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Wow, an excellent post!

It's also very topical, given our current state of discourse.

Lately, I've been dealing with someone who likes to misrepresents my actions or analogize me to others in his life. Taking advice that has been informed in part by this blog, I try to ground myself in additional mitigating factors that are relevant and that deserve recognition.

When I assert a larger picture, it is sometimes accepted and helpful. Other times, I was wrong to think what I was saying was relevant. Still other times, it is dismissed with "it doesn't matter, I *feel* such-and-such...". It is telling when I offer to shelve the issue (multiple times) so we can enjoy each others company, but the other person is too attached to the conflict or to their own bad feelings. Instead there is only brooding or still more false accusations

A perpetual emotion machine comes to mind.

Jorge Torres

Thank You Robert I wil take care of It !!!

Some people use This tactics i have seen similar tactics in some Goverments, people that use other people, etc.



I have been taking lessons for academic discussion lately. And I have found real weakness in my thinking (talent?), which really make a life sometimes harder.

I have difficulties to distinquising Value vrs. Reality assumtions. Usually the healty argument is based on these two things, but it would be easier when you know which one the argument is. Nice that you have founded same in this current time...


Amazing Robert! were you in a close relationship with a libra? how did it work out? can it work out?....being a very sensitive libran I have been in an ongoing negotiation of intimate nature with a very fiery aries. It has been zigzagging due to outside factors but I feel we have succumbed to hoodwinking each other into giving certain reactions instead of being straight a bit like described in here.At my most doubtful and fearful, it could have escalated into abuse and control/berayal and secrecy. By some miracle or perhaps just common sense and logic the higher road now seems to prevail and an earnest attempt at togetherness looks like the prize to reach for.....
Libra/Aries can it work, it may not be a quiet life eh!?!

Sunny spring love

cathy cataldo



This is a good series for me at this time. My side bar situation just has to play itself out I guess. And yeah lots of Aries/Libra involved.

cathy cataldo

It's alright ma (i'm only bleeding)
made me take a good deep breathe:)


Yes, an insightful post indeed!

Thank you for sharing it.


This is a very intersting and insightful post. And I agree that fallacy-filled conclusions drawn do occasionally take the form of abusive behavior. My curiousity comes from Libran balance here - two sides to every story, and the stick in the middle can be very long. Extremities give balance, but extremities also are born from fears, aren't they? When might humanity learn to find its balance, not drawn from fear, but from sound, logical discussion and conclusion?

I'm not trying to sound stupid here, just trying to imagine what 'thing' or series of 'things' humanity will have to endure to really wake us up so that we might actually find peace, balance and life free from fear.

"All you need is love, love..."


Robert, Wow! I saved this till after the holiday knowing it would be special. Yes, bells ringing, lights flashing. Thank you for saying this with your usual enviable clarity - it is, I believe currently rife and part of the prevalent head in the sand mentality.
How do you balance this kind of self created logic without creating more conflict? When do you give up?
I have been ranting away on other blogs from the heart of the Cardinal T and this is absolutely one of the main causes of grief. I am watching people close to me doing this to each other to the detriment of all and it is driving me up the wall! I am clearly not being detached enough but Uranus is about to trine my Asc so working on it. The Cornish Spring is blessing us with beauty so sea breezes and the warm coconut smell of gorse to you.


Wow - serendipity? synchronicity? Explains insightfully something that happened between me and my mum end of last weeek which I've been trying to process all weekend. Thank you.


Awesome, Robert! I've been just as outraged by this insanity and sometimes willful loss of divine descernment. And, how it's been wittled down into an illusion of duality, or cause and effect-- either one can be rationalized into infinity. I have to say, I'm definately one of those libras not afraid to open my throat chakra and speak TRUTH. I'm no longer worried as to the results of whether or not someone "gets it", as I am committed to maintaining my own sense of divine intgerity. Truth, first spoken, then practiced is the best form of resistance as far as I'm concerned. Thank You for letting me know there's more of us out there who are resisting! Namaste.


Have been thinking about this article alot lately. Some strange blips have been crossing my screen. It's almost like a subdued backlash to the empowering non violent revolution that is unfolding.

It would be for example: like a political party that equates themselves with God. Then the political party uses alot of negative words in their speeches to give the impression that everything is terrible and we are all gonna die. So being equated with God, that political party is the only way to save us all.

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