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Thank you for this article. I have Pluto at 10 Leo - is this significant?


I learned my lesson from the last Mars-retro and have decided not to take on too many things at once, regardless of the energy I'm receiving. I will not be joining forces with anyone or anything that doesn't make me happy. And I will not be taking judgment from others seriously.

The last time Mars was retrograde, I was doing really well for myself and a couple of asinine people showed up in my life with nasty intentions turned rumors. I almost allowed them to ruin what I had then, but battled the storms until I eventually overcame them. Now I have more to show than I ever thought possible and have never been happier.

But I don't want to go through those rough spots again. They were trying times. So the second my gut starts warning me about someone, I'm going to keep my distance this time! No more Ms. Nice Gal.

Deb in OKC

Just a minute to THANK YOU so much for your wonderful writings, all the information!!! Love! information, so helpful!!! Wishing you and yours a very HAPPY SEASON OF WONDER AND NEWNESS!! PEACE..LOVE..AND LIGHT!
It is easy to "feel" from your writings that you wish the same to all that come here to share.(no reply necessary), just have a Wonderful Holiday!!
Deborah in OKC(oklahoma city)


Your Highness,

Though I have shed my Catholic upbringing, I do own a past studentship at THE IMMACULATA HIGHSCHOOL in Chicago. Tomorrow, December 8,is the "Immaculate Conception,"sharing the marker of our most modern Goddessa.

Being so close to the birthdate of her son, I think it is in order to fill in the blanks, if you will.

According to NEWSWEEK 1997, the "Immaculate Conception 1854: Pope Pius IX, declared Mary preserved from original sin, by virtue of a special grace of God and in view of her being the mother of Christ."

This is terrific information! WHY? She is the mother of Christ. She taught him everything he KNEW. and it's in the DNA that all his-her-story is passed only by the Mother! (which by the way is not mentioned in Newsweek.)

So the fact that we will be celebrating Christ's Bday on Christmas and we never even think about his mother's birthday, we can take a moment to add 9 months to the Immaculate Conception (tomorrow) leading to Mary's birthday on September 8.

Cut to the chase, if you missed her birthday in September, you can lift your glass in her honor of her orignal conception tomorrow!!

Happy Birthday dear Mother Lord!!!


Everything is coming together in such a smooth way.

With DOB on March 29, transiting Mars in my 1st house (conjunct ASC at 14 Leo), transiting Saturn in my 3rd and Pluto in my 5th and natal Jupiter also in my 1st house at 22 Leo, it looks like there will be some extra excitement in the air this festive season.

Also, my 6th house Chiron is at 10 Aquarius. "… the exact time of the Sun opposition Mars from 10 Aquarius to 10 Leo in late January 2010 will shine a great big light on the last Mars conjunct Jupiter in February 2009, also at exactly 10 Aquarius…”.

To top it all up, the Chiron-Jupiter-Neptune trio has been holding house in my 7th.

Hopefully “all’s well that ends well” by the time this chain of events is over.

Thank you Robert for putting the influence of the planets into such understandable words. It all fits like a glove.

Happy Holidays!

Mike Bunn

Hi Robert,
I have my natal sun in Pisces at 29 degrees, and Venus in Aries also at 29 degrees. I see that there's going to be quite a few planets transiting 29 degrees Pisces (Uranus at 29 Pisces in May 2010, Jupiter and Uranus will be conjunct at 29 Pisces in Sept 2010, Uranus at 29 Pisces, February/March 2011), and I would be interested to know what effect the anaretic degree has on people with that same degree in their charts.


Robert and Chickie, I have taken great comfort from your words. Out there on the threshing floor I'm still uncomfortable with my own vulnerability, My own Mother passed on almost forty years ago and I am missing her now like never before. Your words sent me to find this, My love to you and all my friends here for peaceful and joyous Christmas.



thank you for sharing your thoughts with us :)



What a beautiful piece to wake up to at 5am on a Mary Day!!! Thanks to you, I have a feeling it will be a stellar one at that and I will be lighting my white candle this morning in your mother's honor! She is surrounding you with her love! Can't you feel it!?!?!

Ciao Bella!


Hola Robert, and all in the Cantina,

Well Im in the thick of natal Saturn sits at 4 Capricorn-3rd house...which Pluto is
now conjunct...and I have a fixed grand square including 20-23 degrees....
but today I had an idea...(Mercury oppossing Pluto?) Anyone remeber the movie "Pay it Forward"?
I walked into a Coffee shop this morning and paid for my coffee and the person behind me
(anonymously)...telling the clerk to tell him "Someone paid it forward" Happy Holidays...
I was almost out the door when I heard him tell the clerk, he used the turnpike everyday
and he could do the same there. It felt wonderful to do for/give to another..and NOT be
aknowledged for be able to give...and not have expectation of return.

Blessings to all...


