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Thank you.


Thank you for this article Robert.


I love the audio delivery of this message!
Thank you Robert,for choosing to share in this medium also.
Blessings, Kachina


Quite timely and powerful. In the past 24 hours, I've been able to begin to turn pain around, get closure from someone I wanted closure from, and help a very dear friend through her drama by keeping my heart open. And yes, today I felt/feel connected to All. Amen to your every word and your unique wisdom.
Thank you.....Peace, Orenda


are you looking into my life again robert? you have been speaking my experience to a t rather regularly.
thank you.


WOW!!! Robert that was super kewl!!! hahaha.
I am not a teenager anymore. I just needed to use that word. I like hearing the voice. As, I am so into music and I prefer music that includes the voice in some way even it is used like Sheila Chandra would as a drum sound.

anyway it is timely this piece

many things coming up for me
with the yod hitting my 12th/8th/2nd/5th houses

it is good
remembering is good as long as one can move past it
there is some bitterness but i am trying to move past that too

one thing is i made a new motto for myself

my pain is my gain

there you have it

compassion well i think i need to be much more compassionate and less self absorbed

thanks very much for this audio/slash/article




Thanks for this


Robert thank you! This really helps.

With Mars Retrograde in my 12th, Sun, Jupiter and Venus in my 8th, Saturn in opposition and Pluto in square to my Sun 8 Aries 43 and Mercury 0 Aries 57, it has been sort of rough.

Still need the final push to bring an ending to the end. It is hard to let go, how ever well one knows that is has to be done.

Maybe this article will make the job .

Thank you, be well!


Donna L. Faber

Thank you for the reminder ... D~


Dear Robert,
Thank you for the latest post on the Piscean energies and its possible manifestations in our lives. The sonorous form in which these insights came with helps induce a quiet, meditative pause and deliver the lessons more deeply.

In gratitude for your genersoity,


Thank you Robert. The audio helped maintain concentration and made it a lot quicker to re read the article. (Aries speed thinking much faster than Mercury in Pisces!)

Darwin Davis

This is really beautiful. Thank you.


Thank you for the audio -- I understand what you're saying so much better when I hear them in your voice. Maybe it's your inflection -- but even the technical terms seem to make more sense and feel more compassionate.

If you have time, please do this more often!


Grazie mille Robert.
These words made me feel so much better! The audio was a real bonus: the tone and sound of your voice makes us feel that everything will be okay at the end.


Sue Moon

Silken, soothing words to uplift and heal............good job and thank you!


Dear Robert, I can see that this set off many sparks! Wonderful article, and it sums up much of what you have been teaching. And I enjoyed hearing you speak as well. Thank you! Namaste :)


Many thanks, Your Highness for giving my eyes a break!!!! As of yesterday I'm finally snapping out of the darkness!! This gives the xtra push!


Thank you for the hope you gave me, Robert!

In the middle of a divorce and quitting my job where I was never appreciated it's wonderful to know it's only natural to be doing all this. I feel the urge and finality with these endings as you said.

And thanks to you I could let go of my fear & anxiety and welcome the Divine Mother energy. I wish to send it to everyone reading this!


This piece has been so reassuring and has brought me to a place of inner peace and compassion during a difficult time. It enabled me to perceive that by relinquishing an illusion or unhealthy attachment I am clearing the space for self-realization and healthy attainment. Thanks.


Many thanks, Maria for your share of your Mother energy!

danielle winter

hari aum robert and thank you deeply.
i come to your site for the purity and
wisdom i find in the languages you use..those
of astrology and vedanta - i would go mad with
sadness or confusion without the kinship i feel
when i visit your thoughts - thank you again, jai ma!




Thank you Robert!

I made the "jump", not knowing where this is taking me. It's strange how in the middle of this "not knowing" I can feel centered in my heart...


So feelin like I just landed on planet earth again after a long vacation away . . . is like ah I'm back or am I just visitin for awhile? I know I've been here before, it all seems so familiar.


Piscean energy to a Pisces is usually easy to flow with... Goodbye old... Hello New... Thank you again for the clarity.

Bilyana Petrova

Thank you, Robert! Things are more bearable right now!



Hi all - Glad these words could resonate on many levels. I will try to do more vocals as well as writing in the future. As with everyone, I too am going through changes that I trust will make this site even more accessible to more people. That said, when it rains it pours....

