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Hi Robert, Saturn now is almost conjunct Pluto at 5 36' Libra in my 10Th House though (Libra is the sign on my 11th house).
Well, I was craving a friend since I didn't have any where I now live and I found my old school pal a couple of weeks ago. Today he has disappeared (job related) and didn't say goodbye because of some favour(he asked)that I just couldn't honor.
I feel he just got back in touch as he needed me for this specific request and I instinctively refused as I felt that I was being used.
Now I know I was right to refuse...
Needless to say I am back to square one.
A short comment would be really appreciated.
Thank you and Namaskarams


I found your website today as I was laying in bed without wanting to get out of it. It has been really helpful to read several of your articles. I am still finding my place in all this evolutionary laberinth. I feel so confused and dizzy, it has been hard since 2005 with my first saturn return in my 10th house with my sun in 16 degrees in leo. Now it seems Saturn and I have been dancing tango along for the past years and for years to come meanwhile it transited Virgo it radically changed mentally and phisically my attachments to things that I thought gave me identity and security, since my nathal saturn conjuncts mercury retrograde in first degree in Virgo still in the 10th house. I can see it coming now with my libra in my 11th house where I have in the first degrees mars and venus to reach later on my 12th house also in libra with my pluto conjunct my moon! And in the next 5 years when Saturn transits my first house in scorpio with uranus in the 12 degree!!!! Wow, it seems really challenging and cant wait to see how I come out of this transits all transformed, renewed with focus and direction that I am so much in need during this challenging times. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and letting us know we are all connected in some way! ;)


Hi Robert- My bday is 10-20-67. When I look at my chart for 11/14/09, I have A LOT of challenging aspects for Saturn and Pluto including transiting Pluto squaring my natal Saturn (10th) transiting Saturn conjunct my natal Pluto (3rd). Also seemingly notable is T-Pluto squaring N-Pluto and T-Saturn opposite N-Saturn. Should I just lock myself up for the Winter??? ;)




I was mentioned some where in that mass of dates.
July 1977 - Uranus in Scorpio
Uranus falls in my 5th house as well as Libra in N. Node & Pluto.

This may sound ignorant (because i'm not as well versed in astrology) but does that give me a triple dose of Pluto in the 5th house?

Deborah Allin

Robert is there an article on your site that goes more deeply into the nature of Saturn In Libra. I have Mars Saturn Moon between 1 and 6 degees of Aquarius and have been aware of working for better and deeper understandings around issues of assertion/anger, power, control and vulnerability in all close relationships and most especially issues of self expression as Mars is now in Leo and moves forward to station on my North Node conjunct asc at 18 and 16 Leo respectively. Any insights would be appreciated especially into the nature of the waning sextile of Saturn to that stellium while Pluto waning semi sextiles it. Mars opposes my grouping of Aquarian planets includimg Sun Venus Mercury Jupiter and the South Node on the desc???


Yah. This 1979er is definitely experiencing radical changes, but they're all awesome. Uh, so far :). Guess that's what a backbone feels like. I stood up for myself, and it was about time. Thank you, Leo-Mars.

Cosmic huggies!

Diane Scholten

Hey Robert - as a 49-er (2/15/1949) with Pluto in mid Leo as noted above I am getting a generational hit, but that is SO overriden by my dear moon at 0.38 Libra being zapped by Saturn and Pluto simultaneously. "I feel myself a cog in something turning...." and really some days I think "this should be harder" - it seems not to be effecting me, and other days I can feel an inner restructuring.

Thanks, as always for your wisdom and depth.


Sue Moon

Hey Warrior Lady-way to go!!!!Positive growth helps us all!
And isn't it nice to see so many new people finding this site! This community is growing and growing, like us all.


Your Highness,

How does one feel if Saturn is transiting his 8th Libran house.....squaring transiting Pluto conjunct his natal chiron in Capricorn 11th house? Anyone can answer who knows if the boss is traveling:):):)

Thanks in advance!


Hi Chickie,
I might be able to give you a few clues to some basic characteristics and then you can mull them over to get a feel for how they apply in your unique situation. It might make sense to read the mythology of Chiron. It will only take a few minutes, and it could help you to understand how to apply his placement in your 11th house of friends, groups and hopes.

Pluto is the power planet of transformation and Saturn is the master of lessons. I think so many of us are fearful of these two squaring off simply because they are both mighty forces to reckon with, and ultimately, many of us would much rather slog along in our old comfortable ways.

Saturn rules hard working Capricorn and the 11th house. Pluto rules the 8th house of finalities and new beginnings. Do you see how there is a complementary handshake within the placements and transits of your chart? I do hope this gives you some tools for your exploration.
Best wishes,


Your K Highness,

Thank you for jumping in here. This is a chart of a person who has deceived me and I was hoping for some returned karma on his part. I do know chiron and pluto....just wondered what happens in the conjunction and squaring off with saturn.....wonder if this person will "give back" what is due to me.

Perhaps he will transform.....and say I'm Sorry."

Many thanks!


