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Am reading "The Hero Within"...on archtypes...and also found your article on the Duality of Planets
which speaks along the same lines...the negative/positive sides of things....and recently
I have had to "face myself" (or maybe integrate my shadow) within many different expierences.

Saturn is sitting on my NNode in the 12th/ Pluto on my Saturn in the 3rd...those Yods going on this
week....another astrolger told me, Im in double "underworld cycles"..."death/tansformation".

Recently also picked up Elizabeth Springs North Node Astrology....mine being in the 12th house...
and much on Carl Jung and Shadow Integration is "happening"...Im "seeing" the parts of myself
that I have is painful, but I know I must allow, accept then I become
more authentic/whole???/

Can you speak on this sometime??


michele meiche

love this book by carol pearson :-)
as usual robert a great post. so looking forwarding to having you back on Awakenings

Jorge Torres

Thank You Robert Best Wishes !!!


Thank you so much for this...

leslie de vries

You are so kind to share this with us--exceptional work and very useful!

Many thanks, with love and kindness...stay free!


thank you!

cathy cataldo

My experience produced very simple truths.if the relationship feels confusing,and thought aspects don't make sense, it is manipulation which is abuse.see ya!
doc.i worked with years ago said it the best."never marry anyone who has less then you,or who is crazier then you"


Thank you!! I wish I had read this and the previous article years ago

cathy cataldo


Wild Horse Running

....the part about becoming "numb" I have perpectuated...the other night, an abuser hiddenly attacked
me...and I "felt it" and addressed it., although rather forcefully....I didn,t go numb.....I was fired
a couple of weeks ago, and my abuser boss tried to intimidate, "I was awake"... I stood my ground,...
Im noticing them more and more...and finding it easier each time they appear. Hurry up April!!!!


Thank You once again for this wonderful post



Thank you Robert for posting these very helpful articles. They clarify the situations which are not always so apparent.

Big hug.



Hi WHR - I read that book about 20 years ago. I believe it did a lot of good for our world. That said, I don't exactly agree with her 6 (or 12, depending on which source you use) archetypes, since I have found through my experience with astrology a clear set of archetypal functions that I've termed "the 6 masques of humanity." Still, I definitely agree with a lot of what I remember about her work, especially the importance of questing to transmute the lower into the higher.

Pluto is purifying your Saturn of old fears and control issues. Saturn on your NN is great for your long term closure and growth. You'll see it activated in a huge way this July/August. And yes, I suppose I should put something out regarding our quest "from the unreal to the real, from darkness to light, from death to immortality...." Glad you're standing your ground with determination and good will.

Hi michele - We'll be hanging out on February 19 as I recall!

Hi Jorge - You're most welcome.

Hi Shanti - Glad it resonated with you. Spread the word - may no one be abused ever again as soon as possible.

Hi leslie - Well, I've seen and known too much abuse not to share the info so others can spot it pdq. Knowledge frees us from the chains of mental and emotional slavery!

Hi lali - You're most welcome.

Hi cathy - I agree we should not be with anyone crazier than us! As for less, well, that can be interpreted in many ways.

Hi betsy - You're welcome. Glad you got to read them now. Spread the word.

Hi larry - Please tell all you know about how to avoid abuse! Please put a link on your site, since this topic is so very important.

Hi victoria - Yes. I wrote this since so many wonder just how much they're perpetuating the patterns. I figure if we just do a check in on the source of whatever seems to be coming down, we'll figure out whether we need to change our behavior or just leave the scene of the crime.


I sent this article to a woman at D.A.W.N. who taught me and several other people to become certified Domestic Abuse Advocate Counselors. I asked her to
distribute it to the new students as extra foo for thought. Also, thank you for
your reply on the Yod page! Much Peace...Orenda


Spot on, as always. Thank you again!


Hi Orenda - Glad you could pass this on, since abuse and battering are disgustingly pandemic. Anything that helps anyone not tolerate abuse is a good thing! FYI, this and some other things I've written are the basis for a pamphlet I've been requested to put together for a domestic abuse program in the Pacific Northwest. May no one get battered again!!!

Hi stargazer - This is something that truly matters to me, as I know several of my nearest and dearest who have been abused by toads in some very damaging ways.


Thank you for the post. This speaks to me in so many ways, on so many levels. I have finally escaped!
Good bless.

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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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