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I've been chasing and identifying butterflies, it is rather intoxicating. But they never disappoint.

Went to a seminar this week on invasive plants and was surprised to meet up with familiar faces again. They are so fun, all with stories to tell. Very energizing.

Mary Streets

Oh Robert, thank you for the example of drunken chickens. Was feeling bad as I am unabe to deliver for just such a FOWL. Many blessing upon the Emporer of Astrology.

Kathryn Rose

Thank you, Robert! I appreciate your talent with the stars and your insight, I am blessed to have joined you on the path.


I have those three planets in virgo, mars/pluto and uranus and they are going to get a hit. I am feeling a bit down but I guess that comes with the times and the stuff that we need to weed out that is not necessary to use anymore and to learn how to free ourselves of useless ways of negative thinking.
Thanks Robert you are a brilliant. I am sorry to hear about your chicken problem. Life is weird that way. Umm one request and I was wondering how to pass this around but on facebook and here in Tokyo one lovely guy put together a petition to get the government to extend the evacuation zone.
I was wondering if it would be okay if I sent it to you via mail and if you wanted to you can post it here or send it off to friends. I wanted to ask you your permission first. Thanks again for your wisdom. Peace and love from Tokyo

Mel Bourne

Thanks for your time and effort for providing this very important information. I really appreciate what you are trying to point out.

Wild Horse running


Your comment about the woman who demonstrated the "intoxicated chickens" with her ego demands, and how much of your time it would waste, answering her, as she had asked the same question 5-6 times in the past, bothered me. The person you speak of could very well be me, as I sent a few recent emails, and did not receive an answer, and as my uranus sits at 21 Leo..."intoxicated chickens".
To be honest, and straight forward, if you know who she is, why not email her directly? You said you chose not to respond to her "unreasonable-egocentric demands"... instead, you addressed it publicly, which felt to me, as you attempted to shame/hurt/denegrate her, as she had bothered you.
If it was me, thank you for letting me know, how demanding and pushy I am, I apologize for not being aware/awake enough to know I had asked the same question 5-6 times, (I have Mercury Rx in my chart, and I tend to repeat myself).

She is most likely unconcious of her demanding/pushy/egotistic ways...but it seems to me, that being rude, only helps to keep her "unconcious".



Hi WHR - Sorry it bothered you. You have no idea how many more times than "5-6" I've tolerated this person over 36 years of over the top repetitive questioning. I assure you, I have been more than open and straightforward; it is she who refuses to answer ONE honest inquiry at this time and has become extremely abusive to me and my wife over several years. I am under no obligation to answer anyone after I have been open and straightforward and they refuse to answer one thing or offer one thing.

Please reconsider your view. I did not denigrate her - I offered nothing about her, you know nothing about who she is or what she does or her history in any way. She is just one example of several concerning a general situation that I gather many are dealing with.

It has absolutely nothing to do with you. The person I'm using as an example is in fact extraordinarily unconscious despite a sincere decades long spiritual practice, and after 36 years I'm done with her insulting me. And lest you misunderstand where I'm coming from, a while back I realized I have absolutely no power to bring someone out of unconsciousness. After all, I'm not a "guru." In any case, please take a breath and realize my comment had absolutely nothing to do with you. And I will delete this off-topic skew if you want.


Robert, with all due respect you are wrong.You are talking about archetypes, and so do I.Sorry to here about your problems with Sophia. When I say no communications, I see Uranus. When I say drunk chickens, I mean highly spiritualized and practicing people all over the world who are now craving for love but actually just drunk chickens who let people above them lead them into civil wars. I thought you could give directions, but you don't wish to. I a way, it's better, because nothing good can come from a stolen advice.

Virginia Bare

OMG--woooo hoooo ... all intoxicated chickens live in their own belief cage ... and how evident it is when they are truly intoxicated ... i was the penultimate intoxicated chicken yesterday ... stewing in my own caged beliefs ... but I get that this is, indeed, a liberating ordeal ... and, though intoxicated and whirling in my own chicken doo doo, I did manage to chink open the cage door ... my head is sticking out ... i will squeeze this rest of me out as the cosmic pasta mill keeps rolling ... the most liberating ordeal of all is getting out of your own way ... cosmic chickens, unite!


Hi all - And the Mercury retrograde beat goes on and on and on....

Hi Emma - Exactly what point are you trying to make? You left a comment on another stream that was extremely obtuse. In this classroom I prefer we all elucidate our points.

That said, I shall address each of your assertions: You are not clear about how I "am wrong." Of course we're speaking of archetypes when we use the Sabian Symbols, though they translate into human affairs quite well. I have no problems with "Sophia." In fact, I AM Theo-Sophia, and have been since 1974. Not sure how you equate "no communications" with Uranus. When life compels us to know when "to be silent," then there's nothing to say. If Aleph doesn't speak, it's time to listen to the Voice of the Silence.

