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wow thats all i can say wow wow wow i was not sure bout the whole alien thing but i think this changed my mind
Thanks Robert

Finally some confermation regarding what we all knew.


...and the light of illumination continues to spread exponentially.

Thanks for the post, Robert. Always wonderful to receive family news such as this!


"ufo's" are terrestial - light phenomenon
used by intelligence of earth to awaken
man from sleep of cause and effect consciousness.
They are real, but not 'aliens'
see 'Phoenix Lights' -- they similar to
crop circle phenomenon (most appear in Wiltshire
England also known as ufo capital of UK)
alien bodies -that is highly unlikely I
should think, hahaha. (but what do I know?)

Mary Streets

well my goodness, I nearly dipped my antenna in the jelly jar over this news!!!


Hi Everyone,

There are alien beings that are in human form all around us. Starchildren, Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbow Children. That have come to the earth plane to help in many ways to ascend into the new age. They are what the new consciousness will look like. I am Indigo myself, transferring into the Crystal form.

I find it interesting that the "Vault" was opened on the day (and night before) that I had dreams of combinations, safes, locks, etc.

I am also in the process of making contacts on creating a Global Quilt, that will have squares made by Star Children. My square will be in the symbol of Xiantian meaning "before heavan"

Love and Light!


It's because 2012 is coming they don't care if we know anymore because we will all be dead in the near future.


Hi all - It seems that this comment stream is going in unanticipated directions. To clarify:

The Roswell Contact is quite well known, and an established fact. Aliens crashed, bodies and metals unlike any known on Earth were found. There's lots more documentation and testimony from eyewitnesses at the time than the little bit in this article. All this can be easily referenced.

There have been many other "contacts" with tens of thousands of people around the world over the years, with some accounts more credible than others. There have been sightings over major cities by thousands. Just because they are rarely reported does not mean they're not happening.

Crop circles are an interesting phenomenon, especially those which depict exact pictures of distant star systems that could not have been created by people trying to perpetuate a hoax. While some crop circles have been manufactured by mischief makers (and nature artists!) a whole lot more aren't since some things cannot be created with current technology.

For the record, if we are to believe the source material, "aliens" can mean many things, from space Brothers and Sisters to the Masters of the Wisdom and the Avatars through the Ages. Krishna and Babaji could be two examples of "Aliens among us." Beginning April 2, 1968, a glowing figure of Divine Mother Mary was seen by many millions over a year's time at Zeitoun, Cairo. Many pictures exist. I'm sure that at least some thought She was an alien!

Not to sound too much like Andy Rooney, but...

UFOs may or may not have anything to do with the proposition that "aliens are among us," whether "walk-in" types or some other unverifiable speculation. That in turn has nothing to do with the concept purporting that "aliens" may be "more special" than mere humans. I reject glamorous pronouncements that certain beings are "more special" than others, which I personally don't believe, except that each is unique with a special "song" to sing throughout their existence.

I have followed the hype about so-called "special children" and "special beings" for decades, and I always figured unless it's happening in Bangladesh as well as Manhattan, Biafra as well as Los Angeles, on the rez as well as in private schools, then it's a local phenomenon thereby rendering blanket statements useless. "Specialness" is not necessarily a good quality (due to cultivating glamor, which is truly a world problem) unless that "specialness" is used to lessen human suffering and/or contribute to a higher awareness or aspiration. Even then, better to do "special" works than to believe oneself or others to "be special" for its own sake.

As for the comment "they don't care.... b/c we will all be dead..." is a ridiculous statement by someone with too much time on their hands either trembling in fear or hooked into a nonproductive nihilism. Time to use your precious moments to be/do something more productive. That way when you're eventually right (since at some point we all check out!) you'll have created a better karma for your next life.

Peace out until the next news comes 'round the bend....


Sure sounds like a Mercury Retrograde Moment...But it does seem to me there are a lot more Cavemen and women around..Everywhere you look there seems to be one driving!!


Hi all - from a slightly more credible source than "Furious Fan Boys," here's the article from the Washington Post: FBI releases Roswell memo about ‘three bodies of human shape


Uhh no. This isn't about Roswell. It's a report about another apparent alien encounter and likely one that turned out to be scam.

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