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Tuning in often to your ever so insightful articles. Cancer-5 here - Uranus 1952.On November 5, 2009 I placed my mom in a nursing home after a heart attack; by March 2010 (her Bday month, Aries), i had vacated her home of 20 years; today i renewed her Medi-Cal coverage; Caretaking is the order of the day, and while i am able and willing it is a heavy emotional burden. On top of that, i am winding down my small business after eleven years and trying my hand at social media for social justice. Crazy and intense times and i am sure, as you say, lots more to come - i feel it as never before that upheaval is inevitable here in the U.S. just as we have seen around the world.


Hi, Robert. Thanks for this article. I have my mercury at 4 d. That is in the 5th house. I had a turning point with an ex and some healing. Which is very good for me. Lot of things came out. The other degree span with the fixed signs hits my neptune in scorpio which is in my 4th house and my ac/dc which are leo/aquarius...I wonder what that might bring. I also have that span on my mc/jupiter in taurus too. So, fifth house, ac/dc/mc angles.... wow fastening my seat belt now!!!


oops maybe not the ac/dc cause they are at 23 d


Oh Yea...
Thanks Robert! Oh and yes, there is that Yod hangin out there as well i'm told! "A splendid time is guaranteed for all...and of course Henry the Horse dances the waltz!"

Wild Horse running

Ah karumba!!! I have pretty much everything except Jup/Merc between those degrees...Venus-NNode-Saturn- Snode...1-6
Sun, Mars-Scorpio Moon-Taurus,Uranus-Leo, Chiron-Aqaurius...16-21 ....and there are some changes happening.

I recently had alot of repressed anger come up...realized I said things I really didn,t mean, in an effort to keep the peace. Now Im saying how I really feel,(my truth), and making alot of people very uncomfortable.
Today, I realize that due to the repressed anger, unconciously I sought to argue with others to get rid of it. And I see how others do the same.....

And we haven,t gotten to the intense part yet...

Thou I walk through the valley of Death...


My Aries, Cap, Libra & Cancer are all between those degrees. I feel like my Garmin: recalculating...recalculating...recalculating. My mantra of late is: faith, trust & surrender. Thanks for the heads up on all of this Robert. I wish you were "jivin' me with that cosmik debris".

Wild Horse running

I like that Diane, the recalculating of your Garmin...
I forgot my Pluto is also at 5-6 Virgo.....and my Neptune in the first house at 7 Scorpio....Im seeing things/red flags/rudneness/deception that I haven,t in the past...and the little man behind the curtain....but also my own shadow....

When Im pointing at others, theres 3 fingers pointing back at me....very humbling, understanding projection, finding compassion...

sue moon

After reading this, it so coordinates with what many of us are feeling. The need to have a stable food/water supply, bigger community gardens, alternative forms of transportation (bikes). I'm thinking of putting a rain barrel under one of the gutters. My 18 yr old grandson joined the gym because he says he is going to need to be physically stronger for the days ahead. He and his peers feel something big coming, and so do I and my friends.