Rien Nasution

My dearest Robert,
what a day for me today...been crying in public the first time between cries from morning till 11pm....just this feeling of sadness with the unappreciative people in my function today. deliberate attempt to sabotage my main function today had taken my patience toll away....just had enough...perhaps its a true sign that i do have to leave Aceh now...

Beth in SoCal

Wonderful, wise words to live by; i am going through this exact passing period having recently decided to place my mom in a home; clearing out her house was very emotional and it was like i was reviewing my own life and all its associative experiences; as a Cancer-5 i am feeling our world changing in huge ways - and i know intuitively we must move on; the passing of our parents is the closing of not only a chapter in our own personal lives, but in our larger culture; the last three years seems to have been a preparation for this period; i welcome it, knowing all that is good always stays with us and that which is/was bad or difficult is part of life's teaching; Selah


What a truly enlightening and brilliant explanation about the mess of deep and superpowerful yet uncertain and out of control or out of any sense situations and feelings from last 3 years, now "revisited" at a calmer soul level as it was an ending passage, a final, all of it difficult to rationalize if not impossible to put in words.
You help me put the pieces together,

Thanks a lot.


Hi all - "Strange days have found us...."

Hi Denise and Alix - You're most welcome.

Hi kachina - I figured this would be a good 5 minute listen. Glad you like it.

Hi Orenda - Closure is a good thing, and this is the time when it's more natural perhaps than other times. The end of the end and the beginning of the beginning.

Hi cheryl - I gather I do that from time to time!;-) I suppose it's just my Jupiter in Pisces tuning into the great ocean.

Hi Micheline - I could start rapping these articles, but it may turn some people off.;-) Maybe I need to turn them into verse (or run my voice through a phase shifter like Jimi on Electric Ladyland.....)

Hi peter - You're welcome.

Hi Aphrodite - Been a little rough here as well, but Mars in the 12th shows both of us that some things are done forever.

Hi Donna - You're most welcome. We all get by with a little help from our friends.

Hi Masero - Always good to be able to meditate before, during, and after we take a swim in the ocean of Divine Mother energy. Glad the voice helps resonate deeply.

Hi Morvah - Well, I guess it's my version of a singalong. And yes, it would keep the mind on track, since the words can be more numbing than stimulating due to the complexity of some of the phrases hitting brain centers that may not be used to such things. Happens to me when I read my own stuff as well...;-)

Hi Darwin Davis - You're welcome. Glad you think it's beautiful.

Hi Annette - Have already begun. Will endeavor to persevere...

Hi alessandra - Glad my voice gives reassurance. Now if only I could command it to be so for all sentient beings for the rest of the era.

Hi Sue Moon - Nice things to say. Thanks.

Hi Valerie - I figured many who have no heard me might like a few minutes of the voice.

Hi chickie - I thought of you and several others who have requested more audio. And so here it is! Glad you're coming out of the darkness into the dawning day.

Hi Maria - You're most welcome. Sorry for the split, but better to acknowledge the truth than flow a dead beast. This seems to be a time of finality for many, me included. Letting go of fear and anxiety is always a very good thing. May we all swim in the vast ocean of Divine Mother energy.

Hi Lee - Glad you realized all those things, since it's going to lead you to a better future. Detachment from unhealthy things opens the space to attract healthier things in the future.

Hi danielle winter - Aum Hari Hari Aum! Glad the Eastern Wisdom I studied (and practiced) for many years yields good vibrations and realizations for the visitors at "this here cosmic cantina." It is human to feel sadness and confusion, but it is our Divine Estate to transmute these into the loving light of pure compassion for us, others, and all sentient Beings. Aum Namah Shivaya! All blessings and honor to the Mother of the World!

Hi WarriorLady - Don't know how to go beyond awesomeness, but I'll certainly "endeavor to persevere..."

Hi Leana - "If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there...." To add something I once wrote many years ago, "the heart is the crystal to success, and loving isn't all that tough..."

Hi caliban - If you want the Twilight Zone, try living in the land I do.

Hi Samuel - Flow really is the secret to moving beyond boundaries into new experiences, isn't it? You're most welcome. Glad my Jupiter in Pisces can communicate that which is beyond words.

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