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Wild Horse Running

Blessings to you.. Robert, and all in the Cantina...

The Solar eclipse falls on my nadir...14.06 Cap..
Am I correct that the nadir represents inner foundation/structure? And if so, this eclipse represents structure/foundation changes, and as it is
opposite the MC will lead to career changes?

with kind regard....WHR


Thankyou for the article, Robert. I read all of them and they are all so helpful and insightful.This sounds like a really interesting eclipse - and it actually falls on my birthday! Do you think that it will have much impact on the following year and my solar return?


Hi WHR - Blessings to all of us in 2011 as things accelerate! On the nadir, I would think this very auspicious Eclipse will bring understanding, harmonization, and release of old childhood Capricorn patterns while grounding a new authority. Will compose more about it over the next few days, but given the symbol, I suspect you'll get a "valid historical perspective" on early life experiences and deprivations that will help you separate out the white noise from the "permanent records" that are the themes of your life helping you sing your song in your way on your terms. As for the MC, "as the roots so the flowers." Any major impact on our 4th will eventually yield flowers via the 10th.

Hi Becks - You're welcome. Glad the work helps you to insights (and therefore future effectiveness). Falling on your birthday, it will shut down old parts of your light/life creating space for some new illumination to come forth. Your Solar Return will show many of the same aspects as the Eclipse, so welcome to a very long term influence of Venus forming an exact trine to Jupiter and Uranus! How much the separating Mars square Saturn will affect you is determined by the Moon's position in your Solar Return. There's more to all of this, but that's beyond a comment stream.


Happy new year Robert and thank you for all your wisdom. This eclipse falls exactly on my north node in the 12th house and hence opposite my numerous Cancer planets. Hmm. Methinks it's time to abandon all struggles and go within.

Namaste o wise one! :)


Transit venus exact conjunct natal sun in 7th,eclipse exact conjunct my progressed sun in 9th.....This all sounds so positive and looking forward to this new year ahead.

Happy New Year to you Robert.



Happy New Year Robert & All,
It's been a year of much avid, interesting, enlightening reading of your work Robert & everyones' contributions at this 'cantina'- thanks one & all - Looking forward to more ;-)
Very excited about this eclipse occuring conjunct my DC.....


Hi Robert ... suz-d here, (if you've forgotten who that it, it's the recording and performing artist) this eclipse feels really heavy...whew! I feel a lot of dread and heaviness... my moon and mars are conjunct in capricorn in the 8th house, which trines saturn venus & mercury in the 11th house, & opposing pluto in the 2nd house. my sun is conjunct uranus in the 12th house. I was feeling great a few days ago about making new intentions on Jan 4, almost like this is the real new year point, and instead I'm filled with dread! ay yi yi
any light you can shed would be most appreciated...! thnx


Happy New Year and era everyone and thank you Robert.


Happy New Year, Robert.

This eclipse is sextile my Mercury (ruler of my 2nd and 11th Houses) and is, more importantly, I think, conjunct my partner's Saturn which is in a Grand Earth Trine with his North Node and Midheaven. I anticipate some positive developments with his career -- more than likely a position as a Mentor or Authority Figure in some way -- over the next several weeks. Maybe even by the time Jupiter and Mercury trigger the Eclipse degree in mid-March. :^)

Bilyana Petrova

Thank you, Robert! This one is conjuct my Sun and Venus, square my Pluto and North Node and sextiles my Uranus. Saturn on the other hand is conjuct my Pluto and square my Sun, Venus in Capricorn. Jupiter and Uranus trine my MC and sextile my IC but Neptune/ chiron sqare them both. Your articles definetely help!

Happy New Year and best wishes,



Hi Valerie - An eclipse in the 12th could show the end of old motives, old sorrows, old ways of looking at your life. It should show you more of the "internal organization" of your long term karma in ways that help you grow into your power to reorganize your life without anxiety. Meditation is absolutely indicated to be a very good thing for you by this eclipse! Namaskarams....

Hi Amy - It would seem that your light/life will be made more beautiful, while elements of your progressed life will take off once certain elements of the house ruled by Leo shuts down. Very happy to you as well!

Hi H - Glad you checked in. I'll bet old types of equal relationships shut down, making way for more mature, responsible, or illuminated ones.

Hi suz-d - Yes, I know who the eminent "suz-d" really is!;-) This will help eliminate old feelings and aggravations while opening space for you to regenerate somehow, or put the power in shared resources. This will help to harmonize your Mercury, Venus, and Saturn, or at least you'll understand their function better in the future. Being filled with dread is an excellent time to step back, practice detachment, and take a dispassionate look at the source of the dread. Then kill it out at the root, since it's an illusion. It could also be that you're just becoming more sensitive to collective dread, which is fairly thick right now due to unaddressed global problems.

Hi v - Happy to you as well. May the next year bring you the best to compensate for the past. Will be getting to the email you sent me soon.

Hi duse - Happy to you also. Yes, this should bring positive career developments while removing old Saturn material they no longer need to carry. March is indeed a turning point.

Hi Bilyana Petrova - You're definitely restructuring your divine Self! As I mentioned in a previous article, an eclipse conjunct the Sun may take away old life, but always introduces new vitality and illumination perfect for our evolved self. Glad the articles help clarify.


Hello Robert:

I loved this:

"We can feel our way to deep understanding of alternatives and possibilities by letting go of deflective or distractive disputes and gear grinds and turning quickly to whatever new initiatives present themselves for our future fulfillment."

Partly inspired by this and other similiar writings of yours with respect to the current astrology (as well as under the influence of my own personal transits and progressions), I have withdrawn completely from any and all attempts to get my upstairs neighbour to lower the noise level to a dull roar and refocused my attention elsewhere. She has responded so far by ramping it up a few more decibels, literally stomping her feet on the floor while laughing loudly (!), just to show me who's boss. Yet in the face of sleep deprivation, having to wear ear plugs and an enduring tension headache, I'm sticking to my guns by squarely placing my attention elsewhere. Over time I have a feeling things will quieten a bit since I grokked (sp?)the underlying messages for which this situation is merely a metaphor. I was bullied in high school in a simliar relentless way, as well as by a relative and a couple of bosses. This time it is so over-the-top that I'm finally really seeing how no one in reality takes your power from you - but rather it is you who give it away. (Transiting Mercury-Mars-Pluto on December 14th conjoined on my natal North Node/Toro, thus lessens in the proper channelling of personal power have been the order of the day.) So a big thank you!


Thank you Robert.

Leo rules my 5th house, while I have certainly had a lot of fun bringing up my children, looking forward to my eldest (son) moving out soon maybe? will allow new growth in this looking forward to this.

Can I combine 5th house taking me on a 9th house adventure?



de ce nu:)

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