September 21, 2011

Dear Robert,

I’m French Canadian so excuse my poor English language. I hope you will arrive to understand me.
I read your articles since many years (with Reverso dictionary). Aquarius Paper is a daily meeting and I appreciate the quality of your work.
Allow me a picture illustrating how I see your work. It is a huge spider web of both solid and symmetrical. The common thread is in constant contact with each part of the canvas. (all the links). Everything fits and remains consistent. This is the highlight. And because of that, each of your readers can use on the canvas but are not tangled or trapped it.
However, since last spring I feel uncomfortable reading you and I want to pinpoint what's wrong. I feel a mixture of sadness and incomprehension. Sometimes even anger. That anger is not against you but against a daily reality that has nothing to do with the needs of my Soul. Many, many times, transits, eclipses, new moon etc.., falls right on sensitives points, on the cuspides or in conjunction with my natal planets. Often these are positive and show promise of a better future but disasters and losses mount, and life is still a long tunnel with no door.
In 2003 I was co-owner of a greenhouse production in Quebec City (Eastern Canada). On May 23 an Annular Solar eclipse took place on my natal Moon (11°Gemini). At the end of July after a violent physical assault, I fled the city to Montreal with only my dog. I had lost everything: house, trade and all my possessions.
On November 9, 2003, a Lunar eclipse. The Moon is in conjunction with natal Jupiter (4th house) and trine natal Chiron-Capricorn (Rising sign). Sirius and Saturn are in conjunction with natal Uranus-Cancer (7th house) and trine to Mars (Scorpio) in 10th house.
You wrote at this moment : «.... In future months we must go with the building energies of the Great Sextile, and see how the “seeker must become the warrior, fighting anew the eternal battle.” Concretize your values, move toward your cultural ideal, and follow the Mars movement through your ordeal into your “sanctuary.”»
But there is a black spot on my natal chart: Venus, Mercury/Pluto and South Node are in Leo and square Taurus and Scorpio.
Since 2003, I try to move forward and realize an ideal, that of teaching my profession. The doors remain closed. I do pick up jobs as physically demanding and poorly paid. To ensure a home I do not have much choice. Once the required monthly payments paid I have only $ 30.00 a week for food and gasoline. Defeatism and despondency are difficult to avoid.
During the present life I touched the death on 3 occasions. Raped at age 9, a uterine cancer at age 31, my first partner gave me a venereal disease, and at 51 years old, a second partner, suffering from an emotional dependence strangles me because I leave him.
Each time an inner voice told me that I would stay alive. Now I wonder what is this life because everything falls continuously. I never wanted to be rich or a millionaire. I just want to keep me safe and be happy to open my eyes in the morning.
2011 marks the return to me of Jupiter and of Saturn. In numerology, the year 2011 is for me a year «one». Efforts, research, approaches remain unanswered. For self-confidence is a real work of demolition. I try to stay alive and all my energy goes.
2012 is the year of the Dragon, my Chinese sign.Tell me dear Robert, is this really a new cycle or is it the unreachable dream of Neptune?

Let me give you some information about my birth chart.: Birthday: July 17, 1952
Western Hemisphere:. All my planets are there except that Chiron is in the ascendant (Capricorn) and NN in Aquarius in the second house.
Jone’s pattern: I believe that it’s a bowl with Mars (Scorpio) in MC opposite to Jupiter (Taurus) in 4th house. (I exclude Chiron in my rising sign.)
Natal Pluto who is conjunct Mercury/SN, dance with ALL my natal planets and transit now in my ascendant with natal Chiron.
Black Moon conjonct my Sun
Important rulers are in conflict: Saturn in Libra square Uranus
Natal Balsamic Moon: 11° Gemini semisquare the Sun, 25° Cancer
I know that Balsamic Moon is about endings. I learned the lesson of letting go. I’m looking for more stability and peace. But I realize deep down in my soul that there is no permanence in this world. Dayne Rudhyar said that the intentions of this natal moon are spiritual. Give weight to his spiritual life is one thing but manage to survive to live their spirituality is another thing. Is it possible to start a new cycle, a new phase in this life? Is it possible a «greater fulfilment»?
On September 15, in your article "A Cardinal T-Square Helps Us Turn A Corner" you wrote:
«… As those threw everyone into new initiatives leading to the future we're now living, see how what's currently happening is related to those decisions and initiatives….
We'll all understand more by the end of September, and have further opportunities then to do self-protective maneuvers and reorient toward securing a more stable future. Given the signs involved, find new ways of appreciating, valuing, doing, illuminating, coordinating, and understanding your individual genius while putting the brakes on corrosive influences.»

