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Because all the energy has changed in the meantime old articles are no longer relevant.....already thought of this?


Hi G - Not sure what you're getting at. Are you inferring that electromagnetism and the eternal human Truths and challenges are no long relevant? These are eternal by nature of this global system, regardless of apparent "changes." Regardless of energy changes, we're all in this together and we ignore the Ageless Wisdom at our peril.


George Santayana - "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to fulfill it"

G - Unfortunately, in my opinion, those in charge seem to fail to either read history books, understand stories from their elders, or just want to make names for themselves no matter the cost. If we embrace and incorporate into our lives that which we already have learned, then we really have learned it. Reminders are a welcomed force in our lives - since we are human, we do tend to forget. Rules and life's lessons are timeless and really have nothing to do with the changing tides of energy - the energies just change how forgetting is manifested in our world.

Besides, there is nothing like watching a repeat of your favorite TV show, ya know?

Blessings, all.


As a matter of fact I remember my past very well incluidng past life's. What I want to say is that we changed over the past couple of years and learned a lot so maybe our point of vieuw or understandng has changed, is better, deeper. This also effects,in my point of vieuw, the understanding of the twin flame and soul mate question.If we grow spiritually, we get a complete new vision on things we thought we already understood very well.
I do not look favorites again and again, I even do not watch Telly at all because of all teh nonsense brught to us to keep us away form ourself.

Deb Marcoux

Excellent Robert. I must say, it reads very much like you've "been there, done that." As far as souls mates go, I agree with what you've comparison to your twin flame. And, I agree with whoever wrote that your twin flame is much more about the work you're here to do. I know of only one pair of twin-flames who are married and they are 'all about' the work they're here to do. My twin isn't incarnated and so I will do the work that I'm here to do and represent myself and my twin. Thanks again for your thoughts on this topic, Robert!

mary streets

thanks to you Robert. I had begun to believe that the idea of a split apart, or other self was really romantic wanderings, and of course, the romantic notion is a just a fragment of the real connection. I have had dreams in which that being was very present, especially when I become very homesick, and not for my childhood home, but true home. I get mesmorized by the illusion of everyday, and forget that I am a being having a physical experince.

I do wish to say that if you don't care for the love that Robert offers, then stay home. Come to the party with your hat and balloon, ready to eat cake and dance. mary

Deb Marcoux

The married twin flames that I know were able to find each other thanks to the help of a very wise man who explained to the male twin how to 'call in' his female twin. It took about three months but they did find each other and have been married almost ten years now. To this very wise man: (won't mention his name) wherever he is, thank you for your help!


Thanks for this article. Just yesterday I was trying to comfort a dear friend of mine who has not found his twin flame (or speaking more colloquially, any flame) but believes that I may be his "soul mate." It has been impossible for me to let him realize that there is another soul out there who will complement him fully; it is hard for him to let go and believe, patiently. I have sent him this article.

I wonder why some people get to meet their "twin flames" and others don't. And why when some people do, it doesn't work out perfectly if the souls complement perfectly. It's a drag; but I think that's one way astrology can be very useful, especially your website, Robert. So thanks again. During the end of May at the time of the Taurus conjunction and full moon with Scorpio, which flashed right across my MC/IC (there are other details...), if it hadn't been for your articles trying to alert us to the importance of that time, of the potentials, I wouldn't have had the courage to put everything aside, especially my shyness, and talk to the one I'm finally with now.


Married to one of my soul mates and life partner for 27 years, have known him over 34 years. Have met my twin flame and spent time with him. Circumstances keep us apart but in touch. Have known him for over 30 years now. We both felt it instantly when we met, but have always been in other relationships.


Thanks so much for this article. It's a balm to my soul. Diane


Your Highness

What do you think about the "same soul" scenario? A soul that splits itself in half b4 entering a body in order to "speed up" the evolution of integration? Wish I could remember where I read that phenomenon. Something about shame???


Great post, Robert!

does this get reflected in the charts?



Does Pluto stationing with Juno [soul mate asteroid] conjunct Saturn have anything to do with the timing of this article?

I believe wholeness can only be achieved after intense transformations and your twin flame appears when you are ready and to help you with the quantum leaps into self realization.

Don't think you can call him/her in unless you call him/her out - turn yourself inside out. Ouch!

Happy in bliss may you dwell.


Hi BritLitChik - I believe one of the biggest glamors around is the erroneous belief that because things seem to be in greater flux right now than other times, therefore old patterns are somehow not working, which of course is very short sighted. We all are working within larger patterns that are fulfilling themselves across time, and we can do little except learn and adapt to forces truly beyond our control. You stated a great truth when you wrote "Rules and life's lessons are timeless and really have nothing to do with the changing tides of energy - the energies just change how forgetting is manifested in our world." Excellent!

