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Beautiful and inspiring. Thank You


Thank you for your wonderful summary on "Astrology". I'm currently working on improving my mental thoughts to "positive thinking". I was told by someone I respect that my words and thoughts are most always "negative". What is your feeling about "Astrology" and "Positive Thinking"? Is one able to maintain positive thoughts and actions if one's horoscope reveals a period of negative aspects. Do you feel the whole "Positive Thinking" philosophy is impossible to maintain due to astrological patterns in ones chart? (Here I going thinking negative :)) Cindy

Shehzaad Maroof

nice article dear Robert


"A lot of this has to do with the difference between perception and experience. We often perceive something completely different from what we’re actually going through. We just as often don’t know our true realization until after we’ve already gone through the experience."

Robert, you put into words, what I have been feeling the last couple weeks. I used to use astrology to try and "predict" what would be the outcome of situations in my life, and others. Yet, it has changed over the last couple years to a better usage/tool.

I am working on just my Responses. As you would say nicely.. Response-ability.

Also, just enjoying a new freedom. Enjoying life, work, home, and the likes.

I have a transit of Venus, opposition and conjunct MC (also conjunct natal moon in Cap)to my natal stellium, in Cancer. Venus, Mars, Jupiter.

I will just wait it out, to see how this one pans. I find it to be like a game in ways. (Sun and Mercury in Leo, 5th house)I am just prepared to make the right choices, and make sure my Responses are on target. Usually, in the past, I find that whenever I have an oppostion to this stellium, it is just so very freaking hard. Perhaps not this time.



A tour de force Mr. Wilkinson... so happy you blasted this through the technological cosmos.


"There is no thing in astrology that compels you to be defeated, or to be a victim of circumstances or any thing or any one."

Um, THANK YOU. I'm so tired of reading about how troublesome a Mars-Mercury opposition is. Deal with it, man! Make it work for you :)!

Love your writing, Robert. Peace!


...Some time back I gave a talk called "What is Astrology?"...
Is it the one you meant?
Having had a break in my visiting this site I felt a necessity/need to read how Mr.Wilkinson treats\interpretes this past Full Moon. But the title of the site slipped out of my memory at that moment (it was not "out of sight out of mind" context I am sure and assure you as well:).I googled -- and came upon the talk on youtube in the programme "Heaventoearthbridge".
Wow! I drew\had an image in my head of a dark-and-gray-hair(ed^) old wizard -- and Robert happened to be smth of a fair(y) handsome young(looking) man!
If Live Astrology influences the person and his appearance the way it does in your case,Robert, it is worth serious and response-able studying:):):)
But it is not all.On the advertising your book about beloved Mercury,Guide of the Soul
the accompanying book happened to be "What the BEE knows" by PL Travers,"mother" of Mary Poppins. It is about myth,archetype,faierytale etc.
That is how IT all works, really!!!


A few lines to add'
This the proof))
And one more reference
This the rare film about the unit\alliance\alignment^) Pamela-Mary
And part 6 ends in a starry way:) even in the direct sense of the word -- really "Out of the Skies She Came", from the stars. Evidently to help both children and grown-ups to find their Higher Self -- Heavenly I Am Presence on the Earth...
That what Astrology about as well... As far as i can see///


Hi Kala - The craft really is. You're welcome.

Hi Cindy - Positivity is a good thing, as long as it doesn't cover up negativity that frustrates one's better intentions. That's why I always suggest Florence Scovel Shinn's "The Game of Life" as a primary manual for mindfulness re: language and how we're expressing what we're expressing. Reprogramming the language we express definitely leads to a different reality.

Positive thinking helps us move through the chapters of life and the various intersections of fate and free will on our terms. Rather than being trapped by patterns generating difficult feelings we can learn to find a more productive point of view where many things are possible.

Some periods of life and some experiences are not happy, nor easy. In those times "Being happy" is just a facade. But our inner resolve to be our Highest Self the best we're able despite the difficulty shows us the starch in our Spiritual spine, and persisting in not making things worse yields its own rewards.

If a difficult experience brings up negative feelings, then it's useful to examine why those responses are there. They may be perfectly valid feelings, but still need transmuting. Welcome to your human-ness. Our difficulties help us to be compassionate and when possible, help others who deal with the same difficulties we once had to go through.

There are no negative astrological conditions that compel us to suffer. There are no negative conditions where detachment, dispassion, discrimination, and generating positivity are unhelpful. To paraphrase a truly great Western Master of the Wisdom, many things are possible if you just find the right point of view.

Hi Shehzaad - Many thanks. Blessings to you as well.

Hi Nancy - When our perception is accurate, our experience is produces wisdom, whether through easy or difficult experiences. And of course, 20-20 hindsight always yields more than we can guess ahead of time, unless the experience is clearly something we've done before. Then we know where we don't need to go before we're induced to go there.

Hi Matt - Thanks for the kudos. Just glad I learned how to type all those eons ago!;-)

Hi Warriorlady - Yes, back in ancient days when studying many texts I originally learned the illusion that "good" aspects mean "good" things and "bad" aspects mean "bad" things, until I started seeing that the frictional aspects were usually the times when important things got done, changed, moved in a new direction, or bad habits and patterns were curbed through brakes and blocks and diversions. Oppositions may or may not bring tugs of war or head butting, but they ALWAYS bring realizations. How's that ever a "bad" thing? When we learn how to see things from opposing angles of view, we go a long way to dispelling intellectual shadows arising from one-sided approaches.

(ps - A Merc/Mars affliction gives an amazingly practical way of viewing things once impulsive or distractive tendencies are controlled. It requires knowing where to put one's energies with precision and coordination, not jumping to conclusions, getting diverted too easily, or getting involved in superficial things. This is an aspect that knows how to get things done once the planetary negatives are transmuted.)

Hi Svetlana - This article is just a very small fragment of the original talk from many years ago. The tv show wasn't necessarily connected to this specific talk per se, but there are key points whenever this particular topic comes up.

Thanks for your praise of the tv show, but truly the makeup artist was a true professional! She did a magnificent job of making me look about 10-15 years younger than I was at the time. And since that show was many years ago, I don't look quite like I did then (but still smiling in any case!);-) However, I assure you my hair is still silver, my heart is clean, strong, and healed of a lifetime of tragedy, my mind is positive in its intention, and I love the art and science of Astrology as much now as I ever have. Of course, I'm sure that has affected my looks, since our faces show our Soul!

I hope you enjoyed today's Full Moon article, since it's an important one showing us the light of the greater unified field of light/life consciousness. It should help us remember we're all Eternals, here to learn and play and work and celebrate the endless path to ever-greater realizations of the truth, goodness, and beauty of our world, humanity, each other, ourselves, and "All-That-Is." On the whole, not a bad gig.


I love this article. So enlightening and refresh read in review what do we really do. Truly, it gave so much justice to the Astrology world.

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