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I am glad you are here. I hope you live a long and healthy life. Take care and rest would be the right thing to say. Love and best wishes


First of all, Robert, I am so glad your angels stepped in. So glad you are still here and telling us your story. You must have been so shaken. You mention you have Leo Rising, I just wondered how close the almost stationary transiting mars was to it at the point this occured.
Thanks also for sharing that comment from Noacoler with us..I couldn't agree more. As a UK resident I think we have a slightly better system than the USA but sadly, that is being gradually eroded by a sucession of governmenst who seem to have lost the plot and seem to have forgotten that yes, we ALL are going to need looking after at some point in our lives.
Once again, glad you are here, and thanks for this treasure of a site.


Obviously you still have work to do, otherwise those angels would have decided differently. So, thanks to your angels, glad you are here.


Thank you Robert!


What a story, Robert. Millions of Americans think they are completely-covered for all of life's calamities. A great many of us realize we are not. I believe America is gestating into a re-birth where the potential for equal protection may occur. Although the people vs. the corp. will be an uphill battle. I am very sad for your mental pain and realizations, this kind of shite makes my head spin! Mostly I am hugely GRATEFUL for your 12 inches. A friend of mine once told me "life was measured in inches and seconds." Let's please grow very old together!


Wow. So glad you are okay and have more work to do (because I love your work). Very strange - the parallels between the 2 accidents. A wakeup call of some sort...but what are you waking up to? You seem wide awake! Life is really something sometimes.

Excellent post by Noacoler. Can't agree glad your angels stepped in. They are so comforting.


Thank you for your story and glad to hear you are okay. You are not alone. I had a very similar incident happen in 2006. The 17 yr old that hit me had minimal insurance and it was a 2.5 year battle to get a settlement from my insurance after initially denying coverage. Be patient, make sure you get a complete physical soon to make sure you don't have any hidden problems. Hospitals tend to do the minimal "if it's not visibly broken, they declare you fine" however, that is not always the case... I've been reading your blog for a while now and have learned you've been through many trials. Take heart because there is a reason why you are still here. Your articles reach out to people who have gone through similar things and helps us all to realize that we are not alone as we go through our trials of life.


Happy that you are here and sorry to know that you went through all this mess. Wish you to have a long, healthy & peaceful life. Please take care.


Robert, I have been thinking a lot about you these past few days and now I know why. Like everyone else I am so grateful that you are still with us. Please do get a thorough physical soon. Often injuries take days or even weeks to surface after a car crash like this. I think that people who recklessly and carelessly injure others in car crashes like this should be immediately arrested and taken directly to jail. On the health care front I also believe very strongly in a single payer medicare for all system. I can't stand to watch all the shills in Congress bloviate about the evils of "government run health care." My wife had a surgery one year ago. She has been employed for years by a small business, with no health insurance. The total bill for everything was close to $100,000.00. We do not have the best health care in the world by any stretch of the imagination. What we have is corporatism run rampart. It is definitely time for some major changes. BTW- I listened to your interview on Awakenings. It was excellent. Namaste. We all love you.


May the Blessings of Grace be ever with you as has been previously so of Your Experience with us during this current episode of the "Twilight Zone". :)
Pleased to hear you are fairing well in light of your ordeal.
With Love, Respect and Thanks, Kachina


My goodness, Robert, your Guides in the Otherworld are surely looking out for you. May grace and peace continue to be yours in abundance. Namaste!



I'm happy to hear you're alive and well! It's such a shame that modern humanity have come to this conclusion. If you have money your life matters more than those without. We are ALL equal. If there was no monetary system we would care for ALL our brothers and sister in the world. We, he, she, me, ALL matter in the world of ONENESS. This system has created ALL the evils in the world such as poverty, wars, inequality and injustice. Those that believe and support this system have another thing coming. The dawn of a 'New Era' is upon us and this unification will happen through LOVE! LOVE is the Supreme Law of the Universe. If you separate yourself and think you are better than the rest of us, from the whole then good luck. No man is an island. Many hands make light work possible. Selfishness shall be a thing of the past. That's my prediction. We MUST unite in LOVE for the benefit of ALL!

