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Judy Croome

Will hootsuite this article to my social media tomorrow - so interesting!
Judy, South Africa


I love your Spanish..................."mas o menos"! And it's also good to know that we will not wake up to find the old gone and that these shifts take many years to come about.

Thank You.


Hi Judy - Thanks for spreading the word. There's lots we can all learn from each other by comparing notes. May S.A. blossom!

Hola Luz - Yo comprendo un poquito Espanol. Estude' cinco anos en escuela cuando un teenager. Y yo vive' en Austin por vienteocho anos, y hablare' Espanol frecuentemente. But now I must often use a translator, since I'm out of practice. Same with my German skills.....

Usually change happens incrementally and not so suddenly as Hollywood movies indicate. It takes a long time of many overlapping patterns before old ones completely die and new ones are completely established. Though the time stream is in fact quickening, and we are a radically different type of humanity than our grandparents or great-grandparents, the change is somewhat incremental and we're still bound by perceptions based in a limited time and experience.

In the Secret Doctrine we are told that it took tens of thousands of years for the "Lemuro-Atlanteans" to fade away as the Atlantean subraces came to prominence, each in their own day and way. Think in terms of the thousands of years between the ancient peoples and the people of modern times, Certainly while we and they are "people," there are many significant differences between the realities of 10,000 years ago and now. And through it all, we're "chopping wood and carrying water...."


Actually you are wrong the AGE of AQUARIUS starts on December 21st 2012. Each age takes 2,160 years and on 12-21-12 it marks the end of the great cosmic 25,920 cycle.


Although I have a problem with this being Aquarius... But since the Ages are moving backwards.. and for 25,920 to have passed by 12-21-12.. must mean the world was created beginning in/with the AGE of TAURUS.


Hi Amanda - Not quite. There is no reliable source that puts the end of Pisces 18 months from now. You're mixing two different systems and calendars. 12/21/12 is not the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. As long as people have the Piscean plagues of superstitions, dualistic and hypocritical belief systems, and desire for saviors (in whatever form) then we're still in Pisces. I doubt 2012 will magically end these and overnight usher in a global awareness and practice of the Aquarian ideals.

Even Calleman (the world's authority on the 2012 stuff) admits this is a many-year period of shift, and that Dec 2012 is not as important as seeing this period of the mid-90s until later this decade through a wide angle lens. Great Ages simply do not end on a specific date. By my calculations, we'll be at 1 Pisces until about mid-century. Rudhyar thinks later, and almost no one really believes we're already there, given the downsides of the Age of Pisces still in our collective faces.

According to the Secret Doctrine (predating any and all speculations about the Mayan Calendar and its supposed meanings) it is noted that it took many hundreds of thousands of years for the late subraces of the 3rd Root Race (Lemuro-Atlanteans) to be completely superceded by the early subraces of the 4th Root Race (early Atlanteans). It has taken many tens of thousands of years for those of "pure" Atlantean physical stock to be superceded by those of us who are 5th Root Race, said to be "Aryans." 5th Root Racers include the ancient Indo-Aryans, ancient North Africans, ancient Persians, the northern and southern Kelts, including the ancient Greeks and later Romans, right up to those of us who Rudhyar termed "Euro-Americans." We who live in our modern era are the final subraces of this 5th, even as some of the younger peoples of the Earth begin to evolve into and demonstrate primary qualities of prototypical 6th Root Racers.

The world as Gaia took physical incarnation so long ago as to make the notion of "Ages" irrelevant. Humanity first took physical incarnation in Lemuria about 3 million years ago, but also, that makes the notion of Ages a bit insignificant given there have been approximately 115 circumpolar 26,000 year Ages since then. Thus there have been around 115 of each of the 12 "sign" Ages since the dawn of humanity (corrected the math error - point is still the same).

Again, "Cosmogenesis" and "Anthropogenesis" are the specific subjects of the Secret Doctrine. These outline how the Earth and its life forms, as well as human evolution, came to be. It was translated from ancient Chronicles originating beyond time that still exist in certain Tibetan lamaseries. It is the gold standard predating any and all 20th or 21st century speculations around global and human evolution.

As you know, the last Age of Taurus was about 2-4000 years ago. The one before that was about 28-30,000 years ago during some of the last great migrations from Atlantis to Egypt and Persia, introducing agriculture and animal husbandry into those regions.

Please take a broader view, and remember that there are short-term and long-term ways to view time, change, life, and evolution. Life is not a hollywood movie, and long wave changes work incrementally over vast periods of time.

Even if December 2012 turns out to be a relatively dramatic point of human change, so what? Humanity is still going to be tasked with ending separateness, glamor, and a tendency to overidentify with matter, including forms of spiritual materialism. I have found most arguments concerning the 2012 mythos are anchored in some form of spiritual materialism. Again, even if 2012 brings some event, we must remember "Before enlightenment, chopping wood and carrying water. After enlightenment, chopping wood and carrying water."

Dec 2012 will not mark the end of humanity needing to get over its self-absorbed obsession with matter. 2012 is merely the mid-point of "the Winter of the 21st Century" as I've noted in many articles. But I will grant that during this time of the Grand Irrationality (1995-2017, coinciding with the period offered by Calleman) we are making choices and changes that will set the patterns ushering in the 2160-year Age of Aquarius between 2050-2080.

We will see better times after the Grand Irrationality, and by the Spring of the 21st century beginning around 2025 we'll be well on our way to Pluto sprouting Aquarian seeds. This is necessary for the coming Age to manifest.


Robert, your reply to Amanda is a fascinating, informative article in itself. I will finally need to read The Secret Doctrine after hearing it referred to for years. Thanks for the perspective and info!!

Isabel Nobre

Dear Robert,

Wonderful reply to Amanda and wonderful article before that!

You mention the period of 1846, 1847 and 1848. It is really fascinating when we look at History from a radically different view point, something which the Secret Doctrine may indeed help us doing. We will see much broader cycles and history will be illumine not only from an Astrological insight but a Spiritual one as well.

Thank you for sharing it with us!

Going back to what you so rightly say about important changes that occurred in the late 1840s, is it possible that the current economy problems and "industrial" ones (in terms of pollution and also a renewal of exploitation of workers in many places) echo Humanity's need to find "new ways of getting wealth" and also cleaner ways to obtain energy?

There are nowadays new subtler forms of slavery, and one is through mesmerizing people with consumerism, marketing and false values that lead great numbers in Humanity to work all their life for illusion.

Would like your comment if appropriate.

Love and Thanks,



Robert and Isabel, your words as always ring true! Love to you both and blessings for the solstice, Morvah

Isabel Nobre

Dear Morvah, Blessings to you...

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