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My Sun Leo is 29 degrees 24 mins and I was born on the 08/22/1969 all this is happening in my 8th house and with capricorn rising t 4'13mins I thought the effects would be obvious...I'm feeling some sort of wrapping up, but as yest little evidence...hope it shows within this full moon period.
Thanks Robert


I have my Cancer Sun in 10th and Aquarius Moon in 5th - I just feel myself all above difficulties.

And I (as Cancers do) trust the feeling.

Maybe because the Cheiron leaves the aquarius for a moment? Or Saturn is giving a break?

I love this!


Robert -

Thanks for this. I just turned 49 on 1/26. My exact Chiron return should hit by next year I recon.

Do you have any thoughts on the fact that this Full Moon in Leo is also conjunct the star Regulus while opposite Neptune?

My UR is at 29 Leo, my ASC is also at 29 Leo and ALL of this is opposing my 5 Aquarius planets in the 6th. I'm STILL trying to get a job after 2 yrs. on unemployment.



Aquila ka Hecate

Thanks for your further clarification of VoC moons, Robert - I'm learning so very much from you!
And I've just had a plant talk back to me in an unmistakable manner...strange and lovely days indeed.

Terri in Joburg


"managing our energies within a larger field of interconnected light-life" . . . I find that rather poetic. :))))))))


Hi Robert!Thank you so much. Once again you light up extra layers and dimensions to my/our path! And, yes, we are entering a time of much greater sensitivity! Let's hope we each have our issues in order. If not, then hopefully we each have a great sense of play...


Lots to take in. But that all good.
Listening to a wicked audio book. I love audio books. Maybe that is because of the music. Hmmmm
Not sure.

I wonder if you know Gregg Braden. I am listening to his latest book entitled "Fractal Time"! Very nice.

Well, at least like you said there are gifts to be had if one has certain planets in certain signs. Like my moon and vertex in cap. They conjunct each other. 18/17 d.

I do have one question though you said planets. I have my ac in leo at 23. Will I find gifts in regards to my ac?

Thanks again and again for your tireless and selfless dedication to imparting us with great wisdom good nutrition for our brain and souls.

I am taking some of my songs and transposing them to guitar. I have been very productive even with a full time job.


I'm thirty-one and a Cardinal sign (Libra). I try not to expect the worst, but when I do expect the worst... the best typically happens.

The universe has a sense of humor, Robert. What can I say? I'm alright with that :).



Is it true that Regulus is about to leave Leo. If so, does this impact on the full moon we just had?



Thank you for this information.

My chart is being impacted with many factors; with Venus (15/59 Cancer) 4th house conjunct Uranus (20/57 Cancer) 5th house. Also Neptune has been squaring my 6th house Leo Sun-Pluto conjunction and Scorpio (27/15) Moon!! I am looking forward to Neptune moving into Pisces.

I am feeling so 'stuck', with this Neptune influence and the square from retrograding Saturn to natal Venus.....Yet hopeful with Jupiter moving into Aries.

Thanks again!


The past few weeks have been a "trash compactor" effect for me. Thanks as always for the excellent directives; with those I am able keep my sights on the imperatives of grace, integrity, and the Divine.


"when Spirit speaks to one, others will also hear the call"
Thanks for inspiring empowerment... The only thing which is left for the supposition to become dispositon is keeping our ears open))))


Another inspirational article, Robert. And a doozy, too. I am currently struggling with these things and, as usual, you have again timely framed the picture...

Am trying to embrace in a nutshell what you phrased "Be as noble, inspired, loving, creative, and naturally expressive as you can be, as long as it leads to strength and a feeling of union with others in a larger field of light/life." Have been waking up daily for the last week+ furiously writing down dreams/fragments, reminding myself of this because I'm concurrently dealing with "Other important lessons are to refuse all underhanded, secret, or counterproductive risks, gambles, and opportunities that will not yield results that are in your best interests." I am hoping by repeating my daily affirmation as often as I can, that maybe it will be easier to breathe.