Hi Aditya - Every relationship is somewhat of a negotiation. There are harmless and harmful negotiations. Each must see it's in their best interests to agree or disagree with any request coming in from anywhere. Sometimes we don't mind "being used" in certain ways, while other times it would compromise our integrity. And we must always gauge whether granting a request would bring help or harm to another. Perhaps the "old school pal" is just that, a random being cruising through life, and came back into your life briefly so you could be clear about some things. If they were truly a friend, they would have opened up and at least asked why you couldn't/wouldn't grant the request. That's because in true friendship there is trust. Aum and blessings on finding more friends.

Hi Mariana - Welcome to the cosmic pizzeria at the intersection of Fate Street and Freewill Street on Eternity Boulevard! "Feeling confused and dizzy" can be good, since it means the lower ego is disoriented. That means the Higher Self can get you oriented! Saturn in the 11th is a time for re-defining goals, ambitions, friendships, and higher aspirations. Your thinking has deepened, and hopefully you've learned to concentrate on what really matters. Now that it's in Libra, you're restructuring how you do what you do, and why you like what you like. I have no doubt you'll rewrite your address book and by the time you get to the other side of this transit you'll have deeper friendships with people who really care for you and you for them. And yes, we're all in this together.

Hi Sherry - Your security systems are being restructured by the larger transformational field, and you're experiencing your power of self-purification and self-regeneration in more effective ways. Everyone gets the outers square or opposed during their lifetime. These are generational aspects that can bring a lot to the surface while leaving behind the things of youth that no longer are appropriate to the evolving individuality. You also have many favorable aspects, both now and in the future, so don't get lost looking at a half empty glass.

Hi Robyn - Not exactly. Each planet is a blend of two signs. Pluto is the spiritual ruler of Aries and Scorpio. Your line of greatest development is to find a balanced way to view and express your Pluto in Libra energies. Uranus in Scorpio brings intensity and individuation challenges as well. It definitely shows that your 5th house affairs are influenced by two very powerful indicators.

Hi Deborah Allin - Yes, though there's more to write. I just haven't had time since I also have to deal with these grinding forces in my life. You're in a long term stabilizing of your Aquarian planet energies. Mars is stimulating your line of greatest evolutionary development, preparing you for new expressions next Spring. Begin to identify with your more Leonine self. Oppositions bring things to surface, while giving chances to modify course or method.

Hi WarriorLady - Yes, Mars in Leo will definitely give us all more strength to do what we must do on our own terms! I'm already feeling more determined in some ways as it approaches my Asc and Pluto and trines my 9th house Aries Sun and Mars. (Knowing of course that this is the first experience of something that will reverse course, or retrack lessons, before moving forward in the Spring.) Reminds me of the I Ching line about moving forward and backward while practicing warrior skills.

Hi Diane Scholten - Some people are doing quite well despite the outer grind. Obviously you've done some major Lunar work in the past, and now Saturn is helping you "ride easy in the saddle of fate." Pluto waxing square shows emergent larger factors where your Moon can express itself in its matured state. Keep the professional and personal sectors balanced, and I think you'll do just fine.

Hi Sue - This cosmic pizzeria is one of those joints where "you can check out any time you like but you can never leave...." I learned a while ago that people come and people go, some comment for a while and then just read for a while, while others check in and out as they are able. The whole time, the connecting links grow, since people on similar Ray paths are in fact finding each other as we approach the Threshold of the next Era.

Hi chickie - Sorry that we missed each other, but things have been thick and heavy around here due to the overwhelming number of people in crisis all over the map! Saturn in Libra in the 8th teaches balanced detachment and "to possess as though one possesses nothing," as well as structured lessons re: shared resources, while Pluto on Chiron sprouts the seeds of healing into one's Higher Self or creates a cosmic wound. Sometimes karma comes to another and we never know, lest we get caught in schadenfreude. Whether they ever do the right thing or not, learn to spot what needs learning and stick to your integrity without yielding to their agenda, hidden or otherwise.

Hi K - Yes, I agree that understanding Chiron can help us when it is challenged by strong transiting aspects. Good expression: "Pluto is the power planet of transformation and Saturn is the master of lessons." Transit to transit squares work on everyone. In many respects, whatever small or large crises this coincides with, it's a chance for us to get clear about the need for initiative, and action to secure true needs.


No need for apologies, Your Highness....don't know how in the world you take care of so many souls that are suffering at this time!

There are flocks!


Hi Robert,

Your insights are so helpful, and I am so thankful to have found them.

As this aspect (as well as the upcoming Uranus trigger) is currently playing out along my Nodal axis (NN 2 Cancer) and in aspect to my natal Venus (2 Aries), [not to mention forming "easy" aspects to my Sun, Moon and Saturn] I feel as if I am being swept up in something that is firmly beyond my ego's control. I've found that humble surrender and a no-nonsense attitude is the best way to go!

Pluto is firmly ensuring I shed every 10th House South Node ambition, and Saturn is helping my 1st House Venus to mature at an alarming rate. As Saturn has just knocked on the door to my 8th House I can only imagine what this next year will bring. One thing is for sure: my North Node will be working overtime to ensure I evolve, not explode.

Thanks for your writings.

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