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Is it true that the planet at the apex of the Yod (which forms the 2 inconjuncts with the planets in sextile) must be the slowest moving of the 3 planets ? I've read this before, but I don't see this being practiced by all astrologers. Some seem to follow this rule and others don't. Thanks :-)


I believe I have one of these in my natal chart.

My Pluto 12th House Virgo is sextile my Mars conj Nept in Scorpio 2nd house... with Moon conj Jupiter in 7th house. Each of these planets are all very near 14 degrees.

I make art and I believe things are about to change in a big way. My Asc is 2 degrees Libra. What does this represent? Thanks.


Astrology just got a lot more interesting.


This is something I've wanted to learn more about for some time now. Thank you for the insight, Robert! Does it make any difference to the way the sacrifice or adjustment is expressed if the focal point of the yod is a traditional benefic planet, as opposed to the heavier malefics?


Thank you Robert, this is a gap in my knowledge too. What orbs do you use? Given the sextile planets as exact, would you determine a planet at 4 degrees from the midpoint as a Yod? (Lights not involved). Hope you are feeling warmed by the current planets in Fire - a welcome respite!


Thanks Robert, please post more on the quincunx. I have a Yod with Pluto in Leo (9th), sextile Mercury and Venus in Libra (11th) quincunx Moon in Pisces (4th). My Neptune in Libra (11th) is conjunct Mercury and Venus but the orb to the Moon is 154' (Triseptile); is it part of the Yod because of the conjunction to Mercury and Venus? I think yes, but what do others think?
I have another quincunx aspect pattern I can't figure out: Saturn 27 Virgo (10th) semisextile Sun 28 Libra (11th), Saturn is quincunx Jupiter 27 Aquarius (3rd) and the Sun is trine Jupiter. Semisextile-Trine-Quincunx pattern - Is the trine the dominant aspect? Yup, with all the transits, it’s been quite a year with many unforeseen events dramatically affecting others in my personal and professional life causing me to make many adjustments.

Sue Moon

Like Morvah, I am interested in the orbs as I may have 3 yods in my chart: Sun 24 Lib sextile Saturn 20 Leo/Pluto 14 Leo quinc Pars Fortune 20 Pisces.
Moon 19 Sag sextile Sun 24 Libra quinc NN 24 Taurus. Moon 19 Sag sext PF 20 Pisces, quinc Saturn 20 Leo/Pluto 14 Leo.......and if this is so, I think the lessons have been hard, but I am glad of them for the strength that they brought.


Thank you. A question if I may, can one refer to a transiting planet as a midpoint of two planets in a natal chart?


may 6 finger of god of pluto-killer


An apple for my teacher. I understand the sextile,after taking a look at the yod.



I was always interested in yods, since I have one...
sun in scorpio 8 house , sextiles moon in capricorn 11 house, both quinqunx saturn retrogade in gemini 4 house.

So, its saturn that needs to adjust, not my moon-sun sextile, if I got it clear, right?
Well,if it's so, that's good news, since I though that my sun- moon sextile should adjust to saturn!.

Still havent found the way yet!
greeting from greece :)


This is great, thank you Robert. I've been having some trouble really grokking the Yod and you've helped me grasp it further. I'm looking forward to reading more on this subject as you are able to write about it.

All the best to you! Happy Thanksgiving.


Hi Robert,
Thanks for posting this article again. I've got Pluto sextile Mercury and Jupiter making a quincunx to both, it's pretty terrible, I've been observing over the years. Every time I have a transit to Jupiter I get caught in an emotional turmoil. Mercury in 12th, Pluto in 2nd, Jupiter in 7th. That's when I realise how much the 2nd house, and mine particularly has so very little to do with possessions, I've got the North Node there too. I feel that my 2nd is quite actually much more spiritual than my 9th, even if Pisces nothing less is at the cusp.


Hi Gauri - No. Speed of the planets has nothing to do with the aspects made per se, except that slower moving transiting planets tend to make the aspect longer in action. Astrologers who don't know how to separate aspect function from planet function still have much to learn about the craft.

Hi Harvey - Yes, you definitely have a Yod. Your Moon and Jupiter have no doubt been squeezed into a more proper function every time a planet has transited mid-Aries, Virgo, and Scorpio. There are too many possible things Saturn on your Asc could represent to address in a comment stream. That's more for personal appointments. But to start, you could go into the archives and find the article I wrote addressing when Saturn transits a planet or the Asc.

Hi caliban - It seems to do that as we focus on the dance.

