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Hi Robert,
Oh my goodness!
Okay, just breathe K.!
I was just perusing my 2014-2015 Solar Return and just guess what fresh stuff I get to enjoy that year! Everything from the Sun through Saturn will go through another return for me during that time!
How (ab)normal is this? How does one prepare for such a life altering transition?


Thank you, Robert. My Jupiter is at Pisces 4/9th house, trining my natal Neptune/ Scorpio in the 5th. I also have Chiron 7 in Pisces/9th and MC 9 in Pisces/9th. Throughout my life I've always felt this energy very strongly... I interpret it as spiritual, intense, public, painful-awareness-bringing and yet it's also an energy that asks me to remember to be playful, sexual (in a conscious way) and highly creative. Am I on the right track with this?


I sat down to pay my bills, but ended up recording the years of my life on the back of one of the envelopes instead. Looked at the events I marked, interesting, but too much detail. I know, bad virgo. So I marked the six year cycles. Found myself exhaling and inhaling deeply. OMG, I am one with the wave! Not that the dips (excuse my lack of proper physics terminology) were any less eventful, just part of moving to the new or different or next crest(did I get that right).

Came to the conclusion I am spinning around on a hot molten rock that is travelling around the sun. Now what? It's my choice. And the answers have been screaming to be heard for a very long time. (The year sabbatical I started five years ago was not for naught.) I am a worker bee but with that jupiter conjunction, I just can't do it all myself. But I can work with the wave of like minded people moving in the same direction. So says this Jupiter in Virgo. A really excellent and productive meditation.

K, from here, with lots conjuncting opposite to my sun, it just seems like it is all coming together.


Hello Robert,
Thank you very much for the many posts through which I have come to glimpse the possibilities and structures of my life events. Your generosity, insights, feeling for the subject matter is immense and I am grateful for having come to the community you spearhead.

I need your help. I need clarification on how to count Jupiter Return's 12 year cycle. I have been undergoing heavy transformational work regarding work, Self, and relationships and feel that I am at the cusp of where beautiful forms are emerging. Born on February 15, 1958, I have my natal Jupiter in Scorpio. Would 1970, 1982, 1994, and 2006 make the Jupiter years, or if 2010 is the beginning of the next 12 year cycle, then my Jupiter returns would fall on 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010 ... etc. Also seeing the 12 year cycle as 4 quaters helps me structure the hinges across my life experiences more meaningfully. I apprecite any clarification you might bring on this conundrum. Thank you, again, for the great service you have given our world.

divinity is destiny.


Hi K. - What you're asking is way beyond what I can address in a comment stream. I suppose we prepare for such things by dropping fear and resistance, and opening to whatever bridging lessons help prepare us for what is not yet on the horizon.

Hi Siri - Jupiter with Chiron on the MC shows what direction you should be growing into this lifetime. Good healing/teaching powers, as well as phenomenal aptitude for the law and higher awareness of universals in the human condition. Figure out what needs to be nurtured and you'll find your truth.

Hi caliban - I knew some would get a much bigger picture of the waves of their lives by seeing the intricacies of this cycle. Intensity and periodicity are the qualities of all wave forms. The dips are as important as the crests. Glad it gave you a good meditation.

Hi Masero - Glad you made it here. Your Jupiter return falls each time Jupiter moves through Scorpio, esp. when it hits 2 Scorpio where it was at your birth. So you've had Jupiter returns in Nov 69-Sep 70, Nov 81-Aug 82, Nov 93-Jul 94, and Oct 05-Jul 06. These were the times when Jupiter was in early Scorpio. Of course, there are also other cycles set into motion when Jupiter conjuncts the other planets in our chart.


Hello Robert,
I want to thank you for your reponse and guidance on the Jupiter Return question. As I am in the first six months of entering the second quarter of the cycle (assuming the July 2006 Scorpio 2 degrees timing) I am looking forward for the emergence of forms in my "spiritual expansion, great productivity and application of visions" I have been working on for the last 5 to 6 years. Thank you for your insights into the opening of spirits.

divinity is destiny,



Dearest Robert !~
Happy 60th ;)
ThankYou for your InspIrAtIon...DeDicatIon...Being...InToUch with VoltIon...


Hi Robert,
Im in the middle of 3 hits of Jupiter returning to 00Aries Jupiter in my 8th house trine Acs/Nth Node. Is there more of an impact having 3 hits on the return planet, or is it just a milestone?
Cheers jen


Hi Masero and Saffy - Sorry for the delay in answering your comments. Thanks for your kind words, and may you each have the best blessings Jupiter can bring! I do love the quote "divinity is destiny."

Hi Jennifer - Yes, there is a much richer experience when we have two or three passes over a planet. It's a milestone in any case! You got a first look in June. You're getting a second look now. You'll get to move forward based in what you've seen and gotten new perspectives on thanks to the RX. You can learn more by going to the recent article on When Mercury, Venus, and Mars Go Retrograde, What Does It Mean and apply those principles to the areas Jupiter rules.


I hope that this question is not too late, and that I'm not asking too much.

What does that mean, "If you were born during one of these periods, you had a Jupiter return at each subsequent period"?

I was born during one of the periods you list. What does this mean for me? I've recently figured out how to get a *free* natal chart and I see that I also have Jupiter in Pisces, as well.

A really brief explanation would be soooooo welcome!

By the way, I found some of your podcasts on New Awakenings on iTunes. What a treat! Thanks for being almost everywhere I want to be. Thanks for everything you do here, seriously. This has been a true gift to me during this time of my life.


Hi Kelly - It means that whenever you had a Jupiter return, you'll have another on 12 years later, and another 12 years after that, and so forth. For example, I was born with Jupiter in Pisces in 1951. Therefore since my Jupiter is in late Pisces, I had a Jupiter return toward the end of each of these periods: 3/62-4/63, 3/74-3/75, 2/86-3/87, 2/98-2/99, 1-6/10, and 9/10-1/11. Glad to be of service.

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