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'It should be a very active time where we free ourselves from useless speculations, theoretical wool-gathering, and obsolete social conditioning.'
Thank goodness and heaven help us - Questing absolutely my favourite thing!


I'm watching this configuration closely, especially with the eclipse coming up on June 26. That day the eclipse Full Moon is conjunct transiting Pluto on my MH. This is square my Asc, which is being conjuncted by transiting Jupiter/Uranus. Square that to my natal moon, which is being conjuncted by transiting Sun/Mercury. AND the fourth corner of this Cardinal Cross is transiting Saturn nearing my Descendent, conjuncting my natal Jupiter. Jupiter and Uranus on my Ascendant draw attention to my natal Yod of Neptune and Pluto to my Asc. AND my progressed Sun has just moved into Leo. Whew!


Is it true that the Lunar Eclipse that is coming on the 26th of June is quite significant?


As i am looking at my birthchart, i have Lilith and Saturn in Aries both in my 9th house. And also Aries at 2° 11 in my natal 9th house as well. Hope all this will help now that i'm in the reserach phase of my PhD....
I guess it won't be bad!

Thanks again Robert and to all: have a great day!



Robert, Thanks for the message. My husband has a T square in his natal chart (moon at 0'44 Aries , Pluto at 2'52 Libra, Jupiter at 3'06 Cap). Now that Uranus,Jupiter,Saturn and Pluto making conjunctions at those points,what could we expect ? Its quite distinct, isn't it ?

Thanks for your words!!

Isabel Nobre

Dear Robert,
Maybe Jupiter and Uranus both in my third house but now in Aries (no longer in dreamy but somehow "passive" Pisces) will help me to get over my temporary writing block?



Anne Whitaker

Hi Robert

I have a whole site devoted to articles on Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions in general, and the one happening in 2010/11 in particular, which has just found its way onto the Best Astrology Blogs site. In the spirit of your comments instructions, I am not leaving the URL or any more details here! But I do believe many of your readers would really enjoy reading those articles, and some might even want to volunteer for the few places I have left on my research project to study the impact of the 2010/11 conjunction on ordinary lives like our own, thereby (hopefully, after the project is completed) adding to the body of sound astrological knowledge out there. So, if you want to explore this further, email me and I will send you the URL for the site.

All good wishes in these changeful times!

Anne Whitaker
Scotland [email protected]

Rosa Narda = Rona

Hi Robert and ?
please advice on how Uranus and jupiter conjunction will affect me ?

I am ascendent 9.24 degrees in aquarius, moon 28.37 degree in sagitarius, jupiter 25 degree gemini 5 house , uranus 22.30 cancer six house jupiter conjunction will affect me ? by the way i have venus at 21 degree and pluto at 23.53 degree in Leo , 23.27 Sun in Virgo on the 8 house ..

Bruce Kaiser

Hi Robert,

I have a 1 degree 36 min Aries moon in the 4th, Sag rising and natal Jupiter conjunct the midheaven. Standing by with great anticipation. I can really feel the energy amping up with my Sun sign ruler Uranus adding to the mix. Will post on how this plays out.

Thanks as always to your wonderful contribution to all of us on the path of "astrophia" , the wisdom of astrology.


Hiya Robert :).

I am ready for all the sincerity. Bring it on, world. Uh, please?


hi Robert, i would love to learn more about astroloy in order to help the people in my life. I dont know if i have the grey matter for it! I wonder if i would be of greater service to others by changing my focus. Do you have any advice to offer? Thank you for taking the time to read my post x much love x 8.10pm. 25,7,80. liverpool, uk. R x


My spring/summer has been totally Uranus in Aries. I have been volunteering abroad, with projects changing one into another at a fast pace. I cannot see the future ahead after this, but surely this "intro" is very nice. The conjunction opposes my natal Mars!


Hi Morvah - Things should already be cooking. Just wait till Mars conjuncts Saturn at 1 Libra!

Hi Alice - Just remember that Lunar Eclipses only last a few months. As with Solar Eclipses, they also take away things from the past. The coming one has Sun opposition Pluto from the train wreck point, so something reckless will be curbed in all our lives creating "karmic adjustments" in the weeks that follow. Your Moon will be illuminated by the coming eclipse, and that should manifest through a purified form enabling you to become more assertive. You can expect very liberating experiences to come in the next 7 months, and by this time next year you'll see how everything has freed you for new adventures, new truths, and new motives. You're quite protected, and can receive rewards for what you've learned the past 12 years. Jupiter and Uranus trine your prog. Sun is a very good thing, especially since Saturn has also been sextile for many months.

Hi Darwin - I'll be posting on that eclipse in the near future. Until then, please check the archives for what I've written about Solar and Lunar eclipses in general to get a better sense of how they work.

Hi alessandra - Jupiter on your Saturn should bring an expansion and blessing of the Saturn qualities in your life. Uranus on your Saturn will revolutionize all your sense of rules and security and help show you ways to live the unique authority of your truth. Jupiter in the 9th is a good thing for higher education and advanced degrees as long as you remember to keep it all within imaginative but necessary limits.