It is the purpose of my letter. In front of all these pointless efforts I feel more despair than hope. What I don’t understand?
Where are there any doors? Where is the one that opens to a better future? Where is the one that would allow me to live in harmony with my aspirations? I don’t think I will live old enough that the return of Saturn in Libra can balance the scales. Yet, my natal Moon, Venus, Mercury and Pluto are very in tune with him. Perhaps that Saturn is deaf.
Thank you for your attention. I highly appreciate the magnitude of your work and I like this daily «rendez-vous». My life does not change but you bring lots of light.

NOTE: Is it possible with the New Moon to know the rising sign in Quebec City or in Montreal on the east coast of Canada. Vancouver is on the west coast and is very far away.
About Sabian Symbols: When Dr. Jones says «when this degree is positive»… does he mean by transit, by natal aspects or both at the same time?
Thank you so much!
Aum and blessings,


Hi Asheham - What you're going through sounds like a T-square! Generating compassion and Bodhichitta is always a good things, so I'm glad to know your Mom is in good hands, even if it is a bit hard at times. Upheaval is definitely in the air, and will be for quite a while!!

Hi Micheline - You're welcome. Glad you could find healing during this T-square. With Jupiter opposed your Neptune, stay connected with the bigger picture and trends going on around you, and learn how to give things a push from time to time so they prove to be in your continued interest.

Hi Jean - Been listening to the Beatles a lot lately. They really did bring a good vibe to just about any situation, even when things got really weird. The Yod is Sun sextile Mars both quincunx Chiron. Productive squeezeplay time!!

Hi Wild Horse running - Well, then I suppose you will have opportunities to integrate a lot of areas of your life! I recently had a chance to go into an angry space due to a "bait and switch" by someone supposedly my friend, but chose a more balanced, mature approach. While it didn't seem to make a difference in his attitudes, it helped me see how far I've come from my younger days when I would have pulled out my flamethrower and served him up for lunch!

Sometimes it's time to make peace, sometimes it's time to enforce healthy boundaries, and it's always time to choose our responses rather than be provoked by ugly behavior. I suspect that if we can exercise a gentle self control and see the humor in the absurdity of the occasional crazy making, then we'll move easily through the shadows without getting hung up in fear, anger, and other unhelpful responses. And of course, compassion is always a good thing, as long as miscreants don't mistake kindness and compassion for weakness. That was one of the harder lessons I've ever learned and forced me to rise to my strength of character and be a good "Spiritual Warrior."

Hi Diane - Recalibrating is definitely one way this Cardinal T-square could manifest. Faith, trust, and surrender are all good things to do. Combine them with knowledge, awareness, resolve, and clear intention, and a person might accomplish more than they imagine!

Hi Sue Moon - People all over have begun to prepare for a time of transition. Some are moving, some are staying and networking, and everywhere there's a quickening with the sense that something big's coming at all of us like an express train. Rainwater collection will be a necessity in the future - actually, given the corruption of so many public water supplies, it's probably a good thing right now!
for the days ahead. He and his peers feel something big coming, and so do I and my friends.

Hi Joëlle - Welcome to the Cosmic Cantina. Thanks for your appreciation of the work. Unfortunately, you've written so much it would be impossible for me to answer all your concerns here in this comment stream. I like your analogy of the web, since all of this and all of us are truly interconnected in more ways than we suspect.

I am sorry you feel such a sense of "sadness and incomprehension. Sometimes even anger." These feelings are more widespread than you imagine, since the entire world is suffering at the hands of ruthless people of no good will toward the Earth, the poor, the working people, the old, the young, or the infirm. We collectively know things should be much different and better, but the power structures are frustrating our ability to live as we could and should, in harmony with the Earth and each other.

Regardless of astrological configurations, we have certain spiritual lessons to learn as humans while we're here, and have to learn new patterns to antidote the negative ones, both internal and external. Even when we seem to fail, it still usually has brought forth a creativity and imagination we weren't engaging before.