Not sure why you would equate "drunken chickens" with "highly spiritualized people" since both Jones and Rudhyar do not, due to the position of the degree within the whole process. "Drunken chickens" in this context means that ego with its assumptions and desires cannot sustain true spiritual experiences and realizations, since "chickens cannot fly." And of course, it becomes the "carrier pigeon" delivering its message, but that's the 22nd degree, not the 21st.

EVERYONE on Earth "craves for love" since that is the main Ray of the Souls of at least 98% of humanity, and is a major Soul subray for the rest. To note, I found a long time ago through my training as a Spiritual Warrior that no one gets led into "civil wars" unless they volunteer. Only the very old, the very young, and the infirm get a pass. Other than these, we ALL volunteer for every dispute we find ourselves in. The alternative is to walk away and find other dances to do.

As for "giving directions," my many clients and Spiritual Brothers and Sisters around the world seem happy with what I offer, since I serve up great spiritual pasta without needing to chew it for them. And no one "steals advice" from me. I have generously offered what I've learned from the Great Ones and my own diligence across the years to any who come to the cosmic cantina, so how can it be stolen? My time may be wasted occasionally, but my gifts cannot be stolen.

As for me "not wishing to give directions," that's a strange assumption. If you read the guidelines you'll note I'm clear that sometimes I don't answer comments and other times it may take me awhile to get to it, since frankly, I DO have a full life and spiritual and professional practice outside this blog. Unless you're "anonymous" and/or leading a revolution then my response probably isn't urgently needed. And if you are, a public blog is not the place to speak of these things.

Hi Virginia - Woo hoo indeed! Love the metaphor of "belief cage." I usually say echo chamber or house of mirrors, but belief cage is great. I used to raise chickens in Austin many years ago, and it's true they cannot fly. They're also so hypnotized that if they look up in a rainstorm they really can drown through not knowing when to look away. They also can peck each other to death. Sounds like ego to me!!

Good observation that we're still going through "liberating ordeals" of many types. Mercury is still in roundabout examination mode in its "shadow span" and will be for a few more weeks. And yes, "getting out of our own way" is required if we're to get a grip on ego blather. And the Mercury retrograde beat goes on and on and on....


I asked the same question twice on two different posts here in the past few weeks and was ignored both times. It's all good as our interconnectedness insures many sources for information.


Hi Kathryn - I assume you're speaking about the shift in magnetic north, since that's the subject of your two posts of July 13 and one on August 1. I didn't answer re: the magnetic shift because I really don't have that much to say. It's happened countless times across the Ages, and yes, it's happening now. I have my own take on this, but right now I believe there are more important issues such as how to stay conscious in the Now and prepare to answer the call in the right way and right time.

The topic of magnetic shift was not discussed in the Spiritual Unity of the Tribes gathering, but honoring in gentle silent ways the Earth and the Spirit that dwells in each other was, as was the need to be aware of the Etheric levels of existence that are coming forth with greater power by the month. That's something I speak of regularly on this site since it's relevant to all of us.

Again, please do not take my silence to mean anything other than that I am busy with taking care of people all over the world (and petting my cat, a most demanding Master!) I read every comment and ignore no one, but I do work 6 days a week keeping up with my counseling practice and writing articles. That's exactly why I've made it clear from time to time over the past year or so that people should not expect quick personal answers to questions. I answer most questions that require my take through articles where the topic is relevant to all. And to illustrate, in composing this answer and the previous one I no longer have the time to write the article I was going to offer my readers today. My writing time is limited by more demands than most people imagine.


ps - For anyone else who stumbles across this stream, I NEVER answer comments when I'm on the road, since it's just too much of a hassle. I was on the road all of mid-July and then late July into early August. I'm on the road at least 4-8 times a year for anywhere from 1-3 weeks at a time doing talks and sessions for people and groups. Answering questions on this blog takes a back seat to my being present wherever I am.


it's funny you say liberated, because i'm watching the news about how Lybia was liberated today.....

Sue Moon

Just popped in and getting a really good laugh, thanks all for the comment streams of Merc retro, hilarious from my point of view!


Oh dear, I found my inner intoxicated chicken. I was hatched from an egg? Evolutionists do write that in the earliest few days of embryo development, there is no physical differnce between the fish, the chicken, and the human.

This "thing" has been incubating for awhile and making me nauseous when it tries to surface (I never could hold my liquor). I'm spitting feathers now. New knowlege to integrate.


Take care of the cat.

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