Thank you for letting me express myself in the forum.

LOVE and light to you always,

Lady J ;)


Dear Robert,
I've learned time and again that when something is about to hit us, it will first go for your possessions, something you have will break down. I've had two similar car accidents but of much minor extent, they also BOTH of them happened when Mars was retro at the end of 2005 in Taurus. I find it very hard to deal with when Mars is stationary direct or retro, it seems it just topples everything down.
I'm glad for you that your car has taken the shock, that the armour has fulfilled its function.
Love and blessing to you


Wishing you a speedy recovery, Robert, and I hope the reckless driver has insurance. Yes, the healthcare situation in this country is utterly ridiculous.


Dear Robert;

What a moving and fascinating story. I second the earlier writer who urged you to get another physical just to be sure you're 100 per cent okay. Please bear with me, but I'd like to share my recent experiences with our health care system in Canada, which may leave you all feeling a little wistful. I myself was absolutely astonished, since I've rarely interfaced with the system in my 55 years and am frankly a little averse to Western medical practices. I've just spent the better part of three years caring for ageing parents in London, Ontario, Canada. During that time, my mother was hospitalized twice, in a psychiatric institution, for dementia with psychotic episodes, for a total of about eleven months. Then we placed her in a government regulated nursing home where she now resides permanently. There were also other health issues I won't go into that got treated during this period. During the same time my elderly Dad broke his hip and was hospitalized for three or four months, after which he lived out the rest of his life, another eleven months, in a sort of hospital/nursing home for WWI veterans (where he was treated like a king, with such kindness and dignity). In addition to this there were other brief hospitalizations and medical treatments for him as well as Mom during that period.

So now to get to the PUNCH LINE(sorry!): during the entire time, I can only recall receiving a single invoice, for an additional fee for a private room, the result of our parents inadvertently dropping this benefit from their ''universal'' health care coverage. As well I can assure you the amount of paper work for ALL of the care I have described was minimal and could have been filled out by a grade school student in an hour or two. On top of all this, the care they both received was top notch, timely, efficient, leading edge and humane. It was obviously a very trying time for all of us in the family, but the Ontario (= Canadian) system made it much easier. I can assure you we are none the poorer and we are grateful to live in this wonderful country. It frustrates me when Canadians criticize our own health care system so much, but we are a self-deprecating lot and I guess it's all relative to what you are used to. We set the standard pretty high. Everything Michael Moore said in his movie ''Sicko'' about the Canadian system, and more, is true. Warmest regards to all, Elizabeth

oh my gosh. thank goodness you came to no harm.


Dear Robert, I can't begin to equal all the previous responses. I am so glad you are okay. I had what I call "the big one" in August 1999. Mars was not Rx but was part of a transiting grand cross with the Leo Sun, Uranus, Saturn and natal Pluto which might have spelled fatality. I knew something might happen but went on vacation anyway. Mars was transiting my 9th house of travel. Well... it happened and it felt like some other entity took over the steering wheel. Anyway, my sister and I are alive and well today. But boy, that astrology is really something. Thank heaven and blessings to you!

Phileas Fogg

Glad you are ok.

kathryn davison

Dear Robert;

I am so glad to hear your story and even more glad that you are with "us," and not with the hospital (even MORE healthcare mess), or the morgue.

Thanks for being the bodhisattva, and not the shooting star. : )

blessings, k



I am so, so, so sorry you had to go through that. I've been through 2 really big near-death experiences (practically got run over by an SUV that made an illegal U-turn-- it hit my shoulder and ran over my shoe, it was so close-- and crashed my foot right through a step on a long, long flight of crumbling concrete stairs, nearly tumbling to my death via neck breakage), so I completely understand the nerves. In fact, I can feel 'em, now. Both times, I shook so much and cried. Not fun.

Yep, a Sagi rising just admitted to shaking and crying on a very public train.
You've read right.

I'm so glad you're still here and that you'll be here, healthy and bright, for a long time to come. The Earth so needs spirits like you! Take good care of yourself...


