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Donna H.

well said, Robert. Been emailing the same message this w/e.. Got myself extra supplies to use, give to others. Brown seaweeds like wakame are best. And Miso - People who eat miso regularly may be up to five times more resistant to radiation than people not eating miso. This is the conclusion of scientific studies conducted by Kazumitsu Watanabe, professor of cancer and radiation at Hiroshima University’s atomic bomb radiation research center.
Om Namah Shivaya - may those who passed have a better next life..


Your assertion that "nuclear anything is bad for everything that lives" is provably wrong. Sorry. Go look up "radiation hormesis." Life evolved in an environment with significant background radiation. Radiation is actually helpful in low levels, scientists have proven that cellular activity is hindered in a totally radiation-free environment.

It is also worth noting that the source of all life on earth, the Sun, is a huge radiation source and its life-giving light is radiation (of a sort).

Please don't fall prey to hysteria and associate Chernobyl with the Fukushima disaster. Chernobyl had no containment, and the reactor burned for weeks. The Fukushima reactors emitted extremely low levels of radiation compared to Chernobyl, and are situated next to the sea with prevailing winds seaward, so radiation drifted out to sea instead of adjacent populated areas. The "plume" is so diluted that it is not a hazard in North America. Perhaps you saw that ridiculous "plume" map from Australia, which was based on an impossible worst case, that the entire reactor contents blew up in a nuclear detonation. I researched it, that map was produced by a company that has a financial interest in spreading hysteria, they provide radiation cleanup services.


Hi Charles - I'll stand by my statement about nukes. I didn't say radiation, since I know it occurs naturally from a variety of mineral circumstances (and yes, the Sun). As for the Sun, it's a good thing it's so far from us or its radiations would also not be a good thing for life on Earth!!:-) As it was once said, I have no problem with a source of that much radiation as long as it's tens of millions of miles away.

It is not "hysteria" to be concerned with rising radiation levels globally or to be concerned with ANY radioactive plume released into the atmosphere. I've done a little research over the past 30 years, and it's safe to say we have greatly elevated radiation levels on our Earth, far beyond normally occurring mineral deposits. Our Earth was contaminated from decades of misguided underground and above ground tests. There is also the very real current problem of degraded battlefield nuclear weapons which have created widespread public health problems MSM is not covering. As the winds blow, the effects spread. Then we have the eternal problems concerning waste disposal and groundwater contamination through seepage.

As for comparing the two, I know they are "not the same." One is on a fault line and the other isn't. So I suppose we can chalk Chernobyl up to human stupidity and Fukushima to hubris. It is a fact that any nuke plant situated on any fault line is a disaster waiting to happen. San Onofre springs to mind, among many.

The fact that something worse hasn't happened yet isn't much comfort. Nor is any assertion that the plume already released isn't a big deal, or that the authorities "have it all under control." These are compromised reactors that are showing us why nukes are bad for people and other living things. And the ring of fire will continue to be active, and that puts ALL of Japan's nuke reactors at risk (as well as those on the West Coast of the US). That's a realistic situation we ignore at our collective peril.

The main point of this article was to offer that various types of seaweed are good for the thyroid so it's not absorbing radiation from any source, not just this plume being driven by the winds to wherever it goes.


thank you for looking out for all of us :) I'm in Arizona, and ironically BEFORE I read your post today, I made Nori-Meatball soup. Tons of nori in it. Perhaps something was guiding me to do it. And the kids ate it too. Will definitely be focusing on seaweeds in our meals now.

Robert, thanks. Another iodine source recommended in such cases is potassium iodide solution (drops or tablets). Google for potassium iodide fda, for their recommendations.

And many people use Lugol's Solution (potassium iodide plus elemental iodine) as a general iodine supplement. The physician Dr. David Brownstein has written extensively about the many health benefits of regular iodine supplementation. I use the Lugol's myself. Both Lugol's and the plain potassium iodide are available from various web stores. You would have to eat a TON of kelp to get the same iodine that these supplements contain in just a drop.

I'm a longtime reader of your blog and find it a constant inspiration. My hunch is that this "shakeup" of the nuclear energy picture has no small coincidence with Uranus entering Aries. There are many superior alternative energy technologies being developed and ramping up. Nuclear is just too hot to handle for mere mortals.


This is a great link, I just finished reading the entire 100+ page pdf file, which has a summary as well for those who would like the short version. Thanks Robert!