Hi Mary - It would seem he is going through an emotional renewal, having purified his aspiration and imagination. He can now nurture himself in ways he never got when young, though he must be flexible in what's culminating, what's emerging, and the limits of what his genius or free will can accomplish. In any case, he must not work against his best interests nor participate in any secret or dangerous agreements, and learn to make clear, definite, and above board demands on circumstances so they prove to be in his continued best interests.

Hi Isabel - Go with the sudden intense writing spurts. You should be able to accomplish a lot in short periods of time.

Hi Anne Whitaker - I trust that whichever of my readers are interested in the project have visited and made themselves known. To that end I left your email, though I usually recommend that people don't leave them posted since spambots troll sites and can make life difficult once they begin spamming your email. If that's happened let me know and I'll change it to something that can work for you. Often anecdotal stories of our personal experiences can help others to see things they might not have seen otherwise, and of course, any given configuration can manifest in many, many ways. Best wishes to you and your work as well!

Hi Rosa Narda = Rona - What you're asking for is way beyond what I can do in a comment stream. That said, you should check out Saturn transits to our Ascendant or a planet since it's been sitting on your Sun for awhile. This conjunction will open a 12 year cycle in your perceptions, communication style, environment, and brother-sister relationships. You're definitely about to move into a long term maturing of your Truths and philosophy. Perhaps the most important influence in your chart in recent times has been transiting Saturn opposition transiting Uranus both squaring your natal Moon opposition Jupiter. Please consult the articles in the archives concerning the Saturn opposition Uranus centrifuge effect, since I've posted numerous articles on that very intense configuration that will be with us for some time to come.

Hi Bruce Kaiser - You should be living a grand adventure by February 2011! Just keep opening to the new while closing the old and I'm sure you'll be having a blast by then. And of course, you're most welcome. I like the word you offered (did you make it up?), though I would think it could also be termed "Astrosophia." Did you make that word up

Hi Warriorlady - Hiya back atcha. Definitely want to see a more sincere world, though the downside is that even toads are sincere in their toad-ness. Still, better open disagreement than a betrayal delivered with a smile.....

Hi 12thmoon - Well, there are certainly more resources for a student of the craft than when I learned it back in ancient times!;-) Each has their own aptitude for certain areas of astrology. Some are more into Moon transits, some understand signs better than others, some know aspects, some are into eclipses, and so on, so by all means begin wherever you want and follow the areas that appeal to you.

I believe you need to follow your Leo dynamic magnetism so you can do whatever you do with style. As you're in the heart of your Saturn return, practice patience and self initiative as you let go of lesser things you've already explored. Please go to the site google box and type in "Saturn return" to learn more about this most important point in your life where free will operates very powerfully. You're now entering a long range part of your life where you will apply the realizations you found the past decade or so.

As for service, find that which you would do for love, and then get trained in the ways that turn you on and show you how you could do that excellently. Much of our "true service" comes as a result of training and the allies we meet along the way. And you can never know when a short term temp gig could lead you into a major career where you can do good service AND make money and have fun. FYI, I'll be conducting some webinars in Astrology in the future. Some will be very advanced, while others will be more basic. Until then, please go through the archives and any other web resources you can find to learn the basics. You can start here. Enjoy exploring!

Hi Popplagid - Sounds great! Sometimes the future is only revealed after we've entered the flow. Just stay clear of disputes that would only deflect you, refuse all that is petty or petulant, take nothing for granted, skillfully display your enthusiasms, and do it all in grand style! Some of what's happening now could yield opportunities beginning January 2011.


Thank you, Robert. You have encouraged me.

rebecca devitt

Dear Robert,
thank you So much for your reply. i love astrology so i will start by following your link and keep my eyes open for your webinars x I hope you are having a wonderful time in your moment, whenever and wherever you are xxx much much love xx 12thmoon


Hi Robert, my natal chart has Jupiter in Aries at 16 degrees... (Also: Sun = Capricorn 19 degrees; Moon = Taurus 5 degrees; Rising = Cancer 21 degrees)

I've been living in NYC for 12 years now, and I feel (overwhelmingly so) that I'm at the move-it-or-lose-it point (maybe not that drastic, but you get my meaning :-)

I have had every intention of moving to the Bay Area for a few years now. My NYC lease ends this Halloween, and that seemed like as good a time as any to make my move west. But I want to make sure I move and start my life in the Bay Area at the most opportune time so I can reap the benefits of Jupiter's energy.

My question is: Would I be better served to move earlier (before September when Jupiter slips back into Pisces)? Or, do I wait until January when it moves back into Aries? Or... will I be good to still move on November 1?

NOTE: My plan is to move without securing a Bay Area job first — I feel I'll get my best opportunities if I go there with an open heart and mind and let what's for me find me there. But... I will have only a specific amount of saved money to carry me, so I want to make sure I'm really optimizing Jupiter in Aries.

I hope all this made some kind of sense. I'd appreciate any thoughts or insight you can give!

Many thanks :-)


apparently this will be transiting my 11th house... hopes & wishes?

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