It's a difficult human experience and life lesson to remain in the present and be open to light and love when a single, solitary person can cause massive chaos and destruction to so many. Protecting myself and my loved ones is easy; trying to protect a mass of folks I care about or am merely aquainted with is much more difficult. And while it may not be my job to help a mass of others deal with a destructive personality (ie they are all big boys/girls and can take care of themselves), the "job" seems to be falling on my shoulders whether it's mine or not. Feels kinda like when we were kids and teachers would ask for a volunteer and all the other kids would step back, leaving you there alone - exposed and "volunteered".

"Feel light, exude kindness, openly express/receive love and embrace being a lucky/loving black kitty..." vs "Godzilla the Hun". It's been an interesting ride to say the least.


Hi Kaz - Well, the moment of the Full Moon is only the beginning of a period. Much is set into motion as the Moon moves through the subsequent signs, since it triggers many aspects in our natal and progressed charts as it does so. With a Sun conjunct Regulus at birth, you are capable of rising to greatness this lifetime. Just keep persisting, Mr. Cap rising, and you will find your way to shine brightly. Your future will be obvious by June/July 2011, and your rocket ship takes off in November.

Hi Heli - Your Cancer Sun is still affected by last Summer's Solar Eclipse, while your Moon is still affected by the Aquarius eclipses in recent years. Many things have shut down and you are now opened to different energies. As planets move through Aries and Taurus, first your Moon will be benefited, and then your Sun, through the various sextiles and quintiles the transits will make. By August-September you'll be living a new focus.

Hi aquarius40 - Welcome to 7 years of transition where you'll learn that "if it works it's true for us, if it does not work it's not true for us" whether we think or feel it ought to be true or not. You'll hit a very productive stride in mid-March, and by late April will be in highly specialized circumstances. I began to compose an article on Regulus and its conjunction by TransPluto but moved to other things before I completed it. Will have to get back on track!;-)

As per what I told kaz above, Regulus supposedly confers honor and high position in worldly affairs, especially if we have Sun, Moon, or Ascendant conjunct Regulus, or if it's positioned near the MC. When you fully embrace the uniqueness and individuation through following the Higher Law of your Being as indicated by Uranus conjunct the Asc in Leo then your life will be a miracle of benevolent influence. Value your uniqueness, live your uniqueness, BE the individual in your world, and do your own thing. I would think you'll get clear (and hopefully inspired) about possibilities by late March, and you should be living a new understanding and a new future by May 2011.

Hi Aquila ka Hecate - Glad to be of service. Over the years I have seen many who know a lot of astrology but never question some of the assumptions. I suppose having 40 years of study and application in the craft, along with a naturally skeptical approach to all belief systems (Jupiter/NN in Pisces opposed Saturn/SN in Virgo!) keeps me honest in trying to find kernels of truth in wagons of straw!

Plants have more to express than most people imagine. One of the greatest learning experiences I ever had involved going out into deep wilderness for quite a while with nothing but my prayers, some food and water, and a willingness to learn from Nature by detaching completely from the white noise of existence. Doing that opened me to the many ways the stones, plants, and animals communicate. One of the most important functions of "those who walk between worlds" is to be the articulators of Nature for the other humans who need the message but haven't yet learned how to listen.

Hi caliban - Thanks for finding the poetry in the words and telling us so. I strive to say what must be said in a precise yet elegant manner. Language is an important tool in expressing the finer shades of human existence.

Hi Cheryl - You're most welcome. Play is one of the greatest learning tools we have in that it makes the process much lighter! And cultivating sensitivity to the subtle planes of awareness is always a very good thing....

Hi Micheline - As I get the Wisdom Store up and running, I plan to offer both audio and written versions of my many talks. Some learn better from reading, some learn better from listening, and some learn better by reading along as they listen.

Greg Braden is a unique force in our world, and very much ahead of his time. I stumbled across his works many years ago, and have always admired his willingness to be a pioneer and get out beyond normal thinking.

You should discover unique qualities of self illuminating the way you are with others. Keep finding different perspectives on the consequences of past views and how you learned to value what you do. You should be living elements of a new truth and/or future by early May. And of course, thanks for your praise of the work. Glad you're working productively with your art. Feeding the body and the heart at the same time makes life feel on track!

