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Jorge Torres

Thank You Robert i will be There to listen to all this Great Info !!!!!!!!!!

Best Wishes !!!!!!


Robert -

Caught your show with Lois this morning and I have to say that of the few I've heard so far, THIS ONE was the best. You just knocked it out of the ball park today. I was very impressed (and moved) by your clear and focused analysis.


Your Highness,

A most inspiring way of SEEING......that it might actually be possible to create relief while working through the contrast!

Thanks for such great timing!



I wondered why you brought up the topic of abuse and abusive relationships in the last half of the program.

Is, was the topic part of a potential and possible outcome of the ongoing pattern of irrationality at play?

Thank you.


Excellent show and broadcast by the way!


Hi Robert, great show and thanks so much for the great information. You are telling me we are in such weird times and you know what everyone I know is commenting on this and it is showing up in everyone's life.


Hi Jorge - Thanks. Glad you could make it. Best to you as well.

Hi Aquarius40 - Thanks for your encouraging words. Some interviews go well, others go even better. I do swing for the fences, since we never know if/when we'll pass this way again.

Hi chickie - Ah, my favorite earthquake Queen! ;-) Gotta love it when the Earth rocks and rolls! As a result of all the merda in my own life, I've learned that my own relief begins and ends with me. After all, no one else can provide me with the experience I need to navigate the eternal changes. Of course, I can only share what I know.

Hi Victoria - It was because Lois specifically asked me about it. She wanted to cover some subjects I've done articles on, and being a counselor, I suspect some of her clients also been dealing with those issues. In fact, with the squares and oppositions going on, I suspect we ALL are/have been dealing with those things. I've been coming to sad closure with someone who was once a close friend who has become a pathological liar and victim of her abusive mate but won't admit it. It probably universally true that when things are pretty crazy and people lose their frame of reference, there is more likelihood that they'll revert to irrational patterns, and abusing/being abused in its physical, emotional, and mental forms is pretty irrational.

Hi Micheline - That's why I termed it "The Grand Irrationality." While it may be working out in individual lives, it's truly on a "grand" scale. Humanity is at a major turning point, and one of the factors is how much we are in line with our integrity, and how willing are we to contribute to the greater good however we can despite the very jagged edged weirdness.


Hi there Robert and fellow bloggers! :-)
Wow, I just had a chance to listen to this interview. I have to say I'm a transplanted New Yorker in Seattle so I love hearing Robert's east coast accent! Anyway, VERY insightful and I took my usual notes!

Robert there is a phrase you used a few times during the talk that
STRUCK AN INNER CHORD with me!! You said "electromagnetic rememberance".

I'm one of thousands of people world-wide who have begun in recent years to see a series of numeric codes unexpectedly over and over again in different places, like clocks, license plates, signs etc. I thought I was going nuts because it began 15 years ago and has in the last 2 years gone from happening once a week to almost a few times a day! The 11:11 Phenomena has become more prevailant & discussed (at least I'm finding sites on line about it).

But I'd love to know what YOUR take on this is. Do you think it's a code? I have a friend who is also experiencing this & we've been theorizing whether they're Angels, or if seeing numbers is a type of language? She sees 11:11 a lot. I see 11:11, 215, 911,711, 808 and 1010. There are also various sequences of those numerals containing 11. (117, 1191) I sometimes feel when I suddenly walk up to a clock (even in a stranger's house I'm cleaning) & see one of these numbers that it means "I'm right where I'm supposed to be right now in this point of space/time." It just seems as if the frequency of something that should be labeled a "coincidence" is happening WAY more often than is logical. Sometimes I'll hear the same phrase or song or see the same image 3 times in one day in different places. AM I LIVING ON THE EDGE A STUTTER? Also why does this happen to some people and not others? Any input here would be fantastic... from anyone actually!

I hope everyone is doing well!
Happy New Aries Moon on Tuesday!
Big Loves, Orenda


Dear Robert,. Just got round to listening to your broadcast - (it's hectic here with the sun suddenly making an unfamiliar appearance!) Thank you for your clarity and inspiration. The centrifuge has just completely unexpectedly flung us away from a 10 year working and social relationship that worked very well until recently - didn't see it coming at all.
Orenda - Yes! I pass a clock on my night time treks to the bathroom, for at least a couple of months now I have noticed 1.23, 2.34, 4.56 or 4.44. 5.55 etc. I assumed that I had become more pattern-orientated as a kind of OCD associated with the Cardinal square which is hitting me hard, but maybe it is something else - you're not the first person to mention this. Robert, do you have a take on this? I'm intrigued now!


Hi Morvah,
Thank you, sounds like you're starting to experience this too! I'll say's going to continue. This started for me so many years ago the same way. I'd wake up at exactly 2:15 AM for no reason. Then I'd start taking breaks at exactly 2:15 PM from whatever I was doing, without knowing what time it was prior to stopping. It was like an "induction" number, and still feels "Supreme" when I see it. As far back as 2004 I started noticing the time (or wondering what time it was) at EXACTLY 7:11 am/pm. Or I'd randomly flip my cell open to see it was 7:11 or 9:11. Even now, I'll drive onto the street & the FIRST car I wind up behind is one with the number 711 or 911 in the plate number, or 808. I met someone a few years ago who lives in house number 11711. Here's a happens where-ever you are. I went home to NYC last year & had to rent a hotel at the last minute when I got into downtown. I thought I'd have no luck since I hadn't time to reserve a room. They gave me room #711, I kid you not, have a photo as proof. YES! I take photographs of each incident now, as I'm comfortably able. Morvah, you may find this occurring more & more often... now that it has happened at all. I feel as if it MEANS something. The Earth & it's energies are changing..(oh my- the earthquakes, almost one a month somewhere lately). Perhaps we who experience this "number code" thing are tied into something bigger than we even have the capacity to fathom!
Thanks so much for responding! I'm anticipating Robert's take on this too!
Big Peaces!


OK, SEE how strange this is??? Without thought I posted the above, then wanted to seehow long it took me to write/edit. LOOK WHAT TIME is stamped on the post!
curiouser, and curiouser. I seriously did NOT plan that folks!!

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