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If it makes anyone feel better, my natal Saturn is square my natal Pluto. 1st house Saturn, Pluto conjunct MH. You are helping me to better understand the pressure. Have been working for some time to get out from under the weight of the world on my shoulders. I love my chiropracter.

Neil B.

This article is a good example of a highly evolved perspective on astrology. Very good indeed.


To Caliban:
How has that aspect affected you overall? To have Saturn squ. Pluto in your natal chart seems to be very difficult at first blush.

To Robert:
Thanks again for another great article. Keep 'em coming!


Another great article :).

Pressure. Uh, I was put square in the middle of a family vs. spouse issue. It was a huge misunderstanding, and some of my family members have a way of making me feel guilty for stuff instead of taking responsibility for themselves. Not good territory for Libra. It doesn't help that we're all stubborn, too.

Sigh. Bottom line, I had to put my foot down, tonight. Apologies were said all around. It wasn't easy-- I'm still shell-shocked-- but I know that tomorrow will feel a lot better.

Hope most didn't have it so bad.


YES!!! :-)))))))

Account Deleted

Namaste Robert,

Thank you for this new beautiful post. There is something i would like to ask you, for making things more clear in my mind. We are talking about Saturn-Pluto square; Saturn rules capricorn (which is my 7th house), Pluto rules scorpio (my 5th cusp house),would we apply this planetary conflicts as possible tensions between 5th and 7th houses (in my case)?
Thank you.


thank you.


Thank you Robert, this is very insightful. Mental slavery indeed - over and over through my lifetime. I'm not sure I know how to transmute my responses. Do you ahve other writings on this?


Ugh, yes. My direct deposit didn't get made yesterday. Which wouldn't have been a problem if I had some savings in the bank. And the day before that, my evangelical Christian sister calls me on the phone at work and asks, "are you a witch?" I said, "um, yes, but how did you know?" Turns out my ex-husband (still taking no responsibility for his part in the demise of our marriage) emailed her this tidbit.

The message I'm getting is the need to transform my relationship with money, and with my family. And to build structures in my life that support these changes.

Thank you as always, Robert, for your insights and your compassion which comes through in every post.


Thank you Robert, for the inspiration. Yes to all the all above pressure points. I will try to re-read this article frequently over the next few weeks!


Great article Robert. I think we all have different levels of response to bad situations. There have been plenty of times when I whined, why me? When will the bad stuff go away? I have to say that very last paragraph is the best advice of all. I read "all forms must pass away" somewhere, during one of the longest, saddest times of my life (the 80's), and that struck a chord within me, and carried me through it. Thank you, o wise one. :)


Beautiful conceptualization, Robert. I'll have Pluto trine Saturn until the end of 2011 so all your recent writings are most appropriate for me. Gracias!


Hi Caliban,
I too, have 1st NSaturn (19Scorpio) square 10th NPluto (28Leo); my MC is 15Leo which makes a stronger square to my NSaturn than NPluto, in my opinion. I have found myself pondering this current 11th TSaturn (1Libra) square 2nd TPluto (1Capricorn) and how to best apply handling it in my little speck of universe! I recall Robert writing a couple of articles ago, that this is Pluto’s final pass of 1-2Capricorn in our lifetime! Therefore, some chapter is gonna close while the next one is rehashed and yet another one is just starting! I hope this makes you smile!

Hi Robert,
This article really hit it out of the park for me! And the link…yeah! That is a ‘light bulb moment’ at work for sure!
Thank you,

Laura Willow

"Who are you going to call"
This information on the Saturn/Pluto square is helping me actively work with my fixed grand cross Saturn/Scorpio/5th-Pluto/Leo/2nd-Venus/Aquarius/8th-Mars/Moon/Taurus/10th. This is just the tip of the iceberg with Saturn being part of a grand water trine...all of these planets at 20-25 degrees and of course my unaspected Aires/Sun. It has been a journey, even as an astrologer myself to pull all this natal energy together and try to be productively interacting in the world. It seems as if the transits of 2009 in late degrees and pivotal points in my own natal chart are giving me help and opportunity to release, understand and finally find some way towards harmony for my inner-inner realms and my inner-outer realms. Souls like Robert are teachers and healers for souls like me. Thanks Robert for sharing your spiritual and intellectual journey.


Caliban's Saturn Pluto square: With as little as I know of astrology, I had to close my eyes to get an image of how i feel this now. Stampeded by buffaloes? How's that for a picture? I would really like to do it just like they say I should, but there are so many of them. Can't please everyone, so I got to please myself? I try not to think of it as slaying dragons in my path anymore, but as, keep on walking. I don't like a lot of time with my head under a pillow.

External pressure, I guess. And not getting shut down about it. And relying on my own authority. I'm turning a corner. Heading into my "Maxine years". You know strap on the support hose and hiking boots and away I go.

I've been thinking alot about Saturn being the faster moving planet. What buffaloes? Am I hitting it anywhere close?


Thank you Robert, this is what is helping me: to think that "this too will pass", it's transitory, it will not last forever! My natal Venus 2degree Cancer in my 7th house, is asking me what is it that I want, with all honesty? Important relationships are not working as they used to, my creativity and art work are standing on hold waiting for the next chapter, so I'm trying to be remain silent and still even if I feel like exploding inside. Thank you for helping us!


PS This current transit has brought me into the realm of understanding karma and dharma.

New moon this week close to exact conjunct with natal Saturn.


I feel the accelerator and the brake at the same time! It is affecting my first house with saturn and pluto is conjunct my natal jupiter in the 4th.
I go thru extremely high and low situations. I feel like I get beat up one minute, the next will be a miraculous moment!



Hi caliban - Yes, 1st house outer planets do make it seem that the weight of the world is on our shoulders from time to time! Though you'll often be misunderstood and are definitely a transformer in others' lives, just keep doing your discipline while learning not to underestimate your purpose in our world. And yes, thank heaven for good chiropractors! Mine kept me walking despite fractures, sprains, and other strange body malfunctions this past Summer! Having hiking boots on as the buffalo stampede all around is a good thing! And understanding the difference between karma and Dharma is important in getting clear about what to do, when, and why.

Hi Neil B. - Glad to be of service. That's the intention of the site. I figure a spiritual Astrologer can offer things other astrologers will not or cannot.

Hi Tiffany - Am doing what I can, given the work load counseling people in meltdown mode and the generic gear grind!

Hi WarriorLady - No one can "make us feel guilty" except ourselves. Those are the times when it's good to practice detachment, remember that others have their agendas and baggage, and what's happening is impermanent ego flapdoodlery. Glad you're learning to stick up for what you believe is right. Some things should not be compromised.

Hi Judith - Glad you connected so strongly. I figured this article might help many to connect to their strength.

Hi 766373397 - Sure. Remember that Mars rules Scorpio in this world. Pluto is the spiritual ruler, but Mars is the worldly ruler. So the transiting worldly ruler of your 7th and 8th is in dynamic relationship with the spiritual ruler of your 5th and 10th. Might be tensions, might be turning corners, might be releasing potential.

Hi star - You're most welcome. Peace is often a very good thing!;-)

Hi Patty - Dealing with ego and subconsciousness is a huge issue, and there are many articles throughout the archives where I offer suggestions about these and other things. In the comment streams too! I really don't have any organized way of accessing those particular writings, but if you are creative with the site google box you probably can find many things. Start with the terms detachment, dispassion, and discrimination. Also bad luck, bad karma, and transmuting.

Hi Siri - Sorry you got messed up by banking things. But then that just reminds us that bankers are not our friends. Not sure why your sister thinks your spiritual practice is her business to discuss whether she was informed by someone else or not. Definitely meditate on how you may be assuming things that set you up, and then begin to steer your ship of personality in a different direction. Remember Rumi's wisdom in his famous punch line in "Spiritual Windowshoppers": "It makes absolutely no difference what people think of you." Do whatever it takes to support your striving to become your Highest Self, and take note of who loves and cares for you. And of course, you're welcome. Generating compassion and Bodhichitta are very good practices!

Hi reefaroundme - Many of my articles are like the recorded tracks of my counseling sessions. Each time you listen to (or read) them, more insights will come forth.

Hi Valerie - It's natural for ego to feel put-upon. The "bad stuff" never goes away as long as we incarnate in this dualistic reality. What does go away is our sense of helplessness, frustration, isolation, and ineffectiveness as we embrace the Higher Way. As we evolve into our Higher Self, then we get to antidote the bad stuff as it comes forth, chewing up personal karmas. By those practices we become fit for the goal of being of true assistance to our Brothers and Sisters as they struggle with things we once did, but struggle with no more, having mastered those lessons of response-ability.

Hi Jan - You're learning the skill of applying long term pressure to harmonize your Saturn skills. This should make things simpler, clearer, and more enjoyable over the long run.

Hi K. - My Saturn in Virgo tries not to be too nit-picky, but actually you have Saturn binovile (80 degrees) to Pluto, a very spiritual aspect. It helps you find the common spiritual base to apparently opposing realizations. Though your Saturn and Pluto are in mundane square, creating tension between strong representations of those fixed signs, the specific aspect helps you to use gestation to bring forth purified forms of duty and responsibility according to your core heart strength. You're right that Saturn is in a closer square to the MC, showing that sometimes your purpose forces you to change the direction you're going or how you represent yourself publicly. Saturn and Pluto are cutting double semisquares to your natal Saturn in Dec-Jan. This will create inner tension to end old limitations while learning how to master emergent power in an organized way. And when Jupiter tredeciles then trines your Saturn, a new future along with higher understandings and sensitivities will open up.

Hi Laura - Glad this helps. Your Water trines will be stimulated between Feb and May, as will your Taurus energies. Build through some, release through others. Very glad you can use what is written here to productively interact with the world, and grow into your Higher Self. And of course, very glad to be of service, especially to a fellow Aries!

Hi Leana - Your relationships are definitely getting cleared out! New initiatives with self reliant people are in your future. All your relationships will become deeper and more meaningful symbols of what you value. You'll find a new understanding of what you like and why by the end of January.

Hi Cindy - Things are indeed accelerating, and any square can put the brakes on! Pluto is helping you purify your Jupiter so better seeds can sprout. You have the ability to turn small changes into large opportunities. If you spot the seeds coming forth in 2009-2010 you could ride them into a great situation over the next few years, despite the general disruptions. June-July 2010 will be key to the long range future.


Inspiring post. I believe anything and everything that comes to us - good or bad - are gifts that we deserve. We may not think of it as a gift at the exact moment it comes to
us. But sooner or later, it shows itself as the blessing it really is.

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