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Is there an easy way for me to figure out where it is transiting in my chart?


hi amy,
if you look on the outside circle of your chart, one of the sections will have a sign that looks like a big version of the letter "V" with curled out sides. That's where aires is. the first part of that section as you go counter clockwise is the first degree.

Jorge Torres

ThankYou Robert Wilkinson !!!

All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope. Sir Winston Churchill !!!

Blessings !!!


I was so "optimistic" 1999/2000 (started as single mother). I changed my life by myself - dramatically.
My kid has been complaining a lot since... But I have
been much happier.

Now 2010/2011 everything changes, thought I want to have/keep old and simple. I have no 'vision' and I feel like "cast a way". Life is paying back??

Transits: Saturn at house 1, Jupiter at 7 (exact on DC) and Pluto at 4.

Should I bee more on control?
What is the purpose of Saturn transit at house 1?
(My own Saturn is at house 9 and twins.)


This is occurring in my 2nd house. I am hoping and praying for some financial relief as I've been unemployed since April last year when the Saturn Uranus Opposition occurred (posted on that Saturn Uranus article during that time as well and got some very nice well wishes from this awesome community!).

All I can do is hope and pray that financial improvement will occur. if not, we're losing the house in a few weeks since all funds are almost depleted and the job market is still not in good shape.


Hi Ed. All of us in this cantina again send well wishes your way. Just be open to both expected and unexpected opportunities coming your way. May whatever is in the highest and best interest for you and your family come forth at this time. So Mote it Be. And So It Is.





thank you very much! I truly appreciate all of the kind words and well wishes I receive from this community!

Hoping that Jupiter in Aries bodes well for everyone!

I've read somewhere that when Jupiter conjunct uranus in transit triggers a great change in life especially if they are also conjunct natally. well, I have jupiter conjunct uranus in my eight house and when the conjunction occurred last Jan 4 it was opposed my stellium of jupiter, uranus, and pluto in the eight house (with pluto right at the cusp of the eight). the conjunct also occurred exactly on my north node and also conjunct my Progressed Moon and all of them are in the 2nd house (in equal house system, my 2nd house is last decanate of pisces and then first two decanates of aries).

it is true that every 12 to fourteen years I experience some sort of big change in my life which has included a change in continents or residence, world travel, and a change in finances and in careers. I don't know what kind of change is going to happen now but I must say that the waiting part is the hardest since I have been on hold since April of 2010 when I lost my job.

Hoping that Jupiter in Aries will get me out of this rut and get me going in a productive direction. the waiting is "killing" me with a slow and painfull daily occurrence of "nothing is happening!"


Hi Robert,
I love your site! I have a question, My first house extendes from 23 pisces, all the way to 4 taurus. Will Jupiter still affect my first house in any significant way? Also, how will jupiter affect my seventh house which of course is opposite (and includes venus at 12). Thank you for making astrology understandable to those of us who can't study it as much as we would like.


You got it right (Ed)!

Unexpected changes are difficult to understand beforehand. And I think I have this 12 year cycle also.

I have been unemployed since January 2009. Still alive
and managed financially somehow.

This Jupiter and Uranus conjunction will give positive things...
I already feel that I see and hear better, I have exercised more. I also got higher academic degree last Christmas. It have to count some day...

Best wishes,
Foreigner from Scandinavia:)



one positive thing that has been happening for me are the excercises/work outs. I have been working out a lot lately and I am in the best shape I've ever been. I am literally walking/running anywhere from 3 to 5 miles per day, lifting weights, and have lost around 25 pounds. I literally look different (physically) and I don't see myself stopping the work outs anytime soon.


1/22 was my Birthday! I have a sense of renewed hope, much like when Jupiter transited my Sun. Natal Jupiter in Aries, 8th house this year will bring my Jupiter return, hopefully to further propel my permaculture dream! Thank you for your articles, Robert I always enjoy them!


All I know is that since Jupiter re-entered Aries. I have had a more of a "Honing, Directness, Sharpness"
Which has been beneficial on the job. In accounting within a grocery store. I see into, and find mistakes much quickly, along with problem solving skills. Also I take notice of which "walls" to break down, and if it really is one that I need to ram my head through. I dropped an issue on the job with the formation of a possible union starting. And took up, on bringing into my company, a place for employees to meditate and relax from the daily stress's on the job, and Life in general.



Hi Amy - As Shakti said, look for the V with the tops of the V curling downward. You can also look for the sign made by a circle with "horns" on the top, and Aries will be the one preceding it going clockwise.

Hi Shakti - Thanks for elaborating since this is the first time I've had to answer anything in depth for a while.

Hi Jorge - Great quote. Thanks.

Hi Heli - Saturn in the first brings us a new self image while closing an old one. This completes what you began in the early 80s. While Saturn in the first can bring a sense of worldly weariness, it also helps us value our maturity, sense of appropriate limits, and our experience of what we know has brought us wisdom. Saturn in the first definitely lets us know we're not kids anymore!

And many congratulations on getting your degree! That's a great foundation for future possibilities to open up. Education is like that. If we learn about something, and learn to do it well, the world will always reward us over time for doing what we love to do excellently!!

Hi Ed - Saturn in the 2nd requires a persistent practical plan of organizing material and nonmaterial resources to further our emergent new self that was born when Saturn crossed our Ascendant. There are plans to be made and executed that can over time bring you a sense of financial security. You need a different perspective (Saturn in Libra RX), and the willingness to take many small steps to financial security rather than think all will happen in one or two big steps (even if you need to take one or two big steps in the process.)

