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Very inspiring and of great help...! Thank you as always for your great work.


beautiful, Robert...thank you so much.


Thank you
My birthday is on 29th and this is the best gift I could get :)
It relates to my solar chart and since I have Sa0SouthNode in 10 in early Cancer this T-square is making cardinal cross in my chart, and my Ju is in early Aquarius in 5 - yes, my heart will be full :)
I know Moon in Scorpio will square Mars, but I'll keep on learning marshal arts, so I hope those agresive energies will be used for gaining new (martian)knowledge.
Great article, thanks :)

Isabel Nobre

Dear Robert,

Your sentence which I transcribe shows the general outline of what this trnsitional peiord is implying to a lot of us.

"The Moon and Sun in this Lunation make forming conjunctions with Venus and Saturn, and very strong sextiles to Mars. This will show us the value and beauty in the responsibilities we've taken on the past 2 years, and give us insights into what is out of balance so we can find techniques of how to even some things out, or bring a fairer perspective to some interaction."

When I think of all these 18 months taking care of my Mother and dealing with the sheer difficulty of it all, I can see "the value and beauty" of the "responsibilities we took on" for these many months.

How can we "even things out", when this slow decaying process is worsening day by day? Yet, it is true that we have recently learned how to find joy and also a bit of help in order to have some (even if very little) quality time for ourselves.

All the time I keep thinking that I should be dealing more easily with giving up on a lot to take care of Her who always took care of all. And we honor that the best we can. But I tend to feel guilty for feeling "imprisoned" by circumstances...

Also, it is terribly difficult to look at the physical body of a beloved Being who used to be brilliant and oh so very independent, and see Her reduced to a body who doesn't resemble Her anymore, except in the sense that She still seems to maintain her calm natural goodness.

Powerful but not always easy lessons during these 18 months...

Much truth in your blessed words.


Isabel Nobre

Robert dear,

Sorry to come back - some more of your words "tickle" my awareness:
"ways to master discouragement as we saw a newer higher dedication. These produced a new truth, new futures, new philosophical views, and a new independence based in a renewed sense of youthfulness in some life area."

In fact, in spite of all the difficulties I described in my previous post, it is true and astonishing that, in many ways, I feel that these constrictions in our life have forced us to discover what really inspires our Soul and that whenever the situation will work itself out, we will discover a new meaning to being able to be freer.

Sometimes, even through it all, there are blessed moments when one may feel a certain "youthfulness of the heart", if I may say it so.

Hopeful for the future - which does not mean that I do not love my Mum immensely, just that I miss Her being able to express herself and being that "sort of a Divine Bird" she used to be before getting trapped into her own suddenly decaying body...



Hi all - This Lunation should be good in giving things a healthy and productive boost while continuing the influence of the T-square lasting all of Autumn. While things are getting weirder thanks to Uranus square Pluto, from time to time we get an opportunity to make substantial progress in more than one area of life. This is such a time.

Hi yzse - Happy Solar Return! Your natal Libra planets trine Jupiter sextile Neptune are extraordinarily powerful, and release through the Saturn. This Lunation will definitely affect you in some very favorable ways, though equally important are transiting Saturn on your Mercury and Uranus, Jupiter on your Mars sextile your Saturn/SN (great for martial arts!), and transiting Uranus favorable to your natal Jupiter and Neptune.

Hi Isabel Nobre - You have been doing a beautiful thing, even if it is an ordeal of mythological proportions. Those are part of living "the symbolic life," as Rudhyar put it. I believe what you are doing involves past and future karmas beyond this lifetime, and to go through such things with strength, integrity, love, and compassion generates tremendous Soul growth (even if the going gets rough occasionally!)

Perhaps the way you "even things out" at this time involves you smoothing the way for your Mom. I'm sure Saturn in Libra put the focus where it is. You are learning to live and BE in the NOW, and not postpone saying and doing what your heart tells you, since your conscious mind knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that even as you read these words, this too is passing....

Finding joy and help as we move through "liberating ordeals" is always a good thing, as is taking time to rest and regenerate. When we're drained, we're not as much use to ourselves and others as when we're regenerated. That way we move between furthering our highest and best interests even as we deal with the duties and responsibilities on our plates in the present moment. Then there's really no reason to feel "guilty" for anything. When we learn how to move between taking care of business and taking care of ourselves then we are emotionally fluid and don't get hung up on the shifts and stresses.

To be able to be with and look upon the dying and the dead can teach us radical Dispassion regarding that which is difficult to face. When practiced to the core, this Divine Dispassion generates radical Compassion in the face of that which is difficult, and enough Divine Detachment to be able to keep a sense of perspective about what's passing.

It is true that a genuine Soul inspiration can be glimpsed and lived during the worst of the ordeal. That's the secret to healthy living, since these Soul inspired feelings and thoughts nourish our Highest Self, and generate heart power, strength, and courage of the highest sort. This is the "youthfulness of the heart" that you mentioned. And as "situations work themselves out," if we keep our eyes, minds, and hearts open we in fact do discover greater insights, greater freedom, and greater meaning of what that situation meant in "the movie of our life."

