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Robert, when you say venus square pluto. Do you mean whenever venus transits a square to pluto? Or what sign is venus in when it squares pluto?

This is so interesting. Pisces co habits my 7th house and rules my 8th house.

Thanks again!!!


Hi Robert,

I'm curious about this stationary point being almost where last July total Solar Eclipse happened (30º Cancer).
I think changes portrayed there will erupt now after the retrograde redoing and reworking on that big least being my Natal Sun at the Eclipse Point, the time is nailed for changes being activated with this Mars, and they certainly are.


Sorry, Robert, I have another question. My jupiter is in taurus but retrograde in my 10th house right. And it is at 16 d taurus(and conjuncts my natal mc at 12 d taurus!) will that particular configuration of the venus square pluto affect this point as well. Also, does it not have the opposite affect when jupiter goes retro and your own jupiter is retro?

That is something I read a few times.


The Mars-ruled natives in the Cantina (and I hope including the proprietor!) are doing back-flips, charging ahead and flying high like the ambitious rams and eagles that we are.

This is a most appropriate Sabian for the Sun - and in NY, it was conjunct the MC at the time you specified - as a coda to the end of the Year of the Earth Ox and slogging through a momentum-killing Mars Rx period.


From the heart now, JOY!!!!!


Whoops! Mustn't run before we can walk...


>when you say venus square pluto. Do you mean whenever venus transits a square to pluto? Or what sign is venus in when it squares pluto?

Venus in Aries now squares Pluto in Capricorn. Come, July 23rd, Jupiter, beginning its retrograde conjoin Uranus, occupies the same degree where Venus is now positioned. This will be a very intense period, as Jupiter/Uranus square Pluto/Moon in Capricorn, and oppose Saturn in Libra. This is referred to as the Cardinal Climax.


Life is good. :)
Thank you Robert, many blessings!

Sue Moon

A beautiful, glossy black stallion race horse is about to be loosed..............n. Mars 9 Leo, Pluto 14 Leo, Saturn 20 the 7th! I truly feel as if I am about to enter the race of my life and that image of a racehorse with nostrils flared and so on, is champing at the bit! Tally is so good!


I'm gonna stay tuned in and very aware of that cardinal T-square, affecting my Moon at 19 Scorpio (LOL, I've heard it called the "devil's degree") and my Venus at 20 Scorpio.

Lizzie Vee

I really hope so, because I started having an extesion built in October and in mid-December my builder ran off with my money and the project has been stuck ever since, with my garden wrecked, bathroom draughty and in a mess and my kitchen half-boxed-up! I have Jupiter at 0 Aries and look forward to my Jupiter return, to see the Saturn Pluto square move off my Chiron at 2 Capricorn and Saturn at 26 Virgo. Phew!


Hi all - Got a few minutes so figured I'd chime in.

Hi Micheline - What Joseph said. AND! Yes to what you said. The effect will be triggered every time a planet moves through the Cardinal zones that conjunct, square, or oppose the positions of Venus, Saturn, and Pluto in this chart. As Joseph reminded us, these will be set off by Jupiter this Summer. Along with Pluto sitting in the Cardinal zone for months to come, and Saturn this Summer, featuring Mars exactly conjunct Saturn at 1 Libra, expect things to heat up for many months to come.

Your Jupiter is sesquisquared by Pluto at 1 Cap and Saturn at 1 Libra, and semisquared by Venus at 1 Aries. Therefore as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all dance back and forth, your Jupiter will indeed be stimulated. Saturn's station in May will sesquisquare your Moon from 27 Virgo just about the same time that Jupiter semisquares your Moon from 27 Pisces, expanding the lessons awakened by Uranus up to now. Those with RX planets tend to be "more familiar" with the workings of transiting planets also RX. Not necessarily more adept, or functional, or whatever. Just more "in tune" with the general sense of that planet in RX speed.

