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Hi Robert,

A very timely posting! I was anxiously awaiting your view on this full moon as it has Sun/Mercury conjoining my Mars (and subsequently Moon opposing, Mars squaring my natal Mars and Mars conjoining my natal Sun). I was planning just to drive very, very carefully the next week, but perhaps there is some good coming out of this as well. Will meditate on your words in an hour or three, when the moon is full. Thanks again!


After struggling with an unhealthy situation at work for years, I resigned my job last Monday. This week is my last week there. It felt very liberating, and indeed that I was finally escaping a "narrow destiny." We had our full moon group here in the Black Hills of South Dakota last night. Everyone in the group was totally supportive of my decision and truly happy for me that I had ended an abusive relationship. It is so gratifying to have that kind of support. I am now truly ready for the new adventure that marks the next phase of my life. Thank you Robert as always for your keen and timely insights. I would encourage any who come to this Cantina to practice courage over fear in whatever life decisions you may be facing at this time. Focus on where you have group support and a common spiritual goal. We also had a very sweet remembrance of our collective ancestors in honoring the Day of the Dead. Don't forget to ask for help and assistance from your own ancestors. They are always there for you. Love to all. dcu


Awesome article. Buh-bye ruts.



Thank you for this write. I have work to do on developing a positive understanding of ego. Any past writes in the archives for me?


Wow, I'm speechless. I need a minute to process this. You made me laugh: "BIG kahuna"! Awwhhh! Thank you so much, this site kept me while I was living on Skid Row in L.A., and continues to do so today. All blessings to you.


Wonderful article Robert! I often feel as though I have absorbed your words more through my skin than my brain.DCU I really resonated with your stance and congratulate you on your brave decision to flow with your integrity and am pleased that you have a positive support network. I have my moon on that degree, with many other degrees activated. Personally I find that living in the bush and physical exercise keeps me grounded and reading this site helps enormously. It can be very difficult being accutely sensitive in these times, but it's all about awareness and management i suppose. Regards to all readers, Jen


A "wwoww"-very beautiful and generous shower of "floral wisdom". Happy Taurus Moon!
Going to print it and read it again.. Thank you Robert


Thank you Robert! my north node is at 10'33 Scorpio, so I'm eager to see what comes next. Thanks always for your insights, and have a lovely full moon.


Thanks for the posting, Robert.

I love the capstone:
"This Full Moon opens the Adventure of the next step of living our >>integrity<<... Those >>>with<<< integrity will begin an >>>>adventure!<<<<"




And the great full Moon it was… last night in Europe.

Interesting thing is that Kala Bhairava days are right now (2-9.Nov).
Lord Shiva is dancing his destroyer dance on the top of Kailash mountain… and things are changing in those 8 nights of Moon transformation.
I’m dancing… hope you all do :)

All the best Robert :)

Bev OConnell

Hi - I am wondering if this full moon will begin a healing process for me. My husband, a Virgo 8/26/42 passed away on Sept 3rd of this year. I am a Pisces 2/27/52, and struggling deeply with this loss. Based on the planets and the full moon is this a good time for me to finally come to terms with this loss?


Hi Dirk - Definitely drive carefully, but also be alert to swift developments that could impel your life forward. Much depends on your natal Mars. You'll definitely know how well it's functioning within the next two weeks!

Hi dcu - My condolences on having had to endure a deadening situation, and my blessings on whatever the next chapter brings you. And of course, Nature abhors a void, so be still as the future is already on the way. Courage is the antidote to fear, and grows stronger with use. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose...."

Hi WarriorLady - The whole world's getting shaken loose from ruts (whether they want to or not!)

Hi caliban - There are too many to list here, so go to the google box top right, put in ego, and check them out. For now, realize ego has an important role as a starting point to develop Spiritual Ego, which is the vehicle for the Soul. Our worldly ego shows us how to use self-discipline to learn detachment, dispassion, discrimination, and the generation of positivity.

Hi BigKahunaKitty - Well, as an old surfer, the Big Kahuna has meant many things to me, and your moniker would seem to make you a servant of "The Great Cat" aka Bastet, the Ultimate BigKahunaKitty! Glad you made it out of Skid Row in L.A. I saw it up close and personal many times driving to and from my job at the LA City Attorney's office a while back, and as a long time supporter of the Midnight Mission, my heart goes out to all those who wind up there. From what I saw, I believe that 90% are decent people, with about 10% predators. Glad this site is a touchstone.

Hi Jen - Thanks. Keep absorbing the info however you can! Any way any of us can be supportive of each other and stay grounded in these very ungrounded times is great. And yes, sensitivity that cannot stay centered is not very useful when the storm hits. We must learn self control so that externals don't cause us to lose our equilibrium. That's a factor in attaining Spiritual mastery in this world.

Hi A59 - You're most welcome. Already a hopeful Moon for me.

Hi Lainie - It would indicate that your line of greatest evolutionary development is going to be illuminated and integrated in ways that open new perspectives and ideas to be externalized through the Moon on your SN.