Hi Denise - To me, there are no "benefics" or "malefics." While I studied such traditional things decades ago, I've found that all the planets have a duality of "good" and "bad" ways to express (except the outer invisible Triad, which always work in transpersonal ways.) A Saturn focus can bring sclerosis and slavery, or maturity and dominion; a Jupiter focus can bring wastefulness and hypocrisy or blessings and abundance. It all depends on how our planets are functioning. Please consult the archives for the article on planetary dualities to learn more.

Hi Morvah - 2 degrees on a quincunx. I've also written about "off set" aspects, such as when a planet quincunxes one planet while triseptile the other. A sextile can be as wide as 6 degrees, again creating an "off-set" Yod since a transit quincunx one will be well outside the orb of a quincunx to the other. The Yod function will remain the same, but there will be a slight time lag between adjustments to one and adjustments to the other.

Hi Nett - Triseptiles are not quincunxes, though they either precede or follow them. That specializes the functioning of the configuration. There are also "kite" configurations featuring 2 planets in septile that make double triseptiles to a planet at the inverse midpoint, but those are not considered a Yod per se. Different functions between the triseptile and the quincunx. More than this is beyond a comment stream.

Hi Sue Moon - I don't use the POF in calculating configurations, since it's an abstract point rather than a planet. As I said above, with your 4 degree sextile it often shows as a quincunx to one makes a triseptile to the other, and a quincunx to the other makes a biquintile to the other planet in sextile.

Hi Tomer - Yes. The transit becomes the nozzle for adjusting the natal planets in sextile, while the planetary sextile expresses its productivity through the transit.

Hi william - Cannot find such a thing in 2009 or 2010.

Hi caliban - Love those apples! Glad this helps you understand more about the process.

Hi airsea - Not really a Yod except in mundane interpretations. Your Moon is biquintile your Saturn while your Sun triseptiles Saturn. Please kiss the Grecian sky for me! (As Rumi once said, "there are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the Earth....)

Hi ChicagoAries - You're welcome. Love the word "grok." All thanks to Heinlein. Water Brothers and Water Sisters and all that. Had a great time giving thanks! Aum and blessings to you as well.

Hi Alix - As I noted in the other stream, you inspired this post (it's not a reprint!) Give thanks that your Mercury-Pluto makes it impossible to fool you for any length of time. Perhaps adjusting your Mercurial function can help you use the times of turmoil to be guided to your Soul. Basically, you're constantly adjusting your Higher Mind or sense of the possible to the seed realities that your penetrating "truthful mind" sees so clearly. When in doubt, go into seclusion and meditate. Pluto with NN in 2nd shows you're here to accumulate extraordinary assets and use them wisely to set transformational seeds into motion through the power of Divine Discrimination. You'll build through Pluto and release through Pisces.


Hi Robert,

Thank you for the article and the inspiration! You are right, both Mercury and Pluto don't let me get fooled for too long with the appearance of things or people. I hope I can handle that yod though because it makes me permanently spiritually unsatisfied, and with that feeling that I'm not fulfilling my mission, that it's never quite good enough. And soon Jupiter opposing Pluto will be upon me the first half of February/2010, what that means this time around I don't know, but that will be short after Jupiter passes my south node. Divine Discrination it is, because it never seems quite good enough.


Hi Alix - I don't think the Yod "makes" you "permanently spiritually unsatisfied." That's more the human part of you desiring a greater awareness. Of course, since that's a part of this larger evolutionary scheme, we'll always feel like there's more to explore, more to learn, more to realize, more to apply, more to skillfully utilize, whether as Spirits in this material world, or Spirits in the larger universal work we all move into as we grow in Higher Consciousness. Even the Masters of the Wisdom liberated from the need for human rebirth still have experiments to do. "Not quite good enough" keeps us on our toes! It is in the yearning and striving for a greater effectiveness that we grow into our Spiritual estate.

Jupiter opposition Pluto shows a time to be clear and above board in making demands on circumstances so they are in your interests. Reject all secret agreements or covert activities. Beware of seductions that work against you, false "opportunities," or tilting at windmills that are distractive rather than giving you a sense of adventurous momentum. Externalize the best of your Pluto in Jupiterian ways.


Thanks for answering (and for earlier answers as well)


Hi Robert,

Thank you for answering. Yes I understand that desire of ever greater awareness, but I've felt that somehow it's time to give some of that away actually rather than just absorbing more knowledge, to give a contribution. Would you think that this goes hand in hand with Jupiter approaching the south node which is about to happen soon around January? I remember quite well when Jupiter touched my north node, it was a time when I felt I had to absorb the knowledge.
I've actually got some plans and have been trying to gather some people with me to share this activity, but I'm still very unsure about whom I can really trust. I know I don't want to take any risks.