Sorry you went through so many losses. I believe it is safe to say that many others also have suffered such losses. While that doesn't make the losses feel better, at least we know we're not alone in this mess, and can find knowledge, compassion, and connectedness by sharing our stories. And once old patterns and old karmas are worked out, then we don't have to go there any more if we learn what we have to learn and change the internal patterns, reorienting toward a better Way, Truth, and Life.

Any "black spot" in a chart is only the lack of understanding of those planetary dualities, since all that is obscure or negative can and MUST be turned to the good. That's why we're here. Squares help us integrate and learn how to deal with the world's challenges on our own terms.

You may need to reread the articles I did on creating a new profession and/or a new life, since I offered some helpful things in those articles that are useful for reorienting the consciousness toward a clearer picture of who you have been and could be. I found Louise Hay's "You Can Heal You Life" especially effective in removing negative inner defeatist attitudes and replacing them with more positive intention. Please get a copy and do the meditations. She was a cancer survivor who realized we can heal our lives by focusing on our inner expectations and what we believe to be true.

No door can remain closed unless it's simply not true for us. In that case, stop trying to open a locked door and go toward a door that will swing open as soon as you approach it. Open to learning, open to exploring, open to finding a new way to express your gifts, and something always presents itself, as long as we're not fishing for trout in a bass pond.

Again, I am truly sorry that you had to endure physical assault and your own body in revolt at such young ages. Those things are now in your past, and gave you experience that taught you how to serve others who also have to suffer such things. We never need to endure suffocating relationships, or unhealthy people.

Dragons are magical people. That said, you must learn to ground from time to time and do the solid inner work to get your magnetism in shape to do your higher work. Learn the lessons of Saturn's return and you'll make the next 30 years a miracle of self-transformation. Please go into the archives and find my articles on the Saturn return and Saturn squaring a planet and give them a look. Definitely let go of old clutching and defensive insecurity, and build on the Jupiter return favorable to your Sun, since when Jupiter conjuncts your Moon next year you should experience a restoration of confidence to the degree you have let go of the ghosts of the past.

There is no difference between the spiritual and the material for one who "walks the talk." The two worlds can accurately mirror each other, where life is a joyous experience of the Self and the Self finds appropriate outlets in the material creation. New cycles are always presenting themselves throughout life, but we must be ready to pour our new wine into new wineskins, and not drag the negative imagery in our subconsciousness along into the new worlds we want to enter. Some things from our past cannot come along if we are to enter a new world.

It may be that the only thing you don't understand is that despair has no useful function if you are to begin living a new life and a new experience. The doors present themselves as you open to seeing with new eyes and stop clutching at old despair. YOU must find "the one that would allow me to live in harmony with my aspirations?" We live as long as we are willing to keep learning and preparing to be of service in our world.

There's one thing I'm sure of - If you demand a revelation within the next 7 days it will come. It may or may not be what you "want," but it will be what you need. Be willing to stop letting the ghosts of the past condition your expectation of what is and could be, and you'll get free in remarkable short time.

I will include Montreal in the Lunation calculations, since it's far enough away from the other locations to provide readers in that part of NorthAm a sense of what's on the Asc. When Dr. Jones speaks of when a degree is operating positively, he means if WE are using it that way, rather than negatively. It has nothing to do with transits or aspects. It has everything to do with how we are responding to the potential for that degree. And of course, you're most welcome.


Robert I have a 1 degree Cardinal T-square composed of Mars 1 Libra 2nd, Mercury 1 Aries 8th and Uranus 1 cancer 11th. N Pluto is exactly midpoint Mars and Uranus at 16 Leo 12th and 135 degree from N Mercury. N Sun is at 4 Aries 8th and North Node / Psyche 7 Aries 8th.

My Progressed Ascendant is now conjunct N South Node exactly.

Transit Pluto and T Uranus have impacted on these points (T-square and Sun) over the last few years.

I wonder what to expect next when T Uranus conjuncts my North Node at 7 Aries 8th and T Pluto squares that point.



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