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Jorge Torres

ThankYou Robert Wilkinson Magical Posts!!!

We need to build millions of little moments of caring on an individual level. Indeed, as talk of a politics of meaning becomes more widespread, many people will feel it easier to publicly acknowledge their own spiritual and ethical aspirations and will allow themselves to give more space to their highest vision in their personal interactions with others. A politics of meaning is as much about these millions of small acts as it is about any larger change. The two necessarily go hand in hand. - Michael Lerner

Blessings !!!


Jorge's enthusiasm is always so easy to spot. I can tell when a post is written by Jkrge before even seeing the signature. Thanks for your sunshiney ways, Jorge. A perfect fit for the message in your post, I might add. Yes, little things certainly do add up.

I'm not sure if I read too much into some of these articles, or if the truth in them is just that evident. Too many of the periods mentioned here as being significant re Grand Irrationality have been tempests or portents of future tempests in my own life. Autumn 2007, September 2008, this past July, November through March 2010.

My Virgo oversensitivitu can get me in its grips while contemplating just how much worse this can all get. It's been a really hard ride these last few years, and I need a reprieve so much.

Detachment. It woukd serve me well to get skilled in this area as the future unfolds, unleashing the obsessive-compulsive abuse on me that I have been subjected to for too long now. Ay yi yi, reprieve, please.

Speaking of OCD-type abusers, while reading the archives here, I came across your article on abusive people from last December. A very good job you did of explaining these exasperating and destuctive types. Thank you for the information.

And thanking you also for the heads-up that I will probably have to continue enduring what they dish out for a while. Very irrational, indeed.

Thanks for the smiles, Jorge.


It seems this year for me the lessons have been about letting go of being stepped on. Letting go of stepping on myself, letting go of negative reactions, letting go of people (some I didn't want to let go of but had to, others I kicked out the proverbial door). I let go of habits and insecurities.
So much has been lifted off my shoulders except for the $ debt I'm in. But I've gained the courage to face everything head-on a litle better. Yet since we are still on the rollercoaster ride (and being a double Aquarius, my life's already a roller coaster ride) I'm safely not looking for anything new yet. The wind is blowing to hard outside and the 3 earth signs in my chart feel the need to stay safe (Virgo, Virgo, Cappy). Robert thank you for recapping all that's happened so far. I'm looking forward to your next post!
Orenda in Renton


I'm sorry about the situation. Been there, and perhaps for the purpose of later becoming a DV couselor for a few years myself. It wasn't until after I decided the pain ends when I want it to, that there was a lesson in it. Something in me had thought "This is as good as I can do." LIE. It really does start with mental/psychic abuse. Abusers first weapon is to make you think you deserve it, until you start to believe their truth as your own. I hope my seeing your post tonight was meant for me to relay this message to you and anyone else who might get something out of it. i'm a true believer in fate.
My email: [email protected]


"Collectively we are at a major fork in the road of human evolution..."

Not sure if I'm being a hormonal angerholic today.

I've entitled myself to a day or so of this energy, where I spew venom via my writing NOT targeted at anyone personally. It's just stuff that I see, that makes me upset, and needs to erupt from my soul. Helps me, and other readers, heal.

In any case, I don't know if I'm done with school. I returned after 12 years, thinking that this was for me, and I feel as though it is a pointless endeavor. My grades are good. One of my professors is great, the other is a blunt, obsessive-compulsive freakshow. I received an e-mail from the latter professor today, and she seemed to want to let me know "who was in charge" after I innocently misunderstood the objective of an assignment.

She gave me until the end of the week to "regurgitate" what she expected of me.

UM, what some professors may wish to DO next time is perhaps specify what is expected of a student when it comes to a particular assignment, especially part of the assignment includes reading two (not one but TWO) 21-page-long, chop-your-head-off essays within a short period of time.

I swear, the e-mail was long and painful to read. I responded with a one-liner, approximately eight words long, and ended it with a "thank you". I've saved her email for future reference in the event that her freakshow behavior gets worse and I have to call in the academic authorities.

And I promised myself, when I submit the revised essay, that I will include a "please grade as is" comment. I don't want it back, even if I get a zero. For gosh sakes, it's our first essay. I CAN dust myself off and try again, you know.

