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I love when you write about comparative periods of history and the transits. It's fascinating! I'd like to see more of that in the future. I agree that emergent revolution is upon us. Egypt and Libya are just the beginning. I'm hoping for revolution for the good of the environment myself. Thanks for another great article! Namaste :)

Elizabeth I see...thanks for this!

Also love the website for calm breathing during these times!

jule nelmes

i am really starting to feel the pull of the outer planets and feel astrology as more than just mundane and personal .I am from chch new zealand and am so a part ot the saturn jupiter opposition with a fullmoon in virgo approaching yes that super fuullmoon I totally feel conected to my global community with six planets converging in aries neptune soon to go into picies I wonder about our next generation especilly the children born in the next few monhts And I KNOW THERE LIFE PATHS WILL BE LESS CORUPTED THAN OUR OWN I HEAR IN NEW ZEALND QUITE LITERAALLY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WORLD SHARE EMPATHY FOR MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN JAPAN .let the global energy of compassion unite us all as we share a global full moon above us its simple symbology unites us all JUST AS IT HAS FOR MILLENIAS PAST . UNITE WITH YOUR NEIGHBOUR ITS TIME TO GET CONNECTED BECAUSE WE ALL FEEL that the earh it is a changing and your website has been a wealth of free astrological information to this curiuos student thanks for the free it is such a rare commodity today.


Hi all - The WaPo columnist Harold Meyerson, in his column today, brought up one historical event that exactly corresponded to Uranus waxing square to Pluto: "The Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755 killed about a fifth of the city’s 200,000 residents and leveled 85 percent of its buildings, including almost every major church — on a church holiday, when they were packed with parishioners. It also shook 18th-century philosophers to the core. “Candide,” Voltaire’s comic polemic against the belief that all was for the best in this best of all possible worlds, was written in the quake’s aftermath, as Voltaire was abandoning any notion of godly oversight of the world’s affairs. The young Immanuel Kant was sufficiently upset to research and write one of the first books ever on the causes of quakes, before he turned to his life’s work of creating ethical codes that functioned in both the presence and absence of God."


Robert, correct me if I'm wrong--did we experience another U-P square between 2003-08 while Uranus was in Pisces and Pluto was in Sagittarius? Or did the degrees in those signs not create the square?



Thank you Your Highness....1204 Santa Lucia stolen from Sicily and resides in Venice. I think Sicily is a Leo Island.

1624 Santa Rosalias bones were dragged through the streets of Palermo to cure and did cure the plague.

Beth in SoCal

Ok, Robert; i lived through the 60s and each year from 1962 was loaded with personal and cultural change;
1962 my beloved dog died; 1963 Kennedy was assassinated; 1964 my grandmother died; 1965 my parents divorced; 1966 took my first Owsley LSD; within a very short period of time, all that was familiar to me was gone. New things introduced themselves: 1967 was the Summer of Love and the explosion of music and the counter culture; the movement' gained traction; 1968 RFK and MLK were murdered; 1968 I read Hermann Hesse (Demian, Siddhartha, Steppenwolf, Journey to the East)and started my own spiritual & philosophical journey; 1969-1970 studied under Yogi Bhajan.

I, and many like me from that period, feel (Cancer) we have unfinished business; I told my mom a few years ago, eventually the chickens come home to roost for everyone. I was slightly taken aback when you used the exact same phrase about this period.

‘Nothing ever happens by chance. Here, only the right guests meet. This is the Hermetic Circle….’

- Hermann Hesse, Record of Two Friendships


Hi all - Sorry for the delayed response, but the recent article I posted referencing Dharmarucci involves material I linked to over there. At some point I'll update and re-post this one, since Uranus square Pluto will be with us for quite a while.

Hi Dina - Not really. 2003 through Spring 2006 Uranus in early Pisces quintiled Pluto in late Sag. Summer 2006 they made a binovile (80 degrees), were not in orb Autumn 2006, were in a wide quintile Winter 2006-07, and then again binoviled from Spring 2007-May 2009.

These specializations and gestations preceded this emergent square going on 2011-2016.They got close to the square in Summer 2009, but it was still quite wide. Back in binovile Autumn 2009 through late Spring 2010 when Uranus entered Aries. One could say that they made what are called a "mundane square" from Pisces to Sag and Aries to Cap, but that's an ancient term most don't use. In general those signs square each other, showing that dynamic, but it's specialized by the exact aspects made within those signs.

Hi chickie - So perhaps the revolutionary forces preceding that theft set forces into motion that led to those subsequent events. Would be interesting to see the backstory to the theft. Interesting that a waxing square would occur at the same time as a collective healing miracle....

Hi Beth in SoCal - Yes, I suppose without any conscious intention on my part this Cosmic Cantina is some sort of "the Hermetic Circle." Your post inspired me to compose this addendum.

The revolution that began with Uranus conjunct Pluto saw the free speech movement, the human and civil rights movements, the urban riots and widespread protests of the "99%" against the proxy war we were waging in SE Asia on behalf of the "1%" in power. Here in the US many of us knew our government was busted, corrupted, and thoroughly dishonest, and the arising was a mass protest against unjust social conditions (as things seem to be right now!)

As an aside, a study was done on the causes of the LA riots during the mid 60s, and it indicated one of the main sources of discontent was that there were no health services or emergency care facilities in Watts, Compton, etc. and so people were dying in minority sections of town while the affluent did quite well for themselves. Seems that was life in urban Amerika, and a lot of people knew the wealthy got the gold mine and the poor got the shaft.

The Uranus conjunct Pluto era also saw the beginnings of the LSD experiments by the CIA and other US government agencies, which once out of the bag meant that tens of thousands of people were opened to (as Rudhyar put it) "a non-ego-structured realm of consciousness." That meant the doors of perception were opened in ways that the assumptions of the official culture were seen as limiting rather than freeing, and hundreds of thousands began to see life from mythological, philosophical, and spiritual angles rather than through the limitations of left-brain thinking. This directly opened many millions to Eastern Wisdom forms such as meditation, yoga, Buddhism, eastern religions, and other consciousness raising vehicles.

The mid-60s also began a more cooperative, collective, organic movement as counterweight to the official corporate profit-driven way of life. One seminal but very important effort was created by "the Diggers" in SF opening food kitchens, free clinics, and free cultural/musical events that mobilized the "youth movement" in both Southern and Northern California, spreading throughout the US. This inspired hundreds more to open their own coop kitchens and free clinics in other cities across the US. The co-ops across the US today are still functioning quite well.

The mid-60s also began the "back to the Earth" movement here across the US where thousands stepped back from the military-industrial mindset and attempted a more natural, organic way of living. While many such experiments failed due to misguided idealism, it did ultimately yield such worthy efforts as the environmental movement, legislation that helped protect clean air, water, and earth, as well as the Whole Earth Catalog, the Hog Farm, Woodstock Nation, and the entire "counter culture" that was the seed bed for today's "cultural creatives" and things like organic foods, pesticide free farming, the resurgence of farmers' markets, and other "progressive" ways of life.

Gary B


The Uranus/Pluto conjunction of the 1960's also brought significant enhancement/advancement(distortion/sound volume) of the amplifier by Jim Marshall Amplification that shaped the Rock & Roll industry through musicians like Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend and John Entwistle of the Who as well as Jimi Hendrix. Might we see some type of music evolution at this first square? Music moves generations AND transformational movements! Excellent segment about this on Palladia.

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