The opposition in January was a time to see what was surfacing and respond deliberately with intention to the new opportunities that began to be revealed then. Conjunct your NN it opened a new line of evolutionary development. I suspect you have to let go of being too Libra about things, and be more Aries.

In other words, just do it! Get in motion, stay in motion, adjust quickly to move in new directions when it's appropriate, and stop procrastinating or over-considering things. Aries is the sign that makes things happen rather than wait for whatever. It is the sign of determined and swift initiative that acts on its own, not needing permission from others to get things in gear pdq.

Hi dcu - Thanks for offering your best thought forms, since we all need a little help from our friends from time to time.

Hi Warriorlady - Looking forward to the adventure, eh?

Hi Cindy - Glad you like the work. Yes, you have what is known as an "intercepted sign" in your first house. Your adventure in self discovery began when Jupiter conjuncted your Ascendant, and then you got a different experience when it went into Aries. Then it retrograded back on your Ascendant, establishing the Pisces quality. Now it's again showing you that you also have an Aries side to your self image. Your 7th house is more affected by Saturn, and has been for almost a year and a half. That's restructuring your relationships, as per something I wrote to chickie in another comment stream.

Hi Linda - Since the Solar return also falls close to our birthday you could have Jupiter at the end of Pisces or the beginning of Aries as a year-long influence. I wrote on the Jupiter return last year when I had mine, so please check the archives to learn more about that once-every-12-years occurrence. Permaculture is one of the emerging paths to the future health and sustainability of our Earth, so definitely rock on!

Hi Sunshyne - While Jupiter in Aries brings renewed exuberance and quick responses, thank heaven we have Saturn in Libra showing us the need for diplomacy and judicious behavior tempering our enthusiasms! And of course, meditation is always a good thing (except when we're driving!)


Hi Robert,

Just want to clarify that Saturn is not transiting my 2nd is transiting my 8th house.

at any rate, I think that the phrase "just do it" is appropriate....instead of waiting around for something to happen, I should just keep getting up in the morning and keep searching for that new job....keep managing to survive, and to keep functioning in a positive way instead of being caught up in idleness. My only concern is not knowing what to pursue, what to go after. am I suppose to change fields as was the constant occurrence in my chart every 12 to fourteen years? am I to uproot my family from where we are now and start fresh in another area? clarity is something I am craving, clarity in what direction I am suppose to take myself and the whole family.

Thanks always, you are a guiding light in this time of darkness for me and I'm sure for many others in this community!


Hi Ed - Sorry, I took what you said about the 2nd house and ran with it. That's Aries! So Saturn is in your 8th, helping you deal with loss to create space to regenerate. The 8th is our magnetism. Saturn's patience, organization, and maturity can help you restructure what you want and how you get it. That also means Jupiter is in your 2nd, helping that self mobilization in that department.

As for changing fields, we all have to learn multiple skills at various phases in life, whether we're going to use them to make money or not. We grow or die. It may be that one thing has to be put on hold while we cultivate new skills to bridge the life chapters. It's not an all or nothing thing.

As for uprooting, I wouldn't think you could afford that. Start with what's right in front of you to make money however you feel is right while you make a plan for short and long term futures. Once I had to become a cook for a time. That led me into more gigs over time, both cooking and not. Then I learned some other skills while still doing that which led me into other ways to make money. I suggest you go deep within to remove subconscious obstacles to you attracting yourself to the perfect bridge gigs. Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life" is a good thing to begin to read while removing internal resistances. For now, read Looking For A New Job or Career? and Finding A New Job, Career, or Life, Part 2 - Astrological Factors. Stay alert for things to do to make money while you're finding the stream that will lead to the creek that will lead to the river that will lead to the ocean. Overlook nothing. Once I was a temp typist. A low paying 8 hour gig led me straight into a 5 year stint in television production, directing, camera work, and editing.


Thank you Shakti and Robert for your replies!



as you relate your past jobs/careers for everyone to see, I can't help but reminisce back to what I did in the past in terms of jobs/careers. As I've stated, my chart had shown big changes every 12 to 14 years and sure enough I am at that point again.

right now, the big change is losing my job/career that I've had for 13 years in the IT industry. 13 years ago, I was in manufacturing before I moved into the IT field, I was single and the change to being a family man started the same time I started my IT career (my eldest child is turning 13 in april, have two kids). before that, I was in the military for a couple of years, traveled the world, loved the traveling, hated the war that I was in (91 gulf war). before my short stint in the military, I was living in Asia where I was born and raised. I've looked back at all of the planetary transits, progressions, in my life and it truly shows big changes in life that starts out as hardships (including lack of money, menial jobs, major depressions, dark times) but slowly blossoms into a prosperous existance after a couple of years. I've went from being a janitor, bus boy, burger flipper, to military person that went up in rank quite fast (transits and progressions also supported this rapid rise in rank) to a factory worker, to an IT manager at the top of his career until the rug got pulled out from under me.

I am at the fork in the road you talked about in your past articles and I can truly say that I am ready for the change to's the waiting that's terrible for me, so I hope that jupiter in aries could give me that proverbial "lighting of fire under my ass" so I can go to wherever life is taking me next.

And, as I have stated, you are my guiding light in a time of darkness.,,I am thankful that you are doing what you do...without your articles, I'd be lost and would not find all of the correlations and cycles that I have gone through in the past.


Hi Robert,

I just love listening to you speak!

To be honest, I actually prefer your spoken interviews, as they offer a more intimate insight into the heavens & your advice.

Maybe you would consider doing your own podcast. I am sure it would be huge in following - you could take one of your main monthly articles and do a free form solo chat about it via MP3 for your fans?

You have a great voice and the tonal offerings you share are very special.

Thank you Robert!

Tasmania, Australia

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