You weren't driving in NJ by any chance, were you? Because NJ has, by far, the worst drivers in all of the US it seems. UGH.


Oh my - I think all denizens of the cantina are RELIEVED you came out of this physically unscathed... may those angels and God continue to protect you...


thank goodness you're all right! This is why driving terrifies me sometimes. I'm so glad you're okay, and that your wife was also, from her eerily similar accident.


Hi Robert & bloggers..
Wow.First, I'm really glad you survived that accident. Second, yes, very strange twist of fate having had the similarities between you & your wife's mishap. You BOTH have Angels, & perhaps because you are "Connected Souls" your lives paralell. Speaking of paralells, does anyone have furhter information about seeing the number 11:11 everywhere all the time? Anyway, I had a T-bone collision with a very young driver in his daddy's pick-up here in Washington state back in '05. His insurance covered my totalled car, amazingly my Angels allowed me escape the wreckage with no more than a sprained wrist. Robert, I relate to your "9 lives" because there are SO many times I shouldn't have made it..including 3 near drownings. Not to mention growing up in NYC during the 70's and 80's. The Universe wants us all here right NOW. Perhaps to share our stories here, so the revelation of the miracle of Life becomes more apparent to each of us.


Haven't posted for ages.
I think 'almost' missing death is a very good thing.
Terrible, but I am reading, strangely sobering too. Twice,you said, with a Mars retro?.You with a Leo Rising, and all that Aries -- if I am remembering correctly. That's a lot of fire.
I recall an article you wrote about "re-runs".It has been less dramatic with me. Same people--different faces.
All seemingly benign; promising good things. All intense. All with fixed Mars squaring my sun.I'd lol if my Mars whacked your sun.
But I have learnt to take evasive action.
Watch yourself--but I know you know what is in the ether.
Dianne (non driver) Oh, for a horse and cart


Hello Robert,

I'm very glad that you are okay! Get some rest and get 'unshaken'


kathy lalonde

For Orenda
read Solara,Star Borne, Doorway of 11:11
also Kyron channeled by Lee Carroll is wonderful
I would also like to suggest to you, to google
about miasms. I think all of this will really open
up your views


Greetings Robert,
I thank God for keeping you intact and in good spirits after the accident. Thank you for sharing your experience and may the infinite intelligence keep you and yours in good hands.

Be well so you may continue the much appreciated fullfilment of your divine destiny.



What doesn't kill you makes you stronger eh? No wonder that broadcast was so good - you were coming from a true state of grace! Now go and rest and give those angels a break - Love and respect,

Sue Moon

Thank God for Angels among us, and you are certainly one yourself! So glad you are still here, dear teacher........Jai Robert!


I am so happy that you are still with us, Robert. May your reflections on these incidents open new doors of perception for you and yours and all of us who read this. Namaste'

Maya Earth Coffee

Hola Robert,

I'm sorry that you had that experience but really glad that you were protected by los Angeles. May you continually be blessed and healed of any physical problems that resulted from the accident.

Paz y amor


Wow Robert, that is intense! Glad you are still here with us, you are loved and needed! Get lots of rest and dip into the ocean of pure awareness (says Dr. Tim). Bask in the Love that surrounds you :-)

Best always,


cathy cataldo

Robert, glad you're still with us, buddy! Healthcare?Yes we should be ashamed, conpared to the rest of the "civilized" world.Working in the trenches I've watched this mess gain ground like a snow ball going down hill,for half my life.Time to turn the page, another direction for me,I'm out and regrouping, better late then never.


Robert, shortly after I read this post, I drove onto the highway. By reading your post I may have avoided a serious accident. Two cars were involved in an accident and one of them was on fire. The car was engulfed in flames and smoke was everywhere. I was able to exit off the highway and take another road. Traffic behind me was coming to a stop.

After I read your post I had a funny feeling and was hesitant about driving, but I had an important appointment. Leaving a few minutes later saved me a lot of trouble and maybe serious injury. But if I had been a few minutes later, I would be sitting on the highway not moving.

When I reached my destination about 30 miles away, I heard several emergency vehicles.

