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natal Venus@ 0 Cancer (MC) and natal Jupiter @ 4 Capricorn (4th House)

Do I hate this T sqare? Yes, I do.


Great article. This mars/saturn conjunction is the later half of my 3rd house though I think it depends which house chart I use. It could end up in my 3rd house.
I have already begun to see this manifest in some way and since saturn had been already traveling through my 2nd house. I had been learning and experiencing lessons to do with what i value in life. Now that it has moved into libra. It will emphasize anything to do with relating for sure. I am looking foward to a new way of perceiving.
I have been very foggy for a while and going up and down emotionally. I need some clarity and things seem to be getting better. Thanks Very much for this article.

Linda Rienzie

Robert. You are soooo very APPRECIATED.Your site has guided me thru the years, If you only knew how you touch people and change their lives.

Thank you Linda.


Being an optimist I loved todays' posting... like any good writer you repeat yourself, from time to time, with different phrasing to make sure I understand. To make sure I get it. You are purely my favorite director in any square-scenario. Without any doubt, I now understand that this is the "beginning" ---Saturn leaving Virgo puts a tremendous amount of past, in the past for me. I am not afraid, nor anxious for what will be. Feelings & emotions change like the wind, but new realities await my manifestation of them. Gracias...

Jorge Torres

Thank You Robert Wilkinson !!!

I am Having This Mars Conjunction Saturn in the 3th House and it is making me see Saturn many new things, people, events, etc. coming into my life i am experiencing a lot of creative impulses Pluto 5th house and my belief system is open to keep learning in my 9th house think You are in some part of my 9th house Thanks Again for the heads Up and all this Enlightening !!!

Blessings !!!


Hi Robert- Blessings always for a good read. I am wondering if you or any of your readers can help me synthesize the action here....The Mars/Saturn conjunction falls in my natal 4th house and solar 1st house...I am a Libra. Early degrees of my Cancer AC in my natal chart fall for me in the later half of the 12th house and in my solar 10th house. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Sher


Dearest Robert,
On this day, July 31, my birthday, I am so blessed. I am the happiest that I’ve ever been. And yet I can take a breath and forget what a precious gift it is. I can look at my astrological birth chart and forget what a gift it is. This celestial imprint went largely unnoticed until you did a reading for me in February. Thank you for decoding its potent messages. Where I saw symbols on a piece of paper, you saw the light behind those symbols. You helped me to understand what the stars saw when they looked at me. You helped me to see beyond my limiting perceptions, to see my challenges as gifts too. You explained how to use them to have more freedom, more of me. Thank you for being a celestial messenger, advisor, and truly beautiful teacher for me and for the world. Sandy


Dear Robert,
I want to ask you something, if you have the time.
Cancer is in the cusp of the 5th house in my natal chart, and its empty. But at the 11th house in capricorn, I have at 18 degrees, my moon conjunct my north node. Mars -saturn conjunction, fells on my natal pluto in the 7th house...while jupiter and uranus are still at my 1st house.
Where does this t-square point in my chart?
thank you


Sandy, a big high five to you! :D


I am in the unique position of being a Scorpio married to a Libra for 22 years. I have Mars in my Libra and he Venus in his Scorpio. With out a full compatibility work up ever being done, we do have some highly compatible aspects. Yet there is another side!! Anyway, I am in the process from getting some space from as Robert said, "(supposedly) peaceful Libra"! An injury that has left me immobile for weeks has brought out the worst in him. We have survived through major issues but without progress in things that can be improved on. I am ready to really look out for myself now. I'm not sure if my journey includes him or not. I'd be delighted if it does but willing to let go if further pain is the only thing in our future.

Thanks Robert, your insight is the best and always here when I need it! Okay, let's move on!! I'm ready. I will take good care.


The butterfly made perfect by a dart through it is a butterfly that is perfect because it is dead. Its innate, living, imperfect beauty has been sacrificed for perfect stasis. The potentiality is of a perfected archetype that evokes movement even in its stillness, fixed by the impaling dart of focus; the shadow is a rigid perfection that lacks vitality.


thank you for your knowledge and expertise contained in optimism; I am always extremely helped by your guiding suggestions.
Your work is potent, productive and happy.