Hi Henry - You're on to something very important. Even though it's out of sign, the fact that Mars is so close to that Eclipse point definitely activates the energies, but with a Leo "eruptive" flair rather than the usually hesitant Cancer expression. It is that remarkable zone that blends where one sign ends and another begins. One degree is immediately followed by the next degree, but it's a transition between different elements and modalities of expression. As an aside, our old friend the I Ching notes that Fire + Water = Steam. Steam can obscure and even scald, but also when contained can reliably move tons of metal carrying many things to distant regions. It all depends on how we utilize those unstable elements. Congrats on more creative fulfillment on the way!

Hi Matt - Yes! I'm very happy that I've seen and done what I had to since December. I suspect the 1 Leo station tredecile my Sun will set some play and creative fun into motion. I suspect what's coming will come fairly quickly, and bring a great joy.

Hi Morvah - How 'bout if we skip! Even do a few cartwheels or headstands (for the yogis and yoginis in the audience....);-) At least when we "do it with feeling," it'll probably be the real deal!

Hi Joseph - Thanks for the explanation to Micheline. Mars conjunct Saturn will initiate new archetypes that Jupiter will expand come next January. And the beat goes on and on and on....

Hi kachina - I believe we've hit a sea change that will throw many into the good, playful, and fun! Definitely many blessings to everyone!

Hi Sue Moon - Great imagery! It all accelerates from here, allowing us each to express our natural spontaneous heart energies. You will no doubt find entirely new elements of your Leo heart nature as Mars rolls across your stellium. I'm sure there will be manifestations of Dharma in May. And just wait until Saturn sextiles and then quintiles your Leo planets....

Hi Siri - You also have Jupiter benevolently positioned, so definitely go with the larger compassionate flow that will envelop your Moon and Venus for months to come. They grew productively thanks to Saturn in Virgo, and this Spring will come to the final "decision" when Saturn septiles both of them.

Hi Lizzie Vee - It would certainly seem that if something got put on hold in December it would be associated with Mars! And now it will move forward. Slowly at first, picking up speed as the weeks roll on. Your Jupiter return will awaken your individuality as you've never known before. Expect to enter a new world that will grow quickly in 2011. As for Saturn "moving on," well, don't expect it to entirely go away as a long lasting influence, given that it will go SD on both our Saturns in May. That becomes a hot spot activating new duties, responsibilities, and purposes for the long haul for both of us every time it's triggered by the other planets (including numerous Jupiter oppositions bringing many good realizations!)


Robert, thanks should i just hide now or take a bow!!! lots of laughs

oh boy it has been a ride already


thanks for the commentary

i really appreciate and thanks Joseph for enlightening me

well either i get on the horse ride as far away from humanity as i can or just sit there on that big horse and wait to see what happens

ya i do feel like running away really i do!!!
mars has been in my 12th house for a while
can not wait till it gets the hell out of there though but wait till it hits my ac yahoooo

going to go of and put on my cowboy boots now
not sure maybe they are just riding boots

Meg Gentes

Your analyses have become indispensable during these tough aspects. Many thanks. I try to keep up with the Grand Irrationality hot points for myself and in general to help navigate the currents. My situation: Mars has gone direct right in my Grand Trine of 2 degrees Leo Saturn, 2 Sag moon, and 28 Pisces Mars/26 Scorpio Jup. (Sun 18 Aries, Asc 8 Cap. 11 Pisces Venus, 21 Pisces Merc.) I feel like I am cut loose from my previous life and wonder if a whole new set of responsibilities and options are coming along. I love new things as an Aries/Sag but I feel up to my eyeballs, esp. in terms of close relationships! How does this stationary direct involving my sun and asc. rulers impact a Grand Trine?



Thanks, Robert. Yes, I feel a certain load lifting away (if that makes any sense).

Bruce Kaiser

Hi Robert,
Would you write sometime on the mutual reception and semi sextile aspect between Neptune 27 Aquarius and Neptune 26 Pisces. I certainly think it's amping up the evolution of our spiritual awareness. Thanks as always for your great insights.


Ah, the inescapable power of Astrology.

The job opportunity my partner was being offered back in late-October in Zurich, Switzerland, has been on a mystifying "hold" since mid-November. It wasn't a "no", per se, as much as it was, in their words (as of last week), a "we have to put some things in place before we bring you over"-type of deal.

