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Judy Crescenzo

As part of the conscious community of whistle blowers, I'm concerned when only one side is shown in any arena. It makes for separation, for taking sides, rather than cleaning up the turf.

You aledge that voter fraud is being used on behalf of the Republican Party, and fail to mention the issues that have gotten Democrats elected that are questionable.
I can site many on both sides, but the real issue is fairness, and being a voice in the political world.

The truth is we aren't a real Democracy where every vote matters, that is a myth that is hard for people to learn. We are a Republic.

Let's clean up this mess together, it will happen quicker and more efficiently if we go at it with one mind rather than pointing fingers at one party or another.

My two cents.


Elected decision makers not of the people's choice. Uhhh how can current concerns be addressed and how can civilization move forward when leadership is not reflective of the people it is serving? It's a lose lose situation for sure.


Hi Judy - While I agree there has been some elements of fraud perpetuated by both sides across the years, there has never been a case of electronic machines erroneously breaking for Democrats but there have been hundreds of examples of Dem votes being assigned to Repubs. So to equate both as "equal" is a false equivalency. I also know of many questionable elections, but the machines have been or are all owned by openly Republican backers. As for the business of whether we are a Republic v Democracy, we find elements of each, such as direct election of Senators, as well as an overall element of fascism, which is state sponsored corporatism, of which both parties are but two heads of one totalitarian monster.

Hi Caliban - We need open source code with paper backup to verify that a vote cast is actually who it is cast for. While there were machinations in previous eras, this one has allowed the wholesale hijacking of numerous elections. As I noted, I've reported for years on specific examples of how these nefarious machines can be manipulated to dishonest ends very easily.


Great stuff Robert.
You need to get this info on Wikileaks pronto!!!
Wikileaks, Wikileaks, Wikileaks, Wikileaks!

mary streets

Hello Robert, so much is hidden and corrupt in the world, this comes as no surprise. I found something on YouTube that I think you and your readers might enjoy. Go to "UFO Disclosure 2010 America Finally Admitting Aliens Are Among Us". It is a bit slow in the beginning, but the info...57 different kinds of aliens recorded as of 1989, and the pictures of crafts, some of which I have seen myself. Take a look. Mary


Hi Robert, per your comment. Since it is the "belief" on both sides of the aisle that hijacking is happening per Judy, I would think that everyone would support your idea of open source code with paper back for voter verification if that is what would successfully audit the election process. After all, in the US anyway, voting is a right. And rights are to be upheld and protected by law last I heard. Could you talk a little more about how the "open source code" works for this technologically challenged reader?


One final comment or so I say now, is that with the increase in electronic filings, I do believe we will always need to protect the confidential ballot on election day. Only because whipped up fanatics can do crazy inhumane actions to their perceived opponents. So when I go to the polls, my name is checked off by a human and I am given a ballot. I support the onfidential ballot to ensure voter participation and safety.


It's very interesting that the day after I read this article, on Aug.28th, an article appeared in the local newspaper saying that the building that has been housing the Harris County (think Houston, Texas) voting machines burned...and most of the voting machines are gone, right before elections. I don't normally subscribe to conspiracy theories, but this is a highly Democratic county in a highly Republican state where Houston's successful and highly popular former mayor is running as a Democrat for governor against the incumbant Republican. The arson investigation is inconslusive thus far. The voting authorities say they won't allow this to impede voting in any way, but it sure looks fishy.

Perhaps the best outcome would be paper ballots.


Hi all - BradBlog (linked at the right) is the main site always on top of these sorts of things, so by all means check in over there to find the latest in voting machine malfunctions and frauds, as well as many good articles debunking the assertion that "both sides do it." You will note that they almost NEVER cite a verified "fraud" connected to Democrats, but there have been hundreds of dirty tricks associated with the Republicans.

Dems WANT people to vote. Repubs try to purge rolls at every turn, often illegally. Dems try to register everyone they can, and it is a fact that ACORN was absolved of all allegations against them. Again, I once had many dozens of articles citing many sources for my assertions, and usually detractors resorted to ad hominem attacks due to a lack of concrete facts on their parts.

I'm sure Wikileaks has material on this, as BradBlog and BlackBoxVoting are quite reputable sources. You can find more about open source code technology via those sources. Or just use your favorite search engine!

And since we're not even the most intelligent or advanced Beings on our planet, I have no doubt there are far higher Intelligences that pervade our universe. It's just we're stuck with the worst government that money can buy.....

Mary Streets

The YouTube post I spoke about was "removed by user".....Doubtful.


This is indeed a serious problem. Many thanks to the hard woking folks watchdogging this process. I will check into my locale on blackbox. I'd suggest a moratorium on elections until the process is secured, but the moneys that be would probably find a way to use that to their advantage too.

The sad thing is I see this corruption in small-town town hall, workplace, and bio units. I am ever the unpopular Eris-ian in these matters. The behind the hand whisperers tell me stand up and fight, but where are they while I am getting shot down at town hall? I guess a whisper is better than complete silence.

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