Hi Warriorlady - 31 is an activation year, so do what must be done to fulfill the vision of 2010. And yes, with Saturn/SN in Virgo, I know what it's like to be a worry-wart! Spent my childhood strengthening that pattern, then many years unlearning that unhelpful attitude. Especially since I learned the same thing that you did, that the worst usually doesn't happen, but often the best does! Yes, it's the Lela of human existence, and the play is meant to teach us a sense of humor and perspective.

Hi zeta - Regulus, being a "Fixed Star," moves extremely slowly relative to the Earth. Yes, it's currently at 30 Leo, and so the conjunction by the Moon and TransPluto with Regulus will bring about manifestations of that heart energy. Again, as I mentioned I will have to get back on track with the article I was writing a week or so ago on the subject.

Hi Lilly - You're most welcome. Get rid of rules that make relationships a burden, and let go of all that no longer reflects who you are right now. Be organized and mature in how you use what you have. You've been challenged to get clear about what roles you want to play in the world, and not yield your will to others through being timid or unclear about what you're here to do and BE. Most of all, find what you enjoy, relax into doing that, keep it simple and pleasant, and let go of habits of discontent. Much will become clear by early June 2011.

Hi ka - You're most welcome. It helps to have a clear signal to reference as we move through the white noise of modern existence. Grace, integrity, and awareness of the Divine are always good things to live!!

Hi Svetlana - It's well proven that one great idea is often shared by many at long distances from each other. When three different astrologer/astronomers from three different European nations all claimed to discover Neptune around the same time, it almost set off a major war!! And yes, if we train ourselves to be predisposed to listen to the inner voice, or better yet, "the voice of the silence," then we can learn and know things we've never dreamed of!


Hi BritLitChik - Yours posted while I was answering all the others. Your journaling will reveal important clues about how to position yourself in the midst of changes now rocking everyone's life. Eventually your meditations and affirmations will bring forth manifestations of your heart's desires, so keep doing them while letting go of fear and any attachment to wondering about the negatives that can be prevented by not focusing on them.

We can only influence what we can. Here the serenity prayer is most useful: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference." While the darkness of our times is great, Divine Mother is Eternal, and forever promises the redemption of the living good after the passage from darkness to light, the unreal to the real, and death to immortality.

Also remember that often the best way to deal with quarrelsome people is to put as much distance between you as possible. Only volunteer for something if it's your higher duty to do so, or if you're in service to a Master. Then do your best with as much detachment, dispassion, and discrimination as you can muster, with the awareness that you must always generate positivity regarding your ability to do something different if your Highest Self would be benefited by that.


Thanks for the reply Robert.
I found this interesting: 'Regulus supposedly confers honor and high position in worldly affairs, especially if we have Sun, Moon, or Ascendant conjunct Regulus, or if it's positioned near the MC'
My moon is conjunct Regulus. I was never entirely sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing, isn't there a warning about hidden enemies or falls from grace or something?
Anyway, since I don't have a high position in world affairs perhaps that is something to look forward to (or not!) in the new era upon us.
Thanks again


Hi,Robert, me too thanks for your reply.

I am looking forward to the Wisdom store. I listened to your last talk with Michelle. I think offering talks on both audio and text is a great idea. I think what I like the best about audio is I hear a real voice instead of just seeing letters on a page. There is something very special about hearing a person's voice. hmmm

Also, thanks for your encouragement and heartfelt comments.

Yes, I think engaging both the heart and the mind and keeping them dancing together is the way to go.

have a lovely day


I had a dream before I arrived here at Aquarius Papers. I re-dreamed it again a week ago. I hope it may give someone some hope and faith.

Goes like this..

I enter a room that is filled with trees. The trees are covered in white lights. I notice what is a grave/baptisimal on the floor, in front of an alter. Though the grave is filled with water, and the headstone is made of stained glass.

I go to the grave, and sit down in it. A hand covers my face and pushes me under. While under, I can breathe. I stay under a few moments. Breathing underwater is really pleasurable also!!

When arising from the grave, I see a Golden Tree. I go to it. I play with the leaves, and they make a clinking noise. Next to the tree is a step ladder. With 7 steps. Above the tree is a pathway made of Sunflowers. The pathway leads upwards into infinity.

The difference with the first dream, and the 2nd one. Is that there are 7 candles along the stairs, and 7 candles at the top.


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