Well, Robert, there are a lot more rational fears over radiation than the Fukushima reactors, many of them are as you listed them. The hidden problem that bugs me the most is sunken and scuttled nuclear submarines, their nuclear fuel slowly dissolving into the ocean.

But I am seeing an awful lot of hysteria lately, and a lot of it is paranoia over huge fallout clouds spreading across the world. It just isn't happening. I think a lot of the fears are related to the remoteness of Japan and their culture that is so alien to us Westerners, many people see things in it that aren't there. And then there was the shock of seeing such total destruction live on TV as it happened. I'm not accusing you of hysteria, I'm just saying that the Chernobyl-Fukushima comparison is something I'm seeing a LOT of from totally hysterical people.

I appreciate your concern for public health and the suggestion of iodine laden foods like seaweed. I also note that iodized salt, used normally instead of plain salt, will generally keep your iodide levels up.


Hello from Tokyo. Robert, your suggestion is well noted. We will not fall prey to fear mongering but are on full alert in regards to this developing nuclear crisis. Please send us your spiritual support and prayers that the worst situation will be averted!


I grew up near a science and research center. That also dabbled in nuclear. I have symptoms of thyroid problems, and you sharing this information helped. Thank You!

Lately, I have been ridding of all forms of meat from my diet. It has come naturally. Like being taught in spirit, where to move and groove into the next step and direction. Yet also, the cost of food has risen over this past year. I cannot afford it. I look forward to the spring, so that I can grow my own vegetables, and can them. Yet, how safe is the soil?

The latest trend in the grocery business, is going from Cage Free, and Organic, to All Natural.



Hi Robert,

In Alberta right now not in Turkey will get the kelp today thank you for the posting... I heard about the quaking of the earth and the disaster it brought to northern Japan while at a yoga retreat this weekend. Coming home to news feeds and graphic material I realize if we don't have the television feeding us images we actually feel the impact more clearly. The images seem to desensitize events. TV turned off and heart turned on more to check in with the earth and the people that share its time. xx gaye


just a reminder that iodine only protects against one type of radiation damage possible.

blessings on everyone,

Dennis Tinucci

Robert; I think we are a little late amidst this recent concern. If you havent noticed UV radiation seems to be intensifying, I think, because of the deteriorating Ozone layer. Here in Albuquerque I noticed this past summer that the being out in direct sunlight was becoming more unendurable than I had remembered. Then about 3 months ago I saw an article that detailed the rise of sunburn on the backs of whales basking in the Sea of Cortez, Baja region. This can only get worse.


Thank you once again, Robert, for keeping us informed of possible ways to mitigate harmful effects of radiation poisoning. Living in Washington State, where thyroid problems are commonplace due to the Hanford site and all its past,present and future radioacitve leaks and seeps, this is all too familiar a theme. Time for alternative forms of energy production!


Is there a way for us to help? What people in Japan need the most these days?


The recommended adult dosage of potassium iodide during nuclear crisis is 130 mg / day. This is easy to dose when you have tablets.

What is the equivalent dosage of liquid kelp (say, "World Organic Liqui-Kelp" brand)? Kelp tablets (such as "Nature's Way 660 mg Kelp Capsules")? Liquid potassium iodide (again, based off of "World Organic" brand)?

In just one afternoon, online venues have pretty much run out of stock of potassium iodide tablets (& ridiculous price gouging for what's left). I imagine I'm too late to get anything at my local venues. I'm finding liquid kelp, kelp tablets, and (maybe in a few places) liquid potassium iodide left online.

Need help with proper dosage! Thanks so much!


Wild and to think the US is still thinking about moving ahead with clean nuclear power. Like we can out design earth changes.

Maybe I'm nuts but if it is indeed true that the rotation of the earth is slowing. And being liquid cored, when the earth is rotating faster it is elliptical. And when the rotation slows, the earth becomes more rounded. Wouldn't it follow that there would be some serious shifting of the crust and its plates?

It can't be that simple. But I still think we should not be creating nasty crap that we are not evolved enough to survive. It's just not natural, not to life forms as is, that is. And don't let em tell you that dilution is the solution to pollution.

I am reminded of the youtube video of darth vader singing don't worry be happy. Don't drink the kool aid. Don't drink the kool aid.

Hmmm . . . Alternative sources to potassium iodide????


Medizym is a completely natural product which is used for maintaining an inflammation and immune system.

M. Murray

what about the use of kelp for our pets--what can we do to protect them? I live in Phoenix, Arizona and consider this event to be significant.
Thank you~

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