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p.s. - I am reminded of HH Dalai Lama's opinion on how to resolve the conflict in the Middle East by having "more festivals and picnics," which I would assume means at least some dancing and no one violating the body of another. Perhaps less violence and more dancing could resolve many conflicts before they arose.....


Wow, you would hope one of the worlds oldest cultures would by now have some consciousness of equality. Seems we still have the constant struggle between chaos and order....
Great articles Robert.


Thank you so much for this very thoughtful post. In my heart I do believe that we must call out such inappropriate behavior wherever we see it. I had seen the reporting of both incidents and was disgusted and dismayed. There is also the woman in Saudi Arabia that was arrested for driving a car. Truly we need to move towards a more respectful attitude towards all sentient beings. The old guard is losing its grip. We cannot allow them to continue harming others as they rage against the inevitable shift that is upon us all. The medieval reign of the patriarchy is over. So be it.


Thank you for this thoughtful reflection Robert. I also note that a twelve or thirteen year old boy was tortured, emasculated and of course killed - no, make that murdered - by Syrian officials who then returned his body to his parents as a warning to protesters of what awaits them if they continue to press their case. Apparently there are cell. phone photos of the horrifically mutilated corpse on the Internet. As you suggest this can only change if we each look at our own unkind words and actions, however trivial they may seem by comparison to the brutal acts you describe. And I agree we attract circumstances to us reflecting something in our own energy field. This is not always easy to accept. To borrow your words, in recent months I have been more or less bullied into submission by someone behaving in an unfair, dictatorial and heavy-handed way. I looked deeply into my tendancy to attract bullies on occasion through what some would term the projection of the animus and took full responsibility. Still, it would be nice to know that the "boomeranging" you have written about many times in recent months is really going to take effect. Without whining too much, since I am very appreciative of the good life I have, sometimes it can feel as if one is reaping others' consequences and that the bullies are only rarely called on their bad behaviours. Yet we are seeing with Berlusconi, Schwarzenegger and "DSK" that some of these folks are finally being called to account for their antiquated ill treatment of women in particular. Thank you once again.


Dear Robert, this is very sad indeed. I did not sleep well last night. So, I am a feeling a bit too emotional to make a real comment.

It breaks my heart.


Spot on! Glad this basically astorolgical web site (and very good indeed), has the time and space to address other subjects when the need or opportunity arises. The reflection made on both issues is one and the same for they both show what fearful over controling governments can do to sustain their madening illusion. They will both claim they do it for the common good, people's safety, etc. etc. When what they are really doing is perpetuating their illusions and fears. If they were so very concern about people's safety and common good, they would beging by respecting individuals and following simple but universal moral principles like the ones you stated. Simple. Their actions sets them so clearly into the spot light. They may have power, but no moral authority. Shame on them.
Again, well done to bring this to light.


Well said!


Your commentary shows that evil still lurks everywhere in the hearts of people and we must remain vigilant and courageous in opposing it. We must all demand that the loud, obnoxious and violent among us change their attitudes and behavior.This is a war but it is a war of love. But still as others have said this all is sad and shameful.

Louise M

Putting aside that the fact that such inspections are degrading and humilliating, and that sexuality is nobodys bussiness but our own: is being a non-virgin woman some sort of a crime in Egypt? I mean, what kind of security or whatever goal is accomplished by checking a woman's virginity? I'm trying to find the "rationale" behind this (tho I know the military is not the most rational of institutions).


Hi all - Yes, the first story is pretty disgusting and the second story pretty sad, especially since it happened in the memorial to the foremost defender of free speech of his time. I believe the struggle for human dignity and freedom of expression against the police state mentality typifies the struggle of the 60s - Peace and Justice vs Law and Order. I do not believe these are incompatible, but without the first two the second two will never be realized, rather than vise versa.

Of course, the brutal torture and mutilation of a young teenagers would revolt and horrify any human with a conscience. The fact that torture and other forms of enslavement are widespread and take many forms is an abomination at this juncture in human history. We have no business doing violence of any sort to any of our brothers and sisters, regardless of economic and political attitudes to the contrary.

We cannot turn away from being witnesses to such horrors if we would become the eyes of compassion so that others can remember not to turn away. I don't believe that we will necessarily attract such things to ourselves because "we have something to learn," since we are all part of the greater Life we share. We must stand up to bullies, whether we want to or not. That doesn't mean we attracted that to us, as much as we are placed there by Spirit to "witness" a better way in the face of brutality.

Authoritarian behavior must be challenged whenever and wherever it is appropriate; "appropriate" being a relative term. We must not treat cheaply what is precious, and our ability to "fight and run away so that we may fight another day" is the sign of wise discrimination, since there are no payoffs for sacrificing oneself needlessly to prove a point. Unless it's in our greater Dharma to do a sacrifice (like the vendor in Tunisia) to mobilize millions in a just cause, then we're better off being wise and knowing best application of our hearts and minds.

I do believe that those who "walk the talk" carry with them a "moral authority" that encourages some while enraging others. That's the way ego works, in that it either wants to emulate or destroy. Only in ego does "evil" exist, but it can do a lot of damage if we don't know when to challenge, when to retreat, and when to ignore. It's about love prevailing over fear, and knowing what work is ours to do and what is not our problem. This relates to Spiritual Warrioring. To that end I'll probably be doing an article on Spiritual Warrioring, and a class or two once I get the Wisdom Store up and running.

On a final note, yes, any military or police anything is not very evolved from one point of view since war can never accomplish its stated goals and policing is a function of authoritarians trying to control individuals. Even in the case of psychotics that need to be locked up we can agree the current methods leave much to be desired, and for police to rough up dancers is bizarro world. Most people employed in such things, if they have a conscience, probably should not be there, as there are many other more productive ways to live a courageous life of dedicated service. What the nations need are Peace Departments rather than Defense Departments, and Peace Keepers rather than Police.

Julie Glassco

I am from Detroit Michigan. I was a victim of police brutality this past Saturday. 5 minutes after lighting a piece of Sage, which was taught to me by the natives of this land, I was attacked from behind by a corrupt police force. Maybe 5 or more attacked me from behind, never questioned, asked to show i.d., or charged or taken to a station. At a music event, appropriately called MOVEMENT, where not only was I a VIP, but a volunteer massage therapist, they took me to the ground, beat me, and put me in a bag. After realizing they had no charges, they left me in this bag to try and dehydrate me, as a cover up, and a reason to dump me at a hospital. At hospital, I cleared every test, including said dehydration. I was then pumped full of valium. They let me walk out the door after 20 minutes. I begged for a ride. Nothing. I located my car in the city, started to drive, and fell asleep at the wheel. I woke to a man screaming. I was a minute from hitting a tree. I know he must be an angel of some kind. I've gathered my evidence all week with my family. Without question, justice will be served. The police and hospital are in a lot of trouble. I hope this resolution will change my community. My heart is aching so bad.


Omg, resorting to base perversion is so desperate. The fighting of fear by creating fear in others. The enacters of these heinous acts must be running scared. Fear and guns are a bad mix.

I notice the us political candidates are gearing up with their own fear mongering scenarios about their opponents. Is the energy of free exchange called the economy supposed to work by sending folks under rocks to hide?


Scoped out my local area today. Two local businesses were fined by state police $500 for allowing citizens to carry alcohol out of the store without it being in a paper bag. The citizens that were carrying were fined $50. The police are also ticketing seat belts as a first offense and no proof of insurance in a vehicle as a secondary offense. This is unusual policing for the area, but it seems that mr walker's budget plan has added a herd of police to the existing force. Maybe it is just a fund raiser, but state patrol everywhere is disquieting.

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