It was a bad day on the highway



Hello Robert, Welcome back from the Zone. We did notice you were gone and we were wondering what happened to you. We agree with you on the Health Care issue the big Insurance Companies have got to go. Hopefully Pluto will wish them out of existence for us. Poor Obama, he has simply got to succeed. WE are so GLAD you are all right. Whew. You've got a lot of teaching yet to do. Here is to a long life for you! xo US


Robert, I wish you a good recuperation from this shock. Be well! Eva


Dear, dear Robert !
Magenta sends you a BIG "HAPPY YOU'RE HERE " HUG !!!!!
Whoa, are things feeling weird. Panicked and paranoid thoughts flying regarding behavior of colleagues and other signs of fear and frustration need serious observation, for sure !

I am VERY glad to see that while the Mars Rx is slowing down and reversing in direct opposition to my ascendent on the day I perform and lecture to begin multi-day guest residency overseas, at least I have Jupiter trine my natal Sun/Saturn conjunction happening at the same time. But talk about everything grinding to a seeming halt in the meantime ! Zowie... BE CAREFUL WITH KNIVES AND TOOLS, ALL ! Not to mention those hulking pieces of metal y'all drive around...


God Bless you Robert and continue to keep you safe. Arms around you and yours in a protective, ethereal hug. Arohanui, Maggie.


Dear Robert,

I also had been thinking about you the last few days and am glad you are ok. You do wonderful work on this website and please take good care.
Love and light,

catherine ann jones

Thank you, Angels! Isn't it amazing how thin a line it can be between life and death. How can then take this gift of life for granted, ever?
love & namaste, catherine

Erin Mullins-Rivera

Thanks to the angels and guides, again. I am sorry that you were in the line of collision. Your presence in the world right now is so great, I am thankful for your life.

Judy Crescenzo

Hello Sir!

I wanted to mention every time I've been rear ended or broadsided by another's mistake on the road, it gave me permission to get the body work I may have been needing the whole time. So, maybe you and your wife are being reworked for your future selves!?

Stranger things have happened in the world of astrology and Mars retrograde.....

Love to you, Judy Crescenzo


Those doing seva/selfless service to others (as you do for so many here..) truly seems to evoke the Grace of God decending as a supreme intervention. The 'ONE' has such compassion for its fragments doing great work.

Does your vedic chart indicate anything with Rahu or Ketu? (north/south nodes). Perhaps a 9 planet puja would be in order, to address any potential malefics, since we are entering into more fiery times. Notice too that silver projectile got bigger in the repetition. Might want to stay away from Amtrak :-) While not hindu myself, I have done a puja or two over the past 10 years & found it helpful.

One practical HERE & NOW note - I would recommend Arnica Montana to release the energy of the impact. I once hit a deer going 70 mph in a 3/4 ton truck & for days had a vibration I couldn't shake. A wise woman told me to try arnica like 3-5 pellets every 15 minutes for a hour or so till the feeling went away - it did.. Homeopathy is amazing. Allopathic medicine is not. Love your energy body back to Being via yoga, pranayama. Those crystal bowl vibration sessions are pretty nice - tune up the ole heart chakra, reset settings to pre-impact. It is the body temple. You ARE loved more than you can ever know...


Hi Robert - All events have purpose and meaning in the greater scheme of things, I'm glad to know you escaped your close encounter relatively unscathed. Its obvious that your tour of duty on this world be not completed, you have still got plenty of work to do for the BOSS.

Cuckoo (cuckoo)
Cuckoo (cuckoo)
Cuckoo (cuckoo)
Cuckoo (cuckoo)

Ten silver spoons coming after me
One life with one dream on repeat.
I´ll escape if I try hard enough
Till King of the Jungle calls my bluff

Oh Lord (Oh Lord)
I have been told (I have been told)
That I must take the unforsaken road (forsaken road)
There´s a fork in the road (road)
I´ll do as I am told
And I don´t know don´t know don´t know don´t don´t
Who-oo-oo-oo-ooo I want to be

Cuckoo (cuckoo)
Cuckoo (cuckoo)
Cuckoo (cuckoo cuckoo)

You say Y-E-S to everything
Will that guarantee you a win?
Do you think you will be good enough
To love others and to be loved?