Hi Robert,

I've always seen and experienced Mars retrograde as a difficult period, when things really don't seem to advance, and if you try to act on those frustrations and delays it only gets worse. It's amazing you mentioned 10 degrees of Leo/Aqua last February, that was also the degree of the north node at that time! Indeed a very active degree!
I've had my Mars return (13 of Leo) and will have Mars going over that point but retro, before having yet a second Mars return, I'm wondering if that means I'll have to regret some action I've taken during my first Mars return!
I'm a bit concerned though about the momentum killer that you mentioned, hoping it doesn't affect my health.


Stellar indeed - thanks Chickie from my heart


Natal Rx Mars is finding info on Rx Mars interesting. I'm out of the foray for "dynamic change". Guess I'll sit back and watch it happen. For some reason I feel comfortable with that.



I don't understand this sentence: "In another curious "coincidence," the exact time of the Sun opposition Mars from 10 Aquarius to 10 Leo in late January 2010 will shine a great big light on the last Mars conjunct Jupiter in February 2009, also at exactly 10 Aquarius."

(with my ASC on 20 Leo and Venus on 11 Venus, I feel concerned !!)

Thank you Robert !


thanks so much for several insightful and informative articles..and of course, some really clean advice-it really helps. Great to know your there! You are the "Celestial Navagator" brother!
Thanks Heaps!


Hi Gerry - More than can be explained in a comment stream. It's a generational shift primarily affecting those born between 1940-53. Those with anything around 10 Leo or Aquarius will be very affected in late January through Sun opposed Mars on that degree. More to come on that in January.

Hi WarriorLady - Mars rx is a good time to slow down! You may get flashes of insight into other people's subconscious as well. I suspect the past one had to do with karmas triggered by specific aspects revealing internal patterns of response that had to be consciously overridden. Changing those patterns gave you back a power you had forgotten.

Hi Deb in OKC - You're most welcome. You're right in that I truly wish a Happy Christmas and Solstice to you and all the others who visit here.

Hi Chickie - I didn't know that the celebration of the conception of the Mother of St. Issa is the day one of Her messengers was assassinated. What a strange irony. You're right that mainstream media will not ever mention anything that is truly spiritual, except inadvertently.

Hi Aphrodite - I suspect you're going to have a very active 6 months! By June your life will be much different. Could be very much “all’s well that ends well” as a result of this process. Happy everything to you as well.

Hi Mike Bunn - You've been very powerfully impacted through the eclipses of the past few years. No doubt your life has seen a lot of goodbyes, as well as new adventures in the dreamscape. Yes, coming transits will revolutionize your life even more. Rise to your uniqueness and Higher Individuality, and you could be riding the adventure of a lifetime.

Many have a planet or point at the "anaretic" zone meaning either the last two or last degree in their chart. Me too. It has no more or less specific "meaning" or effect than any other degree, except that it marks the zone of fulfillment on whatever level the sign is operating on, and serves as a completion phase before entering the next sign. I would never characterize it as "negative." (Also remember that by progression it leaves the zone fairly quickly unless it's a generational planet, or a planet near one of its stationary points.)

Hi Morvah - Sometimes ancient memories show us the trail of stones in the forest that will take us home. The video was beautiful and really well produced. Thanks for the moment of remembrance.

Hi airsea - Sure. Seems a good way to help us all navigate certain stress zones. When we all benefit, we each benefit.

Hi WHR - Welcome to the purification and elimination of every bit of control-based fear to the extent you want it. Great time for doing away with mental slavery and useless rules. Pay It Forward was a great movie. I read where it's been happening at toll booths on various freeways. Thanks for generating a great form of "altruistic intention." Very good Bodhichitta!

Hi Alix - Well, it's always been as difficult as I was attached to doing whatever the usual ways. It does seem to be a momentum-killer, but there must also be an entirely useful and natural way of dealing with it since it is a recurring part of life's cycles.

Don't know that it will lead to a regretful action, since that's entirely within your control. However, maybe something else will have to occur before you can again pick up the natural momentum, or you'll have to re-do the method somehow.

Hi caliban - Sometimes I suspect "kicking back" may be the best thing to do. Something also springs to mind about not pushing the river.....

Hi Jane - A "co-incidence" describes two or more things happening that are related somehow. I was hinting at the correlations between whatever new Jupiter cycle was set into motion by Mars wherever we have 10 Aquarius will find itself profoundly affected by the coming oppositions. Don't know why you would feel concerned. Mars' station on your Asc is one set of factors. Be ready to say goodbye to a lot (as if you weren't already!) as you open to a new way of doing your Being next Spring. Perhaps the oppositions will show you something of your Venus.

Hi Jean - You're most welcome. Glad you can use this in ways to further your best intentions. We're all in this together.

Mike Bunn

Thanks for that, Robert.


Hi Robert,
Thank you and I totally agree, the problem with having Mars in Leo though is that its expression is very dramatic, very outward/forward focused (of course not as much as if it were in Aries!) but it's a Mars that urgently needs to create and show it off ;) typical!
I'm hoping that having this energy turning inwards will help me contain it and reprocess some of the creative ideas I've been having lately.

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