cat Tour 2011
(Robert's Aquarius Papers on its first World Tour) ha!

btw I believe it's "Trinidad and Tobago" or fondly known as TnT but no Y.
fyi I'll be back 'online' next week.

Ana - I'm with you on the Telepathy :-)




hi Robert! i was thinking you may know this before but good that you knew how many people around Globe visiting this site :)

Wish you all the best

Love & Light my friend


Love from India


Yah :-)


Greetings from the Black Hills of South Dakota, USA. A special shout out to anyone who reads this and remembers sitting on the floor at Barrow in Austin Texas in 1975 listening to Robert spin The Who, The Beatles,the Kinks,and The Animals, while talking metaphysics. Who would have thunk it? Congrats on a job still being well done. What a long strange trip it's been. All My relations. dcu


You forgot my country - Serbia, in Europe ;)
We love you so much Robert, keep on doing the good work :)


Yep, it's no.1 site for me. Greetings all, Jen from Queensland, Aust.



J. Sue Gagliardi

Robert, I'm not surprised; you're the greatest teacher and most knowledgeable astrologer and metaphysician I've come across in ages. Every day I learn something from you. I appreciate YOU!


Hi all - Thanks to everyone who has left comments. Since posting this, I added a few countries that have checked in since then, including 2 more from Africa and 2 more from S. America. I suppose we are truly "Gaians!" As for Trinidad, I originally used the Spanish "Y" for "and" since that's the way I learned it years ago (though I've now changed it to the English.) I never saw Serbia on the referrer list, so it may be that the server is "unknown" or one of those that simply says "Europe." So many great people from all over the world......


Robert, the work you craft & share here on Aquarius Papers has been staple reading for me for several years now, whatever part of the globe I find myself in. In my opinion you are Essential Reading. I have learnt so much from you, been given much-needed `heads up` at critical junctures, had countless `ahhh, thats why!!?!` moments when discovering a new piece of cosmic machinery that you bring to the table. The star/soul map you share with such good humour & care really is a digital touchstone, how awesome to see just how global your readership is! I`m very grateful to be one of them. Thankyou so much for being You!! If you`re ever in NZ you have a personal tour-guide on call, just sing out! :-)


.... " imagine all the people..." as John Lennon sang...This is truly magnificent news Robert tho not at all surprising given the amount of heart, soul, body & mind that you gift & convey in word/thru the ethers. Love to all & for all ;-)


You and Abraham Hicks are the best "Highnesses" I know!

Molti Grazie!

carolina higgins

Yes, thats right...all over Australia we salute you!


Blessings to you Robert and to All Community Members from Hungary! We are looking forward to meeting you!


What a day for this reader in the Great Lakes region of North America. This zoom out is awesome. And now today after years of zooming in only to dissolve the focus of each zoom in, BAM! The direction of my work bursts into the continuous thread of evolution. The time constraints and pressure of "responsibility for" gives way to my individual contribution. I think I can better function as member of the biosphere without the needless pressures. May have to do with Saturn moving to my 11th? A large community indeed. It is good to feel the air. Stokes my fire.


And mine Caliban! How well you have expressed what I imagine we're all feeling about this.



which means hello in Malagasy, language of Madagascar

Bilyana Petrova

Greetings from Bulgaria! I love your work! Thank you!



Greetings Robert et all! From Central Ontario, Canada

Richard Duda

Robert, interesting information. But, i would find it interesting to know if there is a preponderance of people that visit the site with a particular sign rising/MC/Sun. Wouldn't that be a cool statistic to gather? :-)

(Pisces sun, 3rd decan
{like Scorpio};
Capricorn rising, 3rd decan
{like Virgo};
Scorpio MC, 2nd decan
{like Pisces})


Hi all - Great global family! Richard, that would be just too much information to correlate, since each finds their way here for entirely different reasons, and return or don't for equally different reasons. Some find their way here due to a generic or specific transit, some from a progression in their chart.

Some stumble onto this column through a search engine, or a link from another column, or have seen or heard a talk I've given somewhere. Some are nudged by the moment, find me, then never return, occasionally return, or regularly return. Others are devoted astrologers who found me, and perhaps recommended others, while others are my clients who told their family, etc.

Then there are the Truth seeking Souls who are looking for something to apply to make themselves, their relationships, and their worldly effectiveness more Spiritual. Mostly, I believe the 10,000+ visitors who come here each week are somehow in harmony with my chart, since I am the one generating the signal. And most definitely we ALL share certain Ray and Sub-Ray inclinations, since that's the nature of a Spiritual Sangha.


Love from Denmark :o)


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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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