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Hi Robert,
When you write 'Get ready for one last season', am I correct in understanding the true new beginning will occur next spring when Uranus and Jupiter re-enter Aries?
I always enjoy your writings, though I'm barely a novice student of astrology.


Robert, your words are beautiful and your sentiments profound. I'm one of those mid/late 60's babies (December 1967) having my Uranus opposition during all this—so it's not only inspiring, it's deeply reassuring to read your words of support and encouragement. These are important concepts for everyone to wrestle with right now. Unsettling but exciting times!

(I've been a reader for years without commenting, but this time I had to say: thank you.) : )


I've been reading you periodically a long time and this is the best thing you ever channeled. thank you, hard tho' it is.

Patty S.

Agreed.. it is the best thing you've channeled. Clear and direct and incredibly compassionate. I'm a longtime reader and was compelled to write here for the first time, too.

In two very short months I have sold my home of 24 years and moved; have finalized a long, protracted divorce; tossed out or given away most of my possessions; and after many months of trying to let go of my partner of 18 months, I have asked him to let me be and to go figure out his life. The sense of loss is terrible. But all was necessary... it was the "higher way" for me...

Your words resonated with me:

"In folk dances, we are often enjoined to "change partners," or change direction, or change rhythm, or "call the tune." Yet at the end of the dance we find ourselves with those people, directions, rhythms, and tunes that are perfect for us. That's the perfect symmetry of the Higher Way. This should provide comfort to those who dance on a Spiritual Path that is true for them."

I believe in the rightness of the universe; that it always seeks balance and correctness. And in its perfection the unfolding will be what it should be. All is perfect in the universe.... Aye, that is a comfort Robert. I embrace this change. Thank you for your dedication, your thoughtful wisdom and guidance. Always....

daz hastings

Your thoughts reminded of this quote by Mr Blake: "Improvement makes straight roads; but the crooked roads without improvement are roads of genius." Thanks, as always. Cheers.

Beth in San Diego

Hexagram 10, Line 4: He treads upon the tail of the tiger fate), but caution and circumspection bring good fortune in the end.

In a dangerous enterprise inner power must be combined with cautious understanding of the situation and final success will only be achieved by circumspection. Only the man who knows what he is doing and proceeds carefully dare tread upon the tiger’s tail with impunity.


I've enjoyed your shared wisdom for a long time and never commented before.. your poetic way of writing and this article hit a perfect note and resonate deeply in my heart. Thank you for your authenticity and grace
With deep gratitude


Same here...with deep gratitude, Robert. There are many of us who want what is highest and best for our souls and the planet...who want to heal and be whole and holy no matter what it takes. Your words inspire and encourage us on the Path...


Thank you for the reminder to use"...closure rituals that enable you to move on". Shall be it tonight!


Cheers Robert for your encouragement to all of us. The readers comments really moved me. I salute your courage Patti S. You are doing the Firebird theme. Thank you Daz,for reminding us to forgive our Uranus with your Blake quote. Thank you Beth for that timely message about the tiger in the year of the Tiger. "Get ready as the wild ride has just begun." white river rafting meets series 2 of "Cosmic Wipeout" anyone?



Patty S.

Jen: (chuckle) "Cosmic Wipeout" + white water rafting... I'm in!


Thank you so much Robert, for your wise and uplifting message. And Beth, this Tiger is grateful for the timely reminder.


A new beginning? Let's see:
Somewhere in 1929 or 1930, a very defined new beginning, for sure
Go back 84 years, somewhere in 1846 to 1848, widespread revolutions, famines, social manifestos, etc... a new beginning too
Somewhere around 1762, a large-scale european war ends, social chaos and the taxes in the american colonies preceede the american and french revolution
About 10 years later after these historical years, things were very unsettled.
Even if you go back in time, you will find the exact same patterns.

So, I would say somewhere in 2013 or 2014, there is a very defined brand new beginning! Or otherwise wait until 2024 to see the large scale social change at its climax. It's like a ticking clock.

J. Sue Gagliardi

Dear Robert,
WOW and, always, thank you.


You are just confirming all the other resources that I've read. With so many talking/writing the same message, it is quite confirming. I've also been a catalyst for change in my relationship. It's so hard, to help others to understand that old patterns and ways of doing things are not working now. My stand is: Teach your boys how to treat me well or we can't have a truly loving relationship between the two of us. I'm not going into details, it's just an example of the forces at work now.

Are you on facebook?

Thank you,


hi joanne, why do you expect from someone OUTSIDE yourself, to teach his children (read: manipulate the wisdom which resides in these children to his own believes/OLD thoughts)in order to "gain" you!
that's pretty egoïstic, selfish and says a lot of your own insecurance that firstly you cannot give yourself what you need from someone OUTside yourself and secondly, you manipulate others to receive what your ego needs.

do you really think that this is a truly solid ground on to have a healthy, loving (UNconditionally) relationship? maybe you need to look firstly deeply inside yourself, instead of manipulating other people OUTside you.
(p.s. this is a universal manner/very OLD believe-system, which so many people still believe that this is the way to become truly happy. but is it?)
have faith AND love firstly for and within yourself!

with love,



Hi Sabina - Yes, this has been a dress rehearsal for what is to come. This autumn will allow us one last look back to see what has passed, what is passing, and what is timeless and common to all of us.

Hi Leah - Thanks for your kind words. Glad you felt moved to comment. Your genius has been restructured, and you're about ready to bring a new sense of purpose to the surface that will prove to be a source of authority and power over the next 10 years. You'll get much more clarity by next year.

