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Sue Moon

Robert, would you ever consider teaching an astrology course on line starting with the basics? (I realize this is a very evolved classroom already). Also,you have arrived at a level of understanding that is so far beyond any astrologer I have studied, I was wondering if you could explain some of your "formulas" (don't know what else to call them) that you seem to pull out of the air, so to speak. Many of us on this site have studied astrology but I feel like I need to go back to the beginning and re-learn from your teachings. I thought I used to know something but I see that I was wrong. In fact, I'm beginning to feel like a baby again having to learn everything from scratch. Jai Bhagwan Great Teacher


This is great stuff to cut the teeth on Sue Moon. Always more to learn. Seems like years of experience to me. Good sources are hard to find.


That explains so much!! Thanks Robert! And I'd like to add that anyone who does not believe in astrology should have lived my life since Uranus has gone direct. If I had not known about such astrological forces I'm not sure I would have gotten through it. :)

Looking forward to part 2.


Hi Robert,

We'll soon have this partial lunar eclipse on the 31st of December. Most astrologers are saying that it should be bringing a difficult period, especially due to the aspects it will make with Pluto and Saturn, but I am not of the same opinion, the squares are not tight enough. What I think is that it will bring some emotional closures with the past (south node in attendance). What would be your thoughts about this upcomming event?



@ Sue Moon,

I've studied astrology too, I pretty much have a good grasp of what Robert is saying; it just takes a higher elevation of thought because he's so fluent. But for the most part, I dont think we can learn his style..


Alix, I've kinduv looked at the eclipse too since it is within 1 degree of my natal moon. I think it is in relation to the Saturn Pluto thing going on for me. I hope this is not inappropriate. It is just the weird way it works for me sometimes with symbology. After posing the question about the eclipse, it seems I left a whole bunch of clowns go. Faces familiar but not recognizable from my psyche in rapid fashion so that I could not count or remember them. I was using behaviors to push uncomfortable things away. It was a defense for me until I was ready to be able to listen without intercepting pain. I was actually taking pain into my physical body. Such is the life of an empath. How I see this working with Saturn in Libra for me is not trashing humor but opening myself up to creating in tandem with others. It's become kinduv a comedic theatre in daily life. The last local postmaster was genius and taught me how to open it up to include the next person in line. The morning crowd and checkouts at the convenience store can really rock sometimes. Just my personal take. And it ain't here yet, so what do I know?


Hi Sue, caliban, and others - Yes, I've been doing research and preliminary "wrap my head around it" work concerning classes and webinars. A member of our community offered to help and did some research earlier this year (which I appreciate more than I may have communicated!), but it seems that things are flying by fairly fast and so it never got beyond the first steps.

That said, I WILL be offering classes. I'm sure that once they get started it'll become very easy. Right now I'm not sure when I'd have time to prepare the charts that students would need, since I have my own approach and I can't just lift a diagram from somewhere else. I'll have to create them from scratch, and I'm not much of an artist in that regard. We all have our gifts, as well as our deficiencies!;-)

As for my "formulas," they are and they aren't. I have my approach that begins at a point and proceeds from there in a methodical manner, so I am able to teach people an orderly technique to approach any given chart. After a certain point, though, different factors begin to intersect and interact, and that's where each astrologer has to develop their own "art of synthesis." With imagination, mindfulness, and detaching from letting one's wheels grind everything to an over-refined state, the gift comes forth with practice.

I can emphatically state that I can teach ANYONE to give a packed, authoritative 20 minute or more reading to anyone, as long as they get over the stage fright of experiencing speaking with authority on such things. But I have also found across the years that it's usually better not to lumber things up too much since it creates expectations. Most students are better off loving the learning of the craft without the responsibility of being professional, just serving those who come for self-knowledge of their patterns.

Hi Beth - You're welcome. I believe that more would accept astrology if they'd pay attention to the recurring patterns and how the major changes may fit together, and see that there really is "a unified field" whose properties across time can be known.

Hi Alix - The primary effect of eclipses are to eliminate something so we may build for the future. What's so bad about letting go of old lunar things and replacing them with new lunar things? The traditional "doom and gloom" attitudes regarding eclipses is an annoyance, if only because it's not very helpful to see losses in this way. Even when major eclipses (like Leo 1999) change our lives forever, the issue remains what are we going to do about it?

I think the differing distance of aspects bring their own unique quality to the mix. A 2 degree square, trine, opposition, etc. has a slightly different quality from a 4 degree square, trine, or opposition. Perhaps the most important element in analyzing that component of the eclipse is that the lunar oppositions to Venus and Pluto, as well as the square to Saturn, are separating. That ALWAYS shows things in the past, not the future. And this full moon makes a most excellent forming quintile-tredecile to Uranus. I'll compose more articles in the near future.

Hi Amanda - I can only teach elements of my style, as I explained above. Each astrologer finds their unique approach using all they have learned from the teachings. Me too. I learned from Grant Lewi, Dane Rudhyar, Marc Jones, Llewellyn George, Sepharial, Charles Carter, Alan Leo, Carl Payne Tobey, Paul Grell, William Lilly, Nick DeVore, Martin Schulman, and a hundred other worthies, and over decades I've found my own voice.

Hi caliban - It is all a cosmic leela, isn't it? When we overcome the mental trap of aversion, it breeds a certain detachment regarding pain so we can dance with what comes and goes without letting goop stick to us for very long. The less dense we are, the more translucent we become. And life can truly be pretty funny sometimes!


Kinda weaving some threads here together, but while doing some research on current techno trends using green plants I ran across "biomimetics." Seems like the leaves of the lotus are self cleaning. Dirt does not adhere to the leaves, ie no goop. Kohlarabi leaves have the same property? And so do the bodies of some insects. Doctrine of signature is fun stuff.

Sue Moon

Thank you Robert.

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