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thanks again for another great offering.

Tommi Hanley

Hello Robert,

I have finished my book and feel overwhelmed with the prospect of finding an agent or publisher. Start a blog? E-print? Self publish? I am overwhelmed. Still, it sounds like the next two weeks would be a good time to send out queries and keep moving forward. My book is my gift to society / trying to help others. Two years of sweat and many tears! Any insights since my reading last November are appreciated. Thanks for all you do, Tommi.


Has anyone noticed the moon rising in the east and setting in the west? Or for that matter, that the sun is setting much further north than before? A recent news report (CNN)stated that North is so off on compasses now that airports are forced to make adjustments to landing strips. It was followed by an interview with three Inuit elders at the North Pole, and each said what I've been observing with my own eyes, and stated above about the moon and sun. They also said they can no longer tell direction by the 'tongue ice' because it no longer points north as the winds have changed direction. There's more if you dig on the web, but for the most part, little is being said about this - but there it is and has been for at least a couple months. The Innuits weren't even sure exactly when it started, so whatever is occuring has been gradual. Anyone?


Yes, Kathryn - every summer the sun used to shine in the window on the back of the house that faces directly south. Now it has shifted to the SW side of the house. Very strange indeed!


Hi all - Must hit the road in a few minutes so cannot contribute to this discussion, but things are definitely getting reoriented in countless ways. Tommi, we should communicate directly via email.


I can't seem to find this reference to the CNN report mentioned by Kathryn above.....


I'm so grateful to discuss this as I feel I've been living in the Twilight Zone. I was mistaken, it's not a CNN news report, it's a compilation of news reports, among them, MSNBC. This is the link, and I'd love to hear what you think, Robert, when you get time.

daz madrigal

Its remarkable how so much of the above equates and illumines the current murkiness of the News Corp scandal...lets hope Saturn Libra can finally adjudicate and disperse these shadows over the coming month.

The UK is agog and fascinated with this..every day brings a new shocking headline!

daz hastings

the sun's rising further north in my neck of the woods for sure this year. two years ago, winter solstice was 8th december. i'm in south UK, with a good view of rising sun all year and excellent natural markers to guage. have been here for about eight years . this year "solstice" was about three days ago. feels weird and I don't really say too much about it. i'm mostly just pleased that i have a clear idea of where the markers are ... so many years i spent not paying attention. lol.


All I have run across on earth changes . . . besides the obvious.

Earth's rotation is slowing, gravity and the electromagnetic field is weakening. It happens. The earth is more elliptical when moving faster due to the liquid core. As rotation slows it becomes rounder or less elliptical. This could correlate to a shift in the earth's crust tectonic plates. The tectonic plates allow heat to be released which allows life as we know it on the planet. In comparison, Venus does not have these plates and does not release its heat so it is uninhabitable for life as we know it.

The decreased gravitational force may support biblical ascension prophecies?

According to a 2007 article by an Andrew Smith in Paradigm Shift mag, Inuit elders predicted a time when it would be forever summer, that correlates with the Earth returning to a near vertical axis of rotation. The inclination change results in the moon taking up new orit around the equator which greatly affects water movement. A side note: The warming of the atmosphere also has greatly affected rainfall as warmer air holds more water so that when it rains it pours.

I myself don't focus on these changes but do work to stay in rhythm with the changes. At present, I am experiencing some occasional throat blockage. Between my mind and my heart? Am working that this merc rx through virgo/leo. I am not sure how this could relate to earth changes other than maintaining openness to change?

While the earth changes I mentioned are not fast, I do notice pressure buildup in myself with change in barometric pressure preceding storms and tornadoes, so I tend to belive that earth/atmosphere and cosmic changes can be sensed by humans.

That's all I have to offer.


This is way bteter than a brick & mortar establishment.


Hi Robert & all, just having an insomniac re-read... not sure if you'll pick this up Caliban as it's now 24th August... That'll be the good ole Mercury retro dance!!!
Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Caliban re sharing all info - makes alot of sense to me - always felt rather sceptical re the way the media/governments grasped the climate change scene in regards to humans causing too much CO2 when indeed it's been pointed out that the Ocean emits way more than our collective... apparently.... & according to another eminent Professor of Science.
Anyways, it's your last paragraph that i'm extremely grateful for as i too have noticed that this past 3-4 years i've become increasingly sensitive to atmospheric pressure changes. It took a while to figure out the correlation & there's not a great deal of folk to discuss this with without being on the receiving end of an eye-roll!! LOL. Here in Scotland it seems to be when there's alot of low-level cloud - i guess low pressure. So relieved to hear others feel/experience similar too.
Would it be appropriate to end with....
Onwards & upwards...... ;-) ?


OOOps... Apologies got wires crossed re my above comment - it's not the Ocean emitting CO2 it's Volcanoes emitting multiple times CO2 in extremely vast quantities & very quickly too... My brain is disengaging from my body!!!! ;-) Lol x

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