Aquila ka Hecate

"Expect arguments involving "pros and cons" for a few months to come while closing what needs closing."

Yup. I can't tell you how relevant this is. All action taking place in my twelfth house - could be a bummer, but I choose to make it beautiful instead.
Terri in Joburg


Thank you for being my grounding energy with the expression of your words.


Hi Pasha - Your Venus is the solution to the ongoing general friction. Pluto has been purifying your Jupiter for awhile, and no doubt you've let go of undermining people and ideas. This is because they no longer represent your evolved values. Just keep persevering, since you're on the threshold of some very different opportunities to claim your authority in some realm.

Hi Micheline - Thanks. Your next long cycle will be around perception, communication style, and environmental sensitivity. No doubt you'll be able to see alternatives in ways that help you come to larger balanced views, as well as attract some Spiritual Brothers and Sisters these next two years. You should also consider this time preparatory for the new structures emerging when Saturn enters the 4th. And of course, you're most welcome.

Hi Linda - Thanks for saying so. Appreciation is a good thing. That's why I try to practice gratitude, since it seems to generate more that can be appreciated in my world. The "attitude of gratitude" may be one of the most potent things we can cultivate to turn our "ship of personality" toward our greater good.

Hi jan - From my psych background AND years of therapy ;-) I know that repetition makes a habit or idea more real. And with a good director, we actors on life's stage might be able to give an award winning performance. When a character turns a corner in a movie, usually a whole new scene presents itself! Glad you don't have fear of the unknown new intruding to spoil the party. Con much gusto, as "they" say in Costa Rica.

Hi Jorge - You're welcome. As I noted above, Saturn in the 3rd helps us to a deeper, more mature perspective and more sound interpretations, as well as making it clear who our Hermanos y Hermanas de Espiritu truly are. Thanks for acknowledging me as a part of your 9th house. That's a great relationship!

Hi s - In the 4th, as I noted above, it's a time of new things emerging. Also new root structures and new "Platforms of existence." These provide the foundation for 20 years of achievement. Your Cancer is learning a vaster feeling-perspective as your Light/Life is closing a long cycle and opening a new one. You will most assuredly get exactly the results of long endeavor, and while there are usually endings there are also fantastic acknowledgments.

Hi Sandy - Fabulous! Glad that you know you're blessed, and that in your chart is shown your gifts and talents with which you can serve your world "con mucho gusto." Very glad my reading with you opened you to the magic of your Higher Self and your ability to live your highest reality with enthusiasm. Of course, it is my pleasure to have been able to open you to your Eternal freedom to BE the mystery of your Divine Consciousness.

Hi restart - An empty house is primarily influenced by the ruler of the sign on the cusp, in this case the Moon. You're describing the ruler of your 5th in the 11th conjunct the NN. Sounds like your self-projection in playful and creative forms has a lot to do with some form of structured group work, perhaps growing over time through older or more mature friends. The Mars-Saturn is stimulating your Divine Power to a more balanced and refined structure over the next two years. The T-square points to wherever 1-4 Cancer would fall. From what you say it's probably the 4th. It all depends on the Cancer degree span defining the cuspal zone between your 4th and 5th house. I talked about this in a couple of articles about the house systems and how to regard cusps of houses.

Hi caliban - Great community, eh?

Hi Kristin - Libra when functional is the most just of signs, but when dysfunctional can be out of balance in a major way. All planets in Libra in everyone's charts will be restructured over the next 2 years. Right now we're seeing them activated by Mars. Jupiter will show us the first phase of how these are externalizing appropriately or not when it moves through Aries between late January and next June. And of course, there will be Plutonic pressure to purify or eliminate corrosive elements as it squares Libra planets over future years. Glad my articles can provide a measure of clarity, inspiration, and focus.

Hi shakti - Yes. As Rudhyar commented, it's not so much that the butterfly is "made perfect," as much as its archetypal form is preserved by killing the living germ that eventually leads all that lives to decay and finally die. Still, the butterfly is the final evolution of a worm, so a butterfly, whether alive or dead, is the end result of a natural process of transformation into some form of relative perfection. And yes, those who chase static images without remembering that all is process never quite hit the mark.