In retrospect, it is -- was? -- a very Mars Retrograde-like situation.

Now with Mars moving Direct and our own personal Solar Returns and Natal charts waking up, I anticipate this situation will FINALLY move forward again in some very noticeable ways later this month and throughout April and May.

It's also interesting that the "no, not yet" decision took place the day of the last Sun/Mercury Superior Conjunction on November 5th. Now one wonders how this situation may move forward with the next Superior Conjunction (at 24 Pisces, I believe) in a few days.

I suspect at the end of it all it'll be a bit like getting shot out of a slingshot. Should be interesting. :^)

Dirk Anton

Judging by the number of comments to this posting, this retrograde period surely was something special. Never before have I (Su/Mo/Jp in Leo in 8) so eagerly awaited the SD point of a planet! It seems that more and more people are feeling the planets influence. The sensation of things being frozen, was clear for even the biggest sceptic!

It's time for the big transformation. Don't invest in repairing the old, just start anew. Let's get it rolling...

Robert, many thanks for your insights. Truly the light at the end of the tunnel in dark days/nights.


Duse - found your slingshot metaphor very apt. The one I found myself using the other day was hitting the power button on the video game giving you super powers. Managed in last day and a half to do more productive work than in months collectively. Yikes!

Sue Moon

Duse........I have been telling my clients the slingshot analysis for weeks! Love it! And so we go!
What a great commentary stream on this. Thank you so much Robert. Reading this site every morning helps me line up my day with deeper understanding and compassion for us all.

Sue Moon

One more thing.....On March 19-21 I will be in a 3 day intensive in Denver through Insight Seminars for their "The Awakening Heart Seminar".
How perfect for a Leo Heart! I've had dreams of dying (to the old me of course)after this very intense seminar. Just "rushing" with these energies.

Dirk Anton

An analogy came to mind regarding Mars retrograde: Diving board. It's like the downward movement on a diving board. You're going downward, losing speed (but building momentum) and standing still at its lowest point and then.....woosshhh you're being propelled in the air and into the water.

That we all may be propelled towards events for our greater good.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Hey Ho... Let's Go!



Hi Micheline - Since we can run but not hide, we may as well take the occasional bow. Yes, Mars in my 12th has been strange, almost like a curious form of house arrest. But now that it's moving forward I'm able to get more done quickly than for many months.

Hi Meg Gentes - You're most welcome. Mars is now initiating a new two year set of responsibilities, duties, and renewed purpose. It went stationary biseptile your Sun, so expect some dramatic developments concerning home, desires, others' values, and other things ruled by the planets involved. Trines are usually stabilizing and productive of understanding. Just remember that Saturn is about to help you finish up some old Mercury-Mars issues.

Hi WarriorLady - Moving forward nicely by now, I assume....

Hi Bruce Kaiser - I did exactly that soon after you posted this comment. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi duse - I would think there's some momentum by now, with more to come. Definitely feels like a slingshot at times!

Hi Dirk - Yes, it seems that this Mars RX impacted people in some dramatic ways. Good analogy of the diving board. Definitely feel like I'm up in the air ready to dive deeper than I have for awhile. You should already be accelerating on your way! And you're most welcome. Glad to shine a light....

Hi BritLitChik - Same things are happening for me. Sometimes the swirl gets very intense!

Hi Sue Moon - I also feel like I've been launched from a slingshot the past week! Still trying to find compassion for some people, though. Hope you're enjoying the seminar this weekend....

Hi A59 - It's getting stronger every day. Things are in motion, people are positioning, and the process is again moving forward.


There has been some mention of rx feeling normal to those who have the rx-ing planet rx in the natal chart. Considered this. And yeah I really did well with mars rx. That was until it transited over my natal Uranus.

I should not have been surprised since Uranus spent a very long time or so it seemed running back and forth over my natal rx Mars in Pisces in the recent past. Glued to the ceiling was disquieting to say the least. I just wasn't getting it. Got it now. It's a whole new ball game.

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