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« Perception, Discrimination, and Finding Accurate Knowledge | Main | Saturn Retrograde at 18 Libra Affecting Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces Through September 2011 »



Need part two. 6th house natal Libra Nep 15. I'm thinking to re-visit the diet that worked before? I quit smoking nicotine in Sept. after 4 decades and yes, got a bit chubby, Robert. I am a friend of saturn, so I steer toward the positive... Sat was retro when I entered this material world. Your loving earthling (aries/moon) goat girl.


Just minutes away, now. Here in Mountain time it will be at 11:11 pm. This morning I had a very unusual dream in which Spirit told me something directly about a past life of mine. What I did then was not good. It indicated that now the karma is finally balanced. Thank you, Spirit! Sun 18 Libra, South Node 16 Libra, Neptune 15 Libra. Next few months are going to be very interesting.


Exactamente on my decendent 7th house cusp, Your Highness.....where will I go from here? Could I be getting ready to have a partner to work with????


"Restoring equilibrium" . . . I like the sound of that. Steady state is indeed the driver.


Hi jan - You now have part 2. Those of us with Neptune in mid-Libra are going to be restructuring our ideals and sense of proportion within collective consciousness. Yes, it could be a good time to revisit Neptunian things to repair what was damaged before now. Opposing your Moon it will definitely help you decrease some habits and sentimentalities to assist you getting back on track with your greater destiny, as well as get rid of rules and limitations that keep you from taking care of yourself. I also have Saturn RX, and I believe it's one of the planetary retrogrades that actually works really well!

Hi dcu - This will ultimately bring you the rewards for what you've persevered in since 1981-82. Don't waste energy or vitality, and make corrective adjustments in your ideals and fall back positions.

Hi chickie - Yes, except the upcoming months are a "last look back and preparation" for what will surface this Autumn. This is about you learning to be an equal, neither controlling nor being controlled, letting go of fear, rigidity, and rules about relationships that have kept the ideal from coming forth before now.

Hi caliban - That's why Saturn is exalted in Libra. Saturn energies find their "grounds for greatest growth" in the balance, justice, equilibrium, and elegance of Libra.

Wild Horse Running

Hola Senor...

Mine is just the opposite of Chickie' ascendant is 12.06 Libra, so its going back over into the 12th,
as Jupiter is approaching the descendant? A last look at the "past", letting go of the old movie? And then
when it goes forward...a new "Identity"?????


Hi WHR - Yes, exactly! This completes a self image you began back in 1980-82, and you're now taking a last look back and re-editing the movie of your life to see a different perspective. Of course this also begins a long term restructuring of your self image that will last many years. Saturn in the first gives us a new rigor. Jupiter in the 7th opens a new adventure in equal-ness.


Hi Robert,
first i have to say - i ve been silent reader/ learner on your site for years .Your knowledge coupled with your spiritual wisdom has helped me a lot of times. Finally in my life , i do see how a spiritual turning point might save me after what can only be called - a life of struggle . Perhaps 2012 would be a boom as u say! march would be a turning point this year too, right ?
and then i read "preparing for new karmic events coming this Winter that will help us pay dues and restore elements of our individuality that may have gotten lost in the past" in the piece above . what r these dues? any more dues i have to pay, i might not be able to!

thankyou for spreading light and giving us hope, deeper faith and guidance through these difficult times... May god bless you.


Grazie, Your Highness,

I feel it's HIGH time to take on a partner to work with....!


Hi Awashed - Glad you checked in, and that whatever I've written in the past has helped you to wisdom. Please realize that we're paying dues of one sort or another our entire life. Some are experiences that give our words authenticity while others help us turn away from some karmic patterns and embrace others. And thanks for your blessings, since we all need all the blessings there are to move through these unstable times.

Hi chickie - We all need people to work and play with. Perhaps you will find your equal with whom you can create stirring imagery and move into your heart's love. Jupiter should already be opening you to grander adventures....


Hi, Robert, Saturn is in a trine position with my sun now. But transiting my 3rd house area. Soon it will also trine my south node at 22 sag and then my juno at 24 and then it will trine my natal saturn in Aquarius at 29 d! I think it is time for change for me. As, I mentioned earlier in another post that I have jupiter transiting my 9th house as well and well uranus is in my 8th house. Phew!!! Riding the wave the best I can.
Thanks for this post as well.


This has resonated in so many ways. I've experienced a shift in consciousness. After spending many years living in aloneness. Ive recognize the negative seeds here and in the ppl we love and try my best not to water them. If i do, they will be very unhappy, and i will be unhappy, also. I also try to recognize the positive seeds that are in us and to live daily in a way that I can touch them and help them manifest on the upper level of consciousness, they do grow stronger this way. Whenever you have time, please water the seeds that need to be watered. It is a wonderful and very pleasant practice of diligence, and it brings immediate results. Namaste

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