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I'm hoping Saturn biquinitle will show unique opportunities in my Mercury-ruled sectors as related to my Saturn-ruled ones; that my Venus is at one of the voids in this 5-pointed star (quintile Mercury biquintile Saturn) further indicates (I hope) the benefic experiences to manifest.


Layman terms please of what all this above means??? Perhaps not in literate translation.. maybe in condensed form of a sentence or two in one or two paragraph each???

or is this to apply on individual astrology chart?


Dear Robert,

Thanks for reposting the timely info we need now! This is a great help. I always try to but often forget to go back and check the older articles for stuff happening now...


YAY. Quit a lousy job with a meanie of a boss. Still have another few gigs, though ;). We just moved back into our place and we're planning to garden and purchase a couple of long-term house plants. Got a neato new dining table and chair set to start. YAY.

Kieran Dayzero

"Layman terms please of what all this above means???"

he he! keep reading! you'll get there!
you can't un-complicate the complicated!

wonderful post, thanks Robert...
I can feel the pressure and confusion lifted..

kind regards,


Kelly Florez

Thank you for sharing this intricate pattern reading. I am not educated in this particular science so, I appreciate the clear pointers along the calendar path and the generalized views. They are indeed helpful to me.

aka Max Trinity


Hi Robert,

Thanks as always for your insight. With my sun at 3 deg Taurus in the 7th house I imagine this will be quite a time for me. Any advice?

Name Deborah

Nothing makes sense or is very confusing. My relationship ended with a lot of recriminations on May 13. I know old reaction patterns of my own blocked love (Mars Saturn Moon inconjunct Pluto opp Chiron) and have owned my part but my partner is entrenched and there is no way back. I have searched my soul and asked so many people who say it cannot be all me and therapy could help it work but he won't go. My partner has Venus 02 Pisces and Moon 18 conjunct Chiron in Pisces opp Uranus 9 Virgo and Pluto 13 Virgo. My Chiron is in the seventh house at 4 Pisces semi-sextile Mars Saturn Moon in Aquarius. He said I am detached and too intellectual but the truth is when my heart opened and when I cried or was vulnerable he was overwhelmed. I am suffering so much guilt and am having a hard time letting go. I love this person very much but am I being too fixed? Any wisdom or insight would be appreciated, Robert

Name Deborah

PS Just read the centrifugal article and it resonated so deeply. One of my partners complaints in the middle of the night or early morning I would wake as my body was purifying, like dross being thrown off, old trauma of a head injury clearing and I had to have major reconstructive dental work over the past six weeks due to an even earlier injury. It drove him mad as I moved around and breathed too loudly. It all blew apart on the morning of May 11 after the Moon squared Pluto...his Mercury is at 5 Capricorn conjunct South Node at 11 Cap. I was called unloving and selfish. I know you wrote at an earlier time one of my lessons was to share. Chiron Neptune is opposite Uranus at present. Sorry to take up such space but the pain of this loss is literaly scouring out my insides, I'm struggling to integrate it.


Hi all - Trying to get out of town for a few days, so these will be brief.

Hi Matt - All the quintile series show uniqueness, and if we have a planet in one of those aspects, it's refining that expression in specialized ways.

Hi Naomi - Hang in there, study the terms, and eventually you'll get the gist of what I am speaking about. As I write for professional and amateur astrologers as well as laypeople, I cannot possibly list all possible meanings of all that's happening. That's like trying to capture the ocean in a tea cup. However, if you parse each sentence, stripping it of the jargon, you'll see that I try to offer some possible explanations of what it could mean. It is both generic and applies to us individually, but that's way beyond a comment stream, and more for personal readings.

Hi reefaroundme - There are treasures in the archives!

Hi Warriorlady - Always good to quit lousy jobs with mean bosses! Life's too short and all that..... And gardening does help me keep it all in perspective.

Hi Kieran Dayzero - Yes, with diligence anyone can glean gems from what I write. It just takes persistence and some study of the terminology of the craft. And it's wisdom to recognize that one cannot "uncomplicate the complicated." We cannot do surgery using "surgery for beginners...."

Hi Kelly - Well, I originally intended this info to augment what I offer in my personal sessions, since there's just too much to include in them about the generic patterns. That said, I try to make it as clear as possible what's going on, offering what I can in lay language for those not expert in the craft.

Hi Liz - I suspect you'll find new ways to articulate your light. Slow and steady goes the way, so open to other ways of expressing your "inner fulfillment."

Hi Deborah - During this time of The Grand Irrationality, there is much that doesn't make sense, nor does it have to. That's why I post many articles on how to deal with it. The trick is to navigate the changes while not losing our cool or equilibrium. No aspect "makes" us have a hard time, and it does take two to make a relationship. Some will last, others not, but they all are grist for the mill of Soul and learning to move from conditional forms of love to Unconditional Love. As I've also written many times, we are here to move out of Attachment, Aversion, Illusion and the mind suffering over its own suffering. The antidotes are Detachment, Dispassion, Discrimination, and learning how to generate Bodhichitta, or "the will to good." These can help us overcome suffering on all levels while keeping our hearts and minds open to the magic and mystery of our evolutionary Way. The centrifuge is throwing us away from certain things and toward things based in our need to purify elements of our lives. If there is no harmony where we are with those we're with, then we will be flung away from those parts of our life. It certainly sounds from what you say that your now-former partner could have used more patience and compassion. But I also understand that when it's time to go it's time to go. Then there's nothing to do but forgive, meditate, stay focused on eliminating unhelpful feeling and actions, and ride the storm until you find your way to the other shore. And it is possible, even though the waves can feel painful at times. That's why we learn detachment, dispassion, discrimination, and how to generate good will, first toward our own process and suffering, then to all sentient Beings.

I have read scores of information this last 10 hours on the web and you have summed it all up, in a very neat file. You have not only explained why I am going through this time but you have also written enough to help me understand how I am going to resolve the issues. Thank you .


Thanks for what you wrote Robert. Detachment can be hard to hold onto when the heart feels torn in two, but you are so very right goodwill or loving kindness is the key. I did forgive, prayed, meditated, walked, eliminated, cried, examined, reached out, walked, prayed, meditated and then cried and eliminated some more - a lot went into the fire. I kept my heart open and held his heart too, tenderly in love and forgiveness. Old wounds in our relationship have healed. I think we have started a new chapter. Thanks so much for your beautiful website.

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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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