Your Mom is the future of us all. Great Eternal Spirits trapped in bodies that decay at different rates. Even if we have the best of diet, the best of exercise, the best of attitude, the best of spiritual practice, and do the Yoga that helps slow the aging process, we still all someday will face the need to give up the "Sack of Bones" and allow our Spirit/Soul to fly free on its way to Devachan.

At the appropriate point in the evolution of any Soul, it again "chooses" (through its own magnetic essence) the time, place, and parents who will provide the multi-layered material and spiritual substance that our Spirit/Soul will "inhabit." That vehicle has its potential times of checking out, and when we will leave our body is entirely up to the choices we make throughout our lives, even to the final months.

This coming and going is all about learning lessons of unconditional Love. I would say this is the time of your life when you are demonstrating that, and living that, to the best your loving heart is able. And that, my dear, is a very good thing. It is not easy, but it is truly one of the best things you'll ever do.

Isabel Nobre


Your message proves once more how Extraordinary you are!!! As if we - your readers - did not know it already! Still, you never cease to amaze and delight us and HELP US with the Wisdom you pour forth..

THANK YOU for BEING YOU and taking the time to shine on us your Friendship!



I write from Italy, thanks for all the time we spend with your writings, are pearls of light ..... Hello Susannna 01-03-1965

Jo Garceau

Just spent two or three engrossing hours catching up on your posts for the last couple weeks....a real tour de force....many thanks and abundant blessings.

Michael Tyler

Campfire symbol apt re: occupy wallstreet


Greetings Robert,

I have a doubt: I checked the American Ephemeris for the 21st Century (Midnight) and it says New Moon at Libra 4,00. Wouldn't this make the Sabian interpretation for:

Libra 5: Inspired Disciples Listen To The Words Of Their Teacher

Events took place in my/our (people around me) that symbols for the Karmic degree (the degree before New Moon, Libra 4) and the Quest degree (degree after New Moon, Libra 6) along with Libra 5 appear as eerily accurate symbols of the nature of energies.

Kind Regards, Sagars.


Hi Isabel - Very glad my words can help and inspire. You are doing a sacred work, and so it's my pleasure and privilege to be here.

Hi susy - Salutare! Very happy that you checked in. Someday I'll visit your beautiful country when I have time to compose about 3 weeks worth of articles ahead of time so I can take the time off to enjoy!

Hi Jo - Welcome back. There's always a lot to catch up on, and I'm happy that the posts "stand the test of time," even if it is only a few weeks.;-) Mil grazie and blessings back atcha!

Hi Michael Tyler - Great insight! Be speaking with you soon. Since we last spoke, the trip was a real trip....

Hi Sagars - In fact your ephemeris is correct; remember that 4 degrees zero minutes is still 4, whereas 4 degrees 1 minute of longitude becomes 5. This Lunation is exactly at 4 degrees 0 minutes of Libra. Of course, it falls extremely close to Saturn's Jan 2010 stationary degree at 4 degrees 39 minutes Libra which is being squared by Pluto at this time, also activating the 5th degree of all the Cardinal signs. Given that Mercury also made 3 Libra active, you can definitely say that 3, 4 and 5 Libra are highly activated by this New Moon. 6 would be active by being the sextile point to Mars.


Thanks Robert, Saturn's station point does ring those memories of last year as does the Mars sextile point! Never thought of Sabian activation of points this way.

But apologies if I am being too fussy over the details here: (Virgo Ascendant in this year's SR) :-)

This new moon took place on September 27th between 11:08 UT and 11:09 UT

Using (Swiss Ephemeris) For UT 11:08, Sun is at 4,0',14'' and Moon is at 3,59',50''
For UT 11:09, Sun is at 4,0',17'' and Moon is at 4,0',29''

So when the new moon takes place, it has to be 4,0' and some seconds. After you replied, I thought of re-reading Dane Rudhyar and he has indeed mentioned this:

"Any fraction of a degree is to be considered as a whole degree. Aries 15,0' is to be read as Aries 15 but Aries 15,1' as well as Aries 15,59' represents Aries 16. The symbols are the expression of a span of activity, a cycle, the significance of which is released at once, the moment it begins."

So, does he mean by 15,0' as 15,0',00'' and 15,0'01'' as 16?

Or is the least count quantized in terms of minutes and not seconds? Going by the line, "The symbols are the expression of a span of activity, a cycle, the significance of which is released at once, the moment it begins", I suppose 15,0',01 should be 16 and hence the new moon Sabian for 4,0'15'' as Libra 5. The symbol 5 Libra is released the moment it begins at 4,0',01'' ?

Once again apologies for this nitpicking but yes, this point did eat me out yesterday night.



And just realized this wrong usage of term "nitpicking" above. By no means I had "criticism" in mind, I just meant "minor and trivial details". Forgiveness your holiness!



Isabel and Robert - my heart to you both


sept. 3, moon in sag, chiron, uranus prominent

omg can't even talk about it...
chiron, omg...

John Barston

does anyone know if Marc Edmund Jones' Sabian Symbols have been translated into Italian?

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