Hi Dawn - Thanks for your praise of the work, though I wouldn't characterize what I do as "channeled." It is the result of long training, dedication, and very rigorous self discipline. What you read is truly my creation, arising from my blended heart and mind. We can all be generators of higher views unknown before we articulate them. Each has their gift for their generations and times, but like most gems, we must discover them by digging deep, then polishing them until they gleam for all to appreciate.

Hi Patty S. - Thanks to you as well for your kind words. It sounds like you've cleared out a lot of the past, completed your graduation into a new realm of Being, and are ready to dance a new dance, with new ideas and people and energy. Ultimately the Universe as we know it does show a balance and justice, though when we're in the middle of the changes it can sure seem strange! I suppose it could be said that all we need to do is "get out of our own way" and allow the natural evolutionary process perfect for our unique circumstances to show us when, how, and with whom to dance.

Hi daz - Always loved the Sag man who challenged conventional thinking! Sometimes the roundabout way is more intriguing and enjoyable than the straight path!

Hi Beth - Treading is a good thing if we are circumspect, and remember that while some tygers burn bright with the light of Heaven, others may shred us! Of course caution is always good when squares are a-foot. Impunity is always a bit dangerous.

Hi Dafna - Thanks for seeing the poetry in my rather complex way of putting things. Singing the perfect note is always a good thing, so more thanks for saying so!

Hi Susannah - Well, that's why I make this forum available. This cosmic Cantina is a gathering ground for truth seeking Souls, and so it makes me very happy when good Beings find their way here. The Path ever rises to meet our striving, as do the members of our Spiritual group Soul, because we're all more aware and capable together than we are separately.

Hi maukamist - Yes, sometimes we open doors, sometimes we step through them, but to move cleanly into our Now-Future sometimes it's good to close old programs before trying to open new ones.

Hi Jen - And that's why I love most of the comments this community offers, since we are all in this together, and what one misses, another catches. It does seem to be somewhat like a Surfaris song at present, doesn't it?;-) If you're a good surfer, shooting the pipeline is a lot of fun, even though a bit uncertain. And sometimes getting dunked is a lot of fun, and good for one's sense of humor.

Hi Timothy - Yes, indeed. Good times, though a bit intense.

Hi ScorpioX3 - You're very welcome. Tigers are a great sign for strength and courage. This Autumn is one last look at a long term communal understanding, and you're going to fuse a lot in your life in Sept-Oct that will be the source of power and light in November.

Hi Popplagid - As a fellow student of history, that's great connecting of Uranian breadcrumbs through the forest of time. And yes, once we're past the midpoint of the Winter of the 21st century, we shall see the glimmer of the dawning of a new light of civilized humanity. By 2025 we enter the Spring of this century, and much new life and growth will sprout.

Hi J. Sue - As always, you're most welcome.

Hi Joanne Lightwingsbeam - Well, perhaps they're confirming what I've been writing about for years?;-) I do have a lot of people who have used me as a source for many decades.... Glad you can get inspired in ways to change the patterns that need changing. I believe there is wisdom in knowing boundaries, and who we can and cannot take responsibility for. Very definitely abusive patterns must be changed, both inner and outer. Each stands responsible for their own "offspring," both literal and figurative. Yes, I'm on Facebook, but I must admit I rarely visit given my work and correspondence schedule. Still, it's a wonderful networking device/arena, and I would like to be able to connect more often. It's just I'm so 60s...

Hi saskia - From your words I suspect you've never had stepchildren. There are boundaries to be observed, and knowing them often saves a relationship from unnecessary conflict. To presume to know how to deal with children better than their parent WILL bring out the tyger, sooner or later. Best to tread lightly. I'm sure you'll agree that we teach best through example, not by admonitions or our own efforts to manipulate events or behavior.

I also don't know why you chose to take it to accusing someone of being "egoïstic, selfish and ... (insecure)" by inferring they cannot give of themself, and then accuse them of "manipulating others to receive what your ego needs." Besides being rude and presumptuous, why do you think you know the history or family dynamics of what's happening, or even the poster's internal motives or Spiritual knowledge? I probably know the dynamics of human nature better than most (due to a lifetime of training in various branches of psychology, family systems theories, and many Spiritual disciplines) and I wouldn't make that assumption given what was not said about the specifics of the circumstances.

I believe from what she stated that she is looking inside herself, and knows it is not her place to attempt to impose her needs and opinions on children of another. Perhaps she is trying to move her relationship into a place of unconditional love, in that she is not imposing her conditions on the children (setting up a conflict dynamic), but rather seeking to awaken the other to the seeds of character defects in his children without stepping over boundaries.

Anyway, I'm sure your words were well-meant, but they probably could have been expressed with more compassion for someone in a relationship with children not her own who may not be treating her with the respect and affection she deserves if she is to make a life-long relationship with the parent of those children as well as those children.


Well ~ I was sent this web site by a dear friend, and she was "right-on" with this one. Your content and delivery Robert, is both refreshing and encouraging. I appreciate everything you said. Both in the article and your comments to your readers. It is good to know others out "there" are resonating in the same way that I am. Thank you for sharing your understanding of life with all of us in such a poetic and eloquent way. Well received!! If everyone continues (or starts) to move through their lives ~ especially during challenging times with grace and the Four "C's" that you mentioned ~ character, clarity, compassion, and courage ~ we will surely be taking the "High Road" every time. Though I'm not one to sit at the computer much ~ it is good to know that this Cosmic Cantina is out there when I feel like sipping on the wine of sage words of advice and remembrance.

Jordan Hydro

Floods, droughts, pollution and climate change have created even more problems. It is important that China play an increasingly prominent role on climate change. right??

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