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Hi Robert,

After I read ,The Road Less Traveled by M Scott Peck in 2003, I had wanted to read his book People of The Lie, just out of curiosity. I had tried procuring it off and on checking at bookshops. This May, in the course of doing some freelance writing I stumbled upon one assignment which needed a book review for the same. I procured the book this time and it helped me lot to make sense of the issues that I was grappling regarding good and evil. Quoting a few words from his book which resonate with your thoughts:

"It is not an easy thing to embrace ugliness with the sole motive of hope that in some unknown way a transformation into beauty might occur thereby. But the myth of kissed frog turning into princes remains. Yet how does the frog tun into a prince? How does the methodology of love work? How does it heal? I don't know exactly.

I don't know because love can work in many ways, and none of them are predictable. I know that the first task of love is self-purification. When one has purified oneself, by the grace of God, to the point at which one can truly love one's enemies, a beautiful thing happens. It is as if the boundaries of the soul become so clean as to be transparent, and a unique light then shines forth from the individual.

The effect of the light varies. Some on their way toward holiness will move more swiftly by its encouragement. Others, on their way toward evil, when encountering this light will be moved to change their direction. The bearer of the light(who is a vehicle for it; it is the light of God) most often will be unaware of these effects. Finally those who hate the light will attack it. Yet it is as if their evil actions are taken into the light and consumed. The malignant energy is thereby wasted, contained and neutralized. The process may be painful to the bearer of light, occasionally even fatal. As I said in The Road Less Traveled, 'It was evil that raised Christ to the cross, thereby enabling us to see him from afar.'

These words were God's gift for their timing in my life and I think everyone dealing with such issues should read this book.

Kind Regards,


I have Mo80MaR (2. to 8. house) in my natal chart, and So0Pl0Asc which is part of yod with Ne and MaR. The picture of man is heavy, it’s true. That is the picture of uniformed man doing something with transportation or energy.
My ex-husband has Sa180Ve and Sa90Mo, and his Sa is in exact place of my MaR. It’s useless to say my marriage was nightmare. And after so much time maybe I could say he has psychopathic behavior.
And because of my natal Sa (10.)90(So0Pl. 1.) there are so many situations that men with natal Sa90Ve or Sa90Mo are approaching to me.

I was 9 years alone until recently when I met a man with Ma, Mo, Ju in 8. He’s in extreme sports. And the more of it… he has So90Ma and Mo90Ve. Unfortunately for me his Mars falls in square with my Moon.
And I saw it, I knew it and I’ve tried to be with him.
Maybe this Sa90Pl from my natal chart and this same exact transit square to my natal had to teach me again.
We’ve met when first Sa-Ur opposition was made, when stubborn meets insane. And January eclipse made us part.
I was hurt, my heart was broken and for months I felt strong pain in my chest.
And than he tried to return (Mars retrograde) but I couldn’t stand his ups and downs. I finally understood he suffers from manic depression. And the moment my decision was made I found out he met another. And it seems to me she’s appropriate for him, because she’s playing that “I’m going to save you” game. That was the moment I realized I’m not fit for those relationships, I got over him. It wasn’t my game.

But the question remains. With such dangerous positions in my natal chart am I going to find normal, good man ever? And than I’ve started to receive various informations about ho’oponopono technique, which seems to me like tonglen technique in Buddhism.
Last night I’ve started to work on myself. I’ve tried to forgive myself for creating those types of people in my life and those kinds of relationships.
I’m not sure what the outcome will be, but there’s nothing else I could do.
There are no easy answers :)

And I don’t know why but your article came in the exact moment and I just had to tell someone…
Hope I’m wrong about those aspects and I certainly hope I can make things better… in this life :)


Of course I was thinking on this too yesterday and this morning...I think the Christ/Crowley phenom. is part of the mystery of resonance--which houses are the limiting edges of the toroidal sphere in your chart's planetary resonances makes all the difference. I was thinking about the pentagonal shape I had going on and the helpful ways it has guided me lately. The photos in this article gave me a better 3-d representation:

aether vibrations


Hi there to yzse... just wanted to say thanks for sharing :) i've not got a grasp on the placements you mention but have had a repeating pattern with partners! Wouldn't say they were evil, tho tend to cheat or the other scenario is; when i feel i'm really trusting the person/relationship & getting over my own commitment/trust issues (brought about by past experiences!)they off & leave abruptly... So i'm really appreciative of the Buddhist info you mention as like yourself i'd like to break this pattern & hope it's not a 'permanent' astrological theme in my chart. Free will & all that... if i work on my own 'issues' hope the tide will turn... & for you...:)
Aum H