Hi again G.Althausen - Actually, what constitutes our "Twin Flame" cannot change, since that is an eternal concept. Our view of what that may mean to us personally may change, but that's a result of our imperfect perception, not the essential nature of who we are relative to the essential nature of the Twin Flame. Remember, we're speaking of Eternal factors here that are beyond shifts in our somewhat limited perception. Of course as your self understanding brings new views, your concept of what might constitute your Twin Flame will change, but the Being cannot change. And a Soul Mate is just that, also a concept that cannot change due to it being Soul material. And you may want to check out some television sometime, since as a former producer I still find a tiny bit of merit in some of what is being cablecast.

Hi Deb - Thanks. Glad those you mention found each other. Not sure whether I'm there or not with my sweetheart, but I'll know for sure when we're on the other side. Right now we're the best of friends for over 34 years, and our hearts are at peace. If it's true she's my Twin Flame, then I'm one of the luckiest people alive. If not, then I've truly loved one of my dearest friends and hopefully she'll find her Twin Flame next go round. In any case our relationship is nothing like anything either of us has ever imagined or encountered across every level of our individual existence.

You're right in that some people's Twin Flame are not incarnated, but with the birth rate as it is, soon almost everyone will be here. Now if the Twin Flame is a two year old, that could be a bit difficult for us grey hairs...;-)

Hi mary streets - Well, it is a romantic notion, but that doesn't make it inaccurate or a bad thing!! We all search for connectedness, and can find our Spiritual Brothers and Sisters fairly easily. Of course, I believe that from these we will meet many Soul Mates, and at some point our Twin Flame. We all search for great company, and if we persist, eventually we'll find those we could love and could love us, all together in some healthy and very productive ways.

Hi Darice - You're most welcome. Glad this article can articulate some things that can help further your dialog with your friend. Sometimes something like this can open some doors and really move the process of attraction quickly.

I believe the issue of meeting the Twin Flame has a lot to do with receptivity well before any actual possible contact. If our personality is stuck somewhere funky, or in a pre-existing relationship, then our subconsciousness will resist doing what it would take and going where we need to go to meet the Twin Flame, due to the misery that will follow at knowing you should be together but cannot for whatever reason. I suspect personality has a lot to do with things not working out, since we all have one that's been molded by old experiences that didn't exactly leave us cheerful and optimistic. If I weren't open to learning how to be the best I could be, both to and for my beloved, we'd have hit some rough spots. Her too. We've both learned a lot from our journey through life these many years, and still don't agree on methods and means in quite a few ways, but so what? She has her strengths, I have mine, and we're more aware and capable together than we are separately, and we both know it. That makes for a great dance.

Hi donna - As I just noted, sometimes we're in perfectly good Soul relationships which could make meeting the Twin Flame difficult, depending on the level of maturity of all involved. Glad you are aware of the differences, and can live fully knowing the place of both in your life!!

Hi Diane - You're most welcome. I thought it might be a nice thing to re-post.

Hi chickie - Well, we are told that ALL our Souls "split into two" at the beginning of human individuation. So we really don't need to split again, since it's better to be as "Soul-ful" as we can, given our current state of incompleteness. Shame is a different thing, and we are told that "the secret shame at the core of our being" can lead us to our authenticity, our Spiritual Power, and a clear vision of what we've been hiding from for many lives. Other than not living up to our ideal the best we're able, what's to be ashamed of? And when we strive, who's to judge what "the best we're able" actually might look like?

Hi Radha - Well, I don't know that we have a way of determining that via the chart, but we do have ways of seeing compatibility that shows whether there's an attraction involving different life rulers. I would suspect there would be a number of septile, quintile, and novile series aspects involved, along with the usual compatibility factors, along with some frictional factors so that we can each challenge some ways the other is to come to an evolved state. And of course we also have the composite chart, which will show both harmony and dynamic release mechanisms for the couple, since any two Twin Flames would certainly have a Spiritual work to do.

Hi Andrew - No, it just seemed like the perfect time to reprint it. I also believe that if they are incarnated, they can appear. However, "quantum leaps into self realization" also happen with Soul mates. And yes, we can call for a revelation that usually happens in relatively short order, but we do have to be ready for unintended consequences!;-) A blissful wish to you as well......


As a reply to "quantum leaps into self realization" also happen with Soul mates.

Isn't it a matter of "voltage"? With a twin flame one would imagine the voltage to be exponentially higher.


Hi Andrew - It would depend on the glamor dispelling mechanism of both, as well as the ability to recognize something deeper. It might not seem like "high voltage" as much as "coming home" to someone you've known forever. There may or may not be sparks (and yes, I would think there would be major electricity!), but there would definitely be connectedness and whatever degree of "at-one-ment" each could recognize.

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