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Robert - There are times where what you write strikes so deep, that I'm left speechless. I note that Saturn is rising in NY - and exactly conjunct the Asc in Washington, DC - upon its ingress into Libra.


Hi Robert,
I am so happy to see the return of Saturn in Libra. My hope is that all of the healthy cultivating pursued with Saturn in Virgo will become a fruitful harvest. Best wishes to you and all!


Welcome home, RW! Looking forward to sharing the end-of-the-month fireworks with your guidance. And a delight to go Libra ... being the Cap-earthling, Virgo-Saturn all my life, but it's time to move on. PS-Hope your parents were honored & full-of-smiles!


Hello Robert, your words above ring so true for me... I ve had everything stripped away -Saturn transiting my 2nd opposing Natal Jupiter 00 Aries.
A flood flushed me out of 12yrs in a home (ive got Neptune on my natal IC - doh!)& my family was split up.
Ive relocated to Brisbane, 400kms away from my family, looking for a new life with just a fraction of my possessions left, as work evaporated & I struggled to live.
...Pluto is changing what i do for a living in the 6th.
With Uranus travelling backwards to 00Aries, & then direct again hitting natal [email protected] 00Aries..& Saturn now in Libra moving on, does that suggest life could improve?, if Ive learnt the lessons? or do I need to wait till Saturn leaves my 2nd House??
cheer Jen


Is this what is called a Saturn return? I am new to this. I have 2 degree Libra asc, and my Sun and Venus plus Pallas, Juno, and Ceres, all in this sign too.
I suppose this will cause serious changes in me... anybody care to comment... you can email me at [email protected]


Harv - Saturn Return is when Saturn returns to its natal position in your chart. What it means for any individual has to do with the sign and house of your Saturn as well as what the event chart shows. Without knowing your chart, it is difficult to identify the types of changes and events you are likely to encounter.

Astrology doesn't "cause" things - it is but the mirror that shows the condition surrounding the native. Changing, generally speaking, is up to you.


Dear Robert:

I discovered your writings four months ago, shortly after my grandmother died. I have combed the archives and found your words to be visionary, heartwarming, encouraging and true at every level.

Thank you for this gift which you share almost daily with your readers. Today's article came right as I was beginning to seriously doubt having the strength to achieve my highest vision of self and living and let go of all the old ways which no longer serve.

But again your words have bolstered me. Thank you again for the extraordinary insight and wisdom you offer on this site.

With gratitude,


Just returned home again last night from yet another long/dragging biz trip. And, by your advice Robert, I have combed my world to see how life has changed since Sept 2007 - when I filed for divorce. And wow - the changes have been significant. I've been rather proud of them - all hard fought for, all good changes. Let's hope that all this upheaval settles down now - today is a pivitol day in my career - a meeting with 'way upper' mgmt. If it goes well, great. If it doesn't, fine. The best change of all has been the one that makes me love and appreciate who I am, as I am, without trying to please others to define who I am.

Thanks for the good news, Robert, about Saturn in Libra. I'm excited! Welcome home! Peace, all!

Donna Notmany


Praise God that this Virgo gets a break.
Going into my 12th..conjunct my Venus and Jupiter..
With hopes of healthier experiences in relationships all around.

Thanks Robert for reminding me


A lot has happened since 2007. Your writing has helped me handle all of it. Thank you.


Where can I hide or find a reprieve Robert???
with Virgo rising I havn't had one! so maybe gear up for some restructuring...Let's hope:)))


Yes, there has been a death, both smybolic--and real.
Your 'dart of light' made me smile, Robert. I wrote a poem for my friend who died called 'Winter Bee'...and I am about to go to a meeting of the collective which supports causes like-- global warming and providing a better deal for asylum seekers and people with mental health issues. I like Get Up--it is an Australian thing,because it is local, but it has clout-a sting in its tail--'a dart of light'? I think so.
Best to all


Definintely happy to see Saturn in Libra. Having had Saturn conjunctions with seven (!) planets in the last 5 years, I'm really looking forward to the harvest time of Saturn in Libra. I can feel the mood lifting rapidly. As if there finally is room for me to go out there and really do my things.

Sue Moon

What Darwin said.....ditto!


I've been experiencing 2nd Saturn return in fifth (26 Virgo) and in Nov. 09 had diagnosis of cervical cancer which has resolved (GONE!) after treatment Jan-April 2010. I also have Mercury (7 Libra), Venus (12 Libra), Neptune (17 Libra) and Sun (20 Libra) all lined up in 5th ready to host Saturn over the next time period.

Help! I'm tempted to be afraid, after the Saturn return, but my astologer friend says "You'll be the wisest woman on the planet when it's over!"

Any insights will be welcome.


I was hoping to write a short and sweet post like Darwin's but, alas I could not as it has taken 4 years to write.
So please forgive me in advance.
In 2007 I discovered you Blog as Saturn made its way through the early degrees of my eighth house, with my Moon and Jupiter in a tight conjunct I quickly realized the power and magnitude of Saturn. It was grace to find you when I did as my Natal Saturn was ready for its return. My Natal Saturn lives in the last few degrees of the eight house dressed in the 7th degree of Virgo. Your wise words and great insight have guided me through this journey of pain, joy and freedom. Transiting Saturn conjuncted my natal Saturn ( due to its retrograde movement) something like 4 times, but really who's counting. After the last 4 years of absolute and total change, your blog has been one of the only things that has maintained its original form in my life.I know with the help of your insight the next four years will be full of growth that I will be ready to face.
As I wait for the next chapter in the book of my Life's Great Work to unfold, my natal Sun in 4 degrees Libra lay waiting in the 9th house. Awaiting it's futur Conjunction with transiting Saturn. Ready or Not. And if that weren't enough... my Natal Pluto is wait's in 16 degrees Libra dead on Conjunct my Mid Heaven. Your words of wisdom in this post let me see the path ahead and face it with all the more strength.
Robert, Your blog is a a HUGH RADIATING beam of light in this world of online mud and I am in deep gratitude.
In Peace and Truth, Heather


thank you for this illumination

Anne Whitaker

Greetings Robert!

thank you for this graceful and very accurate reflection on an important shift. It certainly describes the essence of the recent changes in my life ( early Virgo Rising) very accurately.I found your blog through my Finnish friend Malla who is participating in my research study of the impact of the current 2010/11 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction on the lives of 12 research subjects - I wrote a whole book on the Aquarian conjunction of 1997 which was published last year. If you or your readers would like to follow my series of articles charting world and individual lives throughout the April 10-March 11 perod of the conjunctio, do check out my site

where I would be happy to give you a link.

Best wishes from Scotland

Anne Whitaker


Hi All,

I understand you are all happy that Saturn is leaving Kanya or Virgo and entering Thula rasi. But please be prepared that until Dec 2011 you are going to face the worst effect of Janma sani and Ashtama Guru bcoz Saturn is still there in virgo till november-15 2011. Both Janma sani and Ashtama Guru are known for their strengths till April 2011 from Jan 2011 u would have been happier bcoz guru was in a more favourabe place and sani didn't have its effect on you but after may till December 2011 u will face tough period in life.


Hi Bala - Nonsense. I know you are putting Vedic opinions out there, but nothing you say is supported by anything of note since there are many possible ways to compute the position of Saturn. Besides, "u" are are part of all that is, so "u" are also in the soup with the rest of us, regardless of whatever various opinions various Vedic followers opine. Yours is just one of many.


Hi, Bala

I don't see a tough period of life. I see beauty, integration, grace, love, compassion, empathy, and a global consciousness on the move.


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