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Hope there will be replay for us on the other side of the globe. All the best Robert, I can't wait to hear your words :)


I very much enjoyed that conversation, Robert. Thanks.


Wonderful interview! It furthered my prespective on your recent writings on the configurations currently in motion. I can relate to your comments about not allowing FEAR to rule life. This is the one thing I wish I 'remembered' several weeks ago, as it was the catylist which ended a relationship. BUT in that dissolution, a bright light was shown on very old scars and emotional wounds. I have since developed for myself, systems of relaxation, focus and re-framing so that my responses to situations will not be what they have been for years, based on my past. I wrote down a lot of what you said to Michelle, very insightful. I thank you once again for sharing your knowledge and insight. By the way, is this sight named Aquarius Papers because you are an Aquarian like myself? I forget which blogger mentioned waiting for her home to sell. I too have my condo on the market and although not attached to the outcome, am hoping that Jupiter in my 2nd house Pisces will bring a much needed financial miracle.
Peace, Orenda


How convenient to be able to click and listen to you, this evening. I especially liked "people are making no sense at all." It's such a confusion for those who cannot adapt. My key is be a silent observer and learn by others actions. I also appreciated my favorite word "equilibrium." Thank you, for taking the time to verbalize today! Jan
ps-Orenda, our property will sell when the naturally correct people arrive, we just need to practice patience and love where we live (that love is what attracts)


Thank you Robert - loud and clear here in UK. Such a lovely affirmation of all I've been thinking and working on this week.


Hi Robert, How fun to listen to you again on Michelle's radio programme. We are over here in Europe and we enjoy your website. We are Buddhists too, like you... Cosmic play - we've all got to be fearless. Let's hope our leaders of all our Nations wake up soon! I feel like it's dark against the light, and in truth, we're so worried about the young people, as they seem so dumbfounded by this world that we've all created. It'll take a lot of work to make it all right. Thank you again for your help and guidance. Tashi


Robert: Any observations on Quake and Tsunami?


I've just heard your interview and you were so true... as always. Great and hard lessons we're getting these days, months, years...
Thank you and thanks for mentioning all of us, people who learn so much from your words here in this global astrological virtual temple :)


Thank you Jan, Amen to your wisdom as well.:)Seems in the last 48 hours I have been receiving calls from distant acquaintances, announcing parents hospitalized, ill pets & broken relationships on top of all of the news I got from other closer friends last week. Stranger and stranger. Jan..I like the comment you made about being a silent observer. Easier than getting too emotionally attached to everyone else's stuff. My Pisces in Venus I guess has me feeling too deeply for other's troubles. (Or is that why everyone has to tell ME?)Hmmm....


I beat my head against the wall for soooooooooo many years. Your words spoke to my experience,simply, thoroughly, and eloquently. Listening, my head went through the wall. I pulled back, looked at that hole, and lept right on through. Confirmation. Sanity. Peace. Gratitude.


Robert... so fun to have you back on Awakenings Radio...
as always you shared some great info, insight & heart energy.

much peace, light & love from the universal heart :)


so much of what you said was relevant to the times and so insightful.
we had some great feedback on your information.


Great interview, Robert!


Hi all - I believe this was one of the best interviews Michele and I have had, since we got to cover a lot of important spiritual tools to deal with the larger atmospheric tension. It's really great that technology has now evolved so we can hear things wherever we are in the world, and can replay the tracks so we can meditate on what was said in greater depth. Of course, that's the way I do my personal sessions, since there's always a lot to cover which can be pondered after the fact. To me the best thing is that we can all commune in a greater Oneness at the same time, regardless of the time zone differences. And in remembering certain needed practices, we share that with others in countless ways, and are all benefited thereby. If "pleasure shared is pleasure doubled," then "wisdom shared is wisdom exponentially increased."

Orenda, glad you chose to use the experience to overcome fear, which is a useless response but a very dangerous disease. 35 years ago I used to have a newspaper column under the byline of "Aquarius," which I chose since my Moon is in Aquarius AND it seems people are usually inclined favorably to that sign. Also, if we're all "rocking all over the world" into the front edge of the Age of Aquarius, it would seem that what this cosmic cantina and its visitors are about show at least some of the seeds of greater things coming at us like an express train in this Age in Transition. Simply put, this site is about furthering the qualities of the coming Age.

Jan, it seemed important to remind the world that things won't necessarily "make sense," and they don't have to. Everything is about how we respond to what does or does not make sense in our inner and outer reality. Here equilibrium is all important, since when we lose our balance and/or perspective it can be disorienting.

Tashi, I don't know that "leaders" will wake up. The approaching Age is about us working synergistically rather than with "top down" approaches. The young are not stupid, just inexperienced. And they can no more be fooled by lies and evasions than we were! Ultimately we all get chances to wake up, usually through the example of others who show us a greater Way. Once that cat's out of the bag, then we're on our Path to Truth, however it is in us to live that Truth. (Exceptions involve deliberate willful ignorance and adharmic behavior. But even these lead to awareness, however painful and karmically misguided.)

AnneTexas, only that some years back I saw that the Ring of Fire was activated. Welcome to our times...

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