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Thank you, Robert - this particular article is a gift as my Jupiter return occurs at 7:19 this morning! After a year of serious meditation and working through old karmic issues, I finally found my way Home so to speak, and understand what my true life purpose is. I am truly at peace for the first time in this life, and look forward to what the future holds.


Your Highness and Laura,

My return will be Valentines day. At the moment I'm in over my head with the elderly in the hood that have reached that point they need help while I'm caring for my own mom, who's not quite there and should be having the time of her life in an independent living environment experiencing socialization she never had while my father was alive. They're stubborn, independent yet, scared to death of "falling" and failing.

At the same time I'm surrounded with creative energies emerging, that occurred in the 80's and are returning to find completion through more mature forms that can once and for all transform into income.....very weird to keep all the confusion in order, however am feeling optimistic on the balance beam.....congrats on your return, Laura!

Robert thank you for your endless thoughts of compassion as you guide us through the contrast! You are the "Divine Mama Mia!!"




Interesting, the 12-year Jupiter cycle... I met my husband 12 years ago, and we divorced last year. I'm a Libra, and truly on a course of "total reinvention" right now. Moving to another state at the end of summer to continue my apprenticeship with a shaman. Just breathing deep and trying to stay relaxed and open so I can hear Spirit speak.


Hi Robert!
Thanks for your perfectly lovely articles!! I am a cancer with Jupiter in Pisces. I've always wondered why "endings" are my purpose. I've often felt like a Reaper, or a ghostwalker. Not here nor over there. The tween-time type of gal. Non of this is bad, just very different to others. There's so much more to what I'm saying........
I just watched "Chocolat" (sp?) she, the lead actress must have Jupiter in Pisces too. I felt it was guidance for sure!!!!!
Thank you again for Being here for us!!!!!!!!!
Lots of Luv,


Thank you, Anne for a beautiful sight/site! I will file in bookmarks!


@ Wendy - I just looked at the birth chart for Juliette Binoche... her Jupiter is at 14 Aries... but her Pisces is otherwise packed - with Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Chiron and MC there.

neil b

Thanks for that article--my natal Jupiter is in Pisces as well--and I have been looking forward to this period ( soon Venus will hit Pisces also--my natal position--and I can hardly wait to experience THAT!)

Jupiter Returns are among the most advantageous of all astrological transits. They present opportunities to expand and grow in whatever areas we choose--often we feel magickally catapulted, aided by divine forces (or "good luck"), into areas that fulfill and inspire us. Among other things, Pisces is the sign of dreams, so when Jupiter moves through this sign, we start thinking again about our dreams and what we truly hope and long for in this lifetime--particularly for those of us who were born when Jupiter was placed in Pisces. This is the "wish upon a star" transit. Now is the time to grow and share our dreams on a larger scale. But because Jupiter's expansive nature can blow things out of perspective, the challenge is to transcend self-aggrandizement and fantasy. Now is the time to both receive and disseminate knowledge, spiritual insights, and creativity, and to communicate our visions with others globally in ways that will benefit everyone on the planet.

Many blessings,
Skye Alexander, author of "Planets in Signs" and "Magickal Astrology"

Sue Moon

Hi Robert! Many happy returns! I loved this article and sat down in reverie to all of my Jupiter returns. What an amazing revelation that was. My Jupiter is in Scorpio and I have to tell you that I am so loving this 5th sojourn since 2006, although at the time I didn't see it, it blessed my journey and I am reaping the rewards greatly now. Thank you Jupiter! And thank you Robert, your site has greatly blessed my life too.
Jai Bhagwan Robertji~!


Hi Siri!
Thanks for looking up her chart. But I meant the character she played in the movie. She was moved along by a north wind(symbolic death) and memories of her mother in the form of her ashes. Also driven by ancestors "old ways".
She was driven to heal others(cancerian ways) just by her mere presence and personality. And it seemed that she moved on often when the wind blew.
Things got difficult again and just when she was about to move on in the movie, this is where I imagined in her roll the Jupiter return. She got love and support from friends, creativity blossomed all around, and her Irish friend returned. It just seemed to me or to remind me of the old transforming into a delicious "New". With more love!
I also thought it was interesting the connection to the Mayans. Having 2012 coming. Hopefully things will change into a more loving, supportive and creative time!!



Chocolat and a Valentines return, yummy stuff. Astronomy wise Feb 14, 15, 16 is kinda cool cuz after sunset in the southwest Jupiter Venus and the beautiful slip of a moon will all be visibly hanging out together. Too cool, chickie, awesome! Winds of change. Always liked the wind.


oops, am always forgetting I am in a global cantina. What planets I can see from here are not what everyone sees from there.


Thanks Anne, this is a treat


Hi Laura - I figured many would like to know about the Jupiter return, and this one in particular (for those of us with Jupiter in Pisces!) There is a sense of finality, isn't there?

Hi chickie - May this Valentine's Day Jupiter Return bring in 12 years of love, compassion, and protection. I too have found the elderly to be independent and not happy with their increasingly failing senses and faculties. Perhaps meditation will help those we must deal with during this Pisces period.

Hi AnneTexas - Interesting riddle! Could it actually have been Roger Bacon, or merely Leonardo da Vinci? Wow in any case!

Hi Siri - Many things dance in unison with the 12 year cycle. Saturn in your Sun sign would truly indicate a total reinvention. Breathing and loving and breathing and loving and... is a good discipline when we're in transition.

Hi Wendy - You're welcome. We are Witnesses, walking between the known and the unknown, the immediate and the vast.

Hi neil b - You should be doing quite nicely by April! Much will be fulfilled by December.

Hi Skyealexander - Well, they're only advantageous if we've learned to manifest the best of Jupiter and not the worst! We grow, but in what direction? That's the rub. Don't forget that Jupiter lives by the dictum "easy come, easy go" which can be unsettling if we want some security after the quest! In any case, thanks for checking in.

Hi Sue Moon - I hoped some would take these articles and figure out their 12 year cycles. It is quite a revelation to see how those particular cycles were surfed with their 3 year "seasons." Glad you're getting a larger perspective on how your journey is being blessed! Jupiter in Pisces should be in good form for Jupiter in Scorpio people. And of course, thanks for your blessings.

Hi caliban - Thanks for reminding us that we have a great show in the western skies at sunset, wherever we are! Actually, it doesn't matter where in the world we view it, since it should be visible to all just after sunset.

Hi Morvah - Intriguing piece of work, though I note that none of the discussion offered that the 12-that-are-24 also has correlations with the first v second half of the signs.

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