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Beth in San Diego

It is this Cancer's birthday today; I have Cancer in 5 major areas; Born in 52' I am experiencing all the generational influences; i have Saturn in Libra and it has been 'working me' pretty good for sometime now; I lost my dad last year and have my mom in a nursing home; i have lost nearly all my friends early on. Tough days, yet I feel I am entering into a very productive? creative? special? renewed? sense of life and purpose; the contradictions have been quite interesting when I can step back and get some perspective. Jupiter is dancing through my life right now, but I dare not get too giddy. Fun & games! Thanks as always for your tremendous gift of insight.

Account Deleted

Hi Robert! I just listened to your blogtalk live. I love it that your greetings were continental. Thanks for the great insights. God bless!


People get ready, there's a train a comin'
You don't need no baggage, you just get on board
All you need is faith to hear the diesels hummin'
Okay Curtis, I'm trustin'


Deare Robert!
Thanks for one more piece of wisdom -- your craft is worth praise for encouraging and empowering people (all over the world:))))
These lines happened to be veeery up-to-date:

stop making excuses for non-action, find self-confidence in self-reliance and deep focus and discipline amid the outer chaos, and remember there are times to be a pioneer, which means going into unknown zones and discovering new ways


Could you please define this, Robert, "while opening to a more integrated view of a new world order in our life."? Thank you and blessings.


Dear Robert,

Let us hope that what we open up to new ways of expressing our true Soul Goals and get the possibility to follow our Vocation. Amen



Hmmm... like Svetlana said, these words are most pertinent for me right now:

"stop making excuses for non-action, find self-confidence in self-reliance and deep focus and discipline amid the outer chaos, and remember there are times to be a pioneer, which means going into unknown zones and discovering new ways"

I have a choice to make right now that involves either going back into a situation in which I've been in the past, or venturing off into the unknown and forging a new path of my own. Admittedly, the "old" path would provide more material security, and there's definitely no guarantee of that on the "new" path. Quite the opposite, actually.

But I think perhaps the "old" path would ultimately be a mistake for me & my soul's growth. Still deciding, but seeing things more and more clearly every day.

Thanks for your wisdom, Robert!


spot on as usual thanks for sharing kind regards and bright blessings pamela


thanks Robert :)


Hi Beth - Happy Solar Return and Birthday. 1952 was a magical year, but also filled with dynamic challenges which world history confirms. Still, a great vintage! My condolences on the loss of your father, and blessings on your mom's journey into this part of her croneship.

Going through the second Saturn return does help us get clear about what roles we must play and what roles we will never play again. Having gone through mine between late 2007 through Summer 2010, I can say enjoy the authentic wisdom you're realizing that's now coming up as a result of many years of life experience. That's how you'll serve your life and your world in the future. And of course, enjoy your Jupiter return, as it opens doors to greater life adventures, even at our "advanced" age.;-)

Hi Cristilieta - Glad you checked into the global cosmic broadcast! Yes, the global community now has many ways to come together, and of course you're most welcome. Keep checking in!!

Hi Diane - That's probably my favorite "gospel" song. That and "Long Tall Sally." ;-)

Hi Svetlana - Good to hear from you again! I trust you're doing well, and that things are unfolding as they should in the ancient mystical northlands. The lines you mention are a specific formula to antidote the Sun square Uranus and opposition Pluto.

Hi Kathryn - T-squares, when dealt with positively, help us integrate the energies in dynamic tension. When we learn how to overcome external tensions, blockages, obstructions, and oppositions, we come to a new way of ordering our world. We all began new ways to be and do during the multiple conjunctions in Aries. These showed us the antidotes to any problems arising from any of the planets in Cancer square Saturn in Libra.

Cancer is the turning point where new decisions and new directions are taken relative to what began in Aries. One of the keys to the integration of this Grand Cardinal Cross energy is in the following sentence: "These can assist us in finding opportunities to overcome fear, learn harmlessness in expression, and transform the uncultivated into forms of beauty."

Hi Isabel - I believe that the recent Eclipses are removing the old faster than we can imagine, and so the voids should help us to open to "new ways of expressing our true Soul Goals" and find new ways to do both vocation and avocation. Aum indeed.

Hi Merryweather - Again, those specific phrases are the antidotes for the Sun-Uranus-Pluto Cardinal T-square. The antidote is as much positive Libra as we can demonstrate. Just remember we can never go back - we can only go forward, even if it means re-tracing some steps we've seen and done before.

Nothing wrong with material security, at least until something else beckons, as long as that security doesn't come at too high a price, whether on the Soul or personality level. A good salary is always wonderful, but if the job is degrading, or enslaving, or destructive of one's sense of well being, self-sufficiency, or self-confidence, then it's time to craft an exit strategy to make the jump into something new at just the right time. Or now may be that time. It all depends on how you've prepared up to now. Sometimes we need to keep working at what we do best while saving for the time when we'll do something better that feeds our wallets AND our Soul.

Hi AstrologyPamela - Blessings to you as well. Thanks for the kind words.

Hi anna - Of course, you're most welcome!

Heat Pump

It's pretty lucky to find your webblog!Just one suggestion: It will be better and easier to follow if your blog can offer rrs subscription service.


I just found this blog and am very grateful for it.
Here&Now I'm quite depressed (born 1.1.1968 Pluto is hovering over my Sun and AC, with SaturnT squaring, and PlutoT squaring my SaturnR... ARGH!), about to lose my job, need a flat; I feel very hopeless and in a limbo.

This entry now gives me some hope as well as a friendly shove to get moving regardless... I won't quote the sentences again; has been done twice in the comments already. 8)

Thank you; and now I'll dive head-on into this -blog- awesome source of information!


hi Robert i am an aquarius born feb 1st 1965>>any advice for me? thanks i love your site


Hi Heat Pump - Just stop by or set your computer to receive the feed. And I wish you had asked me before advertising your commercial site. Please clear it with me first.

Hi Vetch - You're going through a radical purification AND your "house of personality" is being hammered into "square," as the builders put it. You may need to re-read my two recent articles about finding yourself in "the in betweens." Persist, be patient, form and plan and then adapt as needed, and your determination and persistence will eventually bring you to where you need to be to learn more skills more useful to you and your world. No knock on old skills, but from time to time we all need to learn to play the piano in a different set of keys.

Hi cindy - Well, you began a grand adventure in Spring 2009 and have lived out your images since then. You should have seen the future more clearly after August 2010, and overall this has been a stabilizing period, if also a radical turning point in how you will express your individuality.

Search for your place of greatest service, keep the initiative in your own hands, presume nothing, force nothing, and find ways to win others' cooperation without sacrificing your freedom to act as you need to. Find a new form of self expression, and by Spring 2012 you'll be solidly on track.


Thank you Robert, I will heed your advice.....much appreciated.....Cindy...


Yea, me2: Thank you so much! I was hoping for an answer but didn't really expect one. I am still ... worried and tired an' all, but I think that's part of the hammering. Ouch.
So much great stuff to read, and my brain's so slow these days... weeks...

Blah. All I wanted to say is THANK YOU! 8)


Old article; and I feel I want to give some feedback of how things turned out:
In 2011, when I posted my first comment here, I was going to lose my job, and I was living with my mother (which is not a good thing at my age).

Here&Now I have not only been able to keep my job, it's gotten better and I am indeed forced to "play a different set of keys" professionally. I have to direct more, decide more, act more, well, powerful. And me being such a timid sheep.

And the most amazing thing:
I can do it, and I LOVE it.

Oh, and I am writing this from my great new very own flat. I've moved a month ago.

Things are, of course, still very much in motion, there is much to learn, to adjust and to let go.

I am writing this because, Robert, your answer in 2011 was one of the important inputs that got me through that long and very frustrating, draining phase.

So thank you very much! 8)

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