Oh Lord (Oh Lord)
Now I can see (now I can see)
Recovery will keep on chasing me (forsaken road)
There´s a fork in the road (road)
I´ll do as I am told
And I don´t know don´t know don´t know don´t don´t
Who-oo-oo-oo-ooo I want to be.

We are the spoons nattily mean.
We scoot our way into your dreams
To lock the lives out bloody cold.
I need you down the unforsaken road.


(Unforsaken road)
There´s a fork in the road (road)
I´ll do as I am told
And I don´t know don´t know don´t know don´t don´t
Who-oo-oo-oo-ooo I want to be.


- Marina & The Diamonds



Aloha Robert,

so glad to hear you are safe and sound,,,,although frustrated by the failing health and auto insurance industries. made it...more to experience in these changing times! grateful to have you here.

cheers to life on earth, ~sunny

*p.s. universal healthcare for ALL!!! here here. I use the money that would be spent on insurance for my 6 year-old to buy healthy food...a preventative medicine.


Praise be for chiropractors.


Always fascinates me how someone's crisis elicits a surge of empathetic comments in a blog (that's my Venus/Jupiter in Aquarius speaking). Reminds me of the line spoken by Jeff Bridges in the movie "Starman" - something like "you humans are at your best when experiencing the worse".

Glad you are alive Robert. You provide valuable, heartfelt information from a very human and enlightened position. As this is an astrology column, which angles are at play in your chart pointing to this type of event? Is Mars retrograde aspecting your ascendant; quincunx from Uranus?

Sam Birrell

God Bless Robert. I too am thankful your Angels & Guides were present on that traumatic day.
So many of us depend on you.
I often wonder just what the saying "Only the Good Die Young" I do think you are wonderful and good so in no way cast aspertions, just my Virgo need to understand small details.
Love,Best Wishes
and I pray for your protection.


Wow. That was one close shave (but, as you said, noticing that this Mars retro has brought up many strange repeat patterns). God bless your angels for being around & may they always be. Hope you recover soon & well. God bless you with a peaceful, healthy life & also bless this wonderful site of knowledge & enlightenment. Om Namashivaya


Hi Robert,

Pretty wild my friend, pretty wild. On 10/3/08 @6:30am CT my Libra wife was in a terrifying accident that totaled her car (Libra Sun purchase date of 10/9/05). A teen driver in an SUV cut left in front of her as my wife was going straight through a green light. No injuries, other than my wife's 48 hrs of whiplash. And I did indeed have her checked out. No witnesses, no citations. Naturally, the event had us both in a serious state of WTH? for weeks.

Our car insurance settled with us quickly. Like within a week! A check for almost 5k. The car was deemed a total loss and we had the "actual cash value" coverage. The miles were low and the value was "still" up. This ended up being a Godsend for the economic collapse that was happening at the same time (fall '08). We had money in the bank. But! We needed to get another car. My wife's retail career (present gig 9/28/05 "Libra") pretty much demands that flexibility.

So there we were, off to buy a new vehicle when most things pertaining to "credit" were about to change for all of us! And the auto industry was about to take a hit they'd never taken before. Well, somewhere along the line we realized that we were due money from the GAP insurance that we had on the totaled vehicle. Sure enough, the "dealer" set us up with several hundred more dollars.

And if you, or perhaps anyone else reading this winces or doesn't understand GAP insurance. RECONSIDER! NOW, more than ever! Our car insurance also covered the out of pocket for my wife's "clinic" visit. Not sure how we would have faired if it had been ER. My wife does however have decent health insurance for both of us. But sure, copays, ded & coinsurance apply.

So, it sounds like old Stevo and his wife have good auto insurance. Well........maybe, maybe not. Our insurance requested a subrogation proceeding last year (Sun in Libra). We got word at the recent "moon in Libra" that they lost! THEY LOST ROBERT!!! I can't believe it....... Can you say grand irrationality?........

