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cord cutter

hi Robert, love your work. Sometime in the last 5-6 weeks you mentioned good dates to let go of things or extricate yourself from situations and relationships effectively. I wish I'd bookmarked it but I didn't and now I can't find it - am wondering if you or any of your readers would be able to direct me to the post if you know which one I mean please? There were a few dates that were seen as ideal. Thanks.


Hi cc - Without knowing something about the content I couldn't hazard a guess as to which article it was. There are general guidelines that have to be modified by circumstances and what's being dealt with. Usually sextiles, quintiles, and trines to Pluto (and sometimes Uranus) are a good time to leave the old behind, but remember that an aspect never exists in its own void.

A planetary trine to Saturn square Pluto might not be as easy as we'd like, but we'd certainly understand our limits and duties despite the gear grind of letting go. In such an ex. connected to a job, we might see clearly how we'll never get promoted and so turn a corner in our sense of what to do, what to study, and what disciplines to embrace.

The sign and aspects of the Moon also matter, as do aspects to and from the ruler of whatever it is we're letting go of. For ex, Jupiter rules big ideas, opportunities, while Mars rules hassles and aggravations, or things we're "at war with," and Venus rules relationships and old vanities, and more. Studying the qualities of the planets can help us understand "departments of labor," this translating over into our group function, the nature of different groups of angels and devas, and so forth.

Really, even when you get a favorable set of transit to transit aspects, there are always the aspects to our natal and progressed charts, and in the case of a relationship, transiting aspects to the other person's chart. Generally tr to tr harmonious aspects can make for harmonious circumstances even when we or they must deliver "bad news." Some things in this impermanent reality will never feel good, but we must do them anyway with as much compassion and detachment as we can while maintaining as much good will as we are able.

If any reader knows what article this person is talking about, by all means tell us, since I'd like to know as well.

Jorge Torres

ThankYou Robert Wilkinson !!!

Blessings !!!

cord cutter

Thanks so much Robert for the unexpected gift of useful aspects it was very kind of you to answer so comprehensively. Armed with your information I will get me to the chartery to work it out with my natal chart in mind.


The question that has been stuck in my mind has been have "things" always been this insane and am I just waking up to this or has the whole world gone mad mad mad. Or am I going nuts?

But now I get the feeling that something saturnine has slowed me down so that I see "things" as they happen, like in slo mo. I think that is what made me feel nuts, I couldn't believe what I was experiencing, and there was little to no confirmation that anyone else was having the same experience.

I suppose saturn is dealt the death card because of this slowing? The slowing seems to be what keeps me in the now, and more aware of the consequences of actions. And I also experience the stuckness, a slowness to change both in myself and others. But my new sense of slow, makes what must change far more obvious because it becomes tedious or I do not wish to experience the consequences again. More responsible decisions/actions are now possible.

Excuse me if I sound irrational.


Our first granddaughter was born at 9:30 pm MDT on July 1, 2011. We are very excited. We had been feeling her energy for some time. These young ones that are coming in now are the ones that will really usher in the New Age in its full glory. The separating New Moon Eclipse falls in her sixth house of service. She has late Cap rising and Mercury on her descendant. She has a lot to say and is well versed in the old ways and Goddess lore. The minute she was born she cried loudly nonstop for over an hour. Look out world, I am here! LMAO! We are so happy. My wife is really happy. Love and Light to all.


caliban--I understand your frustration. The past three months or so have been filled with wierdness--totally out of the scope and challenging at times--more than I have experienced in a while, all together, at a constant turning of events that have flashed out of the ordinary, calling me to take it on...and if I didn't, it continued hitting me in the back until I finally turned around to give it attention. I've experienced things I never thought I views and thoughts were turned upside down, doing things I said I'd never do. Now that some of that weidness has now passed, I learned to never say 'never'. As of today, I'm angry enough to fight it, so that I can live normally; however, if I fight, will it continue to hit me? I've decided to take it all in stride, say prayers, and then keep repeating, "it too, shall pass", while doing my best to keep my composure. Quite frankly, I'm anxiously waiting for all of it to come to a close, so that I can find a normal sense of life again, if one still exists after all of the drudgery.


Yep. The times they are a changing...For me, everything is being called into question for review. Beliefs, memes, and all that "makes sense" are being reviewed and sorted. Useful? Or not? Functional? Or not? Practical reality (money, stuff, food etc) are also in the mix of review...bringing me to the point of surrender. What actions of balance and practical function need to be taken? Oi. Surfing is a skill which requires practice!
I keep on keeping on...