Hi Robert,

It is rather complex for non-astrologers to "translate" and understand astrological configurations into someone's day to day reality. I would very much appreciate your input. I think I have a Yod but I am unsure. I am born late 1969 and I think that I have Pluto in late Virgo and Neptune in late Scorpio, and Chiron in early Aries. What does this means practically in term of changes and "sacrifices" that I would need to make. Thanks for your help.



Hi Tomer - Sure.

Hi Alix - I believe we are all given opportunities to "give away" that which we've been given. We begin with small things and it usually leads to larger opportunities in time. I would think that Jupiter conjunct SN begins about 6 years of "showing what you know." It seems you've tumbled on a major lesson for all of us: who we should and should not dance with along the way. Figure you can trust whoever to be exactly as they are. That means putting in lots of firewalls and clear boundaries so each can come or go as they please. Remember the most important thing in planning activities is to make sure of rights and duties up front, as well as knowing the spiritual trends of each.

Hi Pam - Well, this column is for everyone from professional to amateurs to laypeople. That means sometimes the jargon will not be familiar. What you're asking for is part of the art of synthesis which is usually limited to professionals who dedicate many thousands of hours to learning the craft. Without knowing your exact birthday there's no way to determine whether you have a Yod or not. But given what you say, no, Chiron is not making a Yod, since that would seem to occur when a planet is in late Aries, not early. When something does transit in double quincunx to your Virgo-Scorpio planets, it would show adjustments to them through the circumstances indicated by the planet in late Aries. The sacrifices could be in any or all of the affected areas, as well as the houses they rule, if any. More than that is beyond this comment stream.

Amelia Sahentara

I'm wondering about some of the comments regarding multiple yods. Make sure you use tight orbs (distance in degrees apart). The sextile planets should be no more than 4 degrees apart, 5 degrees if between a planet and the sun or moon, and 6 degrees if between sun and moon. Also, the quincunx or inconjunct (150 degrees) planets should be no more than 2 degrees between planets, 3 degrees between a planet and sun or moon, and no more than 4 degrees between sun and moon. There will be exceptions depending upon the chart, but this is a safe general guideline for deciding if you have a yod -- or nyodt.


Hi Amelia - Orbs are always variable, depending on what planets are in what signs and houses. Still, I usually use a 6-7 degree orb for the sextile regardless of what planets are involved, and 2 degrees for the quincunx, never more than 2 1/2. That's because the biquintile is 144 degrees, plus or minus 2 to 2 1/2 orb, and the triseptile is 154+ degrees, also with a 2 to 2 1/2 degree orb. So I would never use a 3 or 4 degree orb for the quincunx, since that would intrude into the orb space of those two aspects.


Thanks Robert!


i am uncertain if I have a YOD or not. I have had one person use Placidus and another cast my natal chart using Koch house systems. So, at this point: my info is 11/26/1976 Toledo Ohio, USA, 8:01 P.M.
What it looks like too me is something between my neptune in Sag, Pluto in Libra, and Jupiter in Taurus?


Hi Tomodachi - Using 2 different houses systems has nothing to do with what degrees the planets are. It does not seem that you have a Yod. Your Neptune is sextile Pluto from 14 Sag to Libra. That makes the potential Yod at 14 Taurus. Your Jupiter is 25 Taurus, outside of orb. But you do experience a Yod each Spring when the inner planets move across 14 Taurus. Your Jupiter is the nozzle of your Chart. Your life will completely change beginning March, and by May you'll be stabilized in a new view of how to be the dynamic inspired questor you are. By Autumn you begin a peeling off process.


I do not know if you can take minot objrcts into consideration but it sure is fitting in my chart
which I am really just now understanding. My jupiter saturn 26 cap/jup 2 Aqusextile Pallas/Juno 36/29 Pisces with a apex of my uranus/POF/Node/Vertex/Pluto all within 24 leo and 6 virgo I think the orc is 5? I know what it is after the last blow and what needs to so and what has been sacrificed in the process. It will be intersting to see what happens when mars crosses once again. Better go back and recheck some we go again. Interstingly I also loose people on a Jupiter transit and it comes in 3's while in Virgo.


Hi Diana - I don't usually take asteroids into account, as they do not rule specific signs and are wanderers with their own relative importance. And not all asteroids are of equal "power." Some of your aspects are not in orb of a quincunx. For example, your Jupiter is biquintile your Virgo and quadranovile your 24 Leo planet. Quincunx is no more than a 2 degree orb except under rare conditions.


Hi Robert,
What is there is a planet at the midpoint of the two planets in sextile, opposite of the planet at the apex. My boyfriend has his Juno at the midpoint of my Mercury and Venus in Sextile. Neptune is inconjunct Mercury and inconjunct Venus... Just curious



Hi Kathryn - Then it's an enhanced "Kite," where the Yod nozzle planet externalizes and is balanced through the planet opposite it. Still, I rarely use asteroids in calculating such things, though in this case his Juno opposing your Neptune would have its own special meaning. FYI, Mercury sextile Venus is fairly rare and a very benevolent thing. I'm sure they got closer by progression!