If you wish to use any of this for astrological research my wife's dob is 10/21/58 (tob unknown) and mine is 10/29/68 10:44 ET. The most amusing thing about this accident is that the police report revealed the teen driver's dob as my wife's Mars in Gem. For me, it was all about Uranus.

Take care my friend! And find a practical outlet for the "anger" associated with the trauma. Let it out. Sometimes we're meant to be mad...


I was shocked and am sorry to hear of your accident- you are loved by so many of us - we are your angels watching over you. The world would just not be the same without you - you are much more than an Astrologer - and really what site would I go to to find intelligent information on astrology.
LL to you always!


What a terrible experience. I'm so glad you are ok. Now that you and your wife have taken your turns at this scenario, hopefully it has played itself out and is done. Basta!


WHOA, Robert!!! Decided to check in, and caught up on this! I, along with many, many others, are so very glad you turned out ok! Reading about your and your wife's parallels...shivers galore...
I'll save my personal rant on selfish "people", such as one who caused the accidents, and won't bore you with it. Safe to say, I view them in the same light as those who just *have* to talk on their phones while driving...never mind that they could easily kill someone's parent, sister, brother, offspring, etc.
I'm glad your Angels were on the lookout that day! Sending you Blessings at any rate, although sorry they're late!

wild horse running


Love, light and Blessings/ the near miss of one of your 9 lives.

Crisis, and concious awareness...and the events that "happen to us"
to help us "see/awaken"

Thank you for sharing your story...


Grazie a Dio that you're OK !!!
Take very good care of yourself Robert,



Angels on duty...commissioning more angels for you, Robert! :)

Almost everyone seems to be having this, guess this has something to do with Mars almost stationary direct at Leo 1: A man is under emotional stress, blood rushes to his head.


Hi all - Thanks so much for all the very kind words of support and encouragement. Yes, I suppose my interview with Michele on Awakenings was "cut loose" by the experience. Even though I strive always to be walking in the Light, sometimes the boundaries fall and interesting things get said! For those of you who didn't get to hear the interview, please take the time to listen via her archives. I believe it was more spiritually oriented, which is critical for what we're all going through these next few months.

I've noted for years that it's remarkable how so many in the cities are in such a hurry to get nowhere important and take chances that could kill them and others. I still don't have the police report, but will note one important thing about when it happened. Pluto was EXACTLY setting at the impact, with 5 Cancer rising, which students of the Sabian Symbols know is "an automobile wrecked by a train." We also are told it's a degree of "curbed recklessness." Trains are ruled by Pluto, and I have Pluto rising. I believe the other driver was reckless in the extreme, and so perhaps I "curbed his recklessness" so he didn't kill someone by his stupid risk taking. And on another note, our friend the I Ching has a line where we are told we can be "enriched through unfortunate events." This wreck totaled my truck, but because of it I will be getting the truck I originally wanted 2 years ago but couldn't afford. A strange twist to a bizarre experience.....


Hi Robert, glad those invisible helpers were there for you again! This health care issue is major worldwide here in Australia we have a mess of a system money no brother recently died because of it
so am feeling like noacoler when people say get over it or how long has it been now...heartless....we dont need to hear that...and it happens to soooo many people. I work as a support carer for the elderly,ill and disabled and it saddens me everyday that if you are not rich you just get a few crumbs thrown at you it is sick.Capitalism has failed miserably in all areas of our world thats for sure. Change will come but we all must speak out and stand up for the disadvantaged and for our childrens future. Blessings to all and thanks Robert for this wonderful place to find some like minded individuals it all helps. giverny

J. Sue Gagliardi

Dear Robert,
I'm so glad you're ok from that awful accident. Thank goodness for our angels on duty; yours must love you very much to take such good care of you.
Many blessings,


Dear Robert,

So glad to hear you came through that terrible car crash OK.
And thanks also to you & Noacoler for that posting. You always seem to find the most brilliant pieces written by other to add to your great website.

Lokha, Samasta Sukino, Bhavantu
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti-e

May you & all beings, in all worlds be blessed with freedom, health and happiness
Om, we invoke the Divine Primordial Source Energy to infuse us with
Peace in all bodies, Peace in all minds, Peace in all souls.
Selah/so be it!


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