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Longchenpa or Longchen Rabjampa (1308[1] – 1363[1] or possibly 1369) was a major teacher in the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. my favorite author of all time ever n ever this was during his time.......the glorious longchen rabjam. thank you so much for this article, i've been reading on aquariuspapers for like 5 years now, i've really seen my self grow with this site n robert indirect guidance, thanx alot bro


Thanks so much for this, Robert! I forgot until I read this that I have that J-U conjunction in early Libra (March '69) in my chart. Is there something specific to look out for when the same conjunction is in opposition to the natal one?

Thanks so much for all your work in this realm! Blessings...and happy belated birthday :)


Geez...wars, plagues, disease, enslavement and death. Now I'm depressed. Some other astrologer just wrote, "enjoy this year because it won't be good again until 2022."

Why such dire predictions? I mean I read the other part too but new art models and ways of looking at the universe don't really counter all the negative.

Please give us some hope...


Hi Tyr - Thanks for the heads up about Longchenpa/Longchen Rabjampa. I'm sure there are many major innovators who came along in this era, or were born then to contribute to the next. And of course you're most welcome.

Hi Dina - An opposition of a planet to its natal position is a critical emergent point in that cycle. It can manifest many ways. I would think your expansive individuality is about to make a major debut in your world. You're a natural innovator in your world, and can see opportunity in some very unique ways. Thanks for the birthday greetings.

Hi Elizabeth - Well, the pathetic thing is that these have already been happening for many centuries, so when I say something like that, consider it a form of subtle (if a bit dry) irony. Unfortunately, these have been universals in the human condition that need to be faced and transmuted however we can. We just may become more sensitive to these due to Neptune in Pisces. To note, there are many kinds of wars and many kinds of enslavements, such as only the mind can generate in its separative arrogance.

Also, these are not the only things I said would be happening. You've read other articles, and know that I teach that humanity is on the path of return, and that once this system crashes under the weight of its own greed, fear, and excess, then we can continue to rebuild a better world that works for all sentient beings, and not just a few pompous egomaniacs who think they can own everything.

Things will be excellent in some ways, since we're already seeing the seeds of sustainable community and progressive technologies that will make a difference. The pain is in the split from the destructive past, with those seeking to make a buck off of the turmoil coexisting with future oriented beings seeking to establish a higher way on Earth.

Humanity degrades (or maybe just gets bored, jaded, or cynical) after centuries of chasing an idea of God, and then as things crash of their own weight, there's always a new conception of God that grows over the next couple of thousand years. That's just the nature of evolution, and we have already passed the last of the darkest of the Kali Yugas within the 26,000 grand cycle. We've entered the Dwapara Yuga, where we shall continue to learn more about the nature of time, space, matter, energy, magnetism, electricity, light, and life in our Universe from an entirely different angle of view. In the meantime, we still must break some eggs to make an omelette.....


I am excited for the possibilities of this new 83-year cycle! Given that Aries rules both war and Self, I imagine a transformation in which the bellicose applications of Aries energy that fueled the "Age of Empires" transmutes into a more Aquarian expression of Aries/Self that could manifest as the discovery of Self-leadership (Light-led self-governance as distinct from our more familiar hierarchical forms of external governance), the amplification of God-within as the reigning "idea of God," and a shift away from warfare-as-physical-destruction towards the refinement of spiritual/vibrational "weapons" and their ethical/altruistic use to benefit humankind and Earth's ecosystem. Any hope of this??


Okay..well when you put it like that...definitely glad the darkest Kalies are behind us and I liked the egg to omelette visual.


Derek the Destroyer

This is an exciting time. I'm aries, aris rising with strong Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus (and Pluto) in my chart. I feel ready to take on the world and it seems we all need to get ready for massive, massive change. Hopefully for the better but before things get better they are probably going to get worse...

Isabel Nobre

I was searching a bit and the 13.... period includes the 100 years war and the 1430 period includes Joan of Arc being captured and handed out to her executioners. Joan of Arc, with her mystic psychic abilities and her links to Christianity seems a good example of these characteristics, with Neptune fueling the mystical background and Aries turning her to a War leader - albeit one that in the end lost...



Hi Layli - Actually, I also am hopeful, for a variety of reasons too extensive to go into here. I've tried to outline some of why I know what I do in articles addressing the fact that humanity is indeed on "the path of return."

Imagine Aries as "the authentic Self," where we're all called to be our best self in the midst of dynamic pioneering global changes. The direct Mercury conjunct Jupiter fell at 12 Aries, a degree of seeing a higher cosmic order against the background of a clear sky. Hansa is in flight for all of us, which can only be a good thing over the long run.

Great insight about "Self leadership" led by Light. Aries is also the Spiritual Warrior that knows when to move in a better direction once they get tired of butting their heads against the wall. Take it from an Aries....

Hi Elizabeth - Sure. It's all about breaking the links between the pain of life in an impermanent form and the needless suffering generated by attachments, illusions, aversions, and the mind going into funky places on its own. We're pulling free of the gravity of the past 14,000 years and moving at warp speed into the 2000 year Age of Electromagnetic Remembrance. The miracles and wonders of the past 200 years are nothing compared to what's going to be a constant experience in the near future. While old systems crumble, new worlds are a-borning....

Hi Derek - Yes, things are getting "worse" but these times are when we can rise to what could be called an eternal evolutionary challenge for us to be strong, focused, clear, swift, adaptable, humble, and compassionate. Spiritual Warrioring holds eternal lessons for all who spend more than one life on Earth.

Hi Isabel Nobre - Perhaps there's a metaphor about the feminine strength and nobility being co-opted by treacherous men representing church and state? Maybe now it's time to reverse that unfortunate trend. We're headed into an era when we will all learn the wisdom of the old saying that we can no more win a war than we can win an earthquake.

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