Hi Sherry - You're most welcome. Generating positivity overcomes a host of depressing tendencies, and what good is knowledge and expertise unless it is placed at the service of some greater good? Glad my words are helpful, and it brings a smile that you would describe my work as "potent, productive, and happy." What's not to like?!

Hi Aquila ka Hecate - Well, I suppose it's all about learning how to flow while not allowing cat and mouse games to spoil the dance. The 12th, as I wrote in an article, can be where we receive rewards for how we define ourselves and what we are willing to incorporate into our life "movie" to grow into a vaster perspective. Glad you have chosen to make beauty your image rather than other perspectives....

Hi Lyndi - You're most welcome. We are here to ground Spirit in material forms on various life frequencies. Glad you are able to ground, and may you move into your Highest Self's expression.


Hi Robert, Mars Conjunct Saturn at 1 Libra is sitting right on my natal Neptune in the eleventh house, conjunct mercury and my Virgo sun square Saturn. On my 9th house Leo mid heaven I have Pluto conjunct Jupiter and my north node. I’m thinking there could be a spiritual breakthrough brewing. Does this sound like a possibility or could there be some foggy thinking going on here. Regards

Tracy Lee Stum

Thank you for this article Robert. All is reveling itself perfectly - I feel and understand the forces at work and am so much better prepared to navigate these transitions with the wisdom you offer. Much appreciated!


Robert thank you very very much :)


Hi Robert, I know a lot of people are clamoring for your advice... the Mars Saturn conjunction is in my 8th house. (Cancer Sun, Moon, Mars in 1º Cap) I'm still unemployed, for over a year. I've been looking for a leading. Things have been at a peaceful lull for some time. I don't foresee any earth shaking events at the moment, altho I've been writing a lot of astrology articles for (I'm the Newark Astrology Examiner) Who knows, maybe it's too quiet and something will pop any minute. My health is good and I'm at peace with everyone, I think.... any comment? Thanks for all your excellent insights. :)


Better, even better!

Saturn-Mars conjunction, is conjuncted with my natal 1º Libra Mars!
And Uranus-Jupiter opposed it!

Talk about adventure and excitement...


Hi Robert, I am new to astrology and your knowledge has made so many things so much clearer.I have just ended my Saturn return in Virgo ,and been through the most difficult period of my life,I lost my father and suffered depression.
Saturn conjuncts my natal Pluto in the eighth house now and I feel so I am able to let my story go.The eighth house is a murky house....what should I expect for next two years?


As a novice to astrology, i feel the knowlege being shared from a heart connected light carrier is why i understand the bulk of what is being conveyed. Calendar reform is the only option to reconnect the masses to there universal galactic sun, moon planets assosiation in saying unites our brothers and sisters into the television of our minds that has been programmed on a lowest common denominator frequency for fifty years of tv, thats why only 50yrs ago there were no bullionaires today over 800 bullionaires. Serious Sirius came up 25th july Gregorian and the dream spell calendar started again 26th. Thirteen months of 28 days of synchronicity per orbit, dont get out of orbit lol. its not too late to rediliberate plug in the positive "13 MOONS "push-out the negative Gregorian calendar re-align in natures time realtime natures time.




Hi denis, what the heck is blaf. It must be text talk? If not it's an interesting sound. I'm text talk challenged. I was in email communique with someone I did not know well when :) kept showing up. I was totally baffled like a colon with nothing behind it and a parenthesis. A colon told me something should follow, was it a fill in the blank, but it was cut off by a parenthesis. I called in an advisor to help me with this problem only to find out it was way more simple than I thought. Folks is talking in pictures. Yolks on me again.

Hi Kiwiallegiance, or we could add another hour to the clock so that each day would be 26 hours. But that would be out of synch with the rotation of the earth? How will this affect computerization, being that it's all digitally date-time based? All solutions present new problems I'd say. Round and round we go.


BION I'm ipmressed! Cool post!


Hi...this was a great post. I have saturn and mars conjunction in 7th house(libra). I am with an aries ancedent, with venus conjuncts moon in 10th house, sun and mercury in 11th house, jupiter in 9th house and north node in second house. Could you please predict about me?

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