Elaine Clermont

Hi Robert, thank you for this great article. One of the most profound writings, in its simplistic depth, I have seen on yods. I was just looking at this week's helio yod with merc and venus in sextile to the earth/moon nozzle, with jupiter at the foot.

thanks for the teaching!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

Claudia Lima

Hello Robert I got here because a friend said next may in 2011 I will have my life changed by a serious Yod. I live in Rio de janeiro, Brasil and I was born in 1958, march, 23, at 10:55 am.

Could you help me telling me what can happen and how can I take care of myself?

Thank you.


Hi Elaine - Glad to be able to add to the compendium of knowledge about this powerful but not-well-understood configuration. Of course there's always more to discuss and explore, which is why one of my upcoming classes will be specifically on "special configurations" and how they work.

Hi Claudia - Of somewhat greater importance were the Yods created by transiting Saturn to your Sun sextile Mars back in Sep-Oct 2007 and Mar-Jun 2008, followed by Saturn double quincunx your Mercury and Venus in Oct-Nov 2008, Feb-Apr 2009, and Jun-Jul 2009. These "Fingers of God" were very productive for you. A very important time this year was the period of the interlocking Yods in early Feb which I wrote about. Mars on your Uranus was the nozzle, so you were definitely affected. Your friend was referring to transiting Uranus double quincunx your natal Neptune sextile Pluto. Of course, that will be set into major motion this coming June through Sep by Jupiter and then launched into motion Jan-Feb 2011. While it is indeed "serious," please remember that these involve multiple sacrifices that squeeze us into a more spiritual focus wherever the nozzle falls. In this case you could very well be liberated into a new 12 year adventure, which usually necessitates adjustments and sacrifices to grow into the infinite potential of the New in the Now. Of course, there's always more, but that's beyond a comment stream.


Hi Robert, I found this great post as I was looking for information about kites. My son happens to have a yod, and this is the first time I find a simple yet deep explanation about them. His moon in leo and sun in libra are in sextile while uranus in pisces is the nozzle. All planets are a couple of degrees from the 12th, 2nd and 7th respectively. It calls my attention since both luminaries are involved. Thanks Robert, enjoying your writing as always!


Robert, Thank you for all your work here. I am hoping you can give me some insight on my Yod/Yods. Also on one that I "think" the new moon tonight creates for me.

Tonight new moon 17 Leo----- I have Uranus rx in at 17 Libra in 6th and Sun at 16 Pisces in 11th.

Natally --- ASC 4 gemini Sextile s. node 3 leo in 3rd (1 deg from4th) quin Jup 4 Cap in 8th


Mars 16 Taurus in 12th Sextile Sun 16 Pisces in 11th Quin Uranus rx 17 Libra in 6th.

Birth Info Mar 6 -72 SEATTLE 9:40am

No room here for all that has been going on last couple years though I bet you can see it by looking anyway. I am fairly new to the study but am so glad to have found so much valuable information! Thanks for your help, T


Hello Robert,
I have a very dear family member in her late 30's who has three quincunxes in her chart. However they do not form any yods. Would you view this as more challenging because they don't have that yod "focus"? She has had trouble pacing herself. I was told elsewhere that the three qnx are worth looking into... but nothing more was said. Any thoughts on the multiple quincunxes? Here's the aspects:
Sc. Moon qnx Gem. Saturn
Can. Mercury qnx Aq. Mars
Gem. Venus qnx Sc. Jupiter
Also, intercepted 10th house Sun.


Hi Robert, I have a yod in my chart between Moon in Sag in the 11th sextile Mercury in the 2cd that quincunxes my Uranus in th 7th...can you give me some insight as to what this means?


I'm sorry Robert, I didn't complete the aspects in the above post. Here they are.

Moon in Sag 16degree 11th house
Mercury in Aqua 21degree 2cd house
both plantets qnx Uranus in Cancer 20degree 7th house.


Hi Robert,
I'm curious to what your insights might be on an individual who has multiple yods in an interesting configuration - they're all "on top of each other" and's been a trialling friendship, to say the least...

Saturn 4 degrees Cancer
Mars 5 degrees Taurus
Venus 3 degrees Sagittarius
Neptune 5 degrees Sagittarius
Pluto 4 degrees Libra
Jupiter 2 degrees Aquarius

(DOB 10/11/73 10pm, San Antonio, TX)

I sincerely appreciate any feedback you might have on this.

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