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I do love your work Robert, as you've done it again Robert. You have just posted another article on a subject which I have been mulling over in my mind here and there over past week. And your last two paragraphs which I do so quote below does sum up the situation I ponder, thank you Robert;

All beings have the opportunity to choose to awaken at any given moment in their life if they pay attention to the life around them. Since the evolutionary process itself always offers us new truths, we always have a choice to "see it differently." There is never a time or circumstance where we are prevented from moving from the unreal to the real, from darkness to light, and from death to immortality.

The light is always there, impossible to ignore or forget, even for those who are ignorant. That's why we always have the power to choose to awaken to a more "enlightened" way of doing our Being.


1 "DAY" soon no individual on this planet will be able to say that they are ignorant. As everyone worldwide shall see the light it being undeniably of the "TRUTH". Those that do accept this knowledge and embrace it shall forever have tomorrow, but all those who deny shall condemn themselves forever to be of yesterday's "HISTORY", for their fate shall be same as those who magician evil - "NOUGHT". As the saying goes "you may lead a horse to water but you cannot make it to drink" being "TRUE", for everyone have "FREE WILL" to so choose which "PATH" they wish to pursue in living I? - You do have to have "COURAGE" and "A" sense of "HUMOUR" if you wish to walks "HIGHWAY" if you are "AN ENLIGHTENED PERSON".





In this world we are not afraid of the dark - we are afraid of the light..


Thank you for another brilliant poetic article.
Every moment we choose to expend/evolve or remain in the illusion-ary comfort of the perceived reality/story we carry as truth...
Until we embody our True/HigherSelf and Live an Authentic way of Being.
Thank you for your constant insights.


I second Caliban - WOW!!

Interesting that sometimes we require messages more than once, and how willing our higher selves give said messages. Not just for people being willfully ignorant causing pain and turmoil, but the willfully ignorant who hurt themselves by not learning, listening, embracing the light.

It took a SOLID 30 years for me to find a semblance of inner peace. I put myself in the path of a lot of wilfully ignorant people; apparently I needed to be beaten over the head a lot to listen AND respond/respect to my own higher self. And accept my guilty plea for something that rolled past my ignorance years ago into full-fledged wilfullness of harming myself by not 'paying attention'.

I love how you have outlined this process, Robert. Thank you sooo much for your guidance and light. Blessings.


Powerful, strong truth, fearlessly stated. Thank you!


How to change your karma for the better and get good karma-
Do nice things!
(people worry about karma like they're going to get punished something-
well maybe, but most of the time, 99.9999 per cent of the time they're
wrong about that-
If worried about it-- do nice things! This is word I got about that anyway..


and by the way, people should calm down about the spirit world,
hey, it's hard to even just survive paying bills etc. - just to survive!
higher ways of being I think somewhat illusory- you still need people
and friends to relate to (that's how spirit comes to you usually anyway)
Even if you were a millionaire who would you talk to? who would you call?
Spirit is for the EArth, for life, just to live... and stay sane and healthy,
God is the Earth it's his kingdom trying to come in and it's gonna take
a couple thousand years probably so people should relax.. it's gonna happen


Sorry for the length of this. No one has to read it; I just had to express it. The imminent Pluto-North Node conjunction compels...


I continue to experience a lessening of judgment about where others are at on their evolutionary path and to feel more compassion than repugnance whenever and wherever these kinds of behaviours appear.

Two points come to mind which might ruffle feathers in fluffy pink cotton candy New Age circles:

First, the victims of abuse (including at times Yours Truly) are every bit as neurotic as the perpetrators, except in those cases where karma is clearly at play, such as when innocent babies are mistreated. As I like to say half-jokingly to my married friends, relationships come down to matching neuroses. This dirty little truth is one of the most helpful things anyone ever said to me. A buddy tired of hearing me complain about being harangued by someone close to me finally offered this: "XYZ screaming at you and slamming the phone on you is HER stuff; your being screamed at and having the phone slammed on you by XYZ is YOUR stuff." I've never looked back, having learned slowly over time to take full responsibility for whatever manifests in my field - without assigning blame to self or others, as my helpful and exasperated friend so kindly advised.

Second, increasingly I view the aggression and malfeasance we witness around us, both personally and as a society, as a projection or outpicturing of our own repressed and denied Shadow material. How we love to identify scapegoats and foist all of our secret urges, drives, obsessions, compulsions, addictions, fears, phobias and all that yucky stuff we're ashamed of, or afraid to own up to, onto the latest guy to go postal, or the jerks on Wall Street, or "those people" who do everything from littering to cheating on their income taxes. Who, moi? No way!

The prison population in the U.S. keeps growing exponentially and is now the largest per capita in the world. This is a graphic and grotesque reflection of the convenient compartmentalization of the nation's collective Shadow. No one wants to deal with the root causes of these social issues, much less contemplate their own subliminal role in it. And very few people are interested in healing the world one person at a time by taking direct responsibility for creating their reality and the dynamics of their relationships. So there is massive projection of unowned KRAP onto "the other guy" in our personal lives, and onto the ubiquitous "bad guys" on a societal level.

With Venus retrograde in Scorpio for many weeks, disposited by Pluto closing in on a once-in-seventeen (or so) years conjunction with the North Node of destiny, these themes have been very much on my mind and in my heart. Scorpio, the eighth house (the twelfth as well) and Pluto are about daring to lift the lid on the Pandora's box of your own messy psyche and taking a gander.

Dare to don your hip waders and plunge into the murky, stagnant swamp of your own unconscious gunk. Get to know your psychological issues and patterns, own them, get comfortable with them and, yes (!), partner with them, rather than projecting them onto those around you as a way to escape dealing with them.

The reward is integrity in the sense of wholeness as well as the Buried Treasure we so often forget is associated with Pluto - the uncovering of our hidden resources, the harnessing of our personal power and the revealing of our previously unrecognized talents.

As Carl Jung so famously said: what is not brought up into conscious awareness comes to you as apparent Fate. By taking responsibility for everything that happens in my field, I feel empowered. When I get into blame or judgment, it weakens me because my power is given over to other people. The only Bogey Man is the one I see in the mirror and he's not really that scary.

Some time after this realization had really sunk in and I had become quite comfortable with my Shadow, I received a letter from an inmate in a U.S. prison...He said he had picked me from a list of members of a an astrological association because he got a good vibe from my name. He was very respectful and made it clear he hoped I was not alarmed by his overture, asking if I would do a chart reading for him. This was a perfect Jungian/synchronistic comfirmation that by embracing and even partnering with your Shadow, you discover it's not that threatening after all. And the world around you becomes friendlier too!

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