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A most beautiful message, Robert.
Thank you for your wisdom and guidance. Many of your insights in this article bring forth peaceful focus and a sense of faith and allowing.

Blessings to you and yours!


I wonderful article Robert.

It feels like the end (almost), and a new beginning dawing. I am recieving impressions and images of what the newness will hold. Thanks for all you do. I appreciate it very much.



Thanks so much for this. My Midheaven is 20 degrees Sagg also conjuncting this stationary Mercury. I am writing a book proposal that I plan to "shop" at a Writer's Conference in the spring. I am a Gemini, May 28, 1957 @ 1:48 a.m. Chicago, IL and when I read this post it really resonated that big changes are on the horizon.


"Elftile" aspects certainly seem to speak to me of adventure;)
I am one who has never been able to "visualize" anything, much less the future, so presently I am simply trying to be more present. I feel a void within and can only surmise it may be pregnant with possibility, but as to when or what may be birthed, I have truly no idea.
Thanks, as always, for what you share here.


Robert San
Thank you for this, for all...
Much love, light, gratitude


Hi Robert,

Thanks for this great article. If you have time, it would help teach me to have your thoughts on the following...

A friend of mine has her Mars at 20 Sag in the 1st directly opposite Uranus in the 7th/Gemini, while I have Neptune at 21 Sag in the 8th right after the cusp (sextile Pluto in the 6th). Any thoughts you can share to explain how this sensitive point interacts with those natal planets? No worries if this is too long of a question, but I am trying to learn through studying friends and my own chart.

Thank you, Robert. K

Isabel Nobre

Dear Robert,

The whole Family at home has been going through a process of its king since April 2010, when my Mother (aged 87 then) became ill and started falling down easily, etc. Living with us for about two years back then, I started to sleep near to her, in her room, so to avoid any more dangerous falls, as we discovered she had four hernias in her spine! Well, to make a king story short, it happens that this Lady with a compassionate Heart has in the mean time had her 88th. birthday last 28th. Sagittarius and is weaker and weaker (and so am I, as I work day time and spend the night taking care of her, while my Husband takes care of her during the day...)
Just to explain my doubt, the Lady has been through the Neptune to Natal Neptune opposition already (Neptune being the Regent of her eighth house), is already facing an opposition of Pluto to Natal Pluto, an almost exact third return of Saturn, has had 7 Jupiter returns, and her Natal Moon is being afflicted several times already by the passage of Uranus and Jupiter in the last degrees of Pisces (Natal Moon being between 27 and 28 Pisces).

By now the Lady has trouble walking (in fact does not walk except supported by us), can only digest liquid or smooth food, like soup, yogurt, smashed fruit, soya desserts, and such like, sometimes she is lucid, sometimes she sees things which may be real or the result of senility...

For months now, she claims that a car looking official is there waiting for her, that the guys in the car explained to her they are watching the city for safety, they apparently invited her to go with them... Yet, we live in an apartment building high up - there can be NO cars in from of our windows...

With all this, the difficulty implied in her planetary positions, I never even expected her to make it this long, as she gets frailer every day... We all LOVE her so much, and I get mixed feelings, as I can remember the bright woman she was, poet, Philosophy Degree, translating several languages, making beautiful lectures, and BEING her amorous and healing Self to all in a generous way!

So, I would like her to free her Beautiful, luminous Soul, from this decaying body... But of course go on treating her with all tenderness, especially as she lost her Mum at age 3.5, so she dwells a lot on this feeling of loss...

I try to be her Mother now and to prepare her for the transition...

What is your idea about this???

Thank you



Hi Elah - Thanks for your praise of the work. Peacefulness and "allowing" based in our inner equipoise are often the best antidotes for unrest and rigidity, even that which we're unaware of. As we practice these, dealing with others' unrest and rigidity becomes a little easier. Of course, blessings to you as well!

Hi Sunshyne99_33 - It is the "end of the end" and therefore "before the beginning" which will soon present itself. I'm sure you will make the transition with grace and openness since it will feel great to allow the past to fade into the rear view mirror.

Hi Brenda - You're most welcome. This would be the commencement of a new public self, and certainly a book could be indicated by Mercury SD on the MC! Given where Jupiter is, this should be a very productive set of weeks in front of you!

Hi Sabina - Well, the "elftile" series, based in dividing the circle by 11 (I named it "Elf" since that's the word for 11 in German) do pose forms of spiritual adventure, since they all require resolving some form of duality through some form of a leap of faith. Each of the series is slightly different than the rest, but all involve dualities that must be resolved by "taking the leap," which could constitute an adventure!

If you cannot visualize clearly, then practice it by steps. There are many exercises for learning how to visualize. Start with some basic things like seeing things in your hand or on the floor or walls that are not there in substance, or focus the gaze on a single thing and then transfer that image to another place. Voids ARE "pregnant with possibility" since that which is empty can be filled! The trick is to hold the empty space so it's filled not with the first thing that appears, but the BEST thing that could appear. And of course, all voids require leaps of faith, just as a pregnant person must have faith that the void being filled in the womb day by day will result in a living being.

Hi shanita - You're most welcome! Looking forward to visiting in a couple of months give or take....

Hi Kristina - Mercury will be the messenger to bring your friend new info re: her Mars function, and hopefully it will bring ideas of how to externalize her Uranus in multiple forms of Sag action. For you, you'll be getting signals about your Neptune function, or how you can best relate to collective consciousness given that you'll also get info about the future of humanity in the large. There is a lot more, of course, but this should whet your appetite.

Hi Isabel Nobre - What you're describing would require a far deeper response than I can give you in a comment stream, but I'll try to offer what I can. First, your prayers and meditations make more of a difference than you may imagine. Also, death is not the enemy, since we all must confront it someday. You are the equivalent of a midwife, but at the end instead of the beginning. The love you share is forever; your task is to make it as unconditional as you can, since the "condition" of her physical presence is on the wane.

She sounds like a remarkable woman, and you are blessed to be her companion this life. I believe that after a certain point in the process, the dying "turn to face the other side." That's why it's important to just love, love, and love some more, encouraging them to be as they must to prepare for the transition. We can help them by reminding them of the love that's all around, as well as the love waiting for them "on the other side." Since hearing and touch are the last senses to go, then things like holding them, brushing their hair, talking to them about the love you've shared and will always share is often soothing, since approaching death does bring up a lot of uncertainty to their minds. That's why we appeal to their hearts.

It doesn't matter what they say they're seeing or experiencing that to some may sound like senility. It's their reality, and we're here to love them, not correct them. It sounds like the guys in the official car are waiting to transport her to the "heaven world." In the astral world, cars can be in mid-air without needing to be on the street. It's all symbolic to her individual consciousness, not our waking linear perceptions.

Keep meditating on the greater unconditional love that you all share together and have "forever." Surround her with angels/devas that will make her transition easier, and when it happens, try not to fret. As I've written on previous Jan 9 articles, the price of love is grief, since one must die first. But love is stronger than death, and our prayers and meditations do help those who leave the body to move through the various frequencies of "the bardo" into the frequencies of "the heaven world" in perfect harmony within the greater field of Love/Light/Life that is the eternal state of things. My blessings on your further loving assistance to one who is obviously very loved by many.

Isabel Nobre

Dear Robert,

Your remarkably loving answer is everything I expected it to be and more - thank you ever so much!
I am, in fact trying my best to do all of that.
I was wondering whether a "timetable" is predictable from all the important conjunctions and oppositions she has now, but maybe it is Life wanting me to "hang in there" for as long as it takes... I WILL:



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