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Grateful Reader

thank you - what great timing for this.
always enjoy reading your articles and posts, robert. thank you for all the wisdom, care and light!

Johanna Wingert

Dear Robert,
I read someone like Susan Miller who month to month leaves you hanging and gives you hope only to dash you with yet another catastrophe waiting to happen. I do believe the planets affect us yet I do believe that we have some ability to counter act this. Otherwise we are just pawns in the hands of fate. Thank you for your helpful words to change oneself.


I just found your website this morning and the blessing abound. Even though I am not deep into the language of astroloy, I am an energy consultant and my personal being understands all of what you have to say through the vibrations that my body goes through.
As for Susan Miller she is not one of us in the sense of moving forward in our way of thinking, the does the job for those who want answers not insight.
Thank you for being who you are.


Amazing Robert, lately alot of the people around me closest to me for many years are acknowledging the fact that they have been goading me into some kind of aggressive responses. While I sometimes feel the anger, I am too strong to fall for it though it does hurt me that they doubt me and cannot seem to level with me.
I currently am trying to deal with someone who I today realise may be a borderline personality with severe paranoia and does things to test me, test my word and occasionaly lies outright without even trying to cover it up. How do you keep a relationship with someone like this, can they get over it or will the tempatation to help them just serve them keeping their patterns?
Saturn in Libra! A long road ahead for this Libran:))

Tracy Lee Stum

Wow, perfect timing, as mentioned above. This has been part of my expanding consciousness lately as I feel I am being 'tested' in this area. Every little bit of support helps and thanks for reaffirming that yes, practice makes perfect!


Infinite detachment - I could seriously use some of that! Uranus and Jupiter still hovering around my Sun showing a glimpse of how it could be, while Saturn,Mars and Pluto provide infinite provocation! Thank you for reposting this- needless to say, I had forgotten it and have had to run for the hills, quite literally, a few times of late in order to touch base and calm myself as I am attracting some real beauties (don't ask!)
Hope you and yours, are weathering the wildness ok.


Hi Robert, all I can say is THANK YOU...

This is incredible help for anyone at any time, but I feel like this post touched me especially, considering what I've been dealing with since last year and is still in process.

Although I know these aspects are a part of my natal story and completely necessary for growth it hasn't been easy and to say I hardly recognize my self sometimes is an understatement....

Transiting Pluto square natal moon

Transiting Pluto almost exactly conjunct natal sun

Transiting Saturn in the 2 house opposing natal moon in the 8th

with natal mars square natal moon, I can be already be very volcanic, but this has been a whole other story..

If anyone reading this wants to say a silent prayer for those of us needing it.

I ask for courage and strength to endure


Consider it said Tarallo.


Thank you Morvah! Blessings


Thankyou Robert for this wonderful post, I found it Googling for the significance of the cosmic cross/T square at this time ( I've visited your site many times before) .....While I find your steps really great......I just wanted to add a little something..........about 23 years ago with the dawn of the harmonic convergence spirit guided me towards a process whereby I learnt to do exactly what your 4 step process says....except for one difference, at the point of noticing a triggered emotional response I would attune myself to the in-body feeling and then begin a conversation with it..( so here I have learned to leave the exchange in the here and now, though to all intents and purposes you would think I was still involved, I am not) ..please give me a sign that represents what you are? Being verbally inclined it was usually a word, later images came, sometimes colors, events!! Then I would ask, when and where did you first turn up in my life? Immediately scenes, scenarios, at first just this life but then previous ones came..sometimes even archetypal ones..I was witness to the birth of an "issue"....shall we say, misperception of events birthing a less than useful/truthful emotional decision. Then I would relive the event inspiring my then response, deduction or conclusion with a NOW new wiser more spiritually evolved choice, given what I have learnt since then....( a la if I only knew then what I know now) .....I would take whatever action in that reality I failed to take and needed to take........last but DEFINITELY not least.....I would ask for the wisdom, the learning and the deeper understanding this soul driven divergence in my path furnished me with.....since being given this wonderful way of finding, embracing, processing and releasing negatively inclined discomforts and even pain in my emotional state .........I have practised it 24/7 for the last 20 is my way of life now.

I found that by harvesting these emotional states in disrepair I have been able to mine a huge treasure of opportunities to see, grow, understand and evolve and dispassionate approach to life is far more based on the choices I have the wherewithall to make. I can consciously choose without guilt what I AM interested in and what I a NOT at all interested in. I get to preserve passion in my life by knowing I have not control....rather wise guidance in terms of what to leave alone and what to get involved in. Also I have noticed that my ability to mine pain for it's beauty means the upheavals and emotionally charged potential in my life has significantly reduced. WHY?? because it takes nothing at all to get my attention and so no need for the big bang!!

Cheers Thanks for your wonderful site and thanks for you!! Ursula

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