Ps Robert - thanks for this article, has arrived at a very apt moment & as always when this synchronicity occurs it helps in many many ways :) Aum H


I have Neptune in Scorpio as my 7th house. I get hooked into men who proclaim they are spiritual and then they prey on me by verbally abusing me to the point that I feel that sting of the Scorpian and death imminent. I am doing some work on my brain through PTSD that is currently being used on the soldiers home from war in the US. I hope it works. I attract men who seem to want to bring me down. I also attract men who are not only Scorpionic but Mars or Aries and sorry but these two signs in the negative can be bullies, and psycho!!


Hi Sagars - Having been in the thick of the so-called "men's movement" nationally, producing major and minor gatherings between 1989-92, I became familiar with many authors of works "for men," including Scott Peck's "The Road Less Traveled" (though after 20 years I admit a bit of a loss of recall as to what everyone said or wrote at that time.);-) I met him, and he was truly a wonderful sensitive man.

That said, I have found through hard experience that sometimes "love is not enough," even if it is all that is. This is because human free will does not work in a rational or linear way, and sometimes even good people do really messed up things. How much more so those of deliberate intention? Self purification does not have anything to do with how another will respond out of their lower nature. As for St. Issa, the mob chose to crucify Him rather than a murderer. Even One of Unconditional Love got nailed for His troubles. I'm not sure those who chose to crucify Him got it in any way, shape, or form, except for the legends of time.

I'm not one to lay the burden of "being Christ" on anyone, since who among us can truly raise the dead, or come back from it for that matter? Fairly advanced yogic techniques. I do agree that "tradition worshiping ego minds" (as Rudhyar put it) do tend to hate, fear and want to destroy those who bear the light. While some of their "evil actions are taken into the light" I do not accept that it is destroyed by pure love, since it is in the nature of duality for some to seek light, others to seek darkness.

Think Stalin here. He was countered by the light, but the light only overcame since it outlived Stalin's evil. I'm not sure I can say that Hitler's "malignant energy (was) thereby wasted, contained and neutralized," since his and Stalin's forms of evil persist to this day to plague humanity (the first two maybe, but not neutralized in any permanent sense.) I agree all have a lot to learn from Peck's work, at least as grist for consideration as we move from darkness to light, the unreal to the real, and death to immortality.

Hi yzse - Sorry you had such a difficult time. We must not participate in others' projections, whether "to save or be saved." We all find more appropriate relationships as we elevate our character. We do not necessarily have any power to elevate another, but we have the power to elevate who we are with and how we choose to live. We can find good people, but only as we become both good and discriminating as to who actually is "good." Through disciplines of self-realization we can indeed come to healthy relationships, though as you put it, "there are no easy answers." And you will have better relationships as you remove subconscious images that lead you to dance with unhealthy relationships.

Hi leslie - Right relationships are all about resonance. That's why the only thing we have control over is elevating our own hologram to frequencies where we do not have any resonance with that which we should not dance with.

Hi H - I do believe that as we work on being clear about why we invite and dance with that which challenges us, we come to a measure of detachment, dispassion, and discrimination about what could be real v what is patently unreal. Those who "leave abruptly" usually have outlived their purpose in being with us. Have patience, persevere, and over time you'll see yourself attracting different types of people.

Hi Vera - I have Neptune in the solar 7th, so I understand the peculiar idealism and seductions that accompany such a thing. No one can prey on you unless you've allowed yourself to be seduced by the unreal. Of course, we all get lied to from time to time to sharpen up our discrimination. You may want to affirm that you are NOT attracting men who seem to want to bring you down. Work on your subconsciousness, and much will change overnight. "The Game of Life" by Florence Scovel Shinn could help you very much here.


And you are a wonderfully sensitive soul too, Robert! :) I too was having hard time dealing with such issues, a personal crisis of sorts, but seven months down the line after first having read the book, I am hopeful, mostly because of the "synchronicity" with which this book came in my life and a few other magical events that have since transpired. May be Neptune conjunct my Ascendant and now Jupiter passing over it too makes me a "believer" at this point of time and your blog is one of the reasons why I believe in what M Scott Peck said in that book all the more.

Kind Regards,


Hi Sagars - You're a true progressive. Perhaps this is the beginning of a 12 year adventure in elevating self to Self. Rather than say "the sky's the limit," I'll instead say "the Cosmic Field's the limit!"

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