Hi Richard - You're most welcome. Integrity has already played a factor in the hopeful things already occurring in my life and the lives of several others I know, so full steam ahead!

Hi yzse - Shiva is definitely dancing right now. Of course, since I have Pluto rising, I made Shiva and Kali Durga my friends a long time ago! This is a truly important time of letting go, and reversing decay, and renewing what needs regenerating.

Hi Bev OConnell - My sincere condolences on the loss of your mate. That's a very difficult thing. My experience with grief work is that it's a 24/7 proposition for as long as it takes. "Coming to terms" with a significant death is something that occurs in stages. As we complete one phase of grief, we move into another phase. I have written some pieces for those who grieve the loss of a loved one each January 9 for the past few years which you may want to read. Start with 2006, since the Jan 9 post each year after builds on the themes introduced in 2006. Again, my sincere condolences. Please be gentle with yourself, especially since holidays often bring up difficult feelings anyway. And yes, this Full Moon should help your Pisces more than a little bit, and prepare you for a major new beginning in Jan-Feb 2010.

Bev OConnell

Dear Robert-

I am so touched that you responded personally to me. I love reading the aquarius papers each day and although I see most readers know far more than I about astrology, I am learning. I just am so "stuck" and it is good to hear that although grieving is normal and done in stages, that my life will have some new opportunities in 2010. Something to look forward to. Thank you again so much. Bev


Ah yes, the margins. Thanks for the heads up on that one. Kissed it today. A slippery slope that is all too familiar. I see my pattern now. Thanks again.


Hi Robert,
I am trying to be a good student, looking back on referenced articles in an attempt to create a picture from the puzzle pieces (I love puzzles and mysteries!), but alas, I don’t yet understand how the Moon can be at 11 degrees of BOTH Taurus and Scorpio at the same time!!

“This Full Moon falls at 11 degrees Taurus and Scorpio. It is said that the middle third of any sign deals with the social levels of life, and being the second decan of those signs, invokes a sub-influence of Virgo and Pisces. Since the Moon always focuses the light of the Sun in specific forms, the degree symbols for both are important. The Sun degree is the illumination or enlightenment of the lunation, whereas the Moon shows us the potential forms that enlightenment will take.”

On Nov. 2, TMoon was 1 degree conjunct DC 7 degrees Taurus and TSun was 4 degrees conjunct AC 7 degrees Scorpio, which makes my 11th Virgo and 5th Pisces. I wonder if you would give further illumination so I might better understand the application toward my own chart.

Thank you,


Hi Bev - Well, I try to keep up with the comments because our community is pretty fine. Those who come to this site have all kinds of knowledge, and I've found we all contribute to each other's well being and understanding in so many ways that it's all good. And of course, you're most welcome. Glad you found your way here.

Hi caliban - I've found this Full Moon to be bringing up sticky stuff, but also dislodging stuck stuff. Identifying pattern is key to knowing how to move into the better while releasing the past.

Hi K - The Moon is in Taurus. The Sun is in Scorpio. A Full Moon only happens in relationship to the Sun,, therefore the axis of the polarity of signs is emphasized. This Full Moon falls in your 6/12 houses conjunct the horizon, showing completions along with preparations. The Moon rules your 9th, the Sun your 10th. Something of these houses is being enlightened. More than that is beyond this comment stream, as there are simply too many other permutations to discuss.


Hi Robert,
Thank you! The information you just provided is ample to utilize for my purpose!

Deborah Allin

Dear Bev and Robert

I lost my father on January 8 1985 and that grief got stuffed away for exactly 20 years until my partner left as I hadn't fully dealt with it. I know its not the same as loosing a beloved life partner but the experience of grief was overwhelming not only for that but for countless other losses sustained over 16 years of alcohol addiction as a miguided coping mechanism of a deep near death trauma at age 17. I've come to feel that grief is like a huge ocean that slumbers within us which we slowly empty then deepen into, it comes in waves and so I chose to live by the ocean for 8 years of a Neptune transit. Wrap yourself in cotton wool metaphorically and I pray you find loving others to affirm and hold you in your grief. It helped me to know that my level of grief was equal to the measure of love I doesn't ease the pain. It is a strong tide and you just have to ride it.. May it carry you to a healing peace.

Blessings Deborah


Hi Deborah - Grief is indeed a HUGE ocean that "slumbers within us" until we set sail to the far shore of perfect equilibrium that arises as we embrace our vulnerability within the universal human condition. Then compassion for ourselves, others, and "all-that-Is" comes forth, also in waves. Others who reach out to us in love help us to know we are not alone in the passages. That's why in sharing our stories we come to realize our Oneness within the universal human condition. And yes, love is truly "stronger than death." By healing our grief, we can be angels to others who also grieve, and remind them that by opening to a greater love, wisdom, and compassion they too will outlast and outlive the stinging acid of grief and come to some measure of peace.

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