: )


Thank you, Robert, for this website and your writings. Your articles are both spiritual and up-to-date. When my involvement in the world begins to confuse me and I am looking for a cosmic newsflash to keep myself feeling light, your articles always give me a transpersonal and, very important during this time, continuous perspective.

Matching the hotspots you pointed out with my natal, I notice that my Venus, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto are activated and in my natal, these four planets are connected by septiles. The houses activated are 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th and 10th. I have moved twice in the last half month. When it comes to inner life and the interpersonal, things that I never dreamed of happening are unfolding so exquisitely that I live in gratitude and joy every day. But if anything is happening in the career plane, I see none of it and I'm hoping my Mars return the next couple of days in the 10th house might give me some inspiration.


I assume if one has planets in opposition or aspected those points it will be triggered too? I have had quite a challenge overcoming the "ghosts" of past, but fortunately being given a surprise 50th dinner on 22/6 provided a sense of "ghost busters" to breakthrough previous self beliefs. Thanks for your view on all this, it really does make sense Robert, Well done :)

Wild Horse running

Caliban....I think the slowing is a is happening to me also! I am "seeing-feeling" things that I haven,t before....and I wonder if its because now Im not afraid to see-face them and deal with them?
And my communication has improved the past I must have been tongue tied-afraid to-unable to because of the slowing, Im able to stay in a conversation long have what I need to say, come to the surface, and Im getting so much better at presenting it, so others can receive...instead of blurting it/offending/attacking etc. I have also noticed a "letting go" of some issues of the past....

I am enjoying the slowing down and deeply inhaling the


Great article and thank you for the additional insights on "letting go" Robert. Cord Cutter may be referring to "The Solar Eclipse at 12 Gemini June 1-2, 2011 Pt. 3 - Letting Go of the Old and Opening to the New" (also terrific). Our Canadian public service unions (especially the postal service) are being strongly influenced by the current transits and eclipses - the negotiating point being on new workers maintaining the same pensions as current workers. Although the strike was ended artificially by the federal government (pluto) under duress, awarding less than the union had negotiated, the mail is at a crawl. Big business/wealthy survive but the little guys carry the brunt of the fight for a decent living.

Here's hoping the age of Aquarius and globalization doesn't mean equalization to the lowest common denominator.


dcu - congratulations to you and your family on the arrival of your new love. May she be blessed..


SLW--I gave up fighting "it" or I should say "IT" after I realized that it was fruitless. Mostly involved long term relationships with folks that like to fight. I think it's called competition. How to say man, I'm exhausted, let's not go there anymore. Am working to get with my own "IT" now.

WHR--So happy to hear you are doing well and working it. I probably was letting stuff go by without dealing with it too, hoping it would get better. After hearing for too many years that I was crap and everything is my fault, I was believing it. It shut me down. Then I got slammed with huge huge happenings that I just could not take the blame for, that I think opened my eyes again slowly to re-understanding that folks around me have itchy times, too. You are right to be heard. Like Robert continues to write, patience patience, patience. The slow is good, I like it. I had to get beyond trying so hard. But this new rhythm can be a bit uncanny some days.

Wild Horse running

Wow caliban....

You described me...not dealing with it, shutting down, hoping it would go away, and always being blamed. I am aware now also that the abuser is very good at blaming their victim. Im still dealing with the "bullies" but now I "feel it", and am aware of what is going on. I think I was "frozen" or shut-down as you said. The other day I surprized myself, by responding firmly in the moment to an attempt at control/domination, and the person attempted to try again, I stopped them from talking over the top of me,then he said he "was just joking" excuse to be able to get away with disrespect, I told him his joking was not acceptable, and ended up with an apology. I did not have healthy boundaries....Now I have noticed how others have manipulated me,or the pleaser in me, and how easily I jumped through hoops....that is changing too.

Thanks for your support, amigo...

"No one respects you untill you stand up for yourself"...

Wild Horse running

Hola Robert..

How are you? Hope you and yours are well!!!

A question por favor?

Next months full moon at 21 Aqaurius/Leo falls directly on my chiron/5th and opposses my Uranus/11th
(Chiron/5th) affairs/creativity
Uranus 11th/groups/friends....

Chiron/ the 5th, unprocessed pain of relationships past/ blocking creativity??????

Opposition Uranus/sudden change...11th friends/groups
new opportunities????

...and they square my sun/moon at 21/22 scorp/taurus????

Some dreams about being "congruent" in my feelings...not hiding how I really feel, but being authentic...

Grasias Senor...

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