I like school in some ways. It has exposed me to studies that, in a million years, I never would have thought of taking. But at the same time, a lot of what is taught in schools goes untapped and unused in life, which makes the post-secondary academic world a business above all other things. Which, uh, makes me angry.


Sorry about the rant. I'm just finding it more and more difficult to understand what it is that some folks want... and then I see where some areas of the world are headed... and, gah, it sucks.

I do very much appreciate your writing, Robert-- it hasn't failed to resonate with what I'm feeling at a given moment. Thank you for it. We all thank you for it.


Warrior Lady

Sometimes those really, really tough professors turn out to be the ones you like best of all. For me that happened, and I kept in touch with that guy for many years.

But? A long email, over a first assignment? Hmmm.

Someone once taught me that an effective response to outrageous emails is this: "Okay, thanks." What're they gonna say to that?

Sorry things are not so welcoming when they should be. Try to stick it out and keep an open mind?

You are right that much of what is required studying seems pointless in the so called "real world," but often those courses really teach you how to think in a different way. And then of course, there is just learning about how to polick folks we don't really care for.

Hoping it gets better for you. It's just one class, so it will never define who you are or what you are capable of.

Orenda, thank you for your note. Yes, I believe in fate too.


Warrior Lady, I got one tough one, too, at school. All of the students in the program are on the same page with him and he knows it and makes fun of us for it. Group moaning is a daily activity. But we all know he knows his stuff and we will be needing what he teaches in our field work.

The tech writing teacher was the classic rigidly structured “English school marm.” It was a challenge to maintain my creativity while “feeding the bear.” But it is possible.

On another note, love the review by the "septile guy". We are 10+ years into this pattern with 10 more to go? And I am finally accepting it. The obsessive compulsive and frustration seems to come in with repeatedly enacting the same old behaviors that just don't work anymore. The cool part is that the change is going on with close associates, too, and probably everyone. They bring me to my knees in awe.


Letting started for me a long time ago and i went along with the wind,,,my circle here is now only starting to deal with the concept of their own mortality. They are looking for me again, I am glad I am strong and available. 4 sudden deaths this month all in the same circle, young vital men turning on their heels for, well something else. It seems like we just don't know who is going to be with us next year and people are filled with fear and sorrow and the rest well they are just struggling to keep above water, even in their range rovers etc...what I am seeing and hearing, tho I wish I could help with the pain, there may be beauty in the unfolding.
Me I am drawing portraits rapidly everyone I can that I meet:)))


"...can understand what we're going through and what is happening in our lives from the perspective of those choices we made between 2006 and July 2010."

ACCEPTANCE of what is. Possibilities to change the un-comforts, but for the most part; accepting some responsibility for our personal pickles. My Mom used to say "you made this bed, now lay in it." Well, we know how to remake beds, but my metaphor is to take a nap and think about it.


Hate to detract from this spiritual moment but I have a Grand Trine in water tomorrow,

Venus 6 in scorpio 7th...natal jupiter 6 12th pisces and natal uranus 6 in cancer 3rd casa.

Perhaps it's LOTTO TIME! I could use a little lotto this week! Lets all to to Hawaii!

Hope my tears will be for joy!


I love this place!
All the Rank Pulling shinanigans come from the Capricorn no-nonsense Moon we're in. Hopefully WarriorLady's teacher will snap out of it! :)
Even I found myself reminding a few of my clients in an email yesterday that I run my cleaning business, not them. As mentioned in an earlier post, I'm at a point finally where I feel I've absolutely nothing to lose & absolutely nothing to prove. Had a rough year too, but honestly love myself inside & out more right NOW than I ever have. AS losses were going on (and maybe Robert can relate to this) my inner eyes were also opening at the same time. I started seeing things and people for who they've really been. I think I posted that back in like July while it was going on.
K, won't get wordy tonight. Kelly thank you for your email, I've sent one back 2 U as well.
Big Hugz n' Peaces Gang

P.S....does anyone else here have Pisces in Venus in their chart?


Oh yeah,
anyone who wants to revisit the question of why some of us are seeing
numbers (the 11:11 phenomena) go to where someone finally went and asked. I was STUNNED at how many people responded! Every where from Australia to Canada, and as young as 8 years old are wondering what the heck, and why they started seeing these. It's very interesting to read the blog, to which I added my own theories.
K, g'night y'all.
(No I'm not from south, from NYC) :)


Wow - these comments are really hitting home. My BF and I are about to make the big relationship move - as in 'in together'. It's involving a lot of maneuvering, an actual physical distance move, and the quitting of a job to we know not what. At the same time, the other of us got what appears to be a relatively sure other job as well - more money, less traveling - what's not to like? And issues on the homefront with daughter have turned 180 degrees.

It is the proverbial Clean Slate as BF & I start over again and do what we should have done 20 years ago but for the time we apparently needed apart to learn, grow and bring forth our kids into the world.

This is an exciting time! Scary, but exciting! And I see the rest of the world in this weird turmoil - and both BF and I are having 'short-timers syndrome' at work. We chatted last night - and came to the conclusion it's likely not that the job folks are getting worse, we believe it's us getting better and not accepting employee abuse into our world anymore.

Robert am really, really looking forward to Part 2! The above timelines make MONDO sense looking retrospectively. Thank you (and everyone!) for your wisdom!



Hi Robert,

A bit of a random question for you... I was wondering... historically in the last 90 years, women have gained suffrage (1920), and thereafter entered the workforce en masse (beginning during WWII) and then came feminism (1960s etc)... Im wondering if you could pinpoint the transits in question... Id imagine that Venus and Mars might be involved...

Quang cao truc tuyen

The post is absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need! Also like to admire the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer! I will bookmark your blog


Hi Orenda - Yes, I have Pisces in Venus!

Robert - thanks so much. Both this and your last on Mercury Stationary Direct were spot on for me. I've been journaling and thinking through the planets, degrees, transits and actual events that shook out at specific times... they match up very interestingly. And well reflected in your articles.

My dear, lovely Taurus dad pass on January 17th, 13 days before I turned 30. And just a few weeks after his third Saturn return. (yes he was nearly 60 years older than me!). The events leading up to them (okay, my whole life) and the events that followed have all been on a continuum. Now, Saturn's just moved over the degree it held (4 degrees Libra) when my dad passed. I've got his birth chart up, his death chart, my chart, and the current transits to connect the dots, and uncovering some fascinating stuff. Though the thing about astrology is not matter how much I seem to learn about it, I always want to know more to be able to dig deeper.

Anyway, a real life reflection that what you're speaking of is actually playing out in my life... and as it seems here, all our lives.

Thanks much... I appreciate the time you take with these articles... It's truly generous hearted.


Thank you SO much for the feedback, guys! Much appreciated, believe me.

Well, I resubmitted the assignment. If I get a fat zero on it, so be it. There are plenty more assignments to successfully complete.

I think I'll stick around in school for now. I'm not there for the stuffy teachers, anyway. I'm there for a good portion of the classes and the learning experience.

Kelly said: Someone once taught me that an effective response to outrageous emails is this: "Okay, thanks." What're they gonna say to that?

Indeed! Replying with a one-liner really helped me to laugh at this whole thing, and I wrote an essay that may just blow her out of the water...

Have a happy weekend,


Hi all! Love the articles and replies. Always trying to learn a bit more (difficult sometimes!)

I do have Venus in Pisces - and then?
I have been seeing 11:11 since 1987
Let go? Wow! Since 11:11 my life became a constant 'letting go' and I go with the flow.

Please, anybody could give some of this special moment (grand irrationality)with my aspects?

Sun Aries 2°18'14 in house 3 direct
Moon Capricorn 2°16'09 in house 12 direct
Mercury Aries 4°46'09 in house 3 direct
Venus Pisces 26°35'35 in house 3 direct
Mars Gemini 3°20'05 in house 5 direct
Jupiter Virgo 26°10'42 in house 9 retrograde
Saturn Sagittarius 14°18'28 in house 11 stationary (R)
Uranus Leo 3°00'37 in house 7 retrograde
Neptune Scorpio 1°59'41 in house 10 retrograde
Pluto Leo 28°26'17 in house 8 retrograde
True Node Scorpio 20°55'36 in house 10 direct

much appreciated!

[email protected]


It is interesting being an Aquarius myself-but with Libra Moon Neptune rising and Saturn Pluto in Leo and Uranus Gemini opposition Jupiter Sagittarius and Mars in Virgo wit Sun Mercury in Aquarius North node in Taurus/S node in Scorp--what else can go wrong! I just got an Aries batting mad at me and fired me from her babysitting cat job --all in 3 days! I